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Meenavally, Leamagowra, Kilcar, Carrick, Ardara


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Family Information


Bernard Molloy & Bridget Monaghan Family, Meenavally


In 1901, the Molly family of Meenavally comprised -

Bernard Molloy, head of the household, aged 32 yrs, Sheriff's Bailiff

Bridget (Monaghan) Molly, wife, aged 26 yrs

Patrick John Molloy, son, aged 4 yrs

Mary Ellen Molloy, daughter, aged 1 yr


Bernard and Bridget married 14 May 1896 in Inver


From records, the children born to Bernard and Bridget were -

Patrick John b 28 Mar 1897 bap 31, Godparents Denis and Bridget Molloy More

Mary Ellen b 18 May 1899 bap 19 May, Godparents Peter Boyle and Mary Molloy married Robert Anderson More

Catherine Teresa (Cassie) b 10 May 1900 bap 11 May, Godparents James and Catherine Molloy, d bef 1914

Bridget Teresa b 4 Feb 1902 bap 5, Godparents Michael Molloy and Mary Breslin, married William Hunter

Peter Molloy b 15 Nov 1903 bap 16 Nov 1903 (first child to be baptised in the newly opened church ot The Holy Family, Ardara) by Rev. Hugh McDwyer, Godparents John Sharpe and Bridget Sharpe. Peter married Susan McGivney - read More

Margaret Anne, Dec 24, 1905, sponsors ?? And Mary Breslin, conducted my Daniel Stephens, pic IV 289, IV 290 - see scan

James b 21 May 1909, Scotland, baptised on the 17th May 1909, Godparent Bridgit Martin. Unmarried, died in Coventry - see birth registration


Notes on Godparents


1. Bernard and Bridget Godparents to James Breslin b 17 Jul 1905 to Charles Breslin and Mary Molloy - see 1911 census Meengilcarry

2. James Molloy and sister Cassie godparents to Catherine Teresa also known as Cassie, died in 1901 at a few weeks old

This is a further link to my family I believe James to be cousin to my Bernard - 1901 census Ardara Town - household 36

3. John and his sister Bridget Sharpe Godparents to my grandfather Peter Molloy - 1901 Census Ardara Town - household 8

4. Denis Molloy and Bridget Molloy Godparents to Patrick John - Denis Molloy was the son of William Molloy and ? Byrne of Leamagowra. His brothers names were Lanty, Edward, and Patrick Molloy. He married Unity Gallagher - they had 3 daughters & 2 sons (Patrick b 1864 and Peter b 1868) - Unity Gallagher died in Meenakillew in 1876. Their daughter, Mary Molloy, married Charles Breslin and lived Meengilcarry. Denis married for the 2nd time to a Rose Gallagher (Patrick, Meenateia) around 1903 and had a 2nd family who were named Denis, James and Cassie - they lived in Cashel just outside Ardara. I believe that Denis could be brother to my GGGrandfather Patrick Molloy. He was a sponsor along with a Bridget Molloy to my GGrandparents first child Patrick John Molloy born in 1897.  Bridget and Bernard Molloy were sponsor to Denis's grandchild James Breslin in 1905 (child of Charles Breslin and Mary Molloy). Charles Breslin  and his wife Mary were in turn Sponsors to Bridget and Bernard's baby namely Margaret Ann born December 24th 1905 and died at a few days old. See 1901 census Cashel


Bernard Molloy's Family


Bernard was a son of Patrick Molloy and Mary Gallagher, who had the following children -

Patrick Molloy born 1861 died 12 May 1864 aged 2 and half years
Anne b 13 Sep 1864 (civil registration) d 2 Oct 1864

Bernard b 1 Sep 1865 (civil registration)

Connell b 21 Mar 1868 (civil registration)

Francis b 6 Aug 1870, Godparents Edward Carolin and Grace Breslin (Ardara RC register) (b 10 Aug 1870 according to civil registration) - see baptism

William b 29 Apr 1872, Godparents Patrick and Anne Byrne? (Ardara RC register) (b 15 May 1872 according to civil registration) - see baptism

Michael b 29 Mar 1874 (civil registration). Bap Ardara 31 Mar 1874, Godparents Patrick & Margaret Gavigan. Emigrated to America, fought in the Spanish civil war from 1899-1901, in Company C, 28th Regt, US Volunteer Infantry. Buried in Burlington Cemetery for War Veterans, New Jersey

- he informant for his death was James Fallon of Glen Riddle Road, Glen Riddle Pennsylvania; James was Michael's Grand Nephew. Michael Patrick Molloy lived with James Fallon's family. They live a few minutes away from a Convent named The little Sisters of The 3 rd Order of St Francis, which was the Catholic Organisation my Great grandmother Bridget Molloy was a member of.

- see Page Two for more on Michael

Patrick born 1875 second son to be named Patrick

Bridget Molloy born 13 Nov 1876 - see baptism - see civil birth registration


Bernard's mother Mary Gallagher, was a daughter of Patrick Gallagher. From records, her family was -

a brother named Patrick who married Patrick Molloy's sister and emigrated to Philadelphia

a sister named Bridget who married ? Breslin and emigrated to  Philadelphia

See Janet Stutzman's family report


Patrick Gallagher's farm bordered on Patrick Molloy's


Patrick Molloy's Family


Kilcar Tithe Applotment book -



Crove Bawn [Crowbane]



Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo



Notes April 2012


Bernard Molloy and Mary Cannon


Bernard (Bryan) Molloy was born in Leamagowra (possibly), and died in Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal. He married Mary Cannon, she was born in Crove probably, and died in Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal

Bernard Molloy and Mary Cannon of Crove emigrated to New York, they are in the 1850 census and have more children born there, Mary died in 1899 and is buried in New York, Bernard came home to Donegal and died after 1880, here is an article that mentions him :
Steuben Square was laid out in 1827. It stood well out of town at the time and Charlotte Street, which terminates at its northern side, contained only a few residences. It was named for Baron Wilhelm von Steuben, the Prussian nobleman who fought in the Revolution. Our first Mayor, Joseph Kirkland, ordered a fence erected around it and laid out gravel walks. On July 13, 1832, the Common Council decreed that that part of Bridge Street (Park Avenue) extending across Steuben Square be discontinued and the Street altered to run on the northwesterly side; that it be enclosed with a fence and walks made around and diagonally and transversely across said square. On June 13, 1834, the name was changed from Steuben Square to Steuben Park. In 1841, William Begg was appointed park keeper; followed in 1857 by John B. Marchisi; and in 1866 by Bernard Malloy, a landscape gardener. Later the old picket fence was removed

Children of Bernard (Bryan) Molloy and Mary Cannon are:

Edward Molloy b. abt 1830 Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal; d. Leamagowra (probably)

Bernard Molloy b. Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal; d. Bef. 1901, Crove, Kilcar. Co Donegal

Catherine Molloy b. about 1844, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal d. Jan 20, 1901, Crowkeeragh, Kilcar, Co Donegal

John Molloy b. Jane15, 1850, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal.

Edward Molloy son of Bernard Molloy was b abt. 1830 Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal, and died in Leamagowra (probably). He married Mary McCahill, daughter of Matthew McCahill. She was born abt.

1835 in Stragar, Killybegs, Co Donegal and d. in Leamagowra (probably)


Notes for Edward Molloy :

Despite all his children having been b. in Crove, he was living in Leamagowra at the time of the 1901 census. He was described as a 'Gamekeeper'.

Children of Edward Molloy and Mary McCahill are :

Bernard Molloy b. Jane 29 1860, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal; died May 28, 1938, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal.

Mary Ann Molloy b. Jan. 29, 1862, Crove, Kildcar, Co Donegal.

James Molloy, b. April 02, 1864, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal

Michael Molloy b. May 20, 1866, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal; m. Kate Breslin in 1903. she was born abt. 1869, Owenteskna, Ardara, Co Donegal

Notes for Michael Malloy :

He was an 'Assistant Gamekeeper' in the 1901 Census, He also was Godparent along with Mary Breslin (daughter of Denis Molloy of Cashel, Ardara) to my GGrandfathers

Bernard Molloys  (Meenavally) daughter Theresa Molloy in 1902.

Susan Molloy b.Oct 25, 1868, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal

Catherine Molloy b. Feb 03, 1872, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal.

Fanny Agnes Molloy b. Jun 22, 1874,Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal

Edward Molloy, b Feb, 03, 1878, Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal; m. Catherine Byrne, July 30, 1908, St Cartha's Church, Kilcar (by Fr. J.J. O'Donnell P.P)  Catherine was b. Crove, Kildcar.


Now back to Catherine Molloy daugher of Bernard Molloy and Mary Cannon of Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal


Catherine Molloy was born abt. 1844 in Crove, Kilcar, Co Donegal, and d. Jan 20, 1901 in Crowkeeragh, Kilcar, Co Donegal, She married Darby Byrne. April 30, 1865 in

St Carthas Church, Kilcar, (by Fr. P. Logue) Son of Lanty Byrne. He was born aby. 1836 in Crowkeeragh, Kilcar, Co Donegal and d March 04, 1916 in Crowkeeragh, Kilcar, Co Donegal



1865 Apr 30

Byrne, Darby






Molloy, Catherine







Now we get to the letter that their son Michael  wrote to his Uncle Francis Molloy, March 17th,  I now know that he was writing to his mothers brother Wee Frank son of Bernard (Bryan) Molloy and Mary Cannon

of Crove, Kilcar, He had emigrated to Ohio, his first marriage was to his 2nd Cousin Margaret Molloy daughter of Patrick Molloy (b Leamagowra 1817) emigrated to South Dakota he was the son of Mary Gallagher (b. Glengesh 1800 and James Molloy (b Leamagowra 1802) and that my dear folks pretty well completes the circle !! I also have in my possession a marriage cert for Darby Byrne and Catherine Molloy and one of the witnesses

is Lanty Molloy which is a Leamagowra name even up to the present day....


The passage that mentions Peter and the death of Catherine Molloy who was married to Darby


Update - April 2011 and I have a copy of the letter written by Michael O'Byrne to his Uncle, Francis Molloy, 17 Mar 1916 - read letter!


Notes March 2011


Patrick Mulloy left his family in April 1877 in Meenavally with the intention of getting set up and sending for them when he had got established. He left Meenavally, Ardara, Co Donegal and travelled to Liverpool where he boarded the ship Balic, he arrived in America on the 23rd of April 1877 aged 35 years old, he had travelled with an Antony Gallagher probably a cousin or brother in law. The next mention I have of him is in the 1880 census of America which states he is living with an Edward Maloy aged 42 years, his wife Maggie aged 44 years and a young John O'Donnell aged 16 years in the Coal Region of Lansford, Carbon Co, Pa. All mens occupations were listed as Miner. Mary Gallagher Mulloy and her son came to join him in 1881. The next person to come to America was Bridget their daughter but I can find no mention of a Bridget Mulloy, I did however find a Bridget Gallagher aged 10 years travelling with a Mary Gallagher, I think is most probable her.

Francis Patrick Mulloy was the next son to emigrated, here is the informtion which some of it was given to Me by his Greatgrandchildren Pamela Reading Mumma and Shawn Reading
Francis Patrick Mulloy married Mary Francis Cunningham Born:  14 Jan 1879, Evishstrabane, Tyrone, Ireland   Died:  13 Jun 1925 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

- (Daughter of Edward P Cunningham 1855 and Mary Mc Hale 1855.)  Here is mention in the 1900 census in Philadelphia by this time he has a son named Francis Gabrielle Mulloy.  

1900 Census Philadelphia Ward 15, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - slightly mistranscribed.
Judson Street,
Francis P Maloy 28 Born Penn. Parents born Ireland.  Married 1897. Fireman
Mary Maloy 23 Born Ireland. Immigrated 1896. Had 1 child and 1 survives.
Francis P Maloy 6 months old.
Here is again mention in the 1910 census : -)
1910 Census Philadelphia Ward 15, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - slightly mistranscribed
Olive Street,
Frances S Malloy 35 Marriage 1 for 12 years. Engine. Locomotive.
Mary A Malloy 33 Had 2 children and 2 survive
Francis Malloy 10 Born PA
Mary A Malloy 8 Born PA
Wm Littleton 23 Boarder.

The next mention of him is a passport Application
Passport in the name of Francis P Mulloy Birth Date: 12 Aug 1871 - Drifton In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. My wife is Mary Ann Mulloy born 14th January 1877 and my 2 children are Francis P Mulloy Jnr born 13 th October 1899 and Mary A born Dec 15th 1901. My father was a native born in the USA. I reside at 2610 Olive Street. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. My occupation is Locomotive Driver.
5 feet 8 inches. Forehead:- Somewhat prominent. Eyes:- Blue. Nose:- Aqualine. Mouth:- Small. Chin:- Somewhat pointed. Hair Black - bald in front. Complexion:- Medium. Face:- Clean shaven except for moustache.
Passport Issue Date: 12 Jun 1913
UK Incoming Passenger List which fits the date of the passport application above - Francis P Mulloy. Aged 39 years, Born about 1874
Port of Departure: New York, New York, to Glasgow. Scotland via Londonderry - Arrival Date: 6 Jul 1913 on SS Cameronia. Francis is a labourer.
Also travelling Mary aged 37 years. Francis 11 years and Mary aged 10 years. 

Then the return journey - New York Passenger List - Francis Mulloy. Aged 41 years Born about 1872
Port of Departure: Londonderry to New York on SS Caledonia arriving 31 Aug 1913.

If Naturalized give date & location of court where papers issued:- Court House. Drifton. PA 12 August 1871. Going to home 2610 Olive Street. Philadelphia. PA. (Same address as 1920 Census)

Birth Dates for children Francis 13 Oct 1901 and Mary 15 Dec 1902 

Notice the date that Francis says he was naturalised, it is wrong but for some reason Frank lied about the fact he was born in Ireland, I questioned his GGrandaughers on this and they said it was probably for job reason as it was hard for irish to get jobs in those days, they said their Fathers remembered signs up on Buisnesses ''Irish need not Apply''

Here is another article about Francis P Mulloy which was sent to me from his GGrandaughter Pamela Reading Mumma

"Francis Patrick Mulloy was born in Ireland....never Pennsylvania"

It is interesting that the online passport application says that he was born in Drifton, PA. When you go to Ellis Island site and find the trip the family took you find that it says that he was naturalized in Drifton but on the date of his birthday? It just does not make sense.

A good story about the man -

Francis Patrick Mulloy worked in the coal mines until he was 17 in Hazelton, PA area. There was a mine accident. Many died. He survived. But at that point, he decided he did not want to be a coal miner. He moved to New York and worked as a bar tender.  (Not sure how long he stays in NY, but by 1900 census we find he has moved to Philadelphia.) He works for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. He was very successful in this company eventually becoming Chief Engineer. He was very involved in the fraternal order of the Railroad Brotherhood. He held district and statewide offices.  The trains that he drove were coal-burning steam generated locomotives. He was able to work the Presidential train for Teddy Roosevelt on several occasions when the President was leaving out of  Philadelphia. The one trip that was spoken about occurred in 1902 when President Teddy Roosevelt had to be in Atlantic City as soon as possible. The railroad company cleared the tracks; Francis Mulloy was given a green light all the way, and he proceeded to break all speed records to get the president to his destination. He retired about 1930.

Francis Mulloys wife Mary Ann Cunningham Mulloy died in 1925 and Francis died in 1933. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetry, Yeadon, Delaware Co.

WW1 Draft for Francis Gabriel Mulloy.

Born 13 Oct 1899. Residing 2510 Olive Street. Philadelphia. Student at Catholic High School. Next of kin:- Mother Mary Mulloy 2510 Olive Street.
Medium Height and Medium Build. Eyes Brown. Hair Black.
Dated Sept 12th 1918

Frank G Mulloy and his sister Mary Ann Florence Mulloy graduated from Buisness School in 1925

Charlotte Shallenberger was a professional classical singer in the Pittsburg area. She was born on 5 July 1907 Springdale, Allegheny Co, PA

Frank married Charlotte Henrietta Shallenberger on September 13, 1932 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA.   They were subsequently divorced. He had two daughters their names were Honey and Charlotte,

This was Frank in 1930 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Harry J Lewis 50 Lera P Lewis 49 Sarah E Lewis 18 Mary L Lewis 16 Ruth C Lewis 9 Charles Mearse 18
Frank G Mulloy 30 - Born Penn. Parents Ireland. Announcer. Radio. Roomer.,3476451&dq=charlotte-shallenberger&hl=en,4680456&dq=frank+mulloy&hl=en

Connell Mulloy was the next emigrate, here is what I have found on him :

Boston Passenger  and Crew List with a C Malloy - Aged 26 years. 7th Sept 1893 Yarmouith Nova Scotia to Boston Massachusetts. On a ship named Yarmouth. Last residence "A". Tourist going to New York.

1910 Census

1910 Census Philadelphia Ward 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ??

N 38th Street

Connell P Molloy 38 Born Ireland. Immigrated 1887. NA. Marriage 1 for 18 years. Moulder. Foundry.
Anna Molloy 37 Born Ireland. Had 5 children and 4 survive. Immigrated 1887
Mary Molloy 14 Born Penn
Anna Molloy 12 Born Penn
Patrick Molloy 10 Born Delaware
Helen Molloy 6 Born Penn

1920 Census

1920 Census Philadelphia Ward 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Connell Malloy 47 Immigrated 1892. NA1897. Mouloder. Iron Foundry.
Anna Malloy 46 Immigrated 1892
Patrick Malloy 20 Born Delaware. Clerk Railroad.
Helen Malloy 16 Born Penn

Daughter Mary went onto marry William Fallon Philadelphia

Naturalization Doc shows NA 17th May 1897
No 3694 United States District Court. Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Residence 2413 Spring Garden PA
Witnessed by Frank P Malloy of 2413 Spring Gardens PA

The birth of the son Patrick Joseph in Wilmington. Delaware 18 Dec 1899 to Connell Maloy and Annie

New York Passenger List for James Gallagher. Born about 1872 Aged 21 years
Port of Departure: Londonderry  - Port of Arrival:  New York on the City of Rome.  Arriving 22 May 1893.
Occupation Labourer - Going to Philadelphia

More on Bridget Mulloy daughter of Patrick and Mary
Naturalization Record for James Gallagher born 18th April 1878 -  Donegal. Residing at Wilson Creek. Simpson PA. Occupation:- Miner. Bridget was born Ardara. Ireland. Declaring his intention on Feb 2nd 1909  - US Circuit Court of Scranton (M D of Penn) Naturalized - Date 28 Sept 1911. It doesn't give the date of marriage to Bridget. Names 6 children:-

Michael March 26th 1899 Carbondale
Thomas June 15th 1900   Carbondale
Anna August 26th 1906    Scranton
Ella October 26th 1908     Scranton
James March 26th 1910    Carbondale
Frances June 6 th 1911     Simpson

Immigrated from Londonderry Sept 7th 1893 - entered through New York Sept 15th 1893 on the City of Rome.  
Affidavits of Witnesses:- P F Conner. River Street. Carbonsale and John J Mulherin 840 Kayser Aveunue. Scranton. PA
1900 Census Wilkes Barre Ward 2, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

James Gallagher 23 Immigrated 1893. Coal Miner.
Bridget A Gallagher 22 Marriage year 1897 Immigrated 1884
Mickel J Gallagher 1 Born Penn.

WW1 Draft for Michael Joseph Gallagher born 26 th March 1899. Residing Main Street. Simpson. Lack. PA. Occupation:- Brakeman. Nearest Relative:- Bridget Gallagher.
Height :- Tall  Build :- Slender Eyes :-  Blue Hair :-  Brown
Dated Sept 12th 1915

WW1 Draft states date of birth as 1 April 1875 - James Joseph Gallagher.
Residing Main Street. Simpson. Lackawanna. PA. Occupation:- Joiner. Employers Name:- Potter
Wife:- Bridget Gallagher. 5ft 8" -         Medium Build  Blue Eyes. Grey Hair.
Also a note that he had a Bad Arm




James Gallagher

Dec. 21, James Gallagher, husband of Bridget Gallagher. Relatives and friends invited to funeral, Fri., 8:30 a.m., sister's residence, Mrs. Mary Cleaver, 3241 Lombard st. High mass St. James's Church 10 a.m. Int. Holy Cross.

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery
Yeadon, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA


Gallagher, Bridget A. (Mrs.) d 11/26/1935 in Mercy Hosp. W-B (frmly of Carbondale PA), 11/27/1935, 1    


Dec. 25, James Mulloy, Sr., husband of Elizabeth Mulloy. Relatives and friends, Bricklayers Masons and Plasterers, Int. Union of America, invited to funeral, Mon., 8:30 a.m., 24121 W. Lehigh ave. Solemn requiem mass, St. Columba's Church 10 a.m. Int. Holy Cross Cem.


Francis Malloy was born in 1844 in Kilcar Parish, Crove, Donagal Co, IRL. He died on 15 Jul 1928 in Humbolt, McCook Co., SD. Francis Immigrated to America About 7/10/1868. Document of intent to become a US citizen filed in District court, seventh Judicial District, Stearns County, St. Cloud, MN on the 9th of November, 1868. Citizenship papers dated 4/7/1887 Recorded in Minnesota, Court of St. Cloud seal Sometimes signed his name Maloy. Family name originally spelled Molloy in Ireland. He had a nephew, Peter Molloy known to have been in Ardara, Co Donegal-agent for Humber, Rudge Torpedo, Elswich and Roar Motor cars & Bicycles. John Jennewein interviewed Granny (Celia Malloy Carnicle) in 1970, and at that time, she said that her father, Francis Malloy came to America in 1877, but that date in error. Copy of letter dated 3/17/1916 from a Nephew, Michael O'Byrne s/o Darby Byrne of Crowkeeragh, Kilcar Parish, Co Donegal. In the letter he talked about a Con Glespie and wrote of his father's death on 3/4/1916. He said that his mother (?) died on 1/20/1901. Mother likely one of Francis sisters-Mary or Katherine. Michael mentioned that in the family there were 8 sons and one daughter, and in 1916, he was the only one left at home. At least 3 of the other 7 sons were in America. One of them was in the Army in New Mexico - an instructor, and three were in Illinois. Members of the family have gone to Frances' birth place...still occupied and only recently replaced the thatched roof that was in place when Francis was born. Buried St Patrick's cemetery, Montrose, SD. He was married to Mary Laura Gaffney on 26 Sep 1877 in Red Wing, MN.
The following information was provided by Anne Lamb of Washington. Marriage information in the Goodhue County Marriage books which are microfilmed and are available at Family History Center (LDS). This film is #1379159. The license is dated 25 September 1877 and the marriage was 26 September 1877 at St. Columbkill's Catholic Church at Belle Creek by Rev. John Meier. The witnesses were George Franklin and Nellie Maginnis


Mary AF Mulloy and her brother Francis at graduation 1919 Mary AF Mulloy's Diploma 14 Jun 1919

18 Feb 1925 wedding photo of Mary Anne Florence Mulloy, dau of Francis P Mulloy

She married Peter Reding in Philadelphia. The best man is her brother Francis G Mulloy

John James Reding, son of Mary Mulloy c1941-42

aged abt 13 yrs

Letter written by Mary A F Mulloy Reading to her grand daughter,

Shawn Reding King

Francis P Mulloy was a train driver

Lansford, Carbon, PA

Grave of Mary A (Cunningham) Mulloy 1878-1925, wife of Francis P Mulloy d 1933

Holy Cross Cemetry, Yeadon, Delaware

Mary A was a dau of Edward P Cunningham 1855 and Mary Mc Hale 1855

2 children Francis Gabriel and Mary


Pamela Reding Mumma would like to hear from anyone connected to the Reding branch of the family - please Email Pamela


Bridget Monaghan's Family


Bridget was a daughter of Christopher Monaghan and Mary Ward of Dromore?, Inver.

Christopher died 15 March 1919 aged 63yrs, Craigneuk St, Wishaw, Parish of Daziel, Scotland. Buried 18 March 1919 Father Jacob Devlin heard his confession, funeral Mass St Patricks, Craigneuk, buried in Airbles Cemetry, Motherwell - see death registration

Mary, dau of William Ward and Bridget Gallagher, d at the same address on 7 Feb 1926 aged 80. FR Thomas O'Rouke heard her confession and carried out Last rites, funeral Mass St Patricks, Craigneuk, Wishaw, buried Airbles Cemetry. Her death was registered by her son

Pat - see death registration


Their family was -


John b 20 Mar 1863, bapt 22 Mar, Godparents John Maguire and Margaret Porter

Sarah Ann b 1 Jan 1865 in Salthill, father a labourer

William b 27 May 1867 in Salthill, father a labourer

Maria b 16 Jul 1869, married Robert Perkins (see 1901 census below)

Bridget b 13 May 1873, married Bernard Molloy

Christopher b 2 Sep 1875

Patrick b 26 Nov 1878, bapt 28 Nov, Godparents William and Margaret Doherty

James b 18 Nov 1880, bapt 19 Nov, Godparents Charles Blaney and Margaret Higginbottom


Bridget went to Scotland and gave birth to a son James on 2 May 1907. She was with her parents and siblings. It is believed that Bernard remained in Meenavally. Bridget was a member of The Third Order, Society of St Francis she would have vowed to live a simple life, saying daily prayers. She was buried wearing brown robes of St Francis in 1959. Her funeral mass was in St Patricks Craigneuk, Wishaw - see death registration. See Order of St Francis Website for information on the Order.


James McNelis bought Bernard Molloy's cottage when he emigrated to Philadelphia on the Celtic, arriving NY 2 Nov 1912. He was joining his brother Michael Patrick Molloy, who was living at 2404 N Reese St, Philadelphia. His physical description on the ship's passenger list was that he was 5' 8" tall, with fair hair and complexion, and blue eyes.


Bernard applied for Naturalization in the USA 15 Apr 1914 - see scan of Petition Page 1 & Page 2. In 1920, he appeared in the Lackawanna Co, PA census, with his brother Michael, indicating he was single - see scan of Census & in 1924, he applied for a Passport so he could visit family in Great Britain - see scan of Passport application. In 1924 while applying for his passport he was living at Midland Place, Simpson pa and on the passenger list it said his address was 650 North, 38th St, Philadelphia - see scan


In America


These ships records - the last one I believe he is going to Michael Molloy based in New York at the time.  On Michaels WW1 draft card it said he was a manufacturer could he be helping James get established and couldn't keep it up because of his illness and the time spent in military hospital and annother thing about Michael he went to America aged 9 years I studied the 1900 census sheet and it said he had been in America for 9 years



Also - a Mary Molloy was on the ship

And - Michael on the ship


Kilcar Molloys


Family of Bernard Molloy and Mary Cannon


Also, On the 22 January 1865, at the Church of the Visitation, Killybegs, by the Very Rev James Stephens P.P., V.F., Mr Bernard Mulloy, Crove, Kilcay[Kilcar?], to Miss Susan McCahill, youngest daughter of the late MR Matthew McCahill,  Stragar, Killybegs, county Donegal

- see 1901 census Crowbane, Kilcar


Leamagowra Molloys


Message Board URL:
Message Board Post: from Shiann Skinner, with descendants of James Nulloy, Leamagowra


James and Mary Mulloy, Leamgowra

Mary was born in Glengesh in 1800 and her husband was James born Leamagowra 1802.

The oldest record of the Mulloy family in Co Donegal in Leamagowra dates form 1665. Our ancestors rented land from the British Soldiers who had been awarded large plantations in Ireland as payment for war time service. The Irish tenants were taxed according to how many hearths or fireplaces they had in their home, more hearths suggesting a wealthier family and thus higher taxes. On that list are the names of Edmund oige (which means young or junior) O'Mulluog, Donell O'Mulloug and Stephen O'Mulluog of Mulnamyn. It is not known which of these would be our great, great, etc, grandfather, but they are no doubt, part of the clan. It is interesting to note the spelling of the name which is a source of discussion, nay argument, in our family as you will see.

The next record of O'Mulluogs in Leamagowra townland, Co Donegal occurs in another rental register around 1820. There are three Molloys (note the spelling change) men who rented land for H.G.Murray-Stewart Estates. These estate plantations were owned by wealthy landlords of English and some of Irish descent. The Landlords of the irish plantations often did not live on the estate, Rather they rented the land to tenants who were for most part Catholic and poor. There were rental as well as tithe payments payments made and any improvement of their small plot of land, meant higher taxes, (Some things never change.) The result was the continued poverty of the tenant workers.

The Irish Catholic families lived in one room houses, made of stone covered with whitewash plaster or mud. The roof was thatched and the floor dirt, There was a fireplace at one end of the for heating and cooking and perharps a loft for the sleeping children. Families were for most part large and children helped with the daily chores around the house and in the field. Potatoes were the main source of income.

  The record of  land rented to the Molloys read as such :
  James Molloy of Leamagowra townland in Innishkeel parish rented 254 and 1 rood and
  7 perches of 6th quality land, rent 4 pounds 8 shillings 4 dithes, tithes 7 shillings 10 dithes

  William Molloy of Leamagowra townland, Innishkeel Parish rented 254 acres 1 rood
  7 perches of 6th quality land, rent 4pounds, 8 shillings 4 dithes, tithes 7 shillings 10 dithes.

  John Molloy of Leamagowra townland, Innishkeel parish rented 254 acres 1 rood 7
  perches of 6th quality land, rent 4 pounds, 8 shillings 4 dithes, tithes 7 shillings 10 dithes.

Another tithe register, dating from 1833 shows several Molloys renting land in Leamagowra townland. The first names include Patrick 3 times, Condy 3 times, James 2 times and Andrew. It is unclear if they are all different or rented land in more than one place. (The Irish tend to use the first names over and over again making this kind of determination difficult.) Further study of records and a visit with the Molloy family who lives on the original Molloy Farm in Co Donegal help to shape a probable picture.

James, John and William were relatives, brothers or cousins. They raised potatoes on their small acreage in Ireland. A succession of crop failures known as the Potatoe Famine in the years from 1845-1848 and little or no support from the absent landlords, forced many tenants to leave their land. They could not pay their taxes and did not have the means to fight, James, and his wife Mary Gallagher and children journeyed to America and a new life, John also left Ireland for America but his destination is unknown, William remained behind and continued to farm.
 From Ireland to Minnesota

James (Feb 2, 1803) and Mary Gallagher (June 15, 1800) Molloy came from Ireland in April of 1852. There were two sons, Patrick and Big Frank had come over some time before that. Patrick who was born March 17, 1819 was about 32 years old when he left Ireland. Frank, born August 18, 1830 was eleven years younger. He journed to America with his dreams and some dried potatoes eyes to start his new life. When they earned enough money, they sent for their parents and remaining brothers and sisters.  James and Mary left Ireland with seven of their 10 children. Patrick and William were already there. Mary born about 1824, had died when she was 2 and one half years old. Nancy Ann was 29 (1823), Bridget was 20 (1832, James (1835), Daniel  William (15 (1837), Cornelius or Con 11 (1841), John between 7 and 10 91842 -18450 and Susan only 6 (1846). They settled first in Ohio in or near Marietta, The towns of Elizabethtown and Leatherette are also listed as near their first American Home, It was here in America that that our last name began to spelt 'Malloy'. Apparently, the immigration officer spelled it like it sounded since James or his family could not read or write. In 1855 the whole family, save Patrick moved to Goodhue Minnesota in the westward expansion of the country. Patricks story of his time in Ohio is told by his grandaughter, Margaret Veronica Mulloy O'Dea.

Margaret Serence Loughlin (or Glaughin) was born in Ireland. She came to Ohio with her parents and two brothers returned to Ireland after the death of her father died but Margaret stayed living with an Uncle in Middletown Ohio. * A very refined, well mannered, beautiful Irish Colleen. Her family were considered very wealth, had lovely jewelry, silks, rode fine horses side saddle. Margaret met and fine in love with with and Irish peddler, Patrick Mulloy . Being a man of honesty and great integrity, yet this was not a marriage wholly approved by the Uncle. His niece was marrying below her station in life. As tru love runs its course, the young couple began their life together. To this Union three children were born Mary (1853), John(1855) and James Francis *1857). when John was four years old his mother died. He remembered destinctley the casket being taken out of the house on the day of the burial. He knew then his mother was gone. Not too long after this sad event in his life the lonely husband and his 3 children moved to Goodhue, County Minnesota, To this location, Patrick's parents, brothers and sisters had moved before. After remaining doing his best the young father could do with his family, he met and married Julia Lawless Cavanaugh (1825). She was a widow with two children a son John and daughter Mary. To this Union were were born 4 children Margaret (1861) Con (1864) William (1866) and Theresa Ann (1869). The Malloys of Minnesota now, continued their farming obtaining land near Red Wing and Goodhue. The families grew and cared for each other. John Mulloy. Patrick's oldest son told of how his Uncle James ''used to see that their faces were clean and clean clothes.''  James would go onto fight in the American Civil War along with his brother Big William, James would die and William would live but not without heartache, he lost his arm in the war, after the war he was known as ''One armed Will''

Father Michel Mulloy visited John, Bridget and Cassie Molloy in Leamagowra in 1984. They lived on the original Molloy Farm. Part of their house contains the original walls of the one room farm home of the Molloys. He was the the first person with the name of Molloy to return to the farm since the two brothers emigrated from there in the mid 1800s.


Patrick Mulloy 1880 census Belle Creek, Minnesota    


Philadelphia Molloys and Gallaghers

Patrick Gallagher married Susan Molloy (Both of Meenavally)
Their daughter Bridget married John Breslin of Shanagan

- sons Hugh, John and Patrick Breslin - see Military records
Their daughter Margaret Breslin (born Locust Gap, Northumberland County , Pennsylvania pa. married Walter Stutzman


Molloy Marriages


1867 Mar 5, Mulloy, William, Full age, Bachelor, Leamagowra, Inishkeel, father William (decd), marr Gallagher, Bridget, Full age, Spinster, Glengesh, Killybegs Lower, dau of Daniel

1869 Feb 7, Molloy, James, 25, Bachelor, Leamagowra, Inishkeel, father Connel (decd), marr Manelis, Anne, 19, Spinster, Bracky, Inishkeel, dau of James

1870 Feb 20, Gallagher, Patrick, 24, Bachelor, Meenavally, Inishkeel, father Patrick, marr Shevlin, Magy, Full age, Spinster, Drima?, dau of Connel (decd) - Patrick was a son of Susan Molloy)


Edward Malloy b.Meenavally, Co Donegal in 1859 d. 1904 m. Mary C she was b.1860 and d. 1939 on their gravestone in St Anns Cemetry, Freeland are the names of 2 o their daughters

Annie b. 1887 d. 1888, Mary b.1885 and d. 1902, also buried in the same grave is Edwards Mother Mary Gallagher b.1834 d.1899.


John Malloy b.Meenavally, Co Donegal in 1861 m. Annie Gallagher on 29th Jan in 1899 his occupation is listed as Brakeman railway, 2 children born to them Frank and Joseph also a Thomas

Gallagher born in 1873 Ireland is living with them in 1920. 


James John b. Meenavally, Co Donegal on 26th March 1862 married Mary Ellen Quinn in 1885at St Anns church, Freeland Pa, his occupation is listed as Hotel Keeper and according to the

1920 Census he has the following children Frank Paul Malloy 21yrs, Mary 19yrs, Janmes 17 yrs, Helen 15yrs, Catherine, 13 yrs, John 8yrs.


Connell P Malloy b. Meenavally, Co Donegal m. Anna Brice in Freeland, Pa in 1882 and they had the following children, Helen b. 1901, Elizabeth b. 1904 still born, buried in New Cathedral

Cemetry, Philadelphia and their address at the time was 3850 Mt Vernon St, Philadelphia, Connells occupation is Moulder, he had an older son Patrick Joseph born Dec 1899.


Maggie Malloy b. Meenavally, Co Donegal b.5th April 1875 m. John Gilson on the 17th September 1894 and she died in 1899 don't know if they had any children.


Charles Malloly b. 13th September 1872 Meenavally, Co Donegal, m, Cassie Gallagher b. 26th May 1876, Ireland, and according to the Philadelphia Census of 1910 had the following children

Margaret Grace aged 11yrs, Anna M 10yrs, Patrick 7yrs, Celia 3yrs and Maregaret 1 yr.


Bridget Malloy b Meenavally, Co Donegal m James Gallagher b 1st April 1876, Ireland in St Anns RC, Church Freeland Pa and had the following children James, Helen, Mary, Frank J


Michael P Malloy b. Meenavally,  Co Donegal in 1874 never married


Bernard Malloy B. 1865 m Bridget Monaghan, St Marys RC, Church, Frosses, Inver Parish, Co Donegal and had the following children Patrick John who emigrated to Detroit, Michigan,

Mary Ellen, Peter, Margaret Ann,died as a baby in Ardara, Cassie died as a baby both children buried in Holy Family Cemetry, Theresa and James, Bernard Malloy emigrated to Philadelhia

where he died in the 1930s his wife and children came to Scotland.


Mary Ann Malloy b. 1878 married Ira Lunt Curry in Morris Town Penn, his occupation was Loom Fixer and they had the following children Grace, Marian. Ira and Lucielle and the lived in

Lenni Pa, Glen Riddle.


Francis P Malloy b. Meenavally Co Donegal  1872 married Mary Cunningham of Co Tyrone and had the follwing children Frank P b. Philadelphia and died in Glen Riddle Pa and Mary also died in


Note: I believe there were annother 3 children born to Patrick and Mary Malloy, Grace, Thomas and Joseph.


Family Photographs

(select to view enlargements)

Bernard Molloy's cottage bought from him by James McNelis,

National School Teacher

Patrick Gallagher's cottage father of Mary Gallagher

The Gallagher Cottage

Bridget Breslin, dau of Mary Anne & Charlie Breslin, Meegilcarry

Patrick Breslin Meenavally holding James Molloy

in Meenavally 1961

Bridget Breslin

Biddy Molloy, wife of Bernard Molloy

Bridget Breslin and Patrick Breslin

Mary Perkins(nee Monaghan) and lutianian friend taken in Carfin.
Bernard Mulloy Family Mary Ann Molloy Breslin outside their house
Mary Ann Molloy Breslin wife of Charles Breslin & family   Family Mary Ann Molloy Breslin outside their house
Mary Ann Molloy Breslin wife of Charles Breslin & family Mary Ann Molloy Breslin wife of Charles Breslin & family
Bridget Breslin Mary Ann Molloy Breslin's daughter Breslin sisters
Unknown Unknown
Peter Molloy on holiday in Ardara Peter Molloy on holiday in Ardara
Patrick John Malloy Patrick John Malloy
Mary Ellen Anderson, 74, taken Craigneuk

Picture of Peter and Susan Molloy, son of Bernard Molloy

Unknown O'Donnell, cousin of the Molloys

Bridget and Patrick Breslin

The Breslin's quite modern cottage

Visitors from Scotland Visitors from Scotland
Glengesh Pass, Ardara
Old Ardara Owentocher Fall, Ardara
Ardara, Donegal Highlands
Church of the Holy Family with Rectory and Maghera Strand Interior of the Church of the Holy Family
Peter Molloy grave Molloy grave Patrick Molloy grave
St Mary's RC Church, Frosses

Famous Frosses

Where Bernard Molloy & Bridget Monaghan married

St Mary's RC Church, Frosses
Parochial House, Frosses
Mountcharles Lower End, Mountcharles
Drumbeg Hotel, Inver
Craignuek St, Wishaw The smelters in the steel works in Craigneuk
More Photos




The John Mulloy Family History

Large pdf file

Letter written by Peter Molloy to his uncle, Michael Patrick Molloy, during WW2

Published in the Johnson City Newspaper New York. Known as the Malloy Letters

Magazine article on the Molloys of Montrose, formerly of Leamagowra

Extracts from 'Montrose Memories'

(click to enlarge)

Alleged Riot at Ardara (Hansard Papers) Discharging Firearms in County Donegal (Hansard Papers)

More Texts

Census/Directories Scotland

1900 US Census

Michael P. Malloy listed as a Private stationed in the Phillipines in 1900

See scan of Census


1901 Census Lanarkshire Scotland


Civil Parish Holytown
3 Bell Row

Robert Perkins, Head, age 30, n. ireland, occu Labourer on Pithead
Mary Perkins, wife, age 28, born Ireland (nee Monaghan, dau of Christopher Monaghan and Mary Ward)
Robert William, Son, age 11, born Bothwell
Margaret Perkins, dau, age 3, b, Bothwell (see birth registration)
Patrick Gormal age 29, boarder
Patrick McGhee, age 25, boarder
Michael McGiness age 60, boarder

Mary lived in the same Miners row as her parents and brothers

Christopher Monaghan age 50 b. Ireland occ Brickworks labourer head
Maria age 48 b Ireland wife
Christopher age 20 b. Ireland occ coalminer son
James age 18 b. Ireland coalminer son
Patrick age 16 b. Ireland occ brickworks labourer
Michael Ferry age 30 b. Ireland coillery labourer, boarder
Living 24 Bell Row, New Stevenson road, Holytown Lanarkshire




1901 Census

James Molly age 41 b. Ireland occ Steelworks labourer
Mary age 42, b. Ireland wife
Patrick age 18 b Ireland coalminer son.
Mary Kate age 16 b. Ireland  occ pinafore machinist daughter.
Annie age 12 b. Glasgow daughter.
Peter age 19 b. Glasgow son
Bridget age 5 b. Glasgow
Henery McClusky age 25 b. Ireland occ steelwork labourer

Year 1909 Wishaw Street Directories

Christopher Monaghan, Miner, 71 Wellington Place, Craigneuk
James Monaghan, Smelter, 17 Wellington Place, Craigneuk
John Monaghan, Miner, Cowies Square, Craigneuk

1911 Street Directory for Wishaw Lanarkshire Scotland

Edward Malloy, steelworker, living 98 Craigneuk St, Craigneuk Wishaw
Christopher Monaghan living at 71 Wellington Place, Craigneuk. This is the address which Bridget put down when registering the birth of her son James

123 Street Directory for Craigneuk Wishaw

Peter Molloy at 137 Craigneuk St
D Monaghan at Park Buildings Craigneuk
Mrs M Monaghan at 176 Craigneuk St (Christopher Monaghan must have died by now) Bridget also went on to live 176 Craigneuk St


1911 Street Directory for Motherwell


William Monaghan son of Christopher and Mary Monaghan has now moved from Inver Parish to Motherwell, Scotland 2 miles from Wishaw
William Monaghan, Steelworker, 44 Cassell Place, Roman Rd. Motherwell


Directories Ireland

1894 Slater's Directory - Ardara

Malloys in Freeland


1952 phone book

Malloy, Ann M. RN, 708 Chestnut
Malloy, Helen M. Miss, nurse, House 66 Drifton
Malloy, Joseph B. r 1037 Birkbeck
1937 phone book

Malloy, Charles (Kathryn), 624 Center
Malloy, Edward F., 708 Chestnut
Malloy, James L., 708 Chestnut
Malloy, J. V. (Catherine), 708 Chestnut
Malloy, J. B. (Anna), 1037 Birkbeck
Malloy, Paul R., 708 Chestnut
1928-1929 city directory

Malloy, Jas J. (Kathryn), lab h708 Chestnut
Malloy, Jos B (Anna C), projectionist Timony Theatre h 1037 Birkbeck
Maloy, Anna F, r438 Adam
Maloy, Cath M, student r438 Adam
Maloy, F. Paul, r438Adam
Maloy, Helen L., student, r438 Adam
Maloy, Jas J. (Mary E), agt Prudential Ins Co h438 Adams
1921-1922 city directory

Malloy, Anna, r 438 Adam
Malloy, Catherine (wid Hugh), h 733 Centre
Malloy, Catherine, r 733 Centre
Malloy, Daniel, student, r 733 Centre
Malloy, Frank, tailor, 626 Centre, h Centre cor Walnut
Malloy, Helen, student, r 438 Adam
Malloy, James, saloon, 601 Centre, h ditto
Malloy, James J, ins agt, h 438 Adam
Malloy, James J Jr, mach, r 438 Adams
Malloy, Joseph V, pressmn, r 733 Centre
Malloy, Mary, clk, r 438 Adam
Malloy, Mary, clk, r 438 Adam
Malloy, Sarah T, clk, r 733 Centre
1897 city directory

Malloy, F. P., general store, 94 Centre S, w, home at 139 s Centre
Malloy, Grace, 139 Centre S, h
Malloy, Hugh, moulder, 137 Centre S, h
Malloy, Hugh, laborer, Walnut cor Centre, h
Malloy, J. J., restaurant, 51-53 Centre S, h, w
Malloy, Mary, 139 Centre S, h, widow of Barney
Malloy, Patrick, clerk, 139 Centre S, h
Malloy, Thomas, laborer, 139 Centre S, h
Malloy, Timothy, plumber, 149 Washington S, h
1893 history of Luzerne County by Bradsby

HUGH MALLOY, merchant, Freeland, is a native of Ireland, whence at the age
of fourteen he emigrated to this country. After over 20 years working in
the mines, he engaged in the boot and shoe business, later adding a stock
of clothing and gents furnishing goods.




Patrick J. Molloy, son of Bernard and Bridget (see above)
Arrival - 12 Apr 1948
Age 50
Departure- Southampton , England
Ship- Queen Elizabeth
Arrival - NY
Birth location - Ardara, Ireland

travelling with this Patrick J -

Annie (McGivney) - wife , age 40
William J- son ,age 20, occupation - butcher
Verionica C- age 6, student

address in country they left is Motherwell, Scotland

address of nearest relative of said country is -
Mrs. B Mollay
172 Craigneuk St
Motherwell, Scotland

In route to

Brother in law-
Mr A Haddings
9962 Memorial Ave,
Detroit , Michigan


Patrick John Molloy
b. 28 Mar 1897
Petition - 3 Dec 1953
State- Michigan
Court - Detroit, District Court -Index Cards to Naturalization - Eastern Dist. of Michigan , Southern Division.
Series - M1917


Detroit border crossing from 21 Apr. 1948 for Patrick John Molloy.  It says he was in the US from Apr. 12 - Apr. 19, 1948, last permanent residence was  9962 Memorial, Detroit, Mich.,  and he was coming to resume residence. 

His brother-in-law is listed as Albert Hastings, 9962 Memorial, Detroit, Mich.  It says Patrick was an electrician, 5 ft. 8 inches tall, medium complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes.

There's a resident alien border crossing identification card for Patrick John Molloy, which was issued 13 Oct. 1948.  It says he lived at 12160 Winthrop, Detroit.  His date of birth is listed as 3/28 and then the year is crossed out and written to the side is 1907. 

It says he was born Andara, Co. Donegal, Ireland.  He was married.  Occupation - watchman.  Nationality - British.  5 ft. 7 1/2 inches tall, 165 lbs., fresh complexion, grey hair, blue eyes.  He entered the US at New York on 4/12/48 on the Queen Elizabeth.

Resident alien border crossing identification card for Annie Molloy, issued the same day as Patrick's.  Same 12160 Winthrop address listed.  It says she was born 18 Mar. 1903 at Motherwell, Scotland. 

Occupation - housewife.  5 ft. 1 inches tall, 140 lbs., fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes.  It appears she crossed the border on 31 Mar. 1950.

Annie Molloy with the same birth date is in the naturalization petition index from Eastern District of Michigan dated 10-13-1948


Parochial Relief


Daziel Parish Applications for Parochial Relief

12th July  1910  Bridget Monaghan or Molloy
71 Wellington St -  this was then scored out with a pencil
176 Dymocks Land

Age 34,  RC,  Housewife

Peter born Ireland 6yrs this again scored out with pencil and 7 yrs written in pencil beside .
Teresa born Ireland 73/4 yrs scored out with pencil and 73/4    written in pencil.
James born home 6 weeks again scored out with pencil and 2 1/2 yrs written pencil

Children living with applicant
Patrick John farm servant b. Ireland age 13 yrs
Mary Ellen farm servant Ireland age 11 yrs

Parcially Dependants
Destitute Parcially

Christopher Monaghan  . labourer, lanarkshire
Maria Ward - Wife
Applicant is the wife of Bernard Molloy (40) a Labourer.  Who is formely residing, Ardara, Co Donegal, Ireland and has resided in Ireland all his life.
It then said application withdrawn, settlement Ireland,  there was some short hand written on the record.


Census/Events US


1870 Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA
Edward Maloy, age 30, Laborer, born Ireland
Margret Maloy, age 30, Keeping House, born Ireland
John O'Donnell, age 7, born Pennsylvania


Selected Years, Pennyslvania Mine Accidents Fatal/Non Fatal Surnames


Surname First Year Month Day   Location Fatal/Non-Fatal    
MALLOY ANTHONY 1913 JAN 27 24 MAXWELL No.20 N 242 60a
MALLOY JAMES 1888 MAR 2 46 ADRIAN F 323 57
MALLOY JAMES 1899 MAY 11 35 LEISENRING No.1 N 692 59
MALLOY JAMES 1905 SEP 18 29 MAXWELL N 232 60a
MALLOY JOHN 1882 DEC 22 44 STANTON N 162 56
MALLOY LAWRENCE 1912 AUG 21 18 COLONIAL No.4 F 407 60b
MALLOY OWEN 1884 JAN 22 40 GREEN RIDGE F   57(29)





Children of the Gael

Out of great sorrow, a great people come.
Written and produced by Frank Gilligan and Terry Casburn

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Scenic views around the town of Ardara in Donegal NW Ireland


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