1901 Census Errarooey Beg, Raymunterdoney, Co Donegal

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B1#   Name Relationship Religion Age
1 Sayers Robert Head Church of Ireland 39
  Sayers Mary Wife Church of Ireland 29
  Sayers Margaret Daughter Church of Ireland 4
  Sayers William Son Church of Ireland 2
  Sayers James Son Church of Ireland 3
  Sayers Margaret Mother Church of Ireland 65
  McGee John Servant   17
  William Sayers and Letitia Thompson Household    
2 Sayers William Head Church of Ireland 43
  Sayers Letitia Wife Church of Ireland 41
  Sayers Alexander Son Church of Ireland 12
  Sayers James T. Son Church of Ireland 11
  Sayers William Son Church of Ireland 9
  Sayers Catherine Daughter Church of Ireland 7
  Sayers Robert Son Church of Ireland 4
  Sayers Samuel Son Church of Ireland 2
  Sayers Andrew E. Son Church of Ireland 4


William Sayers b 5 Apr 1857 in Errarooey d 18 May 1945 in Errarooey

William's father was Alexander Sayers b 1820 in ? d Jul 1890 in Errarooey    

William's son Alexander b 7 Jun 1888 in Errarooey d 27 Jan 1968 in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine. Married Martha Anna Fletcher

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3 Montgomery William Head Church of Ireland 46
  Montgomery Mary A Daughter Church of Ireland 8
  Montgomery Fanny Daughter Church of Ireland 6
  Montgomery William Son Church of Ireland 5
  Montgomery Charles Son Church of Ireland 3
  Montgomery John Son Church of Ireland 1
  Moore Margaret Servant Church of Ireland 44
4 Boyle Charles Head Roman Catholic 62
  Boyle Bridget Wife Roman Catholic 52
  Boyle James Son Roman Catholic 23
  Boyle Charles Son Roman Catholic 21
  Boyle Ellen Daughter Roman Catholic 19
  Boyle Unity Daughter Roman Catholic 17
  Boyle Jack Son Roman Catholic 15
  Boyle Bernard Son Roman Catholic 13
  Boyle Hugh Son Roman Catholic 11
  Boyle Patrick Son Roman Catholic 9
5 Vacant - James Boyle, landholder      
  Owen McFadden and Grace Harkan Household    
6 McFadden Owen Head Roman Catholic 69
  McFadden Grace Wife Roman Catholic 50
  McFadden Tague Son Roman Catholic 17
  McGee Casey Daughter Roman Catholic 19
  McFadden Marget Daughter Roman Catholic 14
  McFadden Patrick Son Roman Catholic 11
  McFadden Bridget Daughter Roman Catholic 9
  McFadden Owen ? Son Roman Catholic 5
  McFadden Agnes Daughter Roman Catholic 3


Sarah b 3 Nov 1879


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