1901 Census Loughagannon, Aghanunshin, Co Donegal


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 O'Donnell Hugh Head RC Can't read 48 Farmer Married Donegal  
  O'Donnell Annie Wife RC Only reads 36   Married Donegal  
  O'Donnell Catherine Dau RC Only reads 17 Svt unemployed Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Hugh Son RC RW 15 Farm labr Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Annie Dau RC RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell James Son RC Only reads 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Joseph Son RC Can't read 6   Single Donegal  


Hugh applied for the old age pension in 1916, providing the information that his parents were Arthur and Catherine O'Donnell. Hugh and his parents

were found in the 1851 census, but no details were recorded on the application.

  Charles Boyce and Margaret Boyle Household          
2 Boyce William Head RC Can't read 38 Farmer Single Donegal  
  Boyce Charles Brother RC Can't read 36 Asst farmer Single Donegal  
  Boyce Susan Sister RC Only reads 34   Single Donegal  
  Boyce Charles Nephew RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyce Susan Niece RC RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyce Edward Nephew RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal  


William and Charles applied for the old age pension in 1922, providing their parents information. The couple were not married in 1851 - Charles, 20 was

with his father John and Peggy Boyle was a single 25 year old servant.

3 O'Donnell James Head RC RW 55 Farmer & ? Widower Donegal  
  O'Donnell Nellie Dau RC RW 24? Seamstress Single Donegal  
4 Gallagher John Head RC RW 54 Farmer Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Edward Brother RC RW 52 Labourer Single Donegal  
  Gallagher James Brother RC Can't read 50 Labourer Single Donegal  
5 O'Donnell Margaret Head RC   80 Farmer Widow Donegal IE
  McHugh Fanny Dau RC   50 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
6 O'Donnell Arthur Head RC   54 Farmer Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Bridget Sister RC   58 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
7 McDaid Philip Head RC RW 70 Farmer Single Donegal  
  McDaid Mary Sister RC Only reads 60 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Callen Patrick Servant RC RW 21 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Edward McDaid and Winifred Gallagher Household          
8 McDaid Edward Head RC Can't read 50 Farmer Married Donegal  
  McDaid Una Wife RC Only reads 40   Married Donegal  
  McDaid Cassie Dau RC RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McDaid Hugh Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  


Edward McDaid, Loughagannon, son of Daniel McDaid, Meenatole, Conwal, married Winifred Gallagher, Ballyboencurragh, dau of George Gallagher,

Loughagannon, 25 Nov 1884. Witnesses John McDaid, Meenatole and Bridget Gallagher, Woodlands

For Edward's family - see 1901 census Meenatole

  William Crossan and Mary McGettigan Household          
9 Crossan William Head RC RW 76 Farmer Widower Donegal  
  Crossan Michael Son RC RW 26 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Crossan Edward Son RC Can't read 21 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Crossan Cassie Dau RC RW 19 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  

Notes :

Son Bernard was living in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake and there were fears for his safety. The Belfast Evening Telegraph 7 May 1906

published the following -

A cablegram has reached his friends from a Mr. Bernard Crossan, Howard Street, San Francisco, that he was safe. His father and brothers live in the

townland of Loughagannon, some three miles from Letterkenny. Mr. Crossen's brother is well known as an inspector under the Parish Committee's

scheme of the Congested Districts Board.

  James Crossan and Margaret Sweeney Household          
10 Crossan Margaret Head RC Can't read 72 Retired Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Crossan Cassie Dau RC Can't read 22 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  James McGettigan and Rose McDermott          
11 McGettigan Rose Head RC RW 55 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  McGettigan Patrick Son RC RW 26 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  McGettigan William Son RC RW 23 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  McGettigan Ellen Dau RC RW 16 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  


Ellen b 23 Jul 1883 Loughagannon

12 McGettigan William Head RC RW 40 Farmer Single Donegal  
  McGettigan Mary Sister RC RW 36   Single Donegal  

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