1901 Census Drumnaraw, Clondahorky, Co Donegal


(photograph by Anne)


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No Surname Given Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 McClafferty Patrick  Head     64      
  McClafferty James Son     29      
  McClafferty Anne Daughter-in-Law     40      
  McClafferty Alice Granddaughter     10      
  McClafferty Patrick Grandson     7      
  McClafferty Hugh Grandson     6      
  McClafferty Mary Granddaughter     5      
  McClafferty James Grandson     4      
  McClafferty Annie Granddaughter     2      
  McClafferty Bridget Granddaughter     8      
2 Williams Edward  Head     55      
  Williams Ellen Wife     43      
  Williams Mary Ellen Daughter     13      
  Williams Elizabeth Daughter     11      
  Williams Francis Daughter     7      
  Williams Winifred Daughter     6      
  Williams Susan Daughter     4      
  Williams Thomas Son     2      
3 McFadden Bridget  Head     82      
  McFadden Patrick Hamilton Grandson     18      
4 Trearty Edward  Head     60      
  Gallagher Bridget  Sister     58      
  Trearty Jane  Niece     40      
  Gallagher Patrick  Sister's Stepson     16      
  Patrick McClafferty and Susan McClafferty Household        
5 McClafferty Manus  Head     35      
  McClafferty Maggie Wife     29      
  McClafferty Patrick Son     1      


Manus b. 2 May 1867 married twice :

First marriage to Mary Ferry, dau of Patrick (decd), Derryreel, 19 Jan 1899

- son Patrick b 14 Mar 1900, bapt 14 Mar, Godparents William and Anne Ferry

Second marriage to Margaret Sweeney, dau of John (decd), Glassan, 19 Jul 1900

- son John

Also see 1911 census

John b. c1857 married Hannah Fee Scotland

Researcher: John - Email

6 McClafferty Bridget (Coll)  Head     82      
  McClafferty Katie Daughter     36      
  Coll Patrick Brother     65      
  McGinley Katie  Cousin     80      
6 McLaughlin William  Head     46      
  McLaughlin Sarah Wife     34      
  McLaughlin Patrick Son     10      
  McLaughlin Francis Son     8      
  McLaughlin Mary Daughter     7      
  McLaughlin Lizzie Daughter     5      
  McLaughlin Cassie Daughter     3      
  McLaughlin Hugh Son     2      
  McLaughlin William Son     3mo      
  Patrick McClafferty and Anne Coll Household        
7 McClafferty Anne  Head     55      
  McClafferty Denis Son     26      
  McClafferty Andrew Son     24      
  McClafferty Manus Son     19      
  Note: Dennis b. 5 Sep 1874  Andrew b. 1 Jan 1876  Maryanne b. 1 Dec 1877
8 McCarroll John  Head     40      
  McCarroll Maggie Wife     30      
  McCarroll Michael Son     6      
  McCarroll Francis Son     4      
  McCarroll Mary Daughter     1      
  McCarroll Bridget  Mother     65      
  Browne Patrick  Uncle     50      
  William McHugh and Anne Boyle Household
9 McHugh William  Head RC RW 26 Farmer Married Donegal
  McHugh Grace Wife RC RW 25   Married Donegal
  McFadden William John  Nephew RC RW 6 Farm svt Single Scotland
  McHugh David  Brother RC   28   Single Donegal
  McHugh Annie  Mother RC   69   Widow Donegal


William (decd) son of Patrick McHugh and Hannah McFadden, who married in 1829

Anne Boyle dau of James Boyle and Sarah McElhinney, Bellanasacaddan

- her brother Charles m Giles McFadden - see 1901 census Bellanascaddan

Children of Patrick and Hannah -

John b 1833

William b 1835 m Anne Boyle

Anne b 1837 m John O'Donnell - see 1901 census Drumnacarry

Unity b 1839

Margaret b 1842 m Hugh Gallagher, Drumnacarry, son of Charles & Rose Gallagher, 2 Feb 1869. Dau Rose b 18 Nov 1868. Family emigrated to Philadelphia,

  USA by 1870 - see 1901 census Drumnacarry

Miles b 1846

David b 1849

Patrick m Sarah Boyle (dau of James & sister to Anne), Kill Hill, 25 Jan 1874. Emigrated to Scotland

Children of William and Anne -

William m Grace Greer, Tirloughan, Mevagh - see 1901 census Tirloughan

- their dau Anne m Michael Sweeney, Glack - see 1901 census Glack

Anne m Patrick Sheridan - see 1901 census Killoughcarran

Also see 1911 census

Researcher: Anne - Email

  Interior of the old McHugh Cottage View of Drumnaraw over the old McHugh cottage

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  Select the picture to enlarge it. Who are these people? Back row, far right, is Charles McHugh b 1892, Drumnaraw
10 McBride Edward  Head     68      
  McBride Maggie Wife     70      
  McBride Daniel Son     35      
  McBride Patrick Grandson     21      
  Neal Ferry and Susan Gillespie Household
11 Ferry Neal  Head     45      
  Ferry Susan Wife     45      
  Ferry James Son     25      
  Ferry Bridget Daughter     13      
  Ferry John Son     10      
  Ferry Patrick Son     6      
  Ferry Hugh Son     4      
  Patrick Treearty and Mary O'Donnell Household        
12 Trearty Patrick  Head     60      
  Trearty Mary Wife     60      
  Trearty John Son     28      
  Trearty Susan Daughter     22      
  Trearty Maggie Daughter     13      
  Brady Bridget  Granddaughter     2      
  O'Donnell Dominick  Brother-in-Law     65      
13 Walsh John  Head     48      
  Walsh Maryanne Wife     35      
  Walsh Stephen Son     11      
  Walsh Timothy Son     9      
  Walsh Mary Daughter     8      
  Walsh Elizabeth Daughter     6      
  Walsh John Francis Son     4      
  Walsh George Son     3      
  Walsh Joseph Son     7mo      
  Researcher: Sheila - Email
14 Coyle Denis  Head     26      
  Coyle Mary Wife     25      
  Coyle Susan Daughter     2      
  James O'Donnell and Rose Keelan Household        
16 O'Donnell James  Head     56      
  O'Donnell Rosey Wife     60      
  O'Donnell Patrick Son     26      
  O'Donnell Kate Daughter-in-Law     24      
  O'Donnell James Grandson     2      
  O'Donnell Hannah Granddaughter     9mo      
  O'Donnell James Son     25      
  O'Donnell Daniel Son     23      
  O'Donnell Rosey Sister     58      


James O'Donnell, 22, servant, Rahan, son of Hugh, farmer, married Rose Keelan, servant, Rahan, dau of Feargal, labrourer, 17 Nov 1866 in Letterkenny. Witnesses

John Devenny & Margaret Keelan

Fergal Keelan d 1876 aged 77 - registration district of Milford, vol 7 pg 210



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