1901 Census of Drumroosk Middle, Killymard, Co Donegal, Ireland

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No Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language Comment
  Philip Melly and Mary Doherty Household              
1 Mary Melly Head R.C. R&W 45 F Farmer Widow Donegal I&E  
  Edward Melly Son R.C. R&W 25 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  James Melly Son R.C. R&W 22 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  Cassie Melly Dau R.C. R&W 20 F Seamstress Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  John Melly Son R.C. R&W 18 M Frm.Labourer Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  Minnie Melly Dau R.C. R&W 16 F Cook Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  John McGettigan and Mary Dorrian Household              
2 John McGettigan Head R.C. R&W 62 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E Deaf
  Mary McGettigan Wife R.C. R&W 56 F   Married Donegal I&E  
  Patrick McGettigan Son R.C. R&W 28 M Frm. Worker Unmarried Donegal English  
  Bridget McGettigan Dau R.C. R&W 24 F Frm. Worker Unmarried Donegal English  
  Fanny McGettigan Dau R.C. R&W 22 F Seamstress Unmarried Donegal English  
  James McGettigan Son R.C. R&W 15 M Milliner Unmarried Donegal English  
  Joseph McGettigan Son R.C. R&W 11 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal I&E  
  Christopher Monaghan Grandson R.C. R&W 6 M Scholar Unmarried Galway English  
  Annie Dorrian Visitor R.C. R&W 26 F Shop Keeper Unmarried Donegal I&E  


Daniel b. 14 Apr 1867  Charles b. 20 Apr 1871  Patrick b. 12 Jul 1872  John b.1 Aug 1874  Bridget b. 11 Jul 1876  Francis b. 29 June 1879

Ellen b. 18 May 1869 - see 1901 census Fanavolty, Clondavaddog

Grace b. 1883 married Daniel Lafferty - see 1901 census Creeslough, Clondahorky

Thomas b. c1880 was a boarder with Mary Hannigan in 1901 - see 1901 census Glenties, Inishkeel

- married Mary Gallagher (Condy) - see 1901 census Kilraine Upper, Killybegs Lower

3 John Potter Head R.C. R&W 40 M R.I.C.Pensioner Married Limerick    
  Catherine Potter Wife R.C. R&W 37 F   Married Donegal    
  Ellen Potter Dau R.C. R&W 10 F Scholar Unmarried Leitrim I&E  
  Michael Potter Son R.C. CR 4 M   Unmarried Donegal    
  Margaret Potter Dau R.C. CR 3 F   Unmarried Donegal    
  Bernard Potter Son R.C. CR 1 M   Unmarried Donegal    
  Chas. Ed Myers Boarder C of E R&W 26 M Factory Eng. Unmarried Bradford    
  Margaret McCloskey Sis-in-Law R.C. R&W 39 F Shopkeeper Unmarried Donegal    

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