1901 Census Bellaganny, Inishkeel Parish, Co. Donegal

(Aka Ballyganny or Ballygannie)


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
  Denis Gallagher and Bridget Boyle Household          
1 Gallagher Denis Head RC RW 36 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Gallagher Bridget Wife RC RW 26 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  Gallagher Mary Dau RC Only reads 5 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Joseph Son RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal  
  Gallagher John Son RC Can't read 1mth   Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Annie Visitor RC Can't read 70 Wool spinner Single Donegal IE


Denis Gallagher, Ballyganny, son of John, Tailor, married Bridget Boyle, 20, Cloghboy, dau of John, 4 Feb 1895. Witnesses Dan Craig and

Ellen Boyle

Denis brother of Frank, below

Bridget Boyle was from Loughros Point, dau of John Boyle and Sarah McGill - see 1901 census Cloghboy

Children of Denis and Bridget :

Maryanne b 26 Apr 1896, bap 26 Apr, Godparents Francis and Ellen Gallagher. Married in NY

Joseph b 21 Oct 1898, bap 21 Oct, Godparents John McNelis and Ellen Boyle

John b 26 Feb 1901, bap 27 Feb, Godparents John and Bridget Boyle

Sarah b 30 Jul 1902, bap 31 Jul, Godparents John and Bridget McNelis

Bridget b 22 Feb 1904, bap same day, Godparents John and Anne Gallagher

Peter b 4 Aug 1905, bap same day, Godparents Bernard and Bridget Sharpe

Ellen b 4 Nov 1906, bap same day, Godparents Daniel and Anne C?

Francis b 7 Dec 1908, bap same day, Godparents Denis & Ellen Gallagher 

Margaret b 25 Aug 1910, bap 27 Aug, Godparents Edward Boyle and Catherine Mulhern

Three more children - Patrick, Denis, Teresa

Researcher: George - Email

  Francis Gallagher and Ellen Breslin Household          
2 Gallagher Frank Head RC RW 49 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Gallagher Ellen Wife RC Can't read 50 Housekeeper Married Donegal IE
  Gallagher John Joseph Son RC RW 18 Farmer Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Annie Mary Dau RC RW 16 Lacemaker Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Ellen Dau RC RW 13 Lacemaker Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Denis Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal IE


Francis Gallagher, 22, Tailor, son of John, Tailor, married Ellen Breslin, Cronkeeran, dau of Owen, 2 May 1882. Witnesses Francis Dorian and

Neal Breslin.

Francis' sister Bridget married Ellen's brother John - see 1901 census Cronkeeran

Frank brother of Denis, above

Known locally as Frankie the Tailor

Ellen Breslin was from Cronkeeran, Killybegs Lower

Children of Francis and Ellen :

John Joseph b 28 Jan 1883, bap Ardara 29 Jan, Godparents John Breslin and Bridget Gallagher

- Emigrated to USA - Had a family of 7 children in Illinois

Annie Mary b 16 Dec 1884, bap Ardara 16 Dec, Godparents Patrick B? and Anne Mooney

- Emigrated to USA - Entered RC convent as Sister Mary Francis in Illinois

Hugh b 29 Dec 1886, bap Ardara 29 Dec, Godparents Michael & Sarah Moran

Ellen b 8 Jan 1888, bap Ardara 8 Jan, Godparents Patrick Cannon & Anne McNelis. Married John McHugh, Maghera

- Married John McHugh (widower) of Maghera, Inishkeel. Four children : Patrick , Denis, Ellen, Annie. Family later moved from Maghera to Glenties

Denis Francis b 25 Apr 1890, bap Ardara 26 Apr, Godparents Michael & Anne Byrne. Married Mary Anne Gallagher

- married Mary Ann Gallagher. Nine children - John, Annie, Francis, Ellen, Mary Ann, James, Bridget, Denis, Teresa. Emigrated to Paisley, Scotland,

late 1950's. Died 1976 aged 86 yrs - see 1901 census Glengesh

Researcher: George - Email


Townland Notes:


1. John Breslin, son of Charles and Anne Breslin, b 5 Jul 1869, godparents Francis Breslin and Bridget Gallagher

2. Rose Breslin, same parents, b 21 mar 1872, godparents Frank and Mary Breslin


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