1911 Census Cranny Lower, Inver, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Yrs Married Ch Born Ch Living Born Lang
1 McHugh Anne Head RC Read 57 Farmer Widow       Donegal Irish-Eng
  McHugh Patrick Wife RC Read & Write 29 Post Boy Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
  McHugh Rose Ellen Daughter RC Read & Write 22 Seamstress Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
2 Harkin John Head C of I Cannot Read 37 Agricultural Labourer Married       Donegal  
  Harkin Mary Jane Wife C of I Read & Write 28   Married 5 2 2 Donegal  
  Harkin John Son C of I Cannot Read 4   Single       Donegal  
  Harkin Annie Daughter C of I Cannot Read 2   Single       Donegal  
  Harkin Rebecca Mother C of I Cannot Read 74   Widow       Donegal Blind
3 McKee Ellen Head C of I Read 88 Farmer Single       Fermanagh  
  McKee Margret Sister in law C of I Read 79   Widow       Donegal  
  McKee Eliza Anne Niece C of I Read & Write 52   Single       Donegal  
4 McHugh Jane Head RC Cannot Read 71 Railway Gate Keeper Widow       Donegal Irish-Eng
  McHugh Daniel Son RC Read & Write 29 Railway Porter Single       Donegal  
  Ward Mary Boarder RC Cannot Read 77   Widow       Donegal Irish-Eng
5 McGroarty Joseph Head RC Cannot Read 31 Agricultural Labourer Married       Donegal  
  McGroarty Bridget Wife RC Read 33   Married 9 4 4 Donegal  
  McGroarty Joseph Son RC Scholar 8   Single       Donegal  
  McGroarty Patrick Son RC Scholar 7   Single       Donegal  
  McGroarty William Son RC   5   Single       Donegal  
  McGroarty Edward Son RC   1   Single       Donegal  
6 Barry Patrick Head RC Read & Write 39 Creamery Manager Married       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Barry Julia Margt Wife RC Read & Write 28   Married 1 None None Donegal Irish-Eng
7 Tully Alexander Head C of I Cannot Read 78 Agricultural Labourer Widower       Donegal  
  Tully John Son C of I Read & Write 41 Gardener Single       Donegal  
  Tully Jane Sister C of I Cannot Read 66 Seamstress Single       Donegal  
8 Scott Sarah Head C of I Read & Write 63 Grocer & Farmer Single       Donegal  
  Scott Catherine Sister C of I Read & Write 62   Single       Donegal  
9 Gallagher John Jas Head RC Read 48 Gardener Dom Servt Married       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Gallagher Jane Wife RC Cannot Read 47   Married 23 13 10 Donegal  
  Gallagher Hugh Son RC Read & Write 17 Gardeners Son Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Gallagher Alfred Son RC Read & Write 15 Scholar Single       Donegal  
  Gallagher Daniel Son RC Read & Write 14 Scholar Single       Donegal  
  Gallagher Mary Daughter RC Read & Write 12 Scholar Single       Donegal  
  Gallagher Frances Jane Daughter RC Read & Write 11 Scholar Single       Donegal  
  Gallagher Francis Son RC Read & Write 9 Scholar Single       Donegal  
  Gallagher Ellen Bridget Daughter RC Read 6 Scholar Single       Donegal  
10 Brennan Ellen Head RC Cannot Read 75 Farmer Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Brennan Susan Sister RC Cannot Read 62   Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
  Brennan Bernard Brother RC Cannot Read 60 Blacksmith Single       Donegal Irish-Eng
11 Wilson Jane Head C of I Cannot Read 58 Farmer Widow       Donegal  
  Wilson Catherine Daughter C of I Read & Write 22 Sprigger Single       Donegal  
  Wilson Sarah Anne Daughter C of I Read & Write 16 Sprigger Single       Donegal  
  Wilson Richard Son C of I Read & Write 13 Scholar Single       Donegal  
12 Morgan Thomas Head Presbyth Read & Write 59 Landstuard Married       Scotland  
  Morgan Annie Wife Presbyth Read & Write 49   Married 28     Scotland  


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