1901 Census Deerpark West, Allsaints Parish, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Kenneth Allen)

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
Pg 1 Speers James Head COI RW 73 Farmer NM Don
  Dean Elizabeth Niece COI RW 34   NM Don
  McGeady Grace Servant RC Can't 45 Gen Dom Servant NM Don
Pg 2 McGeady John Head RC RW 46 Agr. Lbr M Don
  McGeady Mary Anne Wife RC RW 41 - M Don
  McGeady John Son RC Read 15 Agr. LBr NM Don
  McGeady Mary Anne Daughter RC RW 13 Scholar NM Don
  McGeady Catherine Daughter RC RW 11 Scholar NM Don
  McGeady Ellen Daughter RC RW 9 Scholar NM Don
  McGeady Grace Daughter RC RW 7 Scholar NM Don
  McGeady Jane Daughter RC Can't 5 - NM Don
  McGeady Alexander Son RC Can't 3 - NM Don
  McGeady Elizabeth Daughter RC Can't 11m - NM Don
Pg 3 Sheerin John Head RC RW 35 Carpenter Master M Don
  Sheerin Rose Wife RC RW 26 - M Don
  Sheerin William Son RC Can't 5 - NM Don
  Sheerin Alexander Son RC Can't 3 - NM Don
  Sheerin Henry Son RC Can't 2 - NM Don
  Sheerin John Son RC Can't 1m - NM Don
Pg 4 Hannigan Joseph Son RC Can't 30 Agr. Lbr NM Don
  Note: Head of Household enumerated in Keshends

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