1901 Census Lunniagh, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


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No Surame First Relationship Age Occupation/Comment
  Patrick Coll and Susan Boyle Household    
1 Coll  Patrick head 64 farmer
  Coll  Susan wife 63  
  Coll  Mary daughter 35 knitter
  Coll  James son 27 farmers son
  Coll  Patrick son 23 farmers son
  Deehan  Rose granddaughter 13 scholar
2 Ferry Shawn head 81 farmer / widower
  Ferry Mary daughter 40 knitter
  McGarvey Giley lodger 86 widow
3 McGarvey Hugh head 26 farmer
  McGarvey Sarah wife 23  
  McGarvey Hugh son 3m  


Hugh McGarvey son of Hugh McGarvey (William) and Fanny Coll, who married 28 Feb 1870

4 McCoal  James head 60 farmer
  McCoal  Fanny wife 65  
  McCoal  Mary daughter 26 knitter
  McCoal  Alick son 24 farmer
  McCoal  Fanny daughter 20 farmers daughter
5 Gallagher  James head 30 farmer
  Gallagher  Barney brother 27 farmer
  O'Donnell  Unity sister 23 knitter / married
  McGarvey  Hugh lodger 15 scholar
  Daniel Gallagher and Mary Cannon Household    
6 Gallagher  Daniel head 71 farmer
  Gallagher  Dan son 25 farmer
  Gallagher  Anthony son 40 farmer
  Gallagher  Mary lodger 13 scholar
  Gallagher  Ellen wife 70  
7 Gallagher  Thomas head 43 farmer
  Charles Diver and Sarah McGinley Household    
8 Diver  Charles head 35 farmer
  Diver  Sarah wife 30  
  McCafferty  Mary lodger 80 widow
  Diver  Simon son 2m  


Lodger Mary McCafferty - Mary Coll, dau of Denis, married Charles McCafferty, son of Owen, 20 Jan 1875

9 Ferry  John head 55 farmer
  Ferry  Rose wife 40  
10 Ferry  Ellen head 55 farmer / widow
  Ferry  William son 35 farmer
  Ferry  Mary daughter in law 26 knitter
  Ferry  Kate granddaughter 3m  
  Note: Son William married Mary Gallagher
11 Sweeney  Hugh head 60 farmer
  Sweeney  Grace wife 60  
  Sweeney  Sarah daughter 23 servant
12 Coll  Fanny head 70 knitter / widow
  McCafferty  Owen sil 43 farmer
  McCafferty  Grace daughter 28  
  McCafferty  Mary granddaughter 1  
13 Coll  Fanny head 75 knitter / nm
  Coll  Maggy visitor 7 scholar
14 McGee  Thomas head 78 farmer
  McGee  Nappy wife 70  
  McGee  Barney son 38 farmers son
  McGee  Mary daughter 36 farmers daughter
  McGee  Patrick son 25 farmers son
15 Coyle Margaret head 60 knitter / nm
  Sweeney Nancy visitor 20 knitter
  Green Biddy visitor 30 knitter
16 Friel Sarah head 85 widow
  Friel Biddy daughter 45 knitter
  James Doherty and Bridget Brogan/McBride Household    
17 Doherty James head 60 farmer
  Doherty John son 22 labourer
  Doherty Biddy daughter 18 knitter
  Doherty Sicily daughter 13 scholar
18 McGee Susan head 82 farmer / widow
  McGee Patrick son 47 farmers son
  John McGee and Mary Coll Household    
19 McGee Owen head 59 farmer
  McGee Mary wife 56  
  McGee Barney son 20 farm labourer
  McGee Patrick son 13 scholar
  McGee Grace daughter 24 dressmaker
  McGee Annie daughter 18 dressmaker
  Waller Arthur nephew 10 scholar / America
  Waller Frances niece 8 scholar / America
  Waller Hannah niece 5 America
  O'Donnell Anne niece 10 scholar / America


John McGee, son of Cormack, married Mary Coll, dau of Maurice, 25 Feb 1868. Witnesses Patrick Mulligan & Nora Coll

  Patrick McGarvey and Bridget Boyle Household    
20 McGarvey Patrick head 76 farmer
  McGarvey Biddy wife 68  
  McGarvey Mary daughter 23 knitter
  McGarvey Billy son 31 farmer
  McGarvey Barney son 24 farmer
  O'Donnell Agnes servant 12 general domestic


Children of Patrick and Bridget :

Charles - Butte, Montana

Catherine married Dennis O'Donnell – see 1901 census Inishmeane

Owen b. 18/04/67

Agnes b. 30//11/68 married Patrick O'Donnell (Daniel) Innismeane. Agnes d. 1889

Bridget b. 8/08/70 

James b. 19/06/72

Daniel married Mary Boyle on Oct 27 1903 in Montana

Mary married John Diver (Jeremiah) Carrick

  Toal Gallagher and Margaret McGarvey Household    
21 Gallagher Margaret head 80 widow
  Gallagher Margaret daughter 45 farmers wife / married
  Gallagher Bridget granddaughter 9 scholar
  Gallagher Charles grandson 7 scholar
  Gallagher Susan visitor 34 farmers daughter / nm
  Francis Coll and Mary McGarvey Household    
22 Coll Francis head 70 farmer
  Coll Mary wife 68  
  Coll Mary daughter 43 knitter
  Coyle Dominick grandson 7 scholar
  Charles Sweeney and Sarah Crosby Household
23 Sweeney Charles head 70 farmer
  Sweeney Sarah wife 60 Antrim
  Sweeney John son 35 wool weaver / nm
  Houston Mary E granddaughter 14 scholar


John b. Oct 12 1865 in Derryleconnell, Lettermacaward

John married Alice Kean on Jan 1 1907 in Glasgow

Anne Jane married ?McManus - Philadephia

Tarlach McSweeney (An Piobaire Mor ) – see headstone inscription Magheragallon Old Graveyard

24 Maloney Daniel head 30 grocer / widower
  Maloney Francis son 4  
  Daniel Friel and Winifred McFadden Household    
25 Friel Daniel head 55 farmer
  Friel Unity wife 55  
  Friel Dominick son 19 farmers son
  Friel Bridget daughter 22 farmers daughter
  Friel Mary daughter 20 farmes daughter
  Friel Patrick son 16 farmers son
  Friel Moses son 10 scholar


Daniel Friel, son of Daniel, married Winifred McFadden, dau of Patrick, 10 Oct 1872. Witnesses John Sweeney &

Ellen Coll, Lunniagh

  Teague Diver and Margaret Gallagher Household    
26 Diver Teague head 46 farmer
  Diver Margaret wife 41 farmers wife
  Diver Nappy daughter 19 farmers daughter
  Diver Mary daughter 8 farmers daughter
  Diver Darby son 26 farmers son
  Diver Joseph son 17 farmers son
  Diver Cornelius son 15 farmers son
  Diver Michael son 13 farmers son


Teague Diver, son of Patrick, married Margaret Gallagher, Stranacorcragh, dau of John, 14 Jan 1872

  Teague McFadden and Catherine McGinley Household    
27 McFadden Teague head 53 farmer
  McFadden Kate wife 48  
  McFadden Neil son 26 tailor
  McFadden Owen son 22 farmers son
  McFadden Joseph son 17 farmers son
  McFadden Cornelius son 12 farmers son
  McFadden Ellen daughter 24 farmers daughter
  McFadden Mary daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Feeney Bridget granddaughter 2  


Teague McFadden, Innishirrer, son of Patrick, married Catherine McGinley, Meenacung,  dau of Neil, on 31 Jan 1869

  Daniel McFadden and Cecelia McGee Household    
28 McFadden Daniel head 58 farmer
  McFadden Shelia wife 50 farmers wife
  McFadden Joseph son 22 farmers son


Daniel McFadden, Bunaninver (Brinlack), son of Patrick decd., married Cecelia McGee, Stranabrooey, dau of Patrick on 25 Feb 1868

31 Gallagher Thomas head 42 farmer
  Gallagher Cecily wife 42  
  Gallagher Charles son 12 scholar
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 11 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 10 scholar
  Gallagher Annie daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Kate daughter 6  
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 3  
32 O'Connor Brigid head 65 knitter / widow

Townland Notes


Corneilus McFadden (John) married Mary O'Donnell (Hugh, Meenacrieve) on Nov 18 1869 in St Mary’s Belcruit – see 1901 census Innishirrer


Arthur O'Donnell, Lunniagh, son of Arthur, married Catherine McBride, 2 Oct 1867. Witnesses Hannah Coll and Patrick Mulligan


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