1901 Census Stranacorkeragh, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


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This information was compiled as part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA


John Ferry and Madge McFadden Household  
1 Ferry Margaret head 68 grocer / widow
  Ferry Kate daughter 33  
  Ferry Mary niece 11 scholar
  Maloney Mary niece 2  
  Mulligan Hugh shopman 34 shopman grocer / nm
  McGee Joseph servant 12 farm servant
  McFadden Sarah servant 22 general servant


Madge married Patrick Gallagher - see 1901 census Killindarragh

Owen Boyle and Margaret McGee Household  
2 Boyle Owen head 60 farmer
  Boyle Margaret wife 55  
  Boyle Bridget daughter 21 farmers daughter
  Boyle Mary daughter 18 farmers daughter
  Boyle Michael son 16 farmers son

Notes :

Owen Boyle, Meenanillar, son of Bernard, married Margaret McGee, Stranacorkeragh,

dau of Daniel, 1 Feb 1877. Witnesses Owen Boyle and Nappy Gallagher

3 McGinley Catherine head 70 farmer / widow
  McGinley Tague son 30 farmers son
James McGinley and Nabla Coll Household  
4 McGinley Nappy head 86 farmer / widow
  McGinley Margaret daughter 26 farmers daughter
  McGinley Hannah daughter 32 farmers daughter
  Rodgers James grandson 10 scholar / America
  Rodgers John grandson 6 scholar / America
  Rodgers Hugh grandson 5 scholar / America

Nora married Anthony Rogers (James, Meendernasloe ) on Feb 19 1889 in Easton. PA

Mary married James McBride (Thomas, Gortnasade) Glendon, PA

See headstone Magheragallen cemetery

Hugh Gallagher and Catherine O'Donnell Household  
5 Gallagher Hugh head 53 farmer / widower
  Gallagher Patrick son 24 farmers son
  Gallagher Michael son 21 farmers son
  Gallagher James son 17 farmers son
Daniel Gillespie and Ellen Gallagher Household  
6 Gillespie Daniel head 33 blacksmith
  Gillespie Ellen wife 27  
  Gillespie Owen son 4  
  Gillespie Dominick son 3  
  Gillespie John son 1  

Note: Brother to John Gillespie below

Researcher: Email

James Gallagher and Hannah McGinley Household  
7 Gallagher James head 54 farmer / married
  Gallagher Patrick son 30 farmers son
  Gallagher Charles son 26 farmers son
  Gallagher Owen son 19 farmers son
  Gallagher Joseph son 13 farmers son
  Gallagher James son 10 farmers son
  Gallagher Fanny wife 50  
8 Gallagher Ellen head 68 farmer / widow
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 37 general servant
  Gallagher Peter son 30 shoemaker
  Gallagher Patrick son 27 shoemaker
  Gallagher John son 18 shoemaker
9 Gallagher Bella head 30 farmer / nm
  Gallagher Bella niece 7  
John Gillespie and Mary Gallagher Household  
10 Gillespie Owen head 45 blacksmith
  Gillespie Mary wife 40  
  Gillespie Cecily daughter 20 dressmaker
  Gillespie John son 28 blacksmith
  Gillespie Edward son 19 farmers son
  McBride Cecily granddaughter 4  

Note: Brother to Daniel Gillespie above

Researcher: Email

11 Connaghan Charles head 60 farmer
  Connaghan Kate wife 56  
Daniel Conaghan and Susan O'Donnell Household  
12 Connaghan Susan head 70 farmer / widow
  Connaghan Dan son 30 farmers son / married
  Connaghan Nappy daughter in law 26 knitter
  Connaghan Katie daughter 26 dressmaker
  Connaghan Susan granddaughter 3  
  Connaghan Mary granddaughter 1  
  Connaghan Daniel grandson 2m  
Hugh Ferry and Anne McGee Household  
13 Ferry Hugh head 48 farmer
  Ferry Nancy wife 50  
  Ferry Bridget daughter 25 farmers daughter
  Ferry Annie daughter 20 dressmaker
  Ferry Hugh son 18 farmers son
  Ferry Kate daughter 14 scholar
  Ferry John son 3  
14 McGee John head 50 farmer / nm
  McGee Mary sister 56 farmers daughter
  McGee Kate sister 33 farmers daughter
15 Gallagher Mary head 55 farmer / widow
  Gallagher Mary daughter 17 wool weaver
  McGutcheon John grandson 2  
Thomas Coll and Sarah Gallagher Household  
16 Coll Thomas head 60 wool weaver / widower
  Coll Sarah daughter 25 farmers daughter
  Coll Annie daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Coll Dominick son 18 farmers son
Peter Gallagher and Bridget Mulligan Household  
17 Gallagher Peter head 38 farmer
  Gallagher Bridget wife 34  
  Gallagher Sarah daughter 12 scholar
  Gallagher Sicily daughter 10 scholar
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 7 scholar
  Gallagher Annie daughter 5 scholar
  Gallagher Daniel son 3  
  Gallagher Thomas son 2  
  Gallagher Kate daughter 6m  
18 Gallagher Ellen head 40 farmer / nm
19 Coll Margaret head 80 farmer / widow
  Coll Nancy daughter 32 farmers daughter
  Coll Owen son 35 farmers son
  Coll Manus grandson 16 scholar
20 McGee William head 46 farmer
  McGee Ellen wife 43  
  McGee Connell son 20 farmers son
  McGee Margaret daughter 14 farmers daughter
  McGee Patrick son 13 scholar
  McGee Edward son 10 scholar
  McGee Hugh son 6 scholar
  McGee James son 5 scholar
  McGee Joseph son 3 scholar
  McGee Mary daughter 2  
Charles Doherty and Hannah O'Donnell Household  
21 Doherty Charles head 65 farmer
  Doherty Hannah wife 63  
  Doherty John son 33 farmers son
  Doherty Hugh son 31 carpenter
  Doherty Neil son 20 farmers son
  Doherty Cecilia daughter 24 dressmaker
  Doherty Ellen daughter 22 farmers daughter
  Doherty Hugh grandson 8 scholar
Note: Dau Cecelia married James Sweeney (Hugh, Gola)
Patrick Boyle and Grace Coll Household  
22 Boyle Patrick head 81 farmer / widower
  Boyle Winifred daughter in law 27 married
  Boyle Patrick grandson 2  
  Boyle Ferrigal son 40 farmers son / married
Note : Son Feargal married Winifred McBride

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