1901 Census Cashel, Inishkeel Parish, Co. Donegal


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
  Denis Molloy and Unity Gallagher Household          
1 Mulloy Denis Head RC Can't read 50 Bootmaker Widower Cashel IE
  Mulloy Mary Dau RC RW 26 Housekeeper Single Cashel IE


Denis married twice :

1. Unity Gallagher (d 1876)

Children of Denis & Unity :

Mary b 10 Apr 1866 - Mary married Charles Breslin 21 Nov 1901 - see 1911 census Meengilcarry

Unity b 14 Feb 1871

Bridget b 7 Feb 1873

2. Rose Gallagher abt 1903

Rose dau of Patrick Gallagher and Catherine Boyle - see 1901 census Meenateia

Children of Denis & Rose :

Denis - see baptism


Cassie b 9 Nov 1907, bapt Ardara 10 Nov, Godparents Daniel & Anne Gallagher. Married John E Boyle - The Butcher

For more on this family - see Molloy Family History



Photographs submitted by Jane

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Denis's Molloy cottage in Cashel

James Molloy son of Denis, d early 1990

Cassie Molly Boyle, dau of Denis & Rose

Cassie Molloy Boyle


  John and Maura are grandchildren of Denis Molloy of Cashel. John J Boyle is now deceased  


At the door of the Butchers shop is John J Boyle, his sister Maura & her daughter Tara

Meat Counter of Boyles The Butchers


2 Kennedy Frank Head RC RW 60 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Kennedy Mary Wife RC RW 62 Farmer's wife Married Donegal IE
  Kennedy Bernard Son RC RW 26 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
  Kennedy Mary Dau RC RW 24 Farmer's dau Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Teague Servant RC RW 19 Farm svt Single Donegal IE
3 O'Donnell James Head RC Can't read 60 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  O'Donnell Anne Wife RC Only reads 50   Married Donegal IE
  O'Donnell Mary Anne Dau RC RW 20 Lace worker Single Donegal IE
  O'Donnell Bridget Dau RC RW 18 Lace worker Single Donegal IE
  O'Donnell Rose Dau RC RW 16 Lace worker Single Donegal IE
  O'Donnell Joseph Son RC RW 15 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
  O'Donnell James Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
4 Dobbyn John Head CofI RW 52 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Dobbyn Maria Wife CofI RW 33   Married Donegal  
  Dobbyn Andrew Son CofI RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Dobbyn William Son CofI RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Dobbyn Thomas Son CofI Can't read 5   Single Donegal  
  Dobbyn James Son CofI Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
5 Elliott Mary Head Methodist RW 83 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Elliott Sarah Dau Methodist RW 42 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
6 Mulhern John Head RC RW 82 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Mulhern Mary Wife RC Only reads 67   Married Donegal IE
  Mulhern John Son RC RW 40 National Teacher Single Donegal IE
  Mulhern Mary Dau RC RW 27 Farmer's dau Single Donegal IE
7 Mulhern Thomas Head RC RW 88 Farmer Widower Donegal IE
  Mulhern Bridget Dau RC RW 50 Embroiderer Single Donegal IE
  Mulhern Denis Son RC RW 35 Farmer's son Married Donegal IE
  Mulhern Sarah Dau-in-law RC RW 22 Farmer's dau Married Donegal IE
  Mulhern Joseph James Gson RC Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
  Mulhern Patrick Thomas Gson RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
8 Breslin Mary Head RC Only reads 60 Wool carder Widow Donegal IE
  Mulhern Anne Sister RC Can't read 75 Nurse Single Donegal IE
  Breslin Bridget Dau-in-law RC RW 26 Wool spinner Married Donegal IE
  Breslin Mary Anne Gdau RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal IE
  Breslin Patrick John Gson RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal IE
  Connel Gildea and Susan Breslin Household          
9 Gildea Condy Head RC RW 45 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Gildea Susan Wife RC RW 38   Married Donegal IE
  Gildea Patrick Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
  Gildea James Son RC RW 17 Wool weaver Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Bridget Dau RC RW 14 Farmer's dau Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Joseph Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Mary Dau RC RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Maggie Dau RC RW 5 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Con Son RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal IE
  Gildea Susan Dau RC Can't read 7mths   Single Donegal  



Children of Connel and Susan :

Bridget, Feb 3, 1886, sponsors Carlo Gallagher and Cathrinia Garigan, conducted by James Walker, pic III 113, III 114

Margaret, Jun 24, 1894, sponsors James McNelis and Mary McNelis, conducted by A Hughes, pic IV 058 IV 059

- m. Pat Shovlin, Burkstown, Feb 26, 1919, pic IV 059

Susan, Sep 4, 1900, sponsors Arthur? Gallagher and Bridget Gallagher, conducted by Hugh McDwyer vic, pic IV 180, IV 181

- m. 1933, too small, order film. Pic IV 181

Notes submitted by Maureen


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