1901 Census, Ballybulgan, Drumhome, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 Cassidy Hugh S Head Methodist RW 26 Farmer Single Donegal
  Cassidy Lizzie Sister Methodist RW 29   Single Donegal
  Hammond James Servant CofI RW 19 Farm svt Single Donegal
  Gallagher Mary Servant RC Only reads 84 General svt Single Donegal
2 Scott Hugh Head CofI RW 54 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Scott William Son CofI RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Scott Mary Jane Dau CofI RW 15 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  Scott James Son CofI RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal
  John Scott and Margaret Thompson Household        
3 Scott William Head CofI RW 31 Farmer Single Donegal
  Scott Margaret Mother CofI RW 63   Widow Donegal
  Scott Maggie Jane Sister Methodist RW 34   Single Donegal
4 Duncan Edward Head Methodist RW 68 Farmer Married Donegal
  Duncan Jane Wife Methodist RW 54   Married Donegal
  Duncan David Son Methodist RW 30 Farmer Single Donegal
  Duncan Derinda Dau Methodist RW 24   Single Donegal
  Duncan Rebecca Dau Methodist RW 20 Seamstress Single Donegal
  Duncan Kate Dau Methodist RW 17   Single Donegal
  Duncan Maud Dau Methodist RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal
  George Scott (Samuel) and Margaret Jane Harron (George) Household        
5 Scott Margaret J Head Methodist RW 42 Farmer Widow Donegal
  Scott Samuel George Son Methodist RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal
  Scott Mary Jane Dau Methodist RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal
  Scott Margaret Ellen Dau Methodist Can't read 6 Scholar Single Donegal
  Scott Isabella Dau Methodist Can't read 3   Single Donegal
  Kearney Thomas Servant RC Can't read 70 Farm svt Single Donegal
  Note: Dau Margaret Ellen m George Farrell, USA
6 Breslin Anne Head RC Only reads 73 Seamstress Single Donegal
7 Thompson Walter Head Methodist RW 88 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Thompson John Son Methodist RW 57 Farmer Married Donegal
  Thompson Eliza Dau-in-law Methodist RW 55   Married Donegal
  Thompson Hugh Son Methodist RW 29 Farmer Single Donegal
  Thompson T Henry Son Methodist RW 20 Shop asst Single Donegal
  John Farrell and Susan Scott Household        
8 Farrell John Head Methodist RW 42 Farmer Married Donegal
  Farrell Susan Wife Methodist RW 37   Married Donegal
  Farrell John Griffith Son Methodist RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal
  Farrell James Andrew Son Methodist RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal
  Farrell William Son Methodist Can't read 5 Scholar Single Donegal
  Farrell Abel (Abraham) Son Methodist   2 Scholar Single Donegal
  Farrell Mary Jane Dau Methodist Can't read 6mths   Single Donegal
  McHugh Bryan Servant RC Can't read 30   Single Donegal


Andrew Farrell, Ballybulgan, son of Abraham, married Mary Griffith, Carrickbreeny, dau of John, 20 Mar 1856 at the Laghy Parish Church. Witnesses

Joseph Clarke and James Stinson

Mary dau of John Griffith and Mary McKie - see 1901 census Carrickbreeny

Children of Andrew and Mary :

Abraham b 5 Dec 1858

John b 11 Jan 1857 m Susan Scott

Andrew b 31 Oct 1869

Andrew Farrell, 59, farmer, Ballybulgan, d 14 Sep 1888, informant John Farrell, Ballybulgan, son

Children of Abraham and ? :

Andrew m Mary Griffith

Jane married Oswald Stewart, Trummon (East), son of Joseph, 29 Mar 1849. Witnesses Joseph Clarke and Andrew McClay

Eliza married William Young, Dromore, Donaghmore, son of Anthony, 9 Nov 1858. Witnesses Andrew Farrell and Thomas Farrell

Abraham Farrell, 84, widower, Ballybulgan, d 9 Mar 1876, informant Andrew Farrell, Ballybulgan

Children of John and Susan :

John Griffith b 21 Nov 1891 in Carrickbreeny

James Andrew/s b 14 Nov 1892 in Ballybulgan

William b 3 Aug 1895 in Ballybulgan

Abraham b 3 Aug 1898 in Ballybulgan

Mary Jane b 25 Sep 1900 in Ballybulgan

Susan Farrell, 57, farmer's wife, Ballybulgan d 13 Dec 1910

Other :

Jane Farrell, 66, d 11 Jan 1864

Frances Farrell d 7 Aug 1808 in Ballybulgan

William Samuel, 1 month, d 17 Jul 1874 in Ballybulgan, informant Andrew Farrell

Thomas Farrell, 25, d 13 Aug 1866 in Ballybulgan, informant Mary Donald

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9 Farrell Ann Head Methodist Only reads 60   Single Donegal

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