1901 Census Newtowncunningham Village, Allsaints Parish, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Berry James Head RC RW 55 RIC Pensioner Married Mayo IE
  Berry Mary Wife RC RW 47   Married Londonderry  
  Berry Joseph Son RC RW 19 Letter carrier Single Londonderry  
  Berry Mary Dau RC RW 13 Scholar Single Londonderry  
  Berry James Son RC RW 24 Engine fitter at works Single Londonderry  
2 Park William A, Rev Head Pres RW 42 Clergyman, BA, BA Div Married Tyrone  
  Park Caroline Alice Wife Pres RW 28 Undergrad Royal Univ Married Tyrone  
  Park Mary Dau Pres   1   Single Donegal  
  Kildea Susan Servant RC Can't read 17 Gen Svt Single Donegal  
3 Alexander Robert Edward Head Pres RW 26 Farmer Single Donegal  
  Burke Margaret Servant RC RW 25 Gen Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
  Donnell Thomas Servant RC RW 15 Farm Svt Single Donegal  
  McDaid William Servant RC Only reads 19 Farm Svt Single Donegal  
4 Mason Rebecca Head Pres RW 48 Postmistress Single Donegal  
  Ewing Rachel Boarder Pres RW 99 Annuant Single Donegal  
  Burke Mary Servant RC RW 18 Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
5 McDermott Michael Head RC RW 40 Tailor Married Donegal  
  McDermott Ellen M Wife RC RW 42 Dressmaker Married Donegal  
  McDermott Mary E Dau RC RW 12 Chalar? Single Donegal  
6 Burke John Head RC RW 27 Agricultural labr Married Donegal  
  Burke Martha Wife RC Can't read 24   Married Donegal  
  Burke William Son RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
7 McClintock Alexander Head RC Can't read 31 Railway labr Married Londonderry  
  McClintock Elizabeth Wife RC Can't read 29   Married Donegal  
  McClintock James Son RC RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McClintock Samuel Son RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
  McClintock John Son RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
  McCafferty Hugh Boarder RC RW 62 Summons server Single Donegal  
  Edward Boyle and Elizabeth McLaughlin Household          
8 Boyle Edward Head RC RW 65 Grocer Married Donegal  
  Boyle Elizabeth Wife RC RW 60   Married Donegal  
  Boyle Hugh Son RC RW 27 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  


Edward d 19 Jul 1904 & Elizabeth d 24 Jun 1910. Both buried Church of All Saints, Newtowncunningham - see Headstone Inscription

Hugh b 10 May 1871

9 McGettigan Daniel, Revd Head RC RW 51 Roman Cath Curate Single Donegal IE
  McGettigan Fanny Servant RC Can't read 49 Cook/Domestic Svt Single Donegal IE



Rev McGettigan b Carrigart 1844, ordained in Rome in 1874, and was a nephew of Archbishop Daniel McGettigan

Rev McGettigan buried Church of All Saints, Newtowncunningham - see Headstone Inscription

10 Tracy John Head RC RW 46 Farmer/Publican Married Fermanagh  
  Tracy Mary Jane Wife RC RW 45   Married Fermanagh  
  Tracy John Son RC RW 25 Solicitor Single Donegal  
  Tracy Jennie Dau RC RW 26   Single Donegal  
  Tracy Mary Dau RC RW 23   Single Donegal  
  Conaghan Annie Servant RC Can't read 28 Cook/Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
11 Connell William H Head Episc RW 41 Merchant (grocer, druggist) Married Londonderry  
  Connell Mary A Wife Episc RW 27   Married Tyrone  
  Connell Lillie? Dau Episc   5   Single Londonderry  
  Connell Margaret W Dau Episc   3   Single Londonderry  
  Connell Muriel Dau Episc   10mths   Single Londonderry  
  Connell Margaret E Sister Episc RW 42   Single Londonderry  
  Williams James Boarder Episc RW 50 Grocer Single Donegal  
  Reilly Jean? Servant Episc RW 17 Cook/Domestic Svt Single Donegal IE
12 Hunter Matilda Head Pres Only reads 70   Widow Donegal  
  Hunter Mary Dau Pres Only reads 40 RIC Bk Cook/Svt Single Donegal  
  Spence John Gson Pres RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
13 Hamilton Robert Head CI RW 47 Farmer/JP Married Londonderry  
  Hamilton Margaret Wife CI RW 32   Married Coleraine, Derry  
  McCandless William Boarder Pres RW 50 Commission agent Single Coleraine, Derry  
  McCausland Ellen Visitor Pres RW 30   Single Coleraine, Derry  
  Sproule Mary Ann Servant CI RW 20 Domestic Svt Single Castlederg, Tyrone  
14 Osbourne William Head RC Only reads 52 Agricultural labr Married Donegal  
  Osbourne Jane Wife RC Only reads 51   Married Donegal  
  Osbourne Jane Dau RC RW 26 Cook/Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
  Osbourne Ellen Dau RC RW 16 Cook/Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
  Osbourne Hugh Son RC RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Osbourne David Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Coll William Nephew RC RW 22 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
  Darcus Owen Boarder RC Can't read 84   Single Donegal  
15 McLaughlin Robert Head CI Can't read 38 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
  Donaghy Maggie Sister CI RW 40 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  Donaghy James Nephew CI RW 15 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
  Donaghy Robert Nephew CI RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
16 Dennison Jane Head CI Can't read 57 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
17 McIlhenny James Head Pres Can't read 50 Agricultural labr Widower Donegal  
18 Gallagher James Head RC RW 54 Spirit dealer Widower Donegal  
  Gallagher James Son RC RW 16 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Annie Dau RC RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Daniel Son RC RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Hugh Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Joseph Son RC RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McDevitt Elizabeth Sister RC Can't read 56 Housewife Widow Donegal  
  McDevitt Mary Ann Niece RC RW 29 Servant Single Donegal  
  Donnell Philip Servant RC Only reads 90 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
19 McLaughlin David Head Pres RW 37 National School Teacher Married Donegal  
  McLaughlin Lizzie Wife Pres RW 42 Teacher of needlework Married Donegal  
  McLaughlin William Henry Son Pres RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Martha Servant RC RW 15 Gen Domestic Svt Single Donegal  
20 Boyd William Head Pres RW 48 Shoemaker Married Taughboyne, Donegal  
  Boyd Mary Ann Wife Pres RW 45   Married Ture, Donegal  
  Boyd James Son Pres RW 24 National School Teacher Single NTCunningham, Donegal  
  Boyd William Son Pres RW 22 Shopman - boot trade Single Donegal  
  Boyd Rachel Dau Pres RW 20 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd Robert Son Pres RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd Joseph Son Pres RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd Alice Mary Dau Pres RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd John Son Pres RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd George Son Pres Only reads 4 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyd Rebecca Dau Pres RW 18 Dressmaker Single Donegal  
  Boyd Maggie Dau Pres RW 16 Dressmaker Single Donegal  

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