1901 Census Roosky, Allsaints Parish, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 Lockhart John Head Pres RW 62 Farmer NM Don
  Lockhart Elizabeth Sister Pres RW 70 Dressmaker NM Don
  Lockhart Martha Sister Pres RW 60 General Helper NM Don
  Lockhart Fanny Sister Pres RW 58 General Helper NM Don
  Alexander and Rose McCarron        
2 McCarron Andrew Head RC Can't 42 Agr. Lbr NM Don
  McCarron Rose Mother RC Read 74 - W Don
  McCarron Kate Sister RC Read 45 Seamstress NM Don
  McCarron Anthony Brother RC Read 31 Agr. Lbr NM Don
  McCarron Mary Niece RC Can't 6 Scholar NM Don


Family of Alexander and Rose McCarron

Son Patrick m Grace McNulty - see 1901 census Castleforward

Dau Jane m John McCallion - see 1901 census Altaghaderry, Killea

Researcher: Paddy - Email

3 McKinley Samuel Head Pres RW 40 Farmer M Don
  McKinley Maggie Wife Pres RW 30   W Don
  McKinley John Son Pres Can't 2   NM Don
  McKinley Thomas Nephew Pres Can't 5   NM Don
4 Kerrins Thomas Head RC Can't 48 Boot Shoe Mkr NM Don
  Kerrins John Nephew RC Can't 26 Agr. Lbr NM Don
5 Payne Andrew Head Pres Can't 30 Agr. Lbr NM Don
  Payne Easy Mother Pres Can't 60 - W Don
  Payne Andrew Nephew Pres Can't 5 Scholar NM Don
  Payne James Nephew Pres Can't 10 Scholar NM Don
  O' Donnelly Margaret Boarder RC Read 31 Pedlar M Boston, USA
6 Gallagher John Head RC Can't 60 Agr. Lbr M Don
  Gallagher Susan Wife RC Can't 61   M Don
  Gallagher James S RC Can't 25 Agr. Lbr NM Don
7 Walker Jane Head COI Read 63 Seamstress W Don
  Flakes William Grandson COI Can't 7 - NM Don
8 McGarvey Hannah Head RC RW 45 Provision Dealer NM Don
9 McCrabb Robert Head Pres RW 40 Farmer NM Don
  McCrabb Isabella Sister Pres RW 35 - NM Don
  McCrabb Martha Sister Pres RW 33 - NM Don
  McCrabb Hubert Nephew Pres RW 14 Scholar NM California
  Gallagher Annie Servant Pres RW 19 Gen Dom Ser NM Don
  Robb David Servant Pres RW 20 Farm Servant NM Don
  Connaghan Patrick Servant RC Can't 17 Farm Servant NM Don
  Doogan Edward Servant RC Can't 17 Farm Servant NM Don
10 Gallagher Thomas Head RC Can't 26 Agr. Lbr M Don
  Gallagher Maggie Wife RC RW 24 - M Don
  Gallagher Mary Daughter RC Can't 2 - NM Don
12 Gallaugher Jane Wife COI RW 49 - M Don
  Gallaugher Sarah Sister COI RW 6? - NM Don
  Gallaugher William Son COI RW 7 Scholar NM Don
  Gallaugher Annie Daughter COI RW 11 Scholar NM Don
  Gallaugher Robert Son COI Can't 5 Scholar NM Don
  Duffy Charles Servant RC RW 14 Farm Servant NM Don
  Stuart Rebecca Servant Pres Can't 20 Gen Dom Ser NM Don


Written on return - 'William Gallagher head of family enumerated in Liverpool & returned home on 2 Apr being only 3 days absent'

13 Loughrey John Head RC Can't 28 Agr. Lbr M Don
  Loughrey Rebecca Wife RC Can't 29 - M Don
  Loughrey Margaret Daughter RC Can't 5 Scholar NM Don
  Loughrey William Son RC Can't 4 - NM Don
  Loughrey Daniel Son RC Can't 1 - NM Don
14 Devanney John Head RC Read 45 Agr. Lbr M Don
  Devanney Sarah Wife RC Can't 40 - M Don
  Devanney James Son RC RW 20 Grocer Asst. NM Don
  Devanney Richard Son RC Read 16 Scholar NM Don
  Devanney Patrick Son RC Read 14 Scholar NM Don
  Devanney William Son RC Read 12 Scholar NM Don
  Devanney Julia Daughter RC Read 9 Scholar NM Don
  Devanney Bella Daughter RC Can't 5 - NM Don
15 Crossan Elizabeth Head RC RW 60 Seamstress W Don
  Crossan Martha Daughter RC RW 26 Seamstress NM Don
  Riley James Grandson RC RW 10 Scholar NM New York, USA
  James Gallaugher and Jane Mary McKinley Household        
16 Gallaugher James Head Pres RW 81 Farmer M Don
  Gallaugher Jane Wife Pres RW 55 Farmer M Don
  Gallaugher Alexander Son Pres RW 27 Farmers son NM Don
  Gallaugher Mary Daughter Pres RW 16 Farmers dau NM Don
  Gallaugher Anthony Son Pres RW 14 Farmers son NM Don
17 Owens Jane Head Pres RW 34 Farmer NM Ferm
  Owens Thomas John Son Pres Can't 7 - NM Don
  Hunter Samuel Servant Pres RW 20 Farm servant NM Don
  Burke Bridget Servant RC RW 12 Nurse Dom Ser NM Don
18 Latta John Head Pres RW 34 Farmer NM Don
  Latta Cassie Sister Pres RW 28 - NM Don
  Logan Sarah Servant Pres RW 23 Gen Dom Serv NM Don
  Logan James Servant Pres RW 24 Farm Servant NM Don
  Byers Andrew Servant Episc RW 17 Farm Servant NM Don
19 Hunter George Head Pres Can't 60 Agr. LBr W Don
  Hunter Ellen Daughter Pres RW 22 Gen Dom Serv NM Don
  Hunter Sarah Daughter Pres RW 17 Gen Dom Serv NM Don
  Hunter Cunningham Son Pres RW 15 Agr. LBr NM Don

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