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This is NOT a full transcription of all the headstones in this graveyard however, more will be added in time



Barbour, Baxter, Behan, Bonner, Boyle, Burke, Callaghan, Campbell, Carlin, Conaghan, Curran, Devenney, Dillon, Doherty, Gaffney, Gallagher, Gamble, Gibbons, Giblin, Harigan, Harkin, Harrison, Hasson, Lenahan, Loughrey

Martin, McBrearty, McCafferty, McCallion, McCarron, McDaid, McDevitt, McElwain, McFadden, McGettigan, McKinley, McLaughlin, McLenahan, McMullan, Meehan, Montgomery, Neeson, Norris, O' Neill, O'Donnell, O’Neill, Porter

Quigley, Robb, Rodgers, Sheskrin, Toner, Toye, Watson, White




In Loving Memory of William BARBOUR

Died 8th July 1958

His wife Bridget died 17th January 1977

And daughter Vera died 7th February 1995

And son Joseph died 5th August 1998

Margaret BARBOUR died 31st August 2005



In Loving Memory of

Josephine Ita BAXTER died 4th July 1972

Her son Alexander Vincent died 22nd November 1956

Her daughter Bernadette died 4th March 1976

Her son Liam died 23rd February 1985

Rodger Baxter

Died 27th May 1997



In Loving Memory of

Bernard BONNER died 27th November 1953 aged 86 years

His wife Margaret died 1st July 1944 aged 73 years

Their son William died 1st October 1989 aged 74 years



In Loving Remembrance of

Edward BOYLE, Newtowncunningham

Died 19th July 1904

Also his wife Elizabeth died 24th June 1910

Mary Elizabeth BOYLE (Mamie)

Died December 1922 aged 22 years

Erected by their loving children


(see 1901 Census entry)



In Loving Memory of

Maureen BURKE died 8th June 1952 aged 23 years

Also Joseph BURKE died 4th January 1961 aged 77 years

His wife Mary Eliza died 14th February 1974 aged 87 years

Also infant BONNER

Michael BURKE died 15th December 2002 aged 79 years



(concrete cross)

In Loving Memory of our dear father

Thomas BURKE died 23rd March 1900 aged 54 years

Also our beloved mother

Mary BURKE died 25th March 1933 aged 84 years


On their souls sweet Jesus have mercy.


(marble slab in front)

In Memory of son

William BURKE died 25th October 1936 aged 54 years




In Loving Memory of

John CALLAGHAN, Newtowncunningham

Died 5th March 1954

His wife Ellen died 23rd July 1958

Son William died 14th September 1970



In Loving Memory of

James CARLIN, Moneyhaughley

Died 7th May 1959 aged 70

His wife Mary

Died 11th July 1981 aged 74



Erected in Loving Memory of

Hugh CONAGHAN who died 19th October 1892 aged 68 years

And his wife Catherine who died 13th April 1894 aged 62 years

Also their son William who died 5th January 1888 aged 23 years.



In Loving Memory of

William CURRAN, Dooish

Died 18th February 1938

His wife Rose

Died 17th November 1947

Their daughter Roseanne

Died 5th July 1936



In Loving Memory of


Died 3rd January 1938

Richard Devenney

Died 23rd April 1951

Julia Devenney

Died 2nd November  1955


 (this stone identical and to the right of the one above, replacements for older stones)

In Loving Memory of

Joseph O’NEILL

Died 19th December 1936

His wife Isabella

Died 17th April 1951

Their granddaughter

Josephine O’Neill

Died 1st May 1962



In Memory of Mrs. Mary DILLON

Wife of Thomas Dillon who departed this life

Septr. 5th 1840 aged 32 years

May her soul rest in peace, Amen


Also Sarah CALLAGHAN, Killyverry, aged 34 years

Died Nov. 15th 1942



Here lie the remains of

Joseph DOHERTY who died

April 15th 1848 aged 17 years



Pray for the Soul of

William GALLAGHER died 14th June 1927

Also his sons

William died 22nd February 1925

Daniel died 1901

Also his daughters

Mary died 1894

Kathleen died 1899


Erected by his loving wife and family



In Loving Memory of a dear

Mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother

Margaret GAMBLE died 26th April 2003 aged 95 years

Rest in Peace

St. Pio Pray For Her



Erected by Hanna and Annie GIBBONS

In Loving Remembrance of their brother

Francis who died 16th Novr 1886 aged 25 years

His mother Ellenn (two n’s) died 2nd July 1892 (the 9 is back to front)

His father William Gibbons died 29th Octr 1902 (the 9’s back to front)



Here lies the remains of

Margaret HARIGAN who died 3rd July 1852 aged 58 years



In Loving Memory of Patrick HARKIN

Died 26th December 1882 aged 72 years

Also his wife Elizabeth died

14th October 1888 aged 76 years

Also their daughter Elizabeth

Died 11th March 1909 aged 66 years

Erected by their son James





In Loving Memory of


Died 8th July 1967 aged 80 years also her sister

Mary Gallagher

Died 5th May 1993 aged 91 years



In Loving Memory of

Annie HASSON died 26th June 1959

Her sister Margaret Osborne

Died 23rd April 1964

Her brother

Patrick Giblin died 18th March 1977



In Memory of the

LOUGHREY family, Ruskey.

(no further info. Mentioned)



In Loving Memory of

Charles MARTIN, Gortree

Died 24th February 1949

Aged 85 years



In Loving Memory of our beloved mother

Jane McCAFFERTY who died 26 Jany 1929 aged 68 years

Also our beloved father

John McCAFFERTY who died 1st Octr 1929 aged 76 years



Pray for the Happy Repose of the Souls of

Joseph McCALLION, Altaghderry

Who died 13th April 1917

Also his wife

Margaret McCallion who died 11th December 1946



In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth McCARRON died 11th October 1973 aged 86 years

Catherine McCARRON died 2nd December 1973 aged 85 years


(flower planter slab in front)

A dear mother and grandmother

Catherine McCARRON




In Loving Memory of

Rose and Andrew McCARRON

(small slate stone)



In Loving Memory of

William McCARRON died 26th August 1941 aged 67 years



In Loving Memory of

John MCDAID died 5-12-1977 aged 77 years

His wife Alice died 9-8-1995 aged 93 years

Their son Edward died 9-3-1998 aged 62 years

Their grandchildren

Sean died 18-6-1957 aged 4 years

Audrey died 22-1-1958 age 3 months

Christopher died 4-2-1987 aged 32 years



In Loving Memory of

Margaret MCDAID, Ballyhaskey died 21-Feb- 1956

Her daughter Josephine MCBREARTY

Died 7th March 1953

Her son John MCDAID died 13th October 1966

Her daughter Rose MCDAID died

22nd September 1984 aged 74 years



 In Loving Memory of our grandparents

Patrick McDEVITT

Born 1857 – died 1905

His wife Bridget

Born 1865 died 11th June 1912


Their son and our father


Born 4th December 1891, died 11th November 1932

He returned to Ireland to be buried in

the soil he fought for.

Remembered by his son and grandson

18th September, 2001

May they rest in peace.



Erected by Catherine McELWAIN

In memory of her mother

Mary died 20th October 1897 aged 65 years

Her father

John died 24th January 1910 aged 75 years

Also their daughter

Catherine Doherty died 26th May 1942



In Loving Memory of

Mrs. Isobella McFADDEN

Died 1st December 1963 aged 67 years

John McFadden died January 19th, 1968

Michael McFadden died April 25th 1978



Erected by a few friends to the memory of late

Rev. Daniel McGETTIGAN, C.C., born at CARRIGART 1844

Appointed curate to Newtowncunningham 1895

Where he died 26th November 1902

“Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on him”

“Immaculate heart of Mary pray for him”

(see 1901 Census entry)



In Loving Memory of

Robert McKINLEY, Ruskey, died 11th March 1987 aged 86 years

His beloved wife Jennie died 3rd March 1997 aged 89 years



Erected to the Memory of


District nurse

Died 25th April 1935

Also her niece

Frances V. Campbell

Died 12th January 1927



In Crux Salem

Sacred to the memory of

Peter and Daniel McLAUGHLIN

Who died March 1834

And their sister

Isabella GAFFNEY died 1846



Pray for the soul of

James McLENAHAN who died

15th October 1870 aged 67 years


(this stone on top of above but surface chipped off except for)




In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father

Edmond McMULLAN, Deerpark

Died 1st February 2005 aged 61 years



In Loving Memory of John MEEHAN

Died 17th July 1963 aged 71 years

His loving wife Mary

Died 19th January 1948 aged 62 years

Also their sons

Leslie died 26th January 1933 aged 12 years

Jack died 18th January 1992 aged 66 years



Erected by William MONTGOMERY

In loving memory of his Children

David and Teresa who died in infancy

His father David who died 2nd October 1920

His mother Matilda who died 2nd January 1926

His brothers Joseph who died 2nd December 1897

David who died 2nd May 1911

And John who died 30th Decr 1907

His sister Elizabeth who died 2nd September 1899


(LHS of stone)

Also the above William Montgomery who died

13th December 1940 aged 65 years

And his wife Mary Jane Montgomery

Who died 31st May 1955 aged 80 years



In Loving Memory of

Barbara O’DONNELL who died on 28th July 1954

Also her husband Phillip O’DONNELL

who died on 21st September 1967



 In Loving Memory of Dan O’DONNELL

Died 18th October 1947 aged 33 years

His father Henry died 3rd August 1948 aged 65 years



In Loving Memory of


Died 2nd December 1947 aged 3 years



Erected by James in memory of his mother

Mary PORTER who died 27th September 1886 aged 76 years



 Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the souls of

John E. O’ NEILL, Newtowncunningham

Died 29th March 1939

Also his wife Matilda F. O’NEILL died 1st June 1942

And their daughter Mary D. BEHAN

Died 20th May 1930

And their son Hubert Justin died 16th February 1981

Husband of Mary Elizabeth and father of

Alice, Moira and Hugh


(see 1911 Census entry)



 In Loving Memory of

Mary QUIGLEY (nee Neeson), Bogay

Died 12th June 1960 aged 76 years

Beloved husband James

Died 18th February 1961 aged 79 years

Also son John died 1st July 1968 aged 54 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on Them



 In Loving Memory of Elizabeth ROBB

Died 4th February 1964 aged 64 years

Her husband William

Died 1st March 1973 aged 86 years

Thomas Robb

Died 29th January 1973 aged 88 years..



In Loving Memory of

Annie Mary RODGERS, Drumbarnett,

Died 26th September 1957

John RODGERS died 21st March 1997

William RODGERS died 1992



Here lie Bernard SHESKRIN

Who died August,  1812 aged 63 years

And his wife Unity died same date aged 58



 Francis TONER died 1898

Cathleen TONER died 1899

Hannah TONER died 1915

George TONER died ??71 (looks like 1671!)




Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

Frances TONER, Ballougry

Died 5th January 1951

Her husband John died 12th July 1953

Their son-in-law

William Joseph NORRIS died 17th August 1969

His wife Annie Mary died 13th July 1984


Died 17th April 2001



Lord Jesus Have Mercy

On the Souls of

My loving mother and father

Patrick TOYE died 9th April 1955 aged 81 years

His wife Frances died 13th June 1955 aged 81 years

Rest in Peace

St. Anthony Intercede for them



 In Loving Memory of

Catherine WATSON, Killyverry

Died 6th January 1951 aged 86 years

Also her son James died 30th June 1991 aged 92 years

Her daughter Elizabeth (Lily) died 14th April 1977

Aged 92 years


(slab beside above headstone)

Also her husband James WATSON

Died 18th September 1918 aged 74 years

Her daughter Mary died

20th December 1920 aged 23 years



In Loving Memory

Cecilia WHITE, Altaghderry

Died 9th October 1952 aged 75 years

Her son John died 13th July 1994 aged 74 years

William WHITE died 18th February 1995 aged 81 years


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