1901 Census Croaghlin, Parish of Glencolumbkille

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No Surname Given Relationship Age Occupation Staus Comment
B.1 Haughey William Head 32 merchant married  
  Haughey Brigid wife 24 grocer married  
  Haughey Patrick son 11 scholar not married  
  Haughey Mary Kate dau NINE scholar not married  
  Haughey Joseph son 8 scholar not married  
  Haughey Brigid Agnes dau SIX scholar not married  
  Haughey James son 5 scholar not married  
  Haughey John son 3 scholar not married  
  Barron Mary servant 22 servant not married  
B.2 Cunningham Patrick head 62 farmer married  
  Cunningham Bessy wife 50 knitter married  
  Cunningham Maggie dau 13 scholar not married  
  Cunningham Patrick son 11 scholar not married  
B.3 McBrearty Patrick head 70 farmer married  
  McBrearty Maggie wife 69 knitter married  
  McBrearty John son 26 fisherman not married  
  McBrearty Mary dau 22 knitter not married  
  McBrearty Patk. son 19 fisherman not married  
  McBrearty Bridget dau 17 knitter not married  
  McBrearty Kate dau 15 knitter not married  
  McCunnigham Mary servant 73 ? sprigging not married  
B.4 Cunningham Patrick head 65 farmer widower 65 yrs. 4 mo
  Cunningham Maggie dau 30 sprigging not married 30 yrs. 9 mo
B.5 Barron John Head 83 carpenter widower  
  Barron James son 38 fisherman married  
  Barron Bridget dau/law 36 housekeeper married  
  Barron Susan dau 32 knitter not married  
  Barron John grandson 4 scholar not married 4 yr 6 mo
  Barron Mary granddaughter 6 scholar not married  
  Barron James grandson 2   not married 2 yr 6 mo
B.6 Haughey Patrick Head 24 farmer not married  
  Haughey James bro 20 farmer not married  
  Haughey Bridget sister 19 Millenar not married  
  Gillespie Bridget servant 79 domestic widow  
B.7 Barron Thomas Head 36 fisherman widower  
  Neal Cassidy and Catherine Keeney Household        
B.8 Cassidy Neil Head 40 fisherman married  
  Cassidy Kate wife 35 knitter married  
  Cassidy Patrick son 12 scholar not married  
  Cassidy John son 9 scholar not married  
  Cassidy Michael son 7 scholar not married  
  Cassidy James son 5 scholar not married  
  Cassidy Ellen dau 6 mo   not married  


Neil b abt 1858, son of John Cassidy and ? McBrearty. Brother Patrick b abt 1850 & sister Mary b abt 1860

Children with first wife Sarah Haughey :

John b 11 Oct 1886, bap 11 Oct, Godparents John Cassidy and Anne Hegarty (Cappagh)

Francis b 4 Jan 1888, bap 4 Jan, Godparents Bartley and Alice Haughey

Patrick b 24 Feb 1889, bap 24 Feb, Godparents Thomas McShane and Bridget Cassidy

Mary b 13 Mar 1890, bap 13 Mar, Godparents Francis Cassidy and Mary Curran

Children with second wife Catherine Keeney :

John b 10 Nov 1891, bap 11 Nov, Godparents John Cassidy and Anne Hegarty - see scan of baptism reg

Bridget b 27 Feb 1893, bap 27 Feb, Godparents Michael Keeney and Mary Doherty

Michael b 25 Mar 1894, bap 25 Mar, Godparents John & Mary Anne Maloney. Married Bridget Haughey

James b 12 Jul 1895, bap 12 Jul, Godparents John and Mary Cassidy

Anne b 20 May 1897, bap 30 May, Godparents Patrick and Mary McBrearty

Catherine b 27 Sep 1898, bap 28 Sep, Godparents Patrick and Mary Haughey

Ellen b 27 Sep 1900 (father recorded as Edward)

Anne b 29 Oct 1901, bap 30 Oct, Godparents James and Mary Moloney. Married Patrick Royan

Researcher: Neil - Email

B.9 Devir Barney Head 38 farmer/fisherman married  
  Devir Bridget Wife 42 spinning wool married  
  Devir John Son 8 scholar single  
  Cunningham Mary Servant 54 domestic svt single  
  James Byrne and Anne Hegarty Household        
B.10 Byrne James head 60 farmer married  
  Byrne Anne wife 34 knitter married  
  Byrne Mary sister 58 knitter not married  
  Byrne Mary dau 10 scholar not married  
  Byrne Anne dau 8 scholar not married  
  Byrne Patrick son 7 scholar not married  
  Byrne Hugh son 6 scholar not married  
  Byrne Kate dau 4   not married  
  Byrne James son 1      


Catherine b Croaghlin 29 Nov 1896 to James Byrne and Anne Hegarty, bap 29 Nov, Godparents Peter Byrne and

Margaret Hegarty

B.11 Cunningham Condy head 80 farmer married  
  Cunningham Annie wife 60 knitter married  
  Cunningham Francis son 30 fisherman not married  
  Cunningham Kate dau 35 knitter not married  
  Cunningham Maggie dau 28 knitter not married  
B.12 Cunningham John head 79 farmer married  
  Cunningham Mary wife 75 knitter married  
  Cunningham John son 19 fisherman not married  
  Cunningham Conne son 17 fisherman not married  
  Cunningham Pat son 15 sprigging not married  
  Cunningham Anne sister 60 knitter not married  
B.13 Cunningham Anne head 60 farmer not married  
  McShane Thomas boarder 11 scholar not married  
B.14 Cunningham Frank head 60 farmer married  
  Cunningham Anne wife 50 housekeeper married  
  Cunningham Francis son 25 fisherman not married  
  Cunningham Bridget dau 22 home servant not married  

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