1911 Census Eighter Island, Templecrone


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No Name Surname Relationship Religion Age Occupation Status Ys M Ch born Ch alive Birthplace
1 Anthony O'Donnell Head R.C. 73 Farmer Widower   9 5 Donegal
  Charles O'Donnell Son R.C. 30 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  Ellen O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 24 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
  Michael O'Donnell Son R.C. 23 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  Sarah O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 19 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
  Harry O'Donnell Son R.C. 13 Scholar Single       Donegal
2 Patrick O'Donnell Head R.C. 36 Fisherman/Frmr. Married       Donegal
  Bridget O'Donnell Wife R.C. 34   Married 11 6 6 Donegal
  John O'Donnell Son R.C. 10 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Charles O'Donnell Son R.C. 9 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Dominick O'Donnell Son R.C. 7 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Pat.James O'Donnell Son R.C. 6 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Daniel O'Donnell Son R.C. 4   Single       Donegal
  Sheelagh O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 2   Single       Donegal
3 Michael O'Donnell Head R.C. 58 Fisherman/Frmr. Married       Donegal
  Mary O'Donnell Wife R.C. 55   Married 28 11 11 Donegal
  Charles O'Donnell Son R.C. 26 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  Cissie O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 24 Knitter Single       Donegal
  Dominick O'Donnell Son R.C. 22 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  Manus O'Donnell Son R.C. 20 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  Francis O'Donnell Son R.C. 17 Fisherman Single       Donegal
  BridgetKate O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 13 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Maria O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 18 Knitter Single       Donegal
  James O'Donnell Son R.C. 12 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Michael O'Donnell Son R.C. 10 Scholar Single       Donegal
  Sarah O'Donnell Daughter R.C. 8 Scholar Single       Donegal
Hugh Boyle and Mary McGeehan Household            
4 Hugh Boyle Head Entry Erased           Donegal
  Mary Boyle Wife R.C. 38   Married 6 4 4 Donegal
  Ellen Boyle Daughter R.C. 5   Single       Donegal
  James Boyle Son R.C. 4   Single       Donegal
  Cassie Boyle Daughter R.C. 3   Single       Donegal
  Bridget Boyle Daughter R.C. 6m   Single       Donegal


Mary McGeehan dau of James McGeehan and Bridget Campbell - see 1901 census Glashbeggan

5 Charles Gallagher Head R.C. 65 Farmer Married       Donegal
  Catherine Gallagher Wife R.C. 66   Married 30 2 1 Donegal
  Marjorie Gallagher Daughter R.C. 25   Single       Donegal
  Michael Deery Head R.C. 76 Farmer Married       Donegal
  Nancy Deery Wife R.C. 66   Married 46 11 8 Donegal
  Grace Deery Daughter R.C. 23 Knitter Single       Donegal
  EllenJane Deery Daughter R.C. 21   Single       Donegal
  MarthaMary Deery Daughter R.C. 18   Single       Donegal
6 Owen O'Donnell Head R.C. 38 Fisherman Single       Donegal


Owen son of John O'Donnell and Bridget Boyle - see 1901 Eighter census





Eighter Births -

1. Mary O'Donnell b Eighter 27 Jan 1865 to Condy and Sarah O'Donnell


Eighter Marriages -

1. Hugh Boyle (Daniel/Ellen) married Mary McGeehan (James, Glashbeggan) on Feb 7 1905 in St Columba’s Acres

2. Hugh Boyle (Hugh/Margaret) married MaryAnne O'Donnell(Hugh, Leckenagh) on Apr 16 1907 in St Columba’s Acres – see headstone Dungloe Cemetery

3. Connell O'Donnell (Patrick) Roshin married Sarah O'Donnell (Anthony) Eighter on Feb 8 1864 in St Mary’s Belcruit

4. Neil Bonner (Hugh) Eighter married Grace O'Donnell (Patrick) Eighter on 2 Feb 1864

5. Kate Boyle (Hugh) Eighter married Charles Gallagher (Owen) Owey on 28 Mar 1882 at St Mary's Belcruit


Eighter Deaths -

Anne O Donnell, 75, widow of Michael O Donnell, died May 31 1865, death registered by Frank O Donnell, son

2. Sarah O'Donnell aged 22 years, d Eighter 14 Feb 1865 of puerperal fever (Elevated temperature after giving birth to an infant; septic poisoning associated with child birth) lasting 14 days


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