1901 Census Termon, Templecrone, Co Donegal


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No Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language
Neil Doherty and Mary Houston Household            
1 Neil Doherty Head R. Catholic Read 35 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Mary Doherty Wife Cannot read 33 F  
John Doherty S 4 M   Not married  
Denis Doherty S 1 M    


Neil Doherty (Shane, Tubberkeen) married Mary Houston (Denis, decd., Tubberkeen) on 22 Mar 1893 in Dungloe

John married Mary O'Donnell dau of James O'Donnell (Sean Beagaide) and Ellen Boyle (Falmore)

Sean Beagaide was a son of Sean Mor of Innisaille

Denis O'Donnell and Ellen Bonner Household            
2 Denis O’Donnell Head R. Catholic Read 38 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Ellen O’Donnell Wife Cannot read 33 F  
John O’Donnell S R & W 7 M Scholar Not married
James O’Donnell S Read 5 M
Patrick O’Donnell S Cannot read 2 M    
Mary O’Donnell D 6mo F    


Denis O'Donnell, son of John O'Donnell and Rose Boyle, married Ellen Bonner, dau of John Bonner and Sarah Boyle, on 28 Feb 1892 in Bayonne

Denis is a son of Sean Beagaide of Innisaille - see 1901 census Inishal

Hugh Doogan and Maria Duffy (Innisfree) Household            
3 Hugh Doogan Head R. Catholic R & W 40 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Maria Doogan Wife 25 F Farmer’s wife
Andrew Doogan Son Cannot R&W 10mo M Scholar Not married  
Daniel Doogan Brother R &W 22 M Farm Servant I & E
Bridget Doogan Mother Cannot read 70 F
Annie O’Donnell Servant 20 F


Hugh Doogan (Andrew) married Mary Duffy (Charles, Innisfree) on 22 Jan 1899 in Dungloe

Bridget was a daughter of Hugh O'Donnell (Dunmore) and Anne Duffy (Innisfree) - see 1901 Inishal census for the rest of her family

Hugh was a son of Andrew Doogan (Innisfree) and Bridget O'Donnell (Inishal)

Hugh's siblings :

Daniel b 1879

Andrew b Aug 29 1872

Bridget b Dec 25 1865 married Philip O'Donnell (Maghery) - see 1901 census Maghery

Mary married Peter Doogan (Innisfree) - see 1901 census Innisfree

Susan married John Early Arranmore - see 1901 census Leabgarrow

Annie married Michael McNally USA

Peter m. Elizabeth Murphy USA

Edward USA

Morgan Gallagher & Mary Boner Household            
4 Mary Gallagher Wife R. Catholic Cannot read 50 F   Married Donegal I & E
Francis Gallagher S R & W 11 M Scholar Not married
Ellen Gallagher D 10 F
Sarah Gallagher D 8 F


The return was signed by Martin Gallagher stating he was the head of the family

Mary's husband, Morgan, plus children John, Margery and Patrick, are in Croaghnamaddy. See 1901 Croaghnamaddy census

John O'Donnell and Rose Daly Household            
5 John O’Donnell Head R. Catholic R & W 76 M Farmer Married Donegal I & E
Rose O’Donnell Wife 66 F   Tyrone  
Mary O’Donnell D 34 F Farmer’s dau Not married Scotland  
Catherine O’Donnell Servant Cannot read 38 F Dom servant Donegal I & E


John O'Donnell, 29, Public House Keeper, Back Row, Falkirk, son of Con O'Donnell (decd) and Hannah Gallagher, married Rose Daly,

25, Dressmaker, Back Row, Falkirk, dau of John Daly and Anne Daly, 5 Jul 1855 in Falkirk, Scotland. Witnesses John & Patrick Daly

Children of John and Rose :

Mary b May 02 1859 d. 1902

Patrick b May 20 1861

Catherine b Jul 19 1863

Connell b Mar 12 1866 d. 1915,  married Rose Sharkey (James, Roshin N.) - Bayonne NJ

Annie b Dec 31 1872 (all born in Falkirk)




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