1911 Census Burtonport, Templecrone, Co Donegal


(O'Donnell's Hotel, Burtonport)


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No Surname Name Relationship Religion Age Occupation Status Ys Marr. Ch born Ch alive Birthplace
1 Eardley Henry E. Head R.C. 40 Gen.Practioner Married       Monaghan
  Eardley Margaret T. Wife R.C. 29   Married 9 2 2 Donegal
  Eardley Francis H. Son R.C. 7 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Eardley Mary C. Daughter R.C. 6 Scholar Single       Donegal
  McCole Rose Servant R.C. 25 Dom.Servant Single       Donegal
2 Sharkey Grace Head R.C. 38   Widow   2 2 Donegal
  Sharkey John G. Son R.C. 9 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Sharkey Andrew J. Son R.C. 8 Scholar Single       Donegal
  McHugh Catherine Boarder R.C. 24 Nurse Single       Donegal
  James Francis O'Donnell and Delia Dawe Household              
3 O'Donnell James Frank Head R.C. 46 Postmaster Married       Donegal
  O'Donnell Delia Wife R.C. 24   Married 4 3 3 Meath
  O'Donnell Kate Daughter R.C. 18 P.O.Asst. Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell Annie Daughter R.C. 17 Shop Asst. Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell Francis Son R.C. 16 Scholar Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell James Son R.C. 10 Scholar Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell Patrick Son R.C. 3   Single       Meath
  O'Donnell Minnie Daughter R.C. 2   Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell John Son R.C. 1   Single       Donegal
  Sweeney Nappie Servant R.C. 68 Entry Erased          
  Gallagher Maggie Servant R.C. 21 Dom.Servant Single       Donegal
  Doherty Cassie Servant R.C. 22 Dom.Servant Single       Donegal


James son of Frank O'Donnell and Catherine Bonner - see 1901 census Leckenagh

Bridget (Delia) Dawe is second wife to James Francis

First marriage - Margaret O'Donnell, died bef 1906

Children of James and Margaret :

Catherine (Kate)

- Lived most of her life in the US but returned to Burtonport and is buried in Cruit


- Emigrated to the US where she married and had a large family

Francis (Francie)

- Married Peg (?) and had two children


- Emigrated to Scotland where she married and had a family

Winifred M

- Aunt Maud. She suffered from polio as a child, spent her entire life in Burtonport

James Anthony b 1 May 1901 in Burtonport, bapt 1 May, Godparents Bernard & Grace Sharkey

- Emigrated to Canada where he married and had a large family

Bridget b 27 Jan 1903, bapt 31 Jan, Godparents John & Catherine Boner

- Unknown, possibly died as a child

Second marriage - Bridget (Delia) Dawe, marriage registered Drogheda, Co Louth, Oct-Dec 1906, vol 2 pg 438

Children of James and Delia :

Patrick b Co Meath (Solicitor, TD)

- Married Josephine O'Boyle, became solicitor and TD in Inter party government. Became Minister for local Government.  Had three children, Daniel, Theresita (Terry) and Frank

  Married for 2nd. time to Joan (?) and had one daughter - Clodagh

Mary (Mamie) b 1 Nov 1908, bapt 2 Nov, Godparents John & Catherine O'Donnell

- Always known as Mamie.  Married Sean O'Hanrahan, a District Justice, he for the second time. They had two daughters

John George (Jonny) b 18 Mar 1910, bapt 19 Mar, Godparents George McCaul & Anne O'Donnell

- Married Annie (?) and had three children

Frances (Fanny Nuala) b 22 Jun 1911, bapt 23 Jun, Godparents John Gallagher & Grace Sharkey - see baptism scan

- Known to everyone as Nuala, except grandfather, who always called her "Fanny". Married Dermod Morrissy Murphy and had four children

Dominick (Dom) b 22 Mar 1917, bapt 24 Mar, Godparents Francis O'Donnell & Bridget Hanlon

- Emigrated to New York and had two boys, Vincent and Jimmy


 - Married Mae O'Donnell from Dungloe and had seven children

Joan b 31 Mar 1921, bapt 3 Apr, Godparents John & Mary O'Donnell

- Married Hugh O'Boyle and emigrated to London where they had a large family

Also see 1901 census Leckbeg

Researcher: Owen - Email

Photographs of James Francis O'Donnell and his family, submitted by Owen



James Francis with 8 of his children circa 1920

Back Row : James, Annie, Kate, Francie

Front Row : Patrick, Margaret, James Francis, Johnie, Maud

Bridget (Delia) Dawe & James Francis O'Donnell

  Hugh Campbell and Kate McNelis (Neil, Ardara) Household              
4 Campbell Hugh Head R.C. 45 Grocer Married       Donegal
  Campbell Kate Wife R.C. 33   Married 6 4 4 Donegal
  Campbell Mary Frances Daughter R.C. 5   Single       Donegal
  Campbell Hugh Son R.C. 3   Single       Donegal
  Campbell Annie Daughter R.C. 2   Single       Donegal
  Campbell James Neil Son R.C. 6m   Single       Donegal
  Campbell Maggie Sister? R.C. 40   Single       Donegal
  Doherty Bridget Servant R.C. 22 House Servant Single       Donegal
  Gallagher Ellen Servant R.C. 23 Gen.Servant Single       Donegal
  Boyle Teague Servant R.C. 19 Carter Single       Donegal
  Boyle Mick Servant R.C. 19 Shop Asst. Single       Donegal
  O'Donnell James Servant R.C. 13 Shop Asst. Single       Donegal



Hugh Campbell son of James Campbell and Mary O'Donnell - see 1901 census Cruit Upper

Kate McNeil dau of Neil McNelis and Anne Sweeney - see 1901 census Ardara

5 Stult? Joseph Arthur Head C of I 29 Rlwy.Stn.Master Married       Monaghan
  Stult? Jane Wife C of I 28   Married 4 1 1 Donegal
  Stult? John Arthur Son C of I 4m   Single       Donegal


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