1911 Census Bonnyglen, Inver, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Yrs Married Ch Born Ch Living Born Lang
1 Mullen Lawrence Head RC RW 44 National Teacher: BA Married       United States Irish-Eng
  Mullen Lizzie Daughter RC RW 50   Married 19 3 3 Donegal  
  Mullen Leo Aloysius Son RC RW 13 Scholar Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Meehan Sarah Servant RC RW 36 General Servant - Dom Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
2 Lyons Thomas Head Meth Read & Write 49 Land Steward Married       Donegal  
  Lyons Amy Wife Meth Read & Write 31   Married 15 5 3 Down  
  Lyons Wesley Son Meth Read & Write 12 Scholar Single       Belfast  
  Lyons Ida Daughter Meth Read & Write 9 Scholar Single       Belfast  
  Lyons Amy Daughter Meth Read & Write 4 Scholar Single       Belfast  
  Green Lizzie Gen Svt Dom C of I Read & Write 25 General Servant Dom Single       Fermanagh  


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