1901 Census Burtonport, Templecrone, Co Donegal



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Also see 1911 census Burtonport

Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language
Daniel Keown Head Methodist R&W 37 M Draper/Grocer Married Donegal I&E
Martha Keown Wife Methodist R&W 33 F   Married Donegal I&E
Minie Keown Daughter Methodist Read 4 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal I&E
Nora Keown Daughter Methodist can't read 2 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal I&E
Essie Keown Daughter Methodist can't read 4mths F   Unmarried Donegal  
Anthony O'Donnell Assistant R.C. R&W 28 M Shop Asst. Unmarried Donegal I&E
James Bonar Assistant R.C. R&W 26 M Shop Asst. Unmarried Donegal I&E
Peter Gildea Apprentice R.C. R&W 18 M Apprentice Unmarried Donegal I&E
Ellen Hunter Servant R.C. R&W 22 F Dom.Servant Unmarried Donegal I&E
Kitty Bonar Servant R.C. R&W 21 F Nurse/Dom. Unmarried Donegal I&E


Daniel Keown b. Jul 4 1869 to William Keown and Jane Geddes - see headstone St Crone's Cemetery - Photo1 & Photo2

His sisters - 

Martha Elizabeth b. Oct 22 1865  Jessie b. Oct 4 1867

Esther Minnie b. Sep 10 1864 married Dr William Smyth - see 1901 census Roshin Lodge

Ellen Hunter dau of Noble Hunter and Bridget McCole married Daniel Ward (Daniel, Rutland) see 1901 census Maghery

and 1911 census Rutland

Thomas W. Boys Head R.C. R&W 40 M Cashier Married England  
Ellen A. Boys Wife R.C. R&W 36 F   Married England  
Alice Mulligan Servant R.C. R&W 16 F Dom.Servant Unmarried Wexford  
Bernard Sharkey and Grace O'Donnell Household            
Bernard Sharkey Head R.C. R&W 28 M Merchant Married Donegal I&E
Grace Sharkey Wife R.C. R&W 27 F   Married Donegal I&E


Bernard b Keadue 22 May 1873, son of Owen Sharkey and Bridget Ward - see 1901 census Keadue

Grace b Dec 07 1872

Married 1 Feb 1900 St Columba's Church, Burtonport

Grace dau of John O'Donnell and Margaret Sweeney, Leckenagh - see 1901 census Leckenagh

See O'Donnell's of Leckenagh



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