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Inbhear - Inver


INVER, a parish, in the barony of BANNAGH, county of DONEGAL, and province of ULSTER, 6 miles (W.) from Donegal; containing, with the town of Mount Charles (which is described under its own head), 11,785 inhabitants. This parish, which is also called Invernayle, is situated on the river and bay of Inver, on the north-west coast; and comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 36,810 3/4 statute acres, of which 35,943 are applotted under the tithe act, and 205 1/3 are water. St. Natalis, who died in 563, was abbot of a monastery here, on the site of which was founded, in the 15th century, a monastery for Franciscans of the third order, which after the dissolution was granted by Jas. I. to Viscount Clandeboy. The bay of Inver lies between Doorin Point and St. John's Point, both of which are included in this parish; and within the bay is Port harbour, on the south of which, at Ballymacdonnell, vessels may anchor in from three to six fathoms of water during north-west or south-east winds. In a precipice on the coast of the bay are indications of iron-ore, but none has yet been worked. Fairs are held at Mount Charles, which has a penny post to Ardara, Donegal, and Killybegs. The principal seats are White Hill, the residence of the Rev. -- Montgomery; Bonny Glen, of Murray Babington, Esq.; and the Hall, of Col. Pratt. The living is a consolidated rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Raphoe, constituting the corps of the prebend of Inver in Raphoe cathedral, and in the patronage of the Bishop; the tithes amount to 346. 3. 1. The glebe-house is a neat residence, and the glebe comprises 210 acres, of which 97 are cultivated. The church, for the repair of which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have recently granted 186, is a spacious edifice with a spire. The R. C. parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church: the chapel is a spacious edifice. About 360 children are taught in five public schools, of which the parochial school is partly supported by grants from Col. Robertson's fund, a school at Mountcharles by the trustees of Erasmus Smith's charity, and a school by the Wesleyan Missionary Society. There are also 12 private schools, in which are about 350 children, and four Sunday schools. In the bog of Drumkellin, in this parish, was found, in 1833, at a depth of 16 feet beneath the surface, a wooden house 12 feet square and 9 feet high, with a roof perfectly flat, completely framed and compactly joined; the frame-work consisted of large trunks of trees, the sides of cleft planks of oak about three inches thick, and the joints were cemented with a composition resembling tar and grease. The house rested on thick layers of sand and gravel spread on the bog, which was 15 feet deep beneath its foundation; and traces of a paved road leading to it, and resting on sleepers of timber, with numerous vestiges of domestic utensils, were found in several places around the building.

(Extract from Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837)



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Townland AKA Area
Altcor   537
Ardaght Glebe   119
Ardbane   321
Ballybrollaghan   366
Ballymacahil   382
Bonnyglen   98
Brenter   224
Buncronan   126
Carraduffy   250
Carrakeel   78
Casheloogary   920
Castlekenny Drumbeagh  
Clogheravaddy   251
Cloverhill Drumbeg 126
Coolshangan   142
Cranny Lower   280
Cranny Upper   154
Creevins   199
Cronacarckfree   770
Cronaslieve   530
Crumlin   256
Derryhirk   101
Disert   1,190
Dromore   389
Drumadart   121
Drumagraa   525
Drumaneary   250
Drumard   254
Drumatumpher   202
Drumbaran   209
Drumbeagh   391
Drumbeg Cloverhill 126
Drumboarty   470
Drumcoe   454
Drumconor   445
Drumduff   146
Drumfin   214
Drumgorman   313
Drumgorman Barr   79
Drumkeelan   611
Drumlaghtafin   271
Drummacachapple   111
Drummacacullen   306
Drummeenanagh   168
Drumnacarry   120
Drumnaheark East   297
Drumnaheark West   94
Drumnakilly   91
Drumnalost   400
Drumrainy   231
Drumrone   264
Eagle's Nest   1
Edenamuck   165
Fanaghans   168
Frosses Drumard  
Gargrim   258
Glencoagh   344
Gortaward   229
Hall Demesne   360
Inver Glebe   164
Keeloges   440
Killin   466
Kilmacreddan   268
Knockagar   263
Knocknahorna   123
Leagans   194
Legnawley Glebe   117
Letterbarra   212
Letterfad   1,520
Lettermore   578
Letternacahy   159
Lettertreane   569
Luaghnabrogue   1,020
Meenacahan   486
Meenacharbet   82
Meenacloghspar   286
Meenacurrin   226
Meenagranoge   737
Meenagrau   944
Meenaguse Beg   302
Meenawullaghan   368
Meentacor   299
Meentacreeghan   408
Meentanakill   296
Meenybraddan   668
Mountcharles   650
Mountcharles Town   xx
Mullanboys   248
Munterneese   315
Point   231
Port   107
Port Town   xx
Rafoarty   157
Raneely   218
Rock   194
Roes   289
Sallows   2,469
Salthill Demesne   308
Seahill and Tuckmill Hill   118
Sheskinatawy   195
Tamur   608
Tawnygorm   126
Tievachorky   274
Tievedooly   224
Tonregee   226
Tuckmill Hill & Scahill   118
Tullinlagan   141
Tullinlough   156
Tullycumber   253
Tullynaglack   122
Tullynagreana   882
Tullynaha   277
Tullytrasna   138
Tullyvoos   257



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