1901 Census, Golard, Drumhome, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 Kerrigan Anne Head RC Can't read 70   Widow Donegal
  Kerrigan Kate Dau RC Can't read 25 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  Kerrigan Mary Dau RC Can't read 23 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
2 Freeburn Anne Jane Head CofI RW 48   Widow Donegal
  Freeburn Thomas Son CofI RW 23 Farmer Single Donegal
  Freeburn Mary J Dau CofI RW 21 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  Michael Brodbin and Bridget Gallagher Household        
3 Brodbin Bridget Head RC Only reads 52   Widow Donegal
  Brodbin Joseph Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Brodbin Bridget Dau RC RW 18 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  Brodbin Margaret Dau RC RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal


Michael Brodbin, 31, Golard, son of John, married Bridget Gallagher, 21, Cashelard, Kilbarron, dau of Michael, 23 Feb 1865 at St Patrick's,

Ballyshannon. Witnesses Denis O'Donnell and Margaret Mulhern - see scan of marriage register

Civil marriage registration states Michael's father's name was Patrick, not John

Michael d 9 Mar 1896 aged 76 years, informant, daughter Lizzie

Children of Michael and Bridget :

Patrick b 18 Dec 1865 m Josephine Dunleavy - see 1901 census Laghy

James b 7 Feb 1867

Elizabeth b 2 Aug 1868

Sarah Anne b 11 Jan 1870

Catherine b 3 Oct 1871 d 9 Oct 1871

Michael b 13 Sep 1872

John b 19 Oct 1874 - Francis John d 29 Dec 1876 aged 2 years

Catherine Maria b 19 May 1876 m James Molloy, Rathneany, 1898

William John b 11 May 1878, d 27 Jan 1879 aged 8 months

Joseph b 24 Aug 1880

Bridget b 9 Jun 1882 m Charles Phillips, Whitehill, 1906

Thomas John b 16 Apr 1884 m Isabella Fury, Greaghs, 1911 - see 1901 census Greaghs

Margaret Jane b 16 Dec 1887 d 24 Aug 1919, informant niece Kathleen Molloy

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4 Thompson Thomas Head CofI RW 57 Farmer Married Donegal
  Thompson Sarah Wife CofI Can't read 39   Married Donegal
5 Gregory Ellen Head CofI RW 56   Widow Donegal
  Cleary Ellen Niece CofI RW 18 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
6 Scott John Head CofI Can't read 70 Farmer Single Donegal
7 Bustard Charles Head CofI RW 74 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bustard Annie Wife CofI RW 62   Married Donegal
  Bustard Andrew Son CofI Can't read 42 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Bustard William Son CofI RW 33 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Bustard James Son CofI RW 30 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Bustard Maggie Dau CofI RW 26 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
8 Bustard John Head CofI RW 54 Farmer Single Donegal
9 Bustard Matthew Head CofI Can't read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bustard Susan Wife CofI Can't read 65   Married Donegal
  Bustard Matthew Son CofI RW 30 Blacksmith Single Donegal
  Bustard Francis Son CofI RW 27 Farmer Single Donegal
  Bustard Henry John Son CofI RW 20 Shop asst Single Donegal
10 Graham Henry Head CofI Can't read 50 Farmer Single Donegal
  Graham Mary Sister CofI Can't read 40   Single Donegal
11 Brown Richard Head CofI RW 45 Farmer Single Donegal
  Clark William Samuel Nephew CofI RW 18 Farmer's son Single Donegal
12 Brown Samuel Head CofI RW 42 Farmer Married Donegal
  Brown Jane Wife CofI RW 32   Married Donegal
13 Tunny Anne Head RC Can't read 60   Widow Donegal
  Tunny Michael Son RC RW 22 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Tunny John Son RC RW 21 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Patrick Brodbin and Catherine Travers Household        
14 Brodbin James Head RC Can't read 40 Farmer Single Donegal
  Brodbin Mary Sister RC Can't read 45 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  Brodbin Catherine Niece RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal
  Brodbin Catherine Mother RC Can't read 75   Widow Donegal


Patrick Brodbin married Catherine Travers 1846

Father Patrick d 28 Apr 1893 aged 82 years

Mother Cassie Brodbin d 3 Mar 1909 aged 83 years, informant grand daughter Cassie

Children of Patrick and Catherine :

Margery b 1866 d 28 Dec 1868 aged 2 years

Margaret b 7 Apr 1866 m Patrick Hilly - see 1901 census Greaghs



Sarah b 5 May 1864

Eliza b 1 Apr 1868 d 24 Sep 1894 aged 20 years, informant sister, Mary

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15 Tunny Bernard Head RC RW 57 Farmer Single Donegal
  Tunny John Brother RC RW 63 Farmer Single Donegal
  Tunny Mary Anne Sister RC Can't read 30 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
16 McGirr Patrick Head RC Can't read 35 Farmer Single Donegal
  McGirr Margaret Sister RC Can't read 27 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  McGirr Sarah Mother RC Can't read 80   Widow Donegal
17 Abraham Thomas Head CofI RW 40 Farmer Single Donegal
  Abraham John Brother CofI RW 45 Farmer Single Donegal
  Abraham Fanny Mother CofI Can't read 86   Widow Donegal
  Sheil Ellen Servant RC Only reads 35 General svt Single Donegal
18 Martin Patrick Head RC Only reads 80 Farmer Married Donegal
  Martin Madge Wife RC Only reads 70   Married Donegal
  Martin Daniel Son RC RW 25 Farmer Married Donegal
  Martin Catherine Dau-in-law RC RW 25 Farmer's dau Married Donegal
  Martin Patrick Gson RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal
  Martin Madge Gdau RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal
19 Martin John Snr Head RC RW 75 Farmer Married Donegal
  Martin Margaret Wife RC RW 70   Married Donegal
  Martin Anne Dau RC RW 30 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  McGirr William John Gson RC RW 14 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  McGirr Maggie Jane Gdau RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal
20 McGroary John Head RC RW 30 Farmer Single Donegal
  McGroary Maggie Sister RC RW 20 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
21 Ellis Elizabeth Head CofI RW 43   Single Golard
22 Gregory Fanny Head CofI RW 40 Teacher Single Donegal
23 Martin John Head RC RW 30 Farmer Married Donegal
  Martin Mary Wife RC RW 27   Married Donegal
  Martin Maggie Mary Dau RC Can't read 9 Scholar Single Donegal
  Martin Thomas John Son RC Can't read 8 Scholar Single Donegal
  Martin Catherine Dau RC Can't read 5   Single Donegal
  Martin Sarah Dau RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal

Townland Notes :


Brodbin Families

Constantine (Condy) Brodbin, farmer, and Catherine Cassidy


Joseph b 12 Nov 1864

Mary b 23 Jul 1867

Margaret Jane b 9 Jan 1870

Agnes b 13 Dec 1875

Emily b 9 Jun 1878

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