1901 Census Ardnagappery, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal



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This information was compiled as part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA

No Name Relationaship Age Occupation / Notes
  Thomas McBride and Catherine Boyle Household  
1 McBride Thomas head 59 draper & grocer
  McBride Kate wife 50  
  McBride Samuel son 18 shop assistant
  McBride Thomas son 12 scholar
  McBride Kate daughter 6 scholar
  Timoney Con servant 30 shop assistant
  Harkin Kate servant 25 general servant
  Harkin Rose servant 21 general servant
  McBride Mary servant 19 general servant
  Cunningham Christie boarder 34 RC Clergyman
  McIlroy Robert boarder 29 Woollen Manufacturer / Scotland


Thomas McBride (Hugh, Middletown) married Catherine Boyle (John, Burtonport) on Jul 21 1880 in St. Mary's Belcruit

Catherine dau of John Boyle and Mary Molloy - see 1901 census Leckenagh

Son Samuel James b. Acres Oct 31 1882

Son Hugh b Apr 18 1881 in Acres

Con Timoney was the son of James Timoney and Bridget Gildea, Meenanarwa, Inishkeel

- he married Mary McBride , dau of Charles McBride and Bridget Coll

- family emigrated 20 Oct 1913 to Mary's brother Hugh in New York

- Mary's sister Bridget married Hugh Roarty (James, Magheraclogher)

2 Gallagher Doalty head 36 national teacher
  Gallagher Maggie wife 42  
  Gallagher Grace daughter 7 scholar
  Gallagher Bella daughter 6 scholar
  Gallagher Charles son 3  
3 Coppins Michael head 43 national teacher
  Coppins Susan wife 39  
  Coppins Charles son 15 scholar
  Coppins Maggie daughter 15 scholar
  Coppins Brigid daughter 13 scholar
  Coppins Joseph son 12 scholar
  Coppins Fanny daughter 9 scholar
  Coppins Michael son 8 scholar
  Coppins William son 7 scholar
  Coppins Susan daughter 3 scholar
  Coppins Mary daughter 1  
  Moore John boarder 22 national teacher / Limerick
4 Sharkey John head 40 national teacher
  Sharkey Margaret wife 35 national teacher
  Sharkey Sarah daughter 10 scholar
  Sharkey Julia daughter 8 scholar
  Sharkey Margaret A daughter 6 scholar
  Sharkey Willie son 5 scholar
  Sharkey ? son 3  
  Diver Fanny servant 23 general servant
  Ferry Brigid servant 14 nurse
  Charles Coll and Grace Gallagher Household
5 Coll Charles head 54 farmer
  Coll Grace wife 60  
  Coll Maurice son 30 carpenter
  Coll Peter son 24 carpenter
  Green Mary daughter 22  
  Green Patrick son in law 38 farmer
  Green John grandson 3m  
  Coll Kate mother 90  


Charles Coll, Rinnafarset, son of Peter, married Grace Gallagher, Middletown, dau of Hugh,

8 Feb 1867 in Gweedore

Dau Kate b 19 Jan 1881, bapt 23 Jan - see scan of baptism

- m Daniel Gallagher, Meenanillar, 21 Apr 1918. See scan of marriage

Researcher: Email

  Edward Diver and Grace Duffy Household  
6 Diver Grace head 76 farmer / widow
  Diver John son 43 baliff / married
  Diver Bridget daughter in law 31  
  Diver Charles son 50 tailor
  Diver Grace daughter 30 farmers daughter
  Diver Edward grandson 4 scholar
  Diver Bridget granddaughter 1  
  Diver Mary granddaughter 6 scholar

Note: Grace b 28 Jun 1869, bap 30 Jun. Godparents Henry/Thomas? Gallagher and Mary Ferry

  Hugh McGarvey and Catherine Gallagher Household  
7 McGarvey Catherine head 60 farmer
  McGarvey Mary daughter 30 general servant
  McGarvey John son 26 farmer
  McGarvey Bernard son 12 scholar


Hugh McGarvey, 24, Middletown, son of Owen, married Catherine Gallagher, 23, Middletown, dau

of James, 17 Jan 1865

8 Vickerman John head 60 mill manager / England / C of E
  Daniel Carroll and Rose Doherty Household  
9 Carroll Daniel head 70 farmer
  Carroll Rose daughter 31 farmers daughter
  Carroll William son 26 farmers son
  Carroll Mary granddaughter 2  


Son Francis b 19 Aug 1865, m Annie Doherty - see household 53, below

10 McBride Connell head 50 fireman in wool factory
  McBride Margaret wife 50  
  McBride Connell son 25 general labourer
  McBride Michael son 23 general labourer
  McBride Margaret daughter 19  
  McBride Bridget daughter 17 scholar
  McBride Hugh son 15 scholar
  McBride Catherine daughter 13 scholar
  McBride Francis son 11 scholar
  McBride Susan daughter 16 scholar
11 McBride Michael head 41 farmer
  McBride Sarah wife 50  
  McBride Michael son 13 scholar
12 Barre Hugh head 30 wool weaver
  Barre Anne wife 35  
  Barre Fanny daughter 10 scholar
  Barre Grace daughter 7 scholar
  Barre Willie son 9 scholar
  Barre Edward son 6 scholar
  Barre Johnnie son 4 scholar
  Barre Charles son 2  
  Barre Patrick son 4 d  
13 Duffy Michael head 60 farmer
  Duffy Hannah wife 56  
  McElwaine Shelah daughter 25 farmers daughter
  McElwaine Fanny granddaughter 1m  
14 McCole John head 65 farmer
  McCole Bridget wife 58  
  McCole James son 34 farmers son
  McCole Mary daughter 27 farmers daughter
  McCole Ellen daughter 19 farmers daughter
  McCole Bernard son 14 farmers son
15 McCafferty John head 50 farmer
  McCafferty Mary wife 45  
  McCafferty James son 24 farmers son
  McCafferty Bridget daughter 22 farmers daughter
  McCafferty Patrick son 20 farmers son
  McCafferty Kate daughter 14 farmers daughter
  McCafferty Bernard son 12 scholar
  McCafferty John son 10 scholar
16 McBride John head 42 farmer
  McBride Mary wife 38  
  McBride Sarah daughter 8 scholar
17 McBride James head 48 carpenter
  McBride Margaret wife 42  
  McBride Sarah daughter 17 farmers daughter
  McBride Mary daughter 16 scholar
  McBride Maggie daughter 14 farmers daughter
  McBride Barney son 12 scholar
  McBride Bridget daughter 9 scholar
  McBride Hannah daughter 7 scholar
  McBride Patrick son 3  
  McBride Annie daughter 3m  
18 McBride Sally head 64 farmer / widow
19 Doogan John head 74 farmer / widower
  Doogan Patrick son 40 farmers son
  Doogan Annie daughter in law 37  
  Doogan John grandson 9 scholar
  Doogan Anne granddaughter 7 scholar
  Doogan Sheelah granddaughter 5 scholar
  Doogan Bridget granddaughter 3  
  Doogan Catherine granddaughter 1  
20 McBride Bridget head 27 dressmaker
  McBride Mary sister 23 farmers daughter
  John Duffy and Anne Mulligan Household  
21 Duffy John head 56 farmer
  Duffy Anne wife 56  
  Duffy Charles son 29 farm labourer
  Duffy Bryan son 24 farm labourer
  Duffy Ellen daughter 20  
  Duffy Fannie daughter 15  
  Duffy Joseph son 12  


John Duffy, Middletown, son of John, married Anne Mulligan, Stranakilmartin, dau of Thomas,

4 Mar 1868.

Son Thomas b 13 Feb 1869, bap 14 Feb.

22 Gallagher Bridget head 29 farmer / widow
  Michael Doogan and Margaret Gallagher Household  
23 Doogan Michael head 72 farmer
  Doogan Margaret wife 66  
  Doogan Anne daughter 21  
  Boner Neil son in law 29 farmers son
  Boner Sarah daughter 30 farmers daughter
  Boner John grandson 3m  

Note: Sara b 30 Jan 1869, bap 31 Jan. Godparents Manus Ferry and Ellen Gillespy

24 McBride Hugh head 50 farmer
  McBride Margaret wife 48  
  McBride Bridget daughter 19 farmers daughter
  McBride John son 15 farmers son
  McBride Margaret daughter 10 scholar
25 Doogan Margaret head 39 farmer / widow
  Doogan Michael son 18 farmers son
  Doogan Connell son 10 scholar
  Doogan Anthony son 8 scholar
  Doogan Maggie daughter 12 scholar
  Doogan Mary daughter 4  
  Doogan Hannah daughter 2  
  Doogan Kate daughter 6m  
26 Boner Denis head 50 farmer
  Boner Bridget wife 48  
  Boner Dominick son 23 farmers son
  Boner Mary daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Boner Patrick son 10 scholar
  Patrick Duffy and Margaret Peoples Household  
27 Duffy Patrick head 66 farmer
  Duffy Margaret wife 52  
  Duffy Michael daughter 30 farmers son
  Duffy Connell son 23 farmers son
  Duffy Patrick son 19 farmers son
  Duffy Cecily daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Duffy Margaret daughter 12 scholar


Patrick Duffy, son of Michael, married Margaret Peoples, Magheraclogher, dau of Cornelius,

2 Feb 1867

Michael b 2 Jul 1868, bap 21 Jul. Godparents William Peoples and Mary McCole

28 McCole Hugh head 43 mason
  McCole Bridget wife 34  
  McCole Rose daughter 13 scholar
  McCole Barney son 11 scholar
  McCole James son 8 scholar
  McCole Mary daughter 5 scholar
  McCole Sarah daughter 4  
  Ferrigal Coll and Madge Doherty Household
29 Coll Ferrigal head 40 mason
  Coll Madgey wife 39  
  Coll Mary daughter 14 scholar
  Coll Connell son 12 scholar
  Coll James son 10 scholar
  Coll Bridget daughter 8 scholar
  Coll Anne daughter 4  
  Coll Madgey daughter 4m  


Ferrigal Coll, Carrickataskin, labourer, son of Teague, m Magey Doherty, Middletown, dau of James,

23 Jan 1886. Witnesses Patrick Boner and Catherine McBride

Madgey dau of James and Cicily

- her sister Annie m Frank Carroll - see household 53, below

Dau Annie b 14 Dec 1896

Researcher: Loretta - Email

30 Brady Peter head 44 Policeman / Cavan/ married
  Brady Kathleen daughter 10 scholar / Donegal
  Brady Hugh son 7 scholar / Antrim
31 Diver John head 60 farmer
  Diver Kate wife 61  
  Diver Kate daughter 33 farmers daughter
  Diver Teague son 30 general labourer
  Boyle Sally daughter 25 nurse
  Boyle Neal grandson 2  
34 Harley Bella head 35 farmer
  Harley Mary sister 40 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Bella niece 6 scholar
35 Diver Bridget head 75 farmer / widow
  Diver Bridget daughter 30 farmers daughter
  Diver Teague son 28 farmers son
  Neil Mooney and Bridget Gallagher Household  
36 Mooney Neil head 80 farmer
  Mooney Bridget wife 80  
  Mooney Frank son 30 farmers son
  Mooney Fanny daughter 28 farmers daughter
38 Gallagher Charles head 65 farmer
  Gallagher Bridget wife 56  
  Gallagher Fanny daughter 24 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Anne daughter 22 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Margaret daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Madgey daughter 16 farmers daughter
  Gallagher fred son 15 farmers son
39 Boner William head 60 farmer
  Boner Hannah wife 68  
  Boner Peter son 24 farmers son
  Boner John son 23 farmers son
  Coll Catherine daughter 22 farmers daughter
  Green Cicily daughter 19 farmers daughter
  Boner Mary daughter 16 scholar
  Boner Daniel son 12 scholar
  Boner Susan daughter 14 scholar
  Boner Maurice son 10 scholar
  Boner Hannah daughter 8 scholar
40 Harkin John head 48 farmer
  Harkin Rose wife 48  
  Harkin Daniel son 19 farmers son
  Harkin Mary daughter 12 scholar
  Harkin Owen son 10 scholar
  Harkin Kate daughter 8 scholar
  Harkin Fanny daughter 6 scholar
  Harkin Rose daughter 4  
  Harkin Anne daughter 2  
  Harkin John son 3m  
41 Gallagher Susan head 60 farmer / widow
  Gallagher Patrick son 32 farm labourer
  Gallagher John son 21 farm labourer
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 23 farmers daughter
  Thomas Coll and Mary Doogan Household  
42 Coll Mary head 72 farmer / widow
  Coll John son 30 farmers son
  Coll Connell son 22 farmers son
  Coll Bridget daughter in law 21  
  Coll Mary granddaughter 2  
  Coll Bridget granddaughter 8m  
  Gallagher Hannah visitor 60 farmer / widow

Note: John b 4 Jun 1869, bap 6 Jun. Godparents John Roarty and Ellen Friel

43 Boner John head 74 farmer
  Boner Kate wife 73  
  Boner Patrick son 40 farmers son
  Boner Ellen granddaughter 6 scholar
  Boner John grandson 8 scholar
44 Green Rose head 69 farmer / widow
  Green Frank son 31 farmers son
  Green Fanny daughter in law 27 farmers daughter
  Hugh McCole and Madge Boyle Household  
45 McCole Madgey head 80 farmer / widow
  Donnaghy Cecily daughter 32 farmers daughter / widow
  Donnaghy Bella granddaughter 10 scholar
  Donnaghy Bridget granddaughter 8 scholar

Note: Cecilia b 23 Aug 1868, bap 26 Aug. Godparents Francis and Mary Gallagher

Researcher: Maureen - Email

46 Gallagher James head 45 farmer
  Gallagher Margaret wife 34  
  Gallagher Alice daughter 5 scholar
  Gallagher Daniel son 3  
  Gallagher James son 2  
  Gallagher Frank son 9m  
47 Doherty Margaret head 50 farmer / married
  Doherty John son 24 farmers son
  Doherty Mary daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Doherty Margaret daughter 13 farmers daughter
  Doherty Anne daughter 10 scholar
48 Boyle James head 80 farmer / widower
49 McGarvey Hugh head 35 farmer
  McGarvey Mary wife 26  
  McGarvey Kate daughter 3m  
50 Gallagher Dominick head 38 farmer
  Gallagher Nappy wife 32  
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 11 scholar
  Gallagher James son 9 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 7 scholar
  Gallagher Alice daughter 5 scholar
  Gallagher Charles son    
51 O'Donnell Neil head 42 farmer
  O'Donnell Margaret wife 33  
  O'Donnell Bridget daughter 9 scholar
  O'Donnell Toal son 8 scholar
  O'Donnell John son 5 scholar
  O'Donnell Hugh son 2  
52 McBride Charles head 63 farmer
  McBride Grace wife 57  
  McBride Maggie daughter 28 farmers daughter
  McBride John son 24 farmers son
  McBride Patrick son 22 farmers son
  McBride Bridget daughter 17 farmers daughter
  Francis Carroll and Anne Doherty Household  
53 Carroll Frank head 36 farmer
  Carroll Anne wife 40  
  Doherty Cicily mother in law 80 widow
  Carroll Rose daughter 8 scholar
  Carroll Mary daughter 5 scholar
  Carroll Sicily daughter 2  


Francis Carroll, son of Daniel, m Nancy Doherty, dau of James, 18 Feb 1890. Witnesses John

Gallagher and Kate McBride

Francis son of Daniel Carroll and Rose Doherty - see household 9, above

Anne dau of James and Cicily Doherty

- her sister Madge m Ferrigal Coll - see household 29, above

  James Harkin and Hannah Boyle  
54 Harkin James head 54 farmer
  Harkin Hannah wife 46  
  Harkin Bridget daughter 23 general servant
  Harkin Daniel son 19 farmers son
  Harkin John son 17 farmers son
  Harkin Anne daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Harkin James son 12 scholar
  Harkin Hannah daughter 10 scholar
  Harkin Patrick son 7 scholar
  Harkin Joseph son 5 scholar
  Harkin Ellen daughter 1  


Dau Rose in household 1 - poss married Charles Duffy from household 21. Civil birth regn - Anne, dau of Charles Duffy (Glasgow) and Rose Harkin, b 30 Jul 1904. Informant for birth is James Harkin

Dau Mary b 27 Nov 1873, bap 30 Nov. Godparents Cornelius and Mary McCole

55 Boner John head 60 farmer
  Boner Margaret wife 58  
  Boner Mary daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Boner Margaret daughter 18 farmers daughter
  Boner William son 15 farmers son
  Boner Neil son 14 farmers son
56 Coll Patrick head 37 farmer
  Coll Fanny wife 40  
  Coll Bridget daughter 11 scholar
  Coll Mary daughter 9 scholar
  Coll Kate daughter 8 scholar
  Coll Kate sister 50 farmers daughter / NM
  O'Donnell Sarah boarder 60 general servant / NM
57 Gallagher Mary head 75 farmer / NM
58 Gallagher Mary head 36 farmer
  Gallagher Charles son 14 scholar
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 11 scholar
  Gallagher Anne daughter 9 scholar
  Gallagher Kate daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Owen son 6 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 5 scholar
  Gallagher Margaret daughter 2  
  Gallagher Susan daughter 6m  
59 Doherty Mary head 65 farmer / NM
60 Coll William head 49 farmer
  Coll Mary wife 50  
  Coll Teague son 20 farmers son
61 Dougan Catherine head 70 farmer / widow
  Dougan Patrick son 25 farmers son
  Dougan Mary daughter in law 28  
  Dougan Kate granddaughter 2  
  Dougan Bridget granddaughter 6m  
62 McBride Owen head 50 farmer / widower
  McBride Connell son 29 farmers son
  McBride Mary daughter 26 farmers daughter
  McBride Anne daughter 19 farmers daughter
63 McBride Grace head 74 farmer / NM
64 Gallagher Charles head 80 farmer
  Gallagher Hannah wife 66  
  Gallagher Mary sister 68 widow
65 Gallagher Owen head 40 farmer
  Gallagher Nora wife 50  
  Gallagher Patrick son 22 farm labourer
  Gallagher Nancy daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Mary daughter 18 farmers daughter
66 Gallagher Owen head 80 farmer / widower
  Boyle Philip son in law 40 farmer
  Boyle Mary daughter 37  
  Boyle Peter grandson 3  
  Boyle Owen grandson 10 scholar
67 McCole Dermot head 35 mason
  McCole Kate wife 40  
  John Dunlop and Jeanette Gibbon Household  
68 Dunlop John head 82 fisherman / Antrim
  Dunlop Jennett wife 72 Scotland

Note: Son James married Hanora McGee - see 1901 census Magheragallen

Researcher: Anne - Email

  Robert Dunlop and Bridget Boyle Household  
69 Dunlop Robert head 68 pilot / Antrim
  Dunlop Bridget wife 57  
  Dunlop Archie son 25 fisherman
  Dunlop Grace daughter 17 farmers daughter
  Dunlop Catherine daughter 15 farmers daughter


Son Archibald m Annabella O'Donnell, Inishmean Island, dau of Denis O'Donnell and Catherine McGarvey, 22 Feb 1909. Witnesses Daniel and Ellen O'Donnell, Inishmean

See 1901 census Inishmean Island for Annabella and her family

Researcher: Anne - Email


Townland Notes:

? Gallagher, Carrickataskin, son of Roger Gallagher, married Nora Mulligan, dau of John Mulligan, Gola, 26 Jan 1870 at St Mary's. Witnesses Patrick McCloskey, Derrybeg and Patrick Mulligan, Cotteen.


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