1901 Loughsalt, Templecrone, Co Donegal


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Notes by Angela


See also 1911 Census for Loughsalt


Townland Notes, below

No Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language
Hugh Gallagher and Bridget Sweeney Household            
1 James Gallagher Head R. Catholic Cannot read 70 M Farmer Not married Donegal I & E
John Gallagher Uncle R & W 30 M Ag Labourer
Mary Gallagher Sister Cannot read 45 F Housekeeper
John Gallagher is a brother of Hugh
Mary b. c1852  James b. c1858
Delia b. c1856 living with her dau Jane Maher in Jersey City in July 1927 - see Irish Gleanings
Frank O'Donnell and Susan Duffy Household            
2 Frank O’Donnell Head R. Catholic Cannot read 54 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Susan O’Donnell Wife 52 F Knitter
Mary O’Donnell D R & W 22 F Farmer’s dau Not married
Norah O’Donnell D 20 F
Patrick O’Donnell S 17 M Farmer’s son


John b Oct 28 1872, married Sarah Bonner - Uphall and USA

Frank b Aug 28 1874,

Mary b Mar 13 1877,

Hannah (Norah) b Oct 18 1880 married Patrick Melly (Patrick, Madavagh)

John O'Donnell and Bridget McLoone Household            
3 John O’Donnell Head R. Catholic Cannot read 84 M Farmer Widower Donegal I & E
Mary O’Donnell D 35 F Farmer’s dau Not married
John O’Donnell S Read 32 M Farmer’s son
Note: John b. Nov 4 1865
Charles Brown and Catherine O'Donnell Household            
4 Charles Brown Head R. Catholic Cannot read 84 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Catherine Brown Wife 74 F Housekeeper
Edward Brown S R & W 29 M Farmer’s son Not married
Patrick McCullagh Visitor 10 M Scholar Belfast


Charles Brown was the son of John Brown and Anne McShea
His siblings:
Andrew married Bridget McShea (Michael, Meenacloghcor) - Allentown, PA
Anne married Condy Boyle - PA

Catherine O'Donnell (Caitriona, daughter of Eoin, son of Sean Beag, Innisaile). Sister Bella in Meenacross - see 1901 census Meenacross

Children of Charles and Catherine :

Catherine b. June 27 1864 married John Brennan Meenacross
Andrew b. Feb 24 1866
Edward and Mary b. June 23 1868

- emigrated May 11 1911 on Columbia to sister Annie Ward in Bayonne. He married Sheila O'Donnell (Denis), Craghy

Bridget married Con Given (James), Croaghnamaddy

Anne married Teague Ward – Hazle, PA and Bayonne

John emigrated to Bayonne c1883

5 Neil O’Donnell Head R. Catholic R & W 67 M Farmer Widower Donegal I & E
John O’Donnell S 36 M Farmer’s son Not married
Mary O’Donnell D Cannot write 30 F Farmer’s dau Scotland
Anne O’Donnell D R & W 28 F
Bridget O’Donnell D 26 F
***The first 4 letters of the County of birth in Scotland is difficult to decipher.  It appears as Linlighgow
Frank O'Donnell and Anne Duffy Household            
6 Frank O’Donnell Head R. Catholic Cannot read 66 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Nancy O’Donnell Wife 60 F Farmer’s wife
Mary O’Donnell D R & W 20 F Farmer’s dau Not married


Francis O’Donnell (Neil) married Anne Duffy (John, Dooey) on Mar 7 1866 in St Peter’s Dungloe

Mary b Sep 19 1870

John b. 1872 married Bridget Sweeney (James, Meenacloghcor)

John Brown and Mary McCole Household            
7 John Brown Head R. Catholic Cannot read 46 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Mary Brown Wife 40 F Housekeeper
Ellen Brown D R & W 13 F Farmer’s dau Not married
Patrick Brown S 11 M Scholar  
James Brown S 10 M  
Charles Brown S 9 M  
John Brown S 7 M  
Bridget Brown D 4 F  
Hugh Brown S 2 M  


John was the son of Patrick Brown and Ellen O’Donnell

His brothers::

1. Neil married Sheila McCole – see 1901 census Tievegarvlagh

2. James married Agnes Chalmers – Fife, Scotland

His sister :

Bridget married Daniel Boyle (Daniel) - see 1901 census Tievegarvlagh

Children of John and Mary :

Charles married Fanny Ferry (John) Meendrain

John married Kate Langan (Edward) Maghery

Ellen married Charles McShea (Anthony) Meenacloghcor

Hugh married Anne Durnan - Scotland
James married Anne Gallagher (Tully, Tievegarvlagh) - Scotland

Patrick b.1889  d. 1908
Bridget married 1. Hugh Boyle (James, Falmore) - Scotland and Wilkes-Barre  2. Andrew Hanlon

Researcher: Sharon - Email


Townland Notes :

1. Hugh O'Donnell and Ellen Boyle

Anne b. 3 Oct 1864 married Owen Boyle (Anthony, Loughanure) - Bayonne

Ellen b. 20 Oct 1867 married Bernard Langan (John, Maghery) - Bayonne

Sarah b. 8 Jul 1870 married Daniel Gillespie (Patrick, Mullaghduff Scotch) - Bayonne

Bridget b. c1870  - Bayonne

Mary married Hugh Boyle (John, Owey) - see household #3 Owey Island census

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