1901 Derrydruel Lower, Templecrone, Co Donegal


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Notes by Angela


See also 1911 Derrydruel Lower Census


Townland Notes (below)

Household Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language
Daniel Quinn and Mary O'Donnell Household            
1 Daniel Quinn Head R. Catholic Cannot read 50 M Farmer Widower Donegal I & E
Daniel Quinn S 26 M Farmer’s son Not married
Mary Quinn D 25 F Farmer’s dau
Bridget Quinn D R & W  21 F
Anne Quinn Niece 8 F Scholar


Daniel Quinn (James) married Mary O'Donnell (Paddy, Meendrain) on Feb 21 1867 in St Peter’s Dungloe

John b Jan 8 1868, James b Aug 15 1874, Mary b Jan 13 1871, Bridget b Sep 4 1876, Daniel b Feb 28 1880

Andrew Quinn and Mary Doherty Household            
2 Andrew Quinn Head R. Catholic Cannot read 60 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Mary Quinn Wife 40 F Housekeeper
Dominick Quinn S 30 M Farmer’s son Not married
Ellen Quinn D 19 F Farmer’s dau
Patrick Quinn S 6 M Farmer’s son


Anne b. Dec 12 1864, Dominic b Mar 21 1868, Mary b Jan 10 1871, Ellen b Feb 21 1880

Patrick b. Mar 3 1866 died ?

Mary b. 10 Jan 1871 married Michael Solan (Michael)

Patrick b. c 1895 married Mary Coll (Donal, Arranmore)

Francis Houston and Nabla (Annabella) Sweeney
3 Francis Houston Head R. Catholic Cannot read 60 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Annabella Houston Wife 60 F Housekeeper
Denis Houston S R & W 30 M Farmer’s son Not married
Condy Houston S 22 M
Michael Houston S 20 M
Ellen Boyle Sister-in-law Cannot read 55 F Servant Married
James O’Donnell Visitor R & W 20 M Farmer’s son Not married


Francis Houston (Francis decd, Culnacrick/Tubberkeen) married Hannah(sic) Sweeney (Patrick, Falcorrib) on Feb 7 1865 in St Peter’s Dungloe

Nabla's sister Rose married Hugh Carr - see 1901 census Falchorrib

Ellen Houston married James Boyle (John, Meenmore)

Children of Francis and Nabla :

Condy b. 9 Nov 1877 married Bridget Hooks - Fife, Scotland

Unity b. Feb 14 1876

Denis b. Dec 12 1867

Mary b. Nov 29 1869 married Patrick Guinan - Brooklyn NY

Patrick b. 4 Apr 1872 -  RIC in Mayo and Tyrone - New Jersey

Bridget b 28 Aug 1880, bap 29 Aug, godparents Daniel Quinn and Mary Quinn 

Anne b. Feb 20 1866, married Denis O'Donnell (John)  – see 1901 census Derrydruel Uppr

Michael married Bridget Sweeney (James, Dungloe Townland)  - Bayonne
John O'Donnell and Sarah McGlynn Household            
4 Sarah O’Donnell Head R. Catholic Cannot read 46 F Farmer Married Glasgow? Not stated
John O’Donnell S R & W 27 M Farmer’s son Not married Donegal
Charles O’Donnell S 19 M
Sarah O’Donnell D 10 F Farmer’s dau
Annabella O’Donnell D 22 F


John O'Donnell, son of Patrick and Annabella O'Donnell married Sarah McGlinn, dau of John McGlinn and Catherine Monaghan, 24 Feb 1868 in Glasgow

Children of John and Sarah :

Patrick b. 1868 in Scotland - Philadelphia

John b Aug 3 1872 married Mary Boyle (Michael) 

Agnes b. 1874 in Scotland married Bernard Devenney (Patrick, Derryleconnell Nr.) - Philadelphia
Nappy (Annabella) b. Feb 24 1877 married John McGettigan (Peter, Ranny) - Philadelphia

James b. c1887 married Mary Coyle (John, Drumnatinney) - Montana

Sarah emigrated with James on 7 Nov 1909 to Philadelphia

Michael Boyle and Isabella O'Donnell Household            
5 Michael Boyle Head R. Catholic Cannot read 70 M Farmer Widower Donegal Irish
Hugh Boyle S R & W 37 M Farmer’s son Not married I & E
John Boyle S 31 M
Patrick Boyle S 25 M
Mary Boyle D 27 F Farmer’s dau


Michael Boyle (James, Falcorrib) married Isabella O'Donnell

Michael Boyle is the son of James and Mary Boyle

His brothers -

Edward married Catherine Sweeney (John, Hotel Dungloe) – see 1901 census Dungloe Town

Patrick Boyle married Ellen O'Donnell - see 1901 census Falchorrib

Children of Michael and Isabella:

Isabella (Lizzie) b Nov 27 1864, married James Cummings – Bayonne NJ

James b Jan 1 1867 - Bayonne

Hugh b Mar 10 1869,

John b Dec 04 1872, married Bridget O'Donnell (Patrick, Roshin S.)

Mary b Aug 8 1874,  married John O'Donnell (John)

Patrick b Apr 21 1877 - Bayonne

Michael Solan and Anne Cannon Household            
6 Michael Solan Head R. Catholic Cannot read 63 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Annie Solan Wife 59 F Knitting
Michael Solan S 22 M Farmer’s son Not married
Mary Solan D 26 F Farmer’s dau


Children of Michael and Anne :

Hugh b. c1864 married Rose Harley - Bayonne

Bernard b Feb 2 1868 married Mary Coyle - Scotland

Annie b Jan 18 1871 married Peter Coll - PA and Bayonne

Mary b Jan 21 1876 emigrated 10 June 1901 to Philadelphia

Michael b Jun 6 1878, married Mary Quinn (Andrew)

John Solan and Anne O'Donnell Household            
7 John Solan Head R. Catholic Cannot read 82 M Farmer Married Donegal Irish
Anne Solan Wife 63 F House keeper
Michael Solan S R & W 42 M Sarmer’s son Not married I & E
Anne Solan D 32 F Farmer’s dau
Charles Solan S 29 M Farmer’s son
Ellen Solan D 27 F Farmer’s dau


1. Catherine b Apr 22 1865 married Patrick Brennan (Cormac/Nora), Meenacross

2. Anne b Feb 4 1868, married James Brennan (James), Meendrain

3. Charles b Feb 2 1870 married Anna Carr (Owen), Derrydruel Upper

4. Rose b Jul 30 1874 - Rose, 25, returned to Philadelphia May 16 1904 on Furnessia; married Frank Hagan

5. Nellie emigrated June 10 1901 to Rose Solon Philadelphia. Ellen married Manus Ward - see 1911 census Crohyboyle

Townland Notes

1. Bridget Solan (John), 50y, married John O'Donnell (Hugh, Drimlaghdrid), 60y, widower, on 25 Jul 1874 in Dungloe
2. Nellie Solan married Condy Brennan - Meendrain

3. Hugh Rodgers and Mary Solan

Michael b. 1856 married Anna Carlin - PA
Philip b. c1856 - PA
Annie b. 6 Aug 1864 married Patrick Brennan - Bayonne
Mary b. c1866 married James Boyle (Condy/Nappy, Loughanure) - Bayonne
John b. 4 May 1867
Bridget b. c1870 married Daniel Gallagher (William, Belcruit) - Bayonne
Joseph b. c1870  - Bayonne
Hugh b. 5 Jan 1871 married Annie Gallagher (Condy, Glashbeggan) - Bayonne
Susan b. c1873 married Hugh O'Donnell (Daniel, Craghyboyle) - Bayonne
Neil b. 22 May 1875 married Hannah Boyle - Bayonne


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