1901 Census Castleforward Demesne, Allsaints, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Kenneth Allen)

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No Name Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
Pg 1 Motherwell, Louisa Head Pres RW 48 Farmer W Carvan
Mita Daughter Pres RW 23 Farmers daughter NM Don
Millie Daughter Pres RW 21 Farmers daughter NM Don
Doran, Margaret Servant RC RW 26 Gen Dom  NM Don
O'Donnell, James Servant RC RW 28 Farm Servant NM Don
William Kelly and Bridget O'Donnell Household        
Pg 2 Kelly, William Head RC Can't 44 Agr. Lbr M Don
Bridget Wife RC Can't 42 - M Don
John Son RC Can't 18 Farm Servant NM Don
Mary Daughter RC RW 15 Gen Dom Servant NM Don
James Son RC RW 13 Agr. Lbr NM Don
Susan Daughter RC RW 9 Scholar NM Don
Margaret Niece RC Read 9 Scholar NM Don
Bridget Daughter RC Read 7 Scholar NM Don
William Son RC Can't 5 Scholar NM Don
Daniel Son RC Can't 2 - NM Don


Daniel b 27 Aug 1898, baptised 4 Sep, Godparents John Crossan and Sara McElwee

The family moved to Newtowncunningham before 1911 - 1911 census Newtowncunningham

Son James was a servant on a farm in 1911 - see 1911 census Tonyhabboc

- James married Ellen McDowell 1924. Their civil marriage registration was in the district of Letterkenny, Jan-Mar quarter,

  vol 2 page 87

- For Ellen McDowell's family, see 1901 census Ballymoney

John Crossan and Sarah McElwee Household        
Pg 3 Crossan, John Head RC Read 29 Agr. Lbr M Don
Sarah Wife RC Read 26 - M Don
Patrick McCarron and Grace McNulty Household        
Pg 4 McCarron, Patrick Head RC Can't 50 Agr. LBr M Don
Grace Wife RC Read 40 - M Don
Rose Daughter RC RW 12 Scholar NM Don
Catherine Daughter RC RW 11 Scholar NM Don
Grace Daughter RC Read 9 Scholar NM Don
Andrew Son RC Read 7 Scholar NM Don
Jane Daughter RC Can't 5 - NM Don


Andrew b 7 Feb 1894 in Roosky, bapt 18 Feb, Godparents John and Rose McCarron

Margaret b 24 Apr 1901, bapt 5 May, Godparents James O'Donnell and Catherine McCarron

Patrick b 25 Aug 1903 in Roosky, bapt 30 Aug, Godparents John McCarron and Grace Sweeney

Anthony b 25 Aug 1906 in Roosky, bapt 2 Sep, Godparents Anthony McCarron and Anne Gallagher

The family was in Bohullion Lower, Burt by 1911 - see 1911 census Bohullion Lower

Patrick son of Alexander and Rose McCarron - see 1901 census Rooksy

Pg 5 Gallagher, William Head RC Can't 30 Agr. Lbr M Don
Bridget Wife RC Can't 24 - M Don
Ann Daughter RC Can't 2 - NM Don
John Father RC Can't 60 Agr. Lbr NM Don
Pg 6 McShane, James Head RC Can't 58 Agr. Lbr NM Don
Margaret Sister RC Read 56 - NM Don
Collins, Margaret Niece RC RW 19 - NM Don
Robinson, Mary Ann Niece RC RW 13 Scholar NM Don


James McShane, son of Manus. His sisters :


Anne - married James Collins - see below

Mary - married John Robinson. Their dau Mary Ann b 11 Apr 1887 in Ballyhaskey, bapt Drumoghill 17 Apr, Godparents

  James Collins and Anne McShane - see baptism

  - Mary Anne married William McCallion, Altaghaderry, 6 Feb 1910 - see 1911 census Castleforward Demesne

Researcher: Paddy - Email

John Robinson & Mary McShane, with dau Mary Ann

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James Collins and Anne McShane Household        
Pg 7 Collins, James Head RC Read 68 Bootmaker Master M Don
Ann Wife RC Read 55 - M Don
Henry Son RC RW 24 Boot shoe maker NM Don
Ellen Daughter RC RW 18   NM Don
Joseph Son RC Can't 15 Agr. Lbr NM Don


James married twice :

First wife - Susan Robinson

Second wife - Anne McShane

James Collins, 49, Shoemaker, widower, son of John, married Anne McShane, 36, spinster, dau of Manus at St Johnston Parochial

House Raphoe by Rev. Michael Martin P.P. on 7 of May 1881. Witnesses Hugh McQuillan and Mary McShane

Researcher: Paddy - Email

Pg 8 McGuinness, George Head RC Can't 70 Farmer/Road Contractor M Don
Jane Wife RC Read 70 - M Don
John Son RC Can't 38 Farmers son M Don
Teressa Dau-in-Law RC RW 42 - M Don


Son John m Teresa O'Donnell, Newtowncunninghma, dau of James and Bridget O'Donnell 1896

Pg 9 Alexander, Margaret Head Pres RW 51 Farmer NM Don
Pg10  Hannigan, Emma Head Prt/Epis RW 48 Farmer NM Don
Pg 11 Higgins, James Head RC RW 60 Farmer NM Don
Eliza Sister RC RW 49 Housekeeper NM Don
Stewart, James Lodger CoI Can't 70 Mindicant NM Don
Pg 12 Speer, Andrew Head Prt/Epis Read 74 Agr.Lbr M Don
Susan Wife Prt/Epis RW 65 - M Don
Pg 13 McCormick, Isabella Head CoI RW 49 Farmer NM Don
Pg 14 McFarland, Eliza Head CoI RW 70 - W Don
James Son CoI RW 38 Agr. Lbr NM Don
David Son CoI RW 24 Agr. Lbr NM Don
Harris, Moses Brother Pres RW 64 Retired Sugan refiner NM Don
Anderson, Eliza Granddau CoI RW 10 Scholar NM Don
Pg 15 Sleatham, Samuel Head Prot RW 39 Gen Labourer NM Don

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