Index to Headstone Inscriptions, RC Graveyard, Dungloe, Co Donegal


(Photograph by John Mac)

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Templecrone, better known as Ionad Teampall Chroine in Gaelic, was a good sized Catholic Church with an extensive old churchyard from 1781

It is located near the top of the hill on Main Street, corner of Chapel Road. The old churchyard remains in use today but the old church is now an exhibition centre

A new St. Crona's church was built nearby (1980). The churchyard surrounds the old church on all sides and also has a second section across the street

Templecrone and St Crona's are a part of the Parish of Templecrone, Diocese of Raphoe. (Annemarie Bruinsma Hanlon)



I am aiming to have the full inscriptions and the corresponding headstones for this graveyard online by the end of April 2010


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Hanlon headstones and inscriptions from this graveyard can be found on this page of Annemarie's 'Hanlon Website'

Surname, Given, Townland, Ref


Begely, Michael, Dungloe, B69

Begely, Rose, Dungloe, B69

Bockett, Annie, Toberkeen, F47

Bockett, Bridget, Toberkeen, F47

Bockett, Oliver, Toberkeen, F47

Bonar, Ann Theresa, Gweedore Rd, A31       

Bonar, Annie, Cloghbolie, A15

Bonar, Michael, Roshin, K1

Bonar, Nellie, Croaghnashallog, A15

Bonar, Patrick, Drimeen, G18

Bonar, Sarah, Drimeen, G18

Boner, Bridget, Meenmore, C23

Boner, Ellen, Meenmore, H5

Boner, James, Meenmore, C23

Boner, John, Meenmore, C23

Boner, Minnie, Meenmore, C23

Boner, Niece, Meenmore, C23

Boner, Phil, Meenmore, H5

Bonner, ?, Carnmore Rd, A20

Bonner, ?, Carnmore Rd , A19

Bonner, Andrew, Drimeen, J14

Bonner, Annie, Bridge End, D38 (headstone photo)

Bonner, Annie, Drimeen, J14

Bonner, Annie, Falmore, E50

Bonner, Annie, Meenabollagan, B62

Bonner, Annie, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Annie (May), Diamond, E45

Bonner, Anthony, Dungloe, I41

Bonner, Bridget, Cloghbolie, G19

Bonner, Bridget, Falmore, E50

Bonner, Bridget, Meendrain, L5

Bonner, Catherine, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, Charles, Crohyboyle, I32

Bonner, Charles, Mill Rd, A33

Bonner, Con, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Dan, Cloghbolie, G19

Bonner, Dan, Meenabollagan, B62

Bonner, Daniel, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, Denis, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Bonner, Denis, Sheskinarone, H38

Bonner, Ellen, Diamond, F50

Bonner, Ellen, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, Frances, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Bonner, Frank, Meenmore, F1

Bonner, Grace, , D23

Bonner, Gracie, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, Hannah, Mill Rd, A33

Bonner, James, Falmore, E50

Bonner, James, , D23

Bonner, John, Cloghbolie, G19

Bonner, John, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, John, Falmore, E50

Bonner, John, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Kate, Drimeen, F87

Bonner, Kathleen, Crohyboyle, I32

Bonner, Kathleen, Sheskinarone, H38

Bonner, Kitty, Meendrain, L5

Bonner, Kitty, Sheskinarone, J21

Bonner, Madge, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Bonner, Margaret, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Mary, Falmore, B67 (headstone photo (note: unreadable))

Bonner, Mary, Meenabollagan, B62

Bonner, Mary Ann, Meenmore, F1

Bonner, Mary Ellen, Burtonport, E14

Bonner, Michael, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Mick, Falmore, B67 (headstone photo (note: unreadable))

Bonner, Mickey, Meenmore, F1

Bonner, Nellie, Falmore, I50

Bonner, Paddy, Sheskinarone, J21

Bonner, Paddy, , D23

Bonner, Patrick, Falmore, E50

Bonner, Patrick, Meendrain, L5

Bonner, Patrick, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Patrick, Scadan, B67 (headstone photo (note: unreadable))

Bonner, Patsy, Meenmore, F1

Bonner, Peggy, Meenmore, E54

Bonner, Peter, , D23

Bonner, Rose, Meenabollagan, B62

Bonner, Rose Anne, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Bonner, Willie, Burtonport, E14

Bonner, Winnie, Meenabollagan, B62

Boyle, -, Loughsalt, I84

Boyle, Alice, Caravan Rd, D20

Boyle, Andrew, Tully, L7

Boyle, Angela, Main St., E75 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Ann, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Anna*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Anne, Crohyboyle, I31

Boyle, Annie, Croaghnashallog, C84 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Annie, Derrydruel, L3

Boyle, Annie, Falmore, E69

Boyle, Annie, Falmore, I54

Boyle, Annie, Leckenagh, G20

Boyle, Annie, Leckenagh - US, G20

Boyle, Annie, Marameelan, C26

Boyle, Annie, Meenacross, I21 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Annie, Mill Rd, A9

Boyle, Annie, Tully, L7

Boyle, Anthony, Termon, B2

Boyle, Bella, Dungloe, D2

Boyle, Biddy, , H23

Boyle, Bridget, Caravan Rd, F17

Boyle, Bridget, Cleenderry, I8

Boyle, Bridget, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, Bridget, Diamond, B75

Boyle, Bridget, Dungloe, D2

Boyle, Bridget, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Bridget, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Bridget, Falchorrib, D12

Boyle, Bridget, Lettercaugh, E31

Boyle, Bridget, Loughsalt (headstone photo)

Boyle, Bridget, Main St., E75 (headstone photo and 1911 census)

Boyle, Bridget, Main St., E75 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Bridget, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Bridget, Meenacross, I21 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Bridget, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Bridget, Meendrain, E50

Boyle, Bridget, , I38

Boyle, Bridget*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Brigid, Falmore, F22

Boyle, Catherine, Main St., E75 (headstone photo and 1901 census)

Boyle, Catherine, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Catherine, , G35

Boyle, Charles, Bridge End, F2

Boyle, Charles, Dungloe, F100 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Charles, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Charles, Falmore, D41

Boyle, Charles, Lettercaugh, H1

Boyle, Charles, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Charles, , G6

Boyle, Cicily, , G6

Boyle, Con, Derrydruel, D9

Boyle, Con, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Condy, Oughtmeen, C34

Boyle, Condy, , I77

Boyle, Connie, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, Dan, Derrydruel, L3

Boyle, Dan, Diamond, B75

Boyle, Dan, Loughsalt (headstone photo)

Boyle, Dan, Loughsalt (headstone photo)

Boyle, Dan, Sheskinarone, C22

Boyle, Denis, Derrydruel, D9

Boyle, Denis, Dungloe, I24

Boyle, Denis, Falmore, F22

Boyle, Denis*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Dennis, Saltpans, E36

Boyle, Dinny, Derrydruel, B4

Boyle, Dominick, Main St., I25

Boyle, Edward, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, Edward, Cleenderry - SF, I8

Boyle, Edward, Falchorrib, C14

Boyle, Edward, Little Bridge, F88

Boyle, Edward, Main St., E75 (headstone photo and 1901 census)

Boyle, Eibhlin, Meenderryherk, F30

Boyle, Elizabeth, Derrydruel, B28

Boyle, Elizabeth, , G35

Boyle, Ellen, Bridge End, F2

Boyle, Ellen, Marameelan, D13

Boyle, Ellen, Rampart, J23

Boyle, Ellen*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Ester, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, family, Brockagh, B6

Boyle, family, Falmore, E70

Boyle, family, Meenatottan, B1

Boyle, Fannie, Craghy, H26

Boyle, Fannie, Dungloe, I24

Boyle, Fanny, Leckenagh, G20

Boyle, Frank, Dungloe, D2

Boyle, Gertie, Main St., E75 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Grace, Dungloe, F100 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Hannah, Craghy, H26

Boyle, Hannah, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Hannah, Falmore, F22

Boyle, Hannah, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Hugh, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Hugh, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Hugh, Mill Rd, A9

Boyle, Hugh, Rampart, J23

Boyle, Jack, Crovehy, I85

Boyle, James, Cleenderry - NJ, I8

Boyle, James, Derrydruel, G1

Boyle, James, Diamond, C22

Boyle, James, Dungloe, A3

Boyle, James, Dungloe, D30

Boyle, James, Falmore, F22

Boyle, James, Falmore, F31

Boyle, James, Leckenagh - US, G20

Boyle, James, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, James, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, James, Meendrain, E50

Boyle, James, Saltpans, E36

Boyle, James, Stranorlar, E75 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Boyle, James, , G35

Boyle, John, Brockagh, F45

Boyle, John, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, John, Cleenderry - NJ, I8

Boyle, John, Craghy, I57

Boyle, John, Croaghnashallog, K22

Boyle, John, Crohyboyle, I31

Boyle, John, Falchorrib, D12

Boyle, John, Falchorrib, D13

Boyle, John, Falmore, E69

Boyle, John, Innishfree, B33

Boyle, John, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, John, Meenderryherk, F30

Boyle, John, Meendrain, H6

Boyle, John, Oughtmeen, H51

Boyle, John, Saltpans, E36

Boyle, John, Tully, L7

Boyle, John, , A18

Boyle, John, , G35

Boyle, John G., Main St., E75 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Boyle, John E., Main St., E75 (headstone photo & 1901 census - 1911 census)

Boyle, John*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Joseph, Falchorrib, C14

Boyle, Joseph, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Joseph, , G35

Boyle, Kate, Brockagh, F45

Boyle, Kate, Dungloe, D30

Boyle, Kate*, Toberkeen, H40

Boyle, Katherine, Falmore, F82

Boyle, Kathleen, Termon, B2

Boyle, Kitty, Little Bridge, F95 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Leonard Eugene, Fr, F8 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Madge, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Maggie, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Manus, Caravan Rd, F17

Boyle, Manus, Marameelan, C26

Boyle, Manus, Mill Rd, F123

Boyle, Margaret, Burtonport, F8 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Margaret, Dungloe, F100 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Margaret, Falmore, D41

Boyle, Margaret, , G35

Boyle, Marian C., Craghy, H26

Boyle, Mary, Brockagh, H31

Boyle, Mary, Caravan Rd, D20

Boyle, Mary, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, Mary, Craghy, I57

Boyle, Mary, Crohyboyle, I31

Boyle, Mary, Crovehy, I85

Boyle, Mary, Derrydruel, D9

Boyle, Mary, Diamond, B65

Boyle, Mary, Diamond, C22

Boyle, Mary, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Mary, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Mary, Falchorrib, D12

Boyle, Mary, Falchorrib, D13

Boyle, Mary, Falmore, F124

Boyle, Mary, Falmore, F31

Boyle, Mary Ann, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

Boyle, Mary, Meenderryherk, F30

Boyle, Mary, Meendrain, E50

Boyle, Mary, Mill Rd, F123

Boyle, Mary, Oughtmeen, H51

Boyle, Mary, Saltpans, E36

Boyle, Mary, Sheskinarone, E72

Boyle, Mary, , G6

Boyle, Maurice, , G35

Boyle, Michael, Caravan Rd, D20

Boyle, Michael, Dungloe, D2

Boyle, Michael, Falmore, F82

Boyle, Michael, Leckenagh, G20

Boyle, Michael, Saltpans, E36

Boyle, Michael, , G6

Boyle, Minnie, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Nancy, Croaghnashallog, C84 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Nancy, Falchorrib, C14

Boyle, Nancy, Meenacross, I21 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Nancy, Meenatottan (headstone photo)

Boyle, Neil, Craghy, H26

Boyle, Neil, Croaghnashallog, C84 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Neil, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Nellie, Dungloe, D30

Boyle, Nellie, Falchorrib, D12

Boyle, Nellie, Falmore, F31

Boyle, Nora, Falmore, F124

Boyle, Norah, Cleenderry, I83

Boyle, Norah, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Owen, Dungloe, G26

Boyle, Owen, Oughtmeen, H51

Boyle, Owen, Sheskinarone, E72

Boyle, Owen (Yankee), Burtonport, F8 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Paddy, Diamond, B75

Boyle, Paddy, Dungloe, F100 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Patrick, Brockagh, H31

Boyle, Patrick, Croaghnashallog, C84 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Patrick, Croaghnashallog, C84 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Patrick, Derrydruel, B28

Boyle, Patrick, Dungloe, D30

Boyle, Patrick, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Patrick, Falmore, F124

Boyle, Patrick, Leckenagh, G20

Boyle, Patrick, Lettercaugh, E31

Boyle, Patrick, Loughsalt (headstone photo)

Boyle, Patrick, Marameelan, D13

Boyle, Patrick, Meenacross, I21 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Patrick, , G6

Boyle, Patrick, , I38

Boyle, Peter, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Boyle, Phil, Falchorrib, D11

Boyle, Phil, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Robert John, Island Teora, I56

Boyle, Rodger, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Rodger, Meenatottan (headstone photo)

Boyle, Rose, Croaghnashallog, K22

Boyle, Rose, Dungloe, A3

Boyle, Rose, , A18

Boyle, Sadie, Innishfree, E36

Boyle, Sarah, Dungloe, D2

Boyle, Susan, Lettercaugh, H1

Boyle, Susanna, Rampart, C76

Boyle, Thomas, Marameelan, D37 (headstone photo)

Boyle, Tom, Falmore, I54

Boyle, Tommy, Meederryhirk, F30

Boyle, william, Derrydruel, G2

Boyle, william, Dungloe, I24

Boyle, William, Mill Rd, A9

Boyle, , Diamond, E71

Boyle , John E., Main St., E75 (headstone photo and 1901 census)

Boyle , Sarah, Craghy, I57

Brennan, Andrew, Drumlaghdrid, F54

Brennan, Ann, Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Anne, Dungloe, F39

Brennan, Annie, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Bella, Oughtmeen, F53

Brennan, Bridget, Diamond, F18

Brennan, Bridget, Falchorrib, H15

Brennan, Cecila, Drumlaghdrid, F54

Brennan, Charles, Mennacross, F44 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Condy, Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Cormick, Diamond, F18

Brennan, Cornelius, Diamond, F18

Brennan, Dan, Diamond, F18

Brennan, Dan, Drumlaghdrid, H47

Brennan, Daniel, Drumlaghdrid, F38

Brennan, Edward, Craghy, I40 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Ella, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Fanny, Oughtmeen, F53

Brennan, Hannah, Drumlaghdrid, F38

Brennan, Hugh, Drumlaghdrid, F38

Brennan, Hugh, Drumlaghdrid, F54

Brennan, J.D., Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Jackie, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, James, Fair Hill, L8

Brennan, James, Main St., J3

Brennan, James, Oughtmeen, C34

Brennan, James, Oughtmeen, F53

Brennan, Jim, Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, John, Caravan Rd, F17

Brennan, John, Craghy, I40 (headstone photo)

Brennan, John, Diamond, F50

Brennan, John, Drumlaghdrid, H47

Brennan, John, Dungloe, F39

Brennan, John, Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, John, Mennacross, F44 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Kate, Diamond, F50

Brennan, Kitty, Mennacross, F44 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Leo, Dungloe, F59

Brennan, Margaret, Diamond, F18

Brennan, Mary, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Mary, Craghy, I40 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Mary, Oughtmeen, C34

Brennan, Mgt. Rose, Main St., J3

Brennan, Mia, Mennacross, F44 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Neil, Mennacross, F44 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Nora, Meenacross, F120

Brennan, Patrick, Bridge End, F108

Brennan, Patrick, Marameelan, F70 (headstone photo)

Brennan, Patsy, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Peggie, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Sarah, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, Sophia, Bridge End, F106

Brennan, William, Drumlaghdrid, F54

Brennan, William, Dungloe, F39

Breslin, -, Dungloe, I70

Browne, Charles, Loughsalt, A27

Browne, Fanny, Loughsalt, A27

Browne, Sheila, , G9

Campbell, -, Meenatottan, H53

Campbell, Andrew, Meenmore, E38

Campbell, Anne, Meenbannad, F3

Campbell, Annie, Derrydruel, C8

Campbell, Annie, Meenatottan, F57 (headstone photo & 1911 census)

Campbell, Biddy, Derrydruel, C8

Campbell, Bridget, Chapel Rd, F113

Campbell, Bridget, Meenatottan, F28

Campbell, Cissie, Tully, B57

Campbell, Daniel, chapel Rd, F113

Campbell, Denis, Derrydruel, C8

Campbell, Edward, , C9

Campbell, Hannah, Dungloe, C72

Campbell, Hugh, Chapel Rd, F113

Campbell, James, Drumlaghdrid, K7

Campbell, James, Meenbannad, F3

Campbell, James, , C9

Campbell, John, , F32

Campbell, Johnny, Dungloe, C72

Campbell, Joseph, Dungloe, C72

Campbell, Mary, Meenmore, E38

Campbell, Mary, , C9

Campbell, Neil, Dungloe, C72

Campbell, Patrick, Brooklyn, K3

Campbell, Patrick, Derrydruel, C8

Campbell, Patrick, Dungloe, C72

Campbell, Patrick, Meenbannad, F3

Campbell, Patrick, Tully, B57

Campbell, Sally, , F32

Campbell, Sarah, Drumlaghdrid, K7

Camplell, Anthony, Meenatottan, F28

Cannon, Adrienne Con, , J16

Cannon, Frank, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, Frank, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, Hannah, Main St., J9

Cannon, Hugh, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, James, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, James, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, John, Main St., J9

Cannon, John, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, John, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, John, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, Johnnie, , J16

Cannon, Madge, , J16

Cannon, Margaret, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, Mary, Meendrain, E34

Cannon, Mary, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, Michael, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Cannon, Rose, Meendrain, F79 (headstone photo)

Carr, Annie, Omagh, B26

Carr, Bridget, Derrydruel, E40

Carr, Christopher, , G21

Carr, Con, Derrydruel, D8

Carr, Connel, Derrydruel, I33

Carr, David, Derrydruel, E40

Carr, Family, Falchorrib, F99 (headstone photo)

Carr, Kathleen, Dungloe, I82

Carr, Madge, Loughsalt, F119

Carr, Margaret, Derrydruel, E40

Carr, Mary, Dungloe (in plot I22 but no headstone)

Carr, Mary, Falchorrib, K9

Carr, Michael, Derrydruel, E40

Carr, Mick, Derrydruel, D8

Carr, Neil, Loughsalt, F119

Carr, Owen, Derrydruel, E40

Carr, Patrick, Falchorrib, K9

Carr, Patrick, Loughsalt, F119

Carr, Rose, Derrydruel, D8

Carr, , Tangavan, C19

Coffey, Harry, Dungloe, C53

Coffey, Maggie, Dungloe, C53

Coffey, Mya, Dungloe, C53

Coll, Francis, Dungloe, I22 (headstone photo)

Coll, Hannah, Dungloe, I22 (headstone photo)

Coll, Hugh, Dungloe, I22 (headstone photo)

Coll, Mary, Lettercaugh, D4

Connahan, Bridget, Cruickaghmore, B46

Connahan, Denis, , B71

Connahan, James, Cruickaghmore, B46

Connahan, Sheila, , B71

Connahan, Sheila T., , B71

Cosgrove, Josephine, Marameelan, J18

Coyle, baby, Meenmore, J1

Cronin, Mary, Crohyboyle, C67

Cullen, Mary, , I29

Daly, Grace, Loughsalt, D16

Deery, Daniel, Meenmore, H25

Deery, Daniel, Meenmore, H25

Deery, Kate, Meenmore, H25

Deery, Mary, Meenmore, H25

Deery, Willie, Meenmore, H25

Devenney, Daniel, Maghery, I65

Devenny, -, Mill Rd., I35

Devenny, Ann, Falmore, B55

Devenny, Arthur, Maghery, B61

Devenny, Barbara, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Barney, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Bridget, Falmore, B31

Devenny, Bridget, Falmore, B31

Devenny, Charles, Falmore, B55

Devenny, Condy, Falmore, B55

Devenny, Evelyn, Falmore, B55

Devenny, Frank, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Hannah, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Hugh, Falmore, B31

Devenny, James, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Joe, Falmore, B55

Devenny, John, Falmore, B55

Devenny, John, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Johnny, Maghery, E55

Devenny, Margaret, Falmore, B31

Devenny, Mary, Maghery, B61

Devenny, Patrick, Falmore, B31

Devenny, Patrick, Falmore, B55

Dixon, Michael, Sheskinarone, E72

Doherty, Annie, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Anthony, Sheskinarone, B42

Doherty, baby son, Meenderryherk, A10

Doherty, Bridget, Dungloe, E59

Doherty, Bridget, Dungloe, K19

Doherty, Bridget, Marameelan, F41

Doherty, Bridget, Meenderryherk, B11

Doherty, Brigid, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Brigid, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Brigid, St. Crone's T., G30

Doherty, Charles, Meenderryhick, B11

Doherty, Con, Dungloe, D17

Doherty, Dan, Sheskinarone, B42

Doherty, Denis, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Dominick, Burtonport, C44

Doherty, Ellen, Toberkeen, E74

Doherty, Fannie, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Hugh, Diamond, L10

Doherty, Hugh, Sheskinarone, I81

Doherty, Hugh baby, , F110 (headstone photo)

Doherty, Hughie, Toberkeen, E74

Doherty, James, Meenacross, J4 (headstone photo)

Doherty, Jimmy, St. Crone's T., G30

Doherty, John, Burtonport, C44

Doherty, John, Dungloe, E59

Doherty, John, Marameelan, F41

Doherty, Katherine, Meenderryherk, E29

Doherty, Margaret, Dungloe, D17

Doherty, Margaret, Dungloe, K19

Doherty, Mary, Sheskinarone, B42

Doherty, Mary Ethna, Burtonport, C44

Doherty, Neil, Dungloe, F73

Doherty, Patrick, Dungloe, K19

Doherty, Patrick, Marameelan, F41

Doherty, Patrick, Meenderryherk, A10

Doherty, Patrick, Meenderryherk, E29

Doherty, Peter, Ardmeen, I5

Doherty, Rose, Sheskinarone, B42

Doherty, see McGee, Meenderryherk, C5

Doherty, Susan, Meenderryherk, A10

Doherty , Annie, Burtonport, C44

Donnacad*, , Lettercaugh, E31

Donnelly, Family, , I66

Doogan, Drumlaghdrid, H37

Doogan, Andrew, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Andrew, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Annie, Drumlaghdrid, C37

Doogan, Bridget, Bunawack, I39

Doogan, Bridget, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Edward, Crovehy, E78

Doogan, Ellen, Cullian - USA, I61

Doogan, Ellen, Drumlaghdrid, C37

Doogan, Family, Falmore, E53

Doogan, Hannah, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Hugh, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Hugh, Drumlaghdrid, C37

Doogan, John, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Joseph, Bunawack, I39

Doogan, Maggie, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Mary, Bunawack, I39

Doogan, Mary, Cleenderry, C38

Doogan, Mary, Crovehy, E78

Doogan, Mary, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Murray, Drumlaghdrid, C37

Doogan, Nora, Cullian, I61

Doogan, Patrick, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Phil, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Phil, cullian, I61

Doogan, Rodger, Cleenderry, G24

Doogan, Thomas, Drumlaghdrid, C37

Doogan, Tom, Cleenderry, G24

Doran, =, Crovehy, I86

Doran, Bartley, Meenmore, C23

Doran, Ellen, Crovehy, H45

Doran, family, Doochary, B43

Doran, Hugh, Meenmore, C23

Doran, James (CHS), Crovehy, H45

Doran, Nora, Crovehy, H45

Doran, Sheila, Meenmore, C23

Dougherty, Ann S.*, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Bedelia, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Charles, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Joseph, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Josephine, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Mary, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Mary, Termon, C35

Dougherty, Neil, Termon, C35

Dougherty, Pat *, Teelin, G29

Dougherty, Roseanne, Teelin, G29

Dougherty , Mary *, Teelin, G29

Dougherty , Neil, Teelin, G29

Duffy, Annie, Innishfree, A30

Duffy, Annie, Innishfree, E22

Duffy, Annie, Termon, B38

Duffy, Bridget, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Charles, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Charles, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Daniel, Ardmeen, F105 (headstone photo)

Duffy, Dennis, Innishfree, A30

Duffy, Eddie, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Edward, Innishfree, E22

Duffy, Ellen, Ardmeen, I4

Duffy, Ellen, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, family, Innishfree, I80

Duffy, Hugh, Ardmeen, I4

Duffy, James, Innishfree, A30

Duffy, John, Augullies, F121

Duffy, John, Innishfree, A30

Duffy, John, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, John, Little Bridge, I55

Duffy, John, , G5

Duffy, Kitty, Innishfree, A30

Duffy, Mary, Ardmeen, D3

Duffy, Mary, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Mary, Little Bridge, I55

Duffy, Micheal, Ardmeen, F105 (headstone photo)

Duffy, Neil, Augullies, F121

Duffy, Nora, Innishfree, E2

Duffy, Patrick, Ardmeen, D3

Duffy, Patrick, Ardmeen, F105 (headstone photo)

Duffy, Patrick, Leckenagh, C13

Duffy, Peggie, Ardmeen, D3

Duffy, Peter, Termon, B38

Duffy, Phil, Ardmeen, D3

Duffy, Rose, Ardmeen, D3

Duffy, Roseann, Little Bridge, I55

Duffy, Sheila, Ardmeen, F105 (headstone photo)

Duffy, Thomas, Ardmeen, D3

Dugain, Maire, Claondoire, I73

Dugain, Marie, Claondoire, I73

Dugain, Peadar, Claondoire, I73

Duggan, Andrew, Innishfree, E21

Duggan, Annie, Dungloe, L15

Duggan, Hugh, Dungloe, L15

Duggan, Kate, Innishfree, E21

Duggan, Madge, Innishfree, E21

Duggan, Mary, Innishfree, E21

Dunleavy, , Dungloe, E10

Durnin, Elizabeth, Crovehy, H39

Durnin, James, Crovehy, H39

Durnin, Owen, Crovehy, H39

Durnin, Oweny, Crovehy, H39

Durnin, Sarah, Crovehy, H39

Durnin, William, Crovehy, H39

Eardley, Daisey (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Eardley, Dr Henry (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Ferry, Anne, Meendrain, H6

Ferry, Bridget, Cruickaghmore, C49 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Bridget, Cruickaghmore, H11

Ferry, Bridget, Cruickaghmore, I70

Ferry, Bridget, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Charlie, Meendrain, K8

Ferry, Dennis, Cruickaghmore, C49, (headstone photo)

Ferry, Ellen, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Francis, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Godfrey, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, James, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, John, Cruickaghmore, H11

Ferry, John, Meendrain, H6

Ferry, Mary, Cruickaghmore, F104 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Mary, Cruickaghmore, H11

Ferry, Mary, Meendrain, K8

Ferry, Micheal, Tully, I47 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Neil, Cruickaghmore, F104 (headstone photo)

Ferry, Patrick, Cruickaghmore, C40

Ferry, Sheila, Meendrain, H6

Ferry , James, Cruickaghmore, I70

Fitzpatrick, Hannah, , A13

Fitzpatrick, James, , A13

Fitzpatrick, Roseanne, , A13

Forker, Annie, Sheskinarone, C21

Frell, Connell, Dungloe, F34

Frell, Mary Mgt, Dungloe, F34

Friel, Annie, , A18

Gallagher, -, Innishfree, H35

Gallagher, Ann, Caravan Rd, D20

Gallagher, Ann, Innishfree, E30

Gallagher, Ann, Sheskinarone, K12

Gallagher, Anne, Lettercaugh, F46

Gallagher, Anne, Meendrain, E66 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Anne (U.S.), Crohyboyle, I31

Gallagher, Annie, Diamond, B64 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Annie, Dungloe, C45

Gallagher, Annie, Innishfree, C60

Gallagher, Annie, Loughsalt, F42

Gallagher, Annie, Maghery, B56

Gallagher, Annie, Maghery, F77

Gallagher, Annie, Meendrain, E27

Gallagher, Annie, Meenmore, C81

Gallagher, Annie the Cope, , F102 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Annie-Bridget, Loughsalt, F52

Gallagher, Anthony, Lettercaugh, B21

Gallagher, Anthony, Meenacorwick, L12

Gallagher, Anthony, Meenmore, C81

Gallagher, Anthony, Sheskinarone, J26

Gallagher, Anthony, Tully, B57

Gallagher, Arthur J., Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Barney, Innishfree, E30

Gallagher, Betty, Maghery, C50

Gallagher, Bridget, Croaghnashallog, C58

Gallagher, Bridget, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, Bridget, Drumlaghdrid, E33

Gallagher, Bridget, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher, Bridget, Dungloe, I46

Gallagher, Bridget, Innishfree, C60

Gallagher, Bridget, Lettercaugh, B79

Gallagher, Bridget, Maghery, F77

Gallagher, Bridget, Tully, J5

Gallagher, Bridget, , C12

Gallagher, Bridget, , G25

Gallagher, Bridget*, Meenderryherk, F94

Gallagher, Brigid, Loughagher, I44

Gallagher, Cecila, Drumlaghdrid, L21

Gallagher, Celia, Lefinn, E62

Gallagher, Charles, Burtonport, C79

Gallagher, Charles, Dungloe, C45

Gallagher, Charles, Dungloe, D14

Gallagher, Charles, Meendrain, E66 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Charles, Meenmore, C81

Gallagher, Charles, Sheskinarone, J26

Gallagher, Charlie, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Charlie Og, Meendrain, E66 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Dan, Drumlaghdrid, L21

Gallagher, Dan, Lettercaugh, B21

Gallagher, Dan, Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Daniel, Lettercaugh, B79

Gallagher, Dannie, tully, J5

Gallagher, Danny, Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Dominick, Maghery, B56

Gallagher, Dominick, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Edward, Croaghnashallog, C58

Gallagher, Edward, Cruickaghmore, C49 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Edward, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, Edward, Drumlaghdrid, E33

Gallagher, Edward, Innishfree, C60

Gallagher, Ellen, Cruickaghmore, C49 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Ellen, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, Ellen, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Ellen, Tully, B57

Gallagher, family, Maghery, B20

Gallagher, Family, Rampart, C40

Gallagher, Family, , I36

Gallagher, Fanny, Innishfree, I15

Gallagher, Fanny, Lefinn, E62

Gallagher, Fanny, Meendrain, H6

Gallagher, Fanny, Sheskinarone, J26

Gallagher, Francie, Termon, F75

Gallagher, Frank, Meendrain, E27

Gallagher, Grace, Sheskinarone, L10

Gallagher, Grace, , G25

Gallagher, Hannah, Maghery, B56

Gallagher, Hannah, Tully, B57

Gallagher, Hugh, Dungloe, D14

Gallagher, Hugh, Dungloe (in plot I22 but no headstone)

Gallagher, Hugh, Lettercaugh, H1

Gallagher, James, Cruickaghmore, C49 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, James, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, James, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher, James, Loughagher, 144

Gallagher, James, Loughsalt, F42

Gallagher, James, Maghery, B56

Gallagher, James, Mill Rd., C41

Gallagher, James, Sheskinarone, C77

Gallagher, James, , C12

Gallagher, James, , G25

Gallagher, James, , G25

Gallagher, Jane, Tully, H16

Gallagher, Jim, Innishfree, C60

Gallagher, Jim, Meenacorwick, L12

Gallagher, Jim, , C12

Gallagher, Jim, , F102 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Joe, Lettercaugh, B21

Gallagher, Joe, Meenamara, D31

Gallagher, John, Cloghbolie, H27

Gallagher, John, Crovehy, C82

Gallagher, John, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, John, Fair Hill, H29

Gallagher, John, Innishfree, E30

Gallagher, John, Lefinn, E62

Gallagher, John, Maghery, F77

Gallagher, John, Main St., G16

Gallagher, John, Meenamara, D31

Gallagher, John, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, John, Mill Rd, F90 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, John, Sheskinarone, K12

Gallagher, John, Tully, J5

Gallagher, John james, Dungloe, C78

Gallagher, Joseph, Lettercaugh, B79

Gallagher, Kathleen, Drumlaghdrid, E33

Gallagher, Kathy, Dungloe, I46

Gallagher, Kitty, Meendrain, E66 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Madge, Cloghbolie, H27

Gallagher, Madge, , F102

Gallagher, Madgie, Meendrain, E66 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Madgie, Termon, F75

Gallagher, Manus, Innishfree, E30

Gallagher, Manus, Innishfree, I15

Gallagher, Margaret, Croaghnashallog, C58

Gallagher, Margaret, Crovehy, C82

Gallagher, Margaret, Lefinn, E62

Gallagher, Mary, Burtonport, C79

Gallagher, Mary, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gallagher, Mary, Drumlaghdrid, F119

Gallagher, Mary, Dungloe, D14

Gallagher, Mary, Dungloe, I46

Gallagher, Mary, Dungloe, I82

Gallagher, Mary, Fair Hill, H29

Gallagher, Mary, Meenamara, A25

Gallagher, Mary, Meenderryherk, F94

Gallagher, Mary, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Mary, Meendrain, E66

Gallagher, Mary, Mill Rd, F90 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Mary, Sheskinarone, C77

Gallagher, Mary, Tully, B57

Gallagher, Mary, Tully, J5

Gallagher, Mary Ellen, Dungloe, C78

Gallagher, Mary Kate, Dungloe, C45

Gallagher, Michael, Drumlaghdrid, E33

Gallagher, Michael, Dungloe, C45

Gallagher, Michael, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher, Michael, Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Micheal, Dungloe, I46

Gallagher, Minnie, Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Nancie, Meenacorwick, L12

Gallagher, Nancy, Mill Rd, C41

Gallagher, Nappy, Maghery, B56

Gallagher, Neil, Diamond, B64 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Neil, Maghery, F77

Gallagher, Neil, Meendrain, E27

Gallagher, Nellie, Meendrain, C32 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Nora, Meenamara, D31

Gallagher, Owen, Diamond, B64 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Owen, Tully, B57

Gallagher, Paddy, Main St, Dungloe (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Patrick, Cloghbolie, H27

Gallagher, Patrick, Croaghnashallog, C58

Gallagher, Patrick, Innishfree, E30

Gallagher, Patrick, Innishfree, I15

Gallagher, Patrick, Lefinn, E62

Gallagher, Patrick, Lettercaugh, F46

Gallagher, Patrick, Maghery, C50

Gallagher, Patrick, Meenamara, A25

Gallagher, Patrick, Quay Rd, C1

Gallagher, Patrick, Sheskinarone, J26

Gallagher, Patrick, Sheskinarone, J26

Gallagher, Patrick, Sheskinarone, K12

Gallagher, Patrick, , F102 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Patsy, Maghery, C50

Gallagher, Peadar, Meenderryherk, F94

Gallagher, Peter, Dungloe, D14

Gallagher, Rose, Diamond, B64 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Rose, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher, Roseann, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher Sally, Main St, Dungloe (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Sally the Cope, , F102 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Sarah, Dungloe, C45

Gallagher, Sarah, Dungloe, F13

Gallagher, Sarah, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, Seamus, Loughagher, I44

Gallagher, Sean, Mill Rd, C41

Gallagher, Susan, Dungloe, C78

Gallagher, william, Drumlaghdrid, E33

Gallagher, William, Meenbannad, F101 (headstone photo)

Gallagher, William, Tully, F20

Gallagher, Winnie, Tully, J5

Gallagher , Mary-Cope, , L13

Gallagher    , Packie-Cope, , L13

Gallagher     , Jim-Cope, , L13

Gallgher, Annie, Drumlaghdrid, D5

Gardener, Dr., , F36

Geatons, James, Toberkeen, I48 (headstone photo)

Gilespie, Elizabeth, Loughagher, C51

Gilespie, James, Loughagher, C51

Gillespie, -, Drumlaghdrid, F58

Gillespie, Alice, , K24

Gillespie, Anthony, Loughagher, F65

Gillespie, Bridget, Loughagher, F65

Gillespie, Brigid, Lettercaugh, G8

Gillespie, Con, Loughagher, F65

Gillespie, Doalty, , K24

Gillespie, Hugh, Meenacross, B22

Gillespie, James, Lettercaugh, G8

Gillespie, James, , K24

Gillespie, John, Saltpans, C85

Gillespie, Madge, Loughagher, F65

Gillespie, Mgt, Meenacross, B22

Gillespie, Michael, , K24

Gillespie, Nappie, Meenacross, B22

Gillespie, Susan, Loughagher, E3

Gillespie, , Lettercaugh, D26

Given, Charlie, Falmore, C20

Given, Hannah, Croaghnamaddy, F6

Given, John, Roshin, F6

Given, Mary, , J13

Given, Myles, , J13

Given, Patrick, Croaghnamaddy, F6

Givens, -, Roshin, I53

Glackin, Ann Eleanor, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, Anne, Roshin, I68

Glackin, Annie, Maghery, F106

Glackin, Annie, Toberkeen, L23

Glackin, Anthony, Cleenderry, I68

Glackin, Bridget N.T., Quay Rd, F115

Glackin, Charles, Maghery, F106

Glackin, Charles, Toberkeen, F115

Glackin, Henry, Cleenderry, I68

Glackin, Henry, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, Henry, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, Henry, Roshin, I68

Glackin, Henry, Toberkeen, F115

Glackin, Henry Rose, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, James, Toberkeen, C42

Glackin, James, Toberkeen, F115

Glackin, Joseph, Toberkeen, L23

Glackin, Kathleen, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, Kathleen, Toberkeen, C42

Glackin, Kathy, Meenmore, H5

Glackin, Margaret, Dungloe, I69

Glackin, Mark, Toberkeen, C42

Glackin, Mary, Cleenderry, I68

Glackin, Mary, Maghery, D29 (headstone photo)

Glackin, Mary, Maghery, I2

Glackin, Michael, Cleenderry, I68

Glackin, Patrick, Maghery, D29 (headstone photo)

Glackin, Patrick, Roshin, I68

Glackin, Sarah, Toberkeen, F115

Glackin  , Con, Roshin, I68

Godfrey, Daniel, Caravan Rd, I42

Gorman, Ellen, Dungloe, E8

Gorman, Mary, Dungloe, E8

Gorman, William, Dungloe, E8

Greene, Charles, Mill Rd, B53

Greene, Charles, , B19

Greene, Maria, , B19

Greene, Mary, Mill Rd, B53

Greene, Patrick, , B19

Griffith, William, , I76

Hanlon, -, Quay Rd, I52

Hanlon, Ann, Cullian, J19

Hanlon, Annie, Toberkeen, I26

Hanlon, Bridgid*, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Denis, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Denis, Toberkeen, I26

Hanlon, Ellen, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Hugh, Croaghnashallog, B68

Hanlon, Jack, Toberkeen, I26

Hanlon, James, Crocknageeragh, C73

Hanlon, James, Termon, I1

Hanlon, John, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, John Gerard, Crocknageeragh, C73

Hanlon, John*, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Maggie, Cloghbolie, F103 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Margaret, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Mary, Croaghnashallog, B68

Hanlon, Mary, Crocknageeragh, C73

Hanlon, Mary, Crocknageeragh, H44 (headstone photo)

Hanlon, Mgt Theresa, Crocknageeragh, C73

Hanlon, Rose, Toberkeen, I26

Hanlon, Sarah, Croaghnashallog, B68

Hanlon, Thomas, Croaghnashallog, B68

Hanlon, Tom, Cullian, J19

Hanlon, William, Cullian, J19

Harkin, Jimmy, Meenabollagan, L1

Harkin, Mary, Dungloe, F34

Healy, Patrick, Meenmore, H50

Healy, Rose, Meenmore, H50

Hunter, Con, Maghery, E11

Hunter, Hannah, Maghery, E11

Huston, Ann, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Bella, Cleenderry, C38

Huston, Bernard, Toberkeen, E73

Huston, Bridget, Crohy, E57

Huston, Bridget, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Con, Cleenderry, E7

Huston, Denis, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Dennis, Cleenderry, E7

Huston, Dinnis, Cleenderry, C38

Huston, Frank, Cleenderry, C38

Huston, Frank, Crohy, E57

Huston, Frank, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Hugh, Toberkeen, E73

Huston, James, Crohy, E57

Huston, John, Cleenderry, E7

Huston, John, Crohy, E57

Huston, John, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Mary, Cleenderry, E7

Huston, Nabla, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston, Winnie, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

Huston*, Annie, Toberkeen, E73

Huston*, John, Toberkeen, E73

Kelly, Margaret, Tir Conail Bar, I6

Kennedy, Annie, Crovehy, E77

Kennedy, Charles, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kennedy, Charles, Meenderryherk, E29

Kennedy, Daniel, Crovehy, E77

Kennedy, Fanny, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kennedy, Isabella, Ettrick, Scot, K5

Kennedy, James, Crovehy, E77

Kennedy, John, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kennedy, Maggie, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kennedy, Mary, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kennedy, Neil, Crovehy, D33 (headstone photo)

Kenney, Bridget Ann, Dungloe, C78

Kerr, Annie, Derrydruel, E48

Kerr, Bridget, Derrydruel, E48

Kerr, Hugh, Derrydruel, B25 (headstone photo)

Kerr, Jack, Derrydruel, B25 (headstone photo)

Kerr, Mary, Derrydruel, E48

Kerr, Minnie, Derrydruel, E27

Kerr, Patrick, Derrydruel, E48

Langan, Ann, Maghery, E26

Langan, Annie, Maghery, E67

Langan, Edward, Maghery, E26

Langan, James, Maghery, E26

Langan, James, Maghery, E67

Langan, Margaret, Maghery, E26

Langan, Mary, Maghery, E67

Langan, Patsy, Maghery, E67

Leonard, Family, , I66

Louge, Bridget, Diamond, B65

Louge, Gracie, Diamond, B65

Louge, Mick, Diamond, B65

Louge, Nellie, Diamond, B65

Louge, William, Diamond, B65

Maguire, Bridget, , K13

Maguire, Bridget T., , K13

Maguire, Paddy, , K14

McBride, Brigid, Dungloe, F35

McBride, Charles, Dungloe, F35

McBride, Hana, Tir Conail Bar, I6

McBride, James, Fairhill, J17

McBride, Mary, Dungloe, F35

McBride, Maurice, Tir Conail Bar, I6

McBride, Sarah, Dungloe, F35

McCafety, Mary Rose, Chapel Rd, C1

McCahill, Mary, Saltpans, L18

McCarron, -, Brockagh, C86

McCarron, Ann, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Annie, Letterkenny, F19

McCarron, Annie, , F84 (headstone photo)

McCarron, Bernard, , F84 (headstone photo)

McCarron, Bridget, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Charles, Derrydruel, I18

McCarron, Charles, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Condy, Meenlecknalore, F55

McCarron, David, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Jack, Meenlecknalore, F55

McCarron, James, Derrydruel, I18

McCarron, James, Meenatottan, F26

McCarron, John Joseph, , F84 (headstone photo)

McCarron, Johnny, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Madge, Derrydruel, I18

McCarron, Margaret, Saltpans, A12

McCarron, Mary, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Mary, Meenatottan, F26

McCarron, Mary, Meenlecknalore, F55

McCarron, Molly, Carnmore Rd, I63

McCarron, Patrick, Letterkenny, F19

McCarron, Patrick, Meenlecknalore, F55

McCarron, Patrick, Saltpans, A12

McCarron, Rose, Diamond, G34

McCarron, Sarah, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCarry, Bernard, , G3

McCarry, Bridget, , G3

McCarry, Daniel, , G3

McCarry, Denis, Toberkeen, G3

McCarry, James, , G3

McCarry, Joseph, Quay Rd., I65

McCarry, Mary, Toberkeen, G3

McCauley, Annie, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Anthony, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Barney, , A32

McCauley, Bridget, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Bridie, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Celine, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Charles, Derrydruel, C7

McCauley, Dan, Derrydruel, C7

McCauley, Edward, , A32

McCauley, John, , A32

McCauley, Margaret, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Mary, , A32

McCauley, Mary, , A32

McCauley, Mgt, , A32

McCauley, Nancy, Derrydruel, I36

McCauley, Neil, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Norah, , A32

McCauley, Patrick, , A32

McCauley, Phil, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Sarah, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, Sissie, Derrydruel, C7

McCauley, Victoria, Dungloe, I27

McCauley, , Meenacross, C39

McCole, -, Bunawack, F86

McCole, Alice, Caravan Rd, F33

McCole, Alice, Tully, I19

McCole, Annie, Sheskinarone, C27

McCole, Anthony, Bunawack, J24

McCole, Anthony, Sheskinarone, I75

McCole, Anthony, , G25

McCole, Biddy, Falmore, B40

McCole, Bridget, Ardmeen, C52

McCole, Bridget, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCole, Bridget, Loughagher, C15

McCole, Bridget, Rutland, B54

McCole, Bridgid, Falmore, B58

McCole, Charles, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCole, Charlie, Falmore, B40

McCole, Family, Caravan Rd, I36

McCole, family, Maghery, B20

McCole, Gloria, Mill Rd, D35 (headstone photo)

McCole, Godfrey, Tully, I19

McCole, Grace, Ardmeen, C52

McCole, Henry, Falmore, B58

McCole, Hugh, Caravan Rd, F33

McCole, Hugh, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCole, Hugh, Falmore, B58

McCole, Hugh, Rutland, B54

McCole, Hugh, Sheskinarone, B23

McCole, Hugh, Sheskinarone, C27

McCole, Hugh, Sheskinarone, J21

McCole, Jack, Caravan Rd, F33

McCole, James, Bunawack, J24

McCole, James, Loughagher, C15

McCole, James, Sheskinarone, B23

McCole, Joe, Rutland, B54

McCole, John, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCole, John, Mill Rd, D35 (headstone photo)

McCole, John, Quay Rd, D34 (headstone photo)

McCole, John, Rutland, B54

McCole, John, Tully, I19

McCole, Madge, Loughagher, C15

McCole, Manus, Meenmore, B58

McCole, Margaret, Tully, I19

McCole, Margarie, Rutland, B54

McCole, Mary, Drimeen, F80 (headstone photo)

McCole, Mary, Dungloe, F34

McCole, Mary, Falmore, B40

McCole, Mary, Loughagher, C15

McCole, Mary, Tully, I19

McCole, Mary, , G25

McCole, Nancy, Sheskinarone, B23

McCole, Neal, Rutland, B54

McCole, Neil, Ardmeen, C52

McCole, Neil Joseph, Dungloe, C72

McCole, Nellie, Quay Rd, D34 (headstone photo)

McCole, Patrick, Bunawack, J24

McCole, Patrick, Sheskinarone, B23

McCole, Patrick, Sheskinarone, I75

McCole, Patrick, Tully, I19

McCole, Rose, Sheskinarone, I75

McCole, Sarah, Sheskinarone, B23

McCole, Sheila, Sheskinarone, B23

McDevitt, John, Quay Rd., E8

McDevitt, Nannie, Quay Rd., E8

McDevitt, Rose, Quay Rd, E8

McFadden, Charles P., , A13

McFadden, Eugene P., , A13

McFadden, Hannah, Cleenderry, A24

McFadden, Hannah M., , A13

McFadden, John, Cleenderry, A24

McFadden, John, Cleenderry, A24

McFadden, Mary, Cleenderry, A24

McFadden, Mary, Cleenderry, A24

McFadden, Michael, , B8

McFadden, Patrick, New York, A24

McFadden, Phil, Cleenderry, A24

McGee, Anna Marie, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

McGee, Annie, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Annie, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

McGee, Annie, Maghery, B59

McGee, Annie, Meenmore, E76

McGee, Annie, Meenmore (headstone photo)

McGee, Breedge, Meenmore (headstone photo)

McGee, Bridget, Maghery, B59

McGee, Cecila, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Dan, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Dan, Craghy, L19 (headstone Photo)

McGee, Dominick, Meenmore, I13

McGee, Fanny, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Grace, Meenmore, I13

McGee, Hannah, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Hannah, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Hannah, Meenmore (headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Hannah, Meenmore (headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Grace, Meenmore (headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Hugh, Meenmore, I13

McGee, James, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, James, Derrydruel, D39 (headstone photo)

McGee, James, Meenmore, E76

McGee, James, Meenmore (headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, John, Maghery, B59

McGee, John, Meenmore, I13

McGee, John, Meenmore (headstone photo)

McGee, Kate, Meenmore, E76

McGee, Lizzie, Meenderryherk, C4

McGee, Margaret, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Mary, Craghy, L19 (headstone Photo)

McGee, Mary, Maghery, B59

McGee, Neil, Meenmore, I13

McGee, Neil, Meenmore (headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Patrick, Meenmore, I13

McGee, Peter, , A16 (Meenmore. Headstone photo & 1901 census)

McGee, Roseanna, Meenmore, I13

McGee, Thomas, Meenmore, I13

McGee/Doh, Brigit, Meenderryherk, C5

McGee/Doh, Dannie, Meenderryherk, C5

McGee/Doh, Lily, Meenderryherk, C5

McGee/Doh, Patrick, Meenderryherk, C5

McGeehan, Hugh, , F56

McGeehan, Mary, , F56

McGettigan, Bella, Meenacross, F49

McGettigan, Bridget, Toberkeen, I48 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, Charles, Toberkeen, I48 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, Dominick, Meenacross, F49

McGettigan, Eddie, Meenacross, F49

McGettigan, Hugh, Meenacross, B22

McGettigan, James, Meenacross, J4 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, James, Toberkeen, I48 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, John, Meenacross, F49

McGettigan, John, , F23

McGettigan, Margaret, Toberkeen, I48 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, Mary, Meenacross, J4 (headstone photo)

McGettigan, Nappie, Meenacross, B22

McGettigan, Rose, Meenacross, J4 (headstone photo)

McGhee, Annie, Meenmore, A28

McGhee, Bridget, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, Connall, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, Dan, Craghy, B3 (headstone photo)

McGhee, Hannah, Meenmore, A28

McGhee, John, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, John, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, John, Meenmore, A28

McGhee, Mary, Craghy, B3 (headstone photo)

McGhee, Nohar, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, Patrick, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, Peter, Cloghbolie, B34

McGhee, Phil, , A2

McGinely, Anthony, Meenbannad, F3

McGinely, Bridget, Meenbannad, F3

McGinely, Pat James, Meenbannad, F3

McGinty, Mary, Meenatottan, H46

McGinty, Patrick, Meenatottan, H46

McGlynn, Annie, Meenderryherk, I3

McGlynn, Annie, Meenderryherk, I3

McGlynn, Brigid, Toberkeen, H40

McGlynn, Dominick, Meenderryherk, C6

McGlynn, John, Toberkeen, H40

McGlynn, Katie, Meenderryherk, C6

McGlynn, Mary, Meenderryherk, C6

McGlynn, Patrick, Meenderryherk, C6

McGlynn, Peter, Meenderryherk, C6

McGrotty, infant, St. Peter's T., G32

McHugh, -, Drumlaghdrid, E5

McHugh, family, Drumlaghdrid, B10

McHugh, Manus, Sheskinarone, E24

McHugh, Patrick, Sheskinarone, E24

McHugh, Rose, Sheskinarone, E24

McKelvey, Anthony, Brockagh, C2

McKelvey, Elizabeth, Brockagh, C2

McKelvey, Ellen, Meenatottan, F28

McKelvey, Hannah, Crovehy, H39

McKelvey, John, Meenatottan, F28

McKelvey, Patrick, Brockagh, C2

McKelvey, Peter, Crovehy, H39

McKelvy, Anthony, Brockagh, H2

McKelvy, Kitty, Brockagh, H2

McLean, Denis, , E19

McLean, Minnie, , E19

McManus, Mary, Stranarva, F68

McMonagle, Family, Loughagher, F64

McPaul, Ellen, Dungloe, B27

McPaul, James, Dungloe, B27

McPaul, James, Dungloe, B27

McShee, family, Loughsalt, B15

McShee, family, Loughsalt, B18

McSweeney, Charles (Texas) (headstone photo & 1901 census notes)

McSweeney, Maggie (headstone photo & 1901 census notes)

Meenamara, Michael, Thorr, A4

Melly, Bridget, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Melly, Cassie *, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Melly, Family, , I36

Melly, Hugh, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Melly, Mary Ann, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Melly, Patrick, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Melly, William, Drumlaghdrid, C31

Molloy, Catherine, , H23

Molloy, Cormac, , H23

Molloy, Mary, Cloghbolie, C80

Molloy, Neil, Cloghbolie, C80

Molloy, Patrick, Cloghbolie, C80

Molloy, Sarah, Chapel Rd, E18

Molloy, Thomas Canonici, , G39

Moore, Kathleen, Crovehy, C82

Morton, Kathleen M., Dungloe, I69

Mulhern, Annie, Cleenderry, F47

Mulhern, Brigid, Corner House, F118

Mulhern, Catherine, Corner House, F118

Mulhern, Jack, , H22

Mulhern, James Rev., Corner House, F118

Mulhern, John, , H22

Mulhern, Kate, Meendrain, L4

Mulhern, Kitty, , H22

Mulhern, Nancy, Cleenderry, F47

Mulhern, Neil, Cleenderry, F47

Mulhern, Nora, Cleenderry, F47

Mulhern, Patrick, Corner House, F118

Murray, Annie, Meenabollagan, C56

O'Boyle, Annie, St. Peter's T., L11

O'Boyle, Daniel C., St. Peter's T., L11

O'Boyle, Maura, St. Peter's T., L11

O'Brien, Barney, Quay Rd, B51

O'Brien, Jimmie, , C61

O'Brien, Maggie, Quay Rd, B51

O'Brien, Mary, , C61

O'Brien, Mary Ann, Quay Rd, B51

O'Brien, Patrick, , C61

O'Connell, Molly, Meenmore, B30

O'Connor, Bridget, Crohyboyle, K20

O'Connor, Daniel, Caravan Rd, I42

O'Connor, Hugh, Crohyboyle, C36

O'Connor, Hugh, Quay Rd, L16

O'Connor, James, Crohyboyle, K20

O'Connor, James, Quay Rd, L16

O'Connor, Mary, Caravan Rd, I42

O'Connor, Mary, Quay Rd., C43

O'Connor, Nancy, Crohyboyle, I11

O'Connor, Philip, Crohyboyle, I11

O'Connor, Sheila, Quay Rd., L16

O'Doherty, Bridget, Meendrain, E1

O'Doherty, Dominick, Meendrain, E1

O'Doherty, Dominick, Meendrain, E1

O'Doherty, Ellen*, Meendrain, E1

O'Doherty, John *, Meendrain, E1

O'Doherty, Murray, Meendrain, E1

O'Donnel, Patrick, Croaghnamaddy, H42

O'Donnell, -, Cleenderry, H28

O'Donnell, -, Crohyboyle, H33

O'Donnell, -, Doochary, I87

O'Donnell, -, Oughtmeen, H8

O'Donnell, Alice, Dungloe, I49 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Alice, Falchorrib,

O'Donnell, Alice, Glenconwell, K21

O'Donnell, Andrew, Brockagh, H2

O'Donnell, Andrew, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Andrew, Little Bridge, F95 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Andrew, Maghery, C28

O'Donnell, Andrew, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Andy, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Ann, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Ann, Meenmore, C69

O'Donnell, Ann, Saltpans, B78

O'Donnell, Ann, Sheskinarone, C68

O'Donnell, Ann, , B39

O'Donnell, Annie, Bridge End, D38 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Annie, Brockagh, C3

O'Donnell, Annie, Brockagh, H19

O'Donnell, Annie, Caravan, C83

O'Donnell, Annie, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Annie, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Annie, Croaghnashallog, A15

O'Donnell, Annie, Crocknageeragh, G23

O'Donnell, Annie, Diamond, B63

O'Donnell, Annie, Diamond, I43

O'Donnell, Annie, Falchorrib, B12

O'Donnell, Annie, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Annie, Gweedore Rd, E52

O'Donnell, Annie, Loughsalt, D16

O'Donnell, Annie, Oughtmeen, H12

O'Donnell, Annie, Stranacorcragh, A23

O'Donnell, Annie, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, Annie, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Anthony, Bridge End, D38 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Anthony, Brockagh, C3

O'Donnell, Anthony, Chapel Rd, F81 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Anthony, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Anthony, Lettercaugh, F114

O'Donnell, Anthony, Milltown, I37

O'Donnell, Anthony, Stranacorcragh, A23

O'Donnell, Bella, Chapel Rd, F37

O'Donnell, Betty, Brockagh, H19

O'Donnell, Betty, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Biddy, Roshin, E46

O'Donnell, Breid, Mill Rd, L9

O'Donnell, Bridget, Augullies, F123

O'Donnell, Bridget, Brockagh, B7

O'Donnell, Bridget, Brockagh, F89

O'Donnell, Bridget, Chapel Rd, F81 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Bridget, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Bridget, Cloghbolie, F97

O'Donnell, Bridget, Croaghnamaddy, I60

O'Donnell, Bridget, Croaghnashallog, B33

O'Donnell, Bridget, Croaghnashallog, B33

O'Donnell, Bridget, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Bridget, Cruickaghmore (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Bridget, Derrydruel, K2

O'Donnell, Bridget, Drumlaghdrid, K16

O'Donnell, Bridget, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, Bridget, Falchorrib, B12

O'Donnell, Bridget, Innishfree, C13

O'Donnell, Bridget, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Bridget, Lettercaugh, F114

O'Donnell, Bridget, Little Bridge, F95 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Bridget, Loughsalt, D16

O'Donnell, Bridget, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Bridget, Maghery, C28

O'Donnell, Bridget, Marameelan, B9 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Bridget, Oughtmeen, C63

O'Donnell, Bridget, Sheskinarone, D15

O'Donnell, Bridget, Sheskinarone, J8

O'Donnell, Bridget, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Bridget Mary, Chapel Rd, F81 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Brigid, Innishfree, I59

O'Donnell, Bryan, Gweedore Rd, E52

O'Donnell, Cassie, Falchorrib, E23

O'Donnell, Cassie, Lettercaugh, H52

O'Donnell, Catherine, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Catherine, , I38 (headstone photo) (1901 Inishfree census notes)

O'Donnell, Cathleen, Crohyboyle, L17

O'Donnell, Charles, Brockagh, B7

O'Donnell, Charles, Chapel Rd, D1

O'Donnell, Charles, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Charles, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Charles, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Charles, Cullian, I74

O'Donnell, Charles, Derrydruel, K2

O'Donnell, Charles, Dungloe, J20

O'Donnell, Charles, Falchorrib, E28

O'Donnell, Charles, Glenconwell, K21

O'Donnell, Charles, Loughanure, B74

O'Donnell, Charles, Sheskinarone, J8

O'Donnell, Con, Diamond, I43

O'Donnell, Con, Drumlaghdrid, B60

O'Donnell, Con, Meenacross, E18 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Con, Milltown, L22

O'Donnell, Con, , E37

O'Donnell, Condy, Brockagh, H19

O'Donnell, Dan, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Dan, Falchorrib, E23

O'Donnell, Dan, Oughtmeen, H12

O'Donnell, Daniel, Derrydruel, K2

O'Donnell, Daniel, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Daniel, Dungloe, I72

O'Donnell, Daniel, Marameelan, B9 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Daniel J., , G35

O'Donnell, Delia, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Denis, Caravan, C83

O'Donnell, Denis, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Denis, Cloghbolie, F97

O'Donnell, Denis, Crovehy, H48

O'Donnell, Denis, Marameelan, B9 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Dominick, Sheskinarone, D15

O'Donnell, Donal, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Donald Andy, Little Bridge, F95 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Eddie, Brockagh, C3

O'Donnell, Edward, Brockagh, D28

O'Donnell, Edward, Croaghnashallog, A15

O'Donnell, Edward, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Edward, Innishfree, C13

O'Donnell, Edward, Rampart, C76

O'Donnell, Edward, Rampart, C76

O'Donnell, Edward, Sheskinarone, C68

O'Donnell, Edward, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Elizabeth, Falchorrib, I16

O'Donnell, Ellen, Brockagh, C3

O'Donnell, Ellen, Diamond, I64

O'Donnell, Ellen, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Ellen, Drumlaghdrid, B60

O'Donnell, Ellen, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Ellen, Lettercaugh, H52

O'Donnell, Ellen, Meenacross, F93 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Ellen, Meenatottan, E17 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Ellen, Milltown, I37

O'Donnell, Ellen, Termon, E9

O'Donnell, Ellen, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, family, Loughagher, E3

O'Donnell, family, Maghery, B17

O'Donnell, Fanny, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Francie, Doochary - US, G15

O'Donnell, Francis, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Frank, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Frank, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Grace, Brockagh, C43

O'Donnell, Grace, Brockagh, G28

O'Donnell, Grace, Caravan, C83

O'Donnell, Grace, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Grace, Diamond, A29

O'Donnell, Grace, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Gracie, St. Crone's T, K6

O'Donnell, Greta, Chapel Rd, F81 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Hannah, Cullian, I74

O'Donnell, Hannah, Innishfree, C62

O'Donnell, Hannah, Innishfree, F72

O'Donnell, Hannah, Little Bridge, F88

O'Donnell, Hugh, Brockagh, B7

O'Donnell, Hugh, Brockagh, B74

O'Donnell, Hugh, Cloghbolie, F97

O'Donnell, Hugh, Diamond, B63

O'Donnell, Hugh, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Hugh, Doochary, I79

O'Donnell, Hugh, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, Hugh, Gweedore Rd, E52

O'Donnell, Hugh, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Hugh, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Hugh, Lettercaugh, H52

O'Donnell, Hugh, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Hugh, Maghery, C57

O'Donnell, Hugh, Meenacross, F93 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Hugh, Milltown, I37

O'Donnell, Hugh, Quay Rd, I12

O'Donnell, Hugh, Termon, G17

O'Donnell, Hugh, Whitehouse, B76

O'Donnell, Hughie, Roshin, C69

O'Donnell, Hughie, St. Peter's T., K15

O'Donnell, James, Brockagh, A26

O'Donnell, James, Burtonport, E35

O'Donnell, James, Chapel Rd, F37

O'Donnell, James, Croaghnamaddy, H42

O'Donnell, James, Croaghnamaddy, I60

O'Donnell, James, Croaghnashallog, B33

O'Donnell, James, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, James, Cruickaghmore (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, James, Cullian, I80

O'Donnell, James, Derrydruel, I64

O'Donnell, James, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, James, Dungloe, I49 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, James, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, James, Innishfree, C13

O'Donnell, James, Innishfree, F72

O'Donnell, James, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, James, Meenacross, E18 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, James, Meenacross, F93 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, James, Mill Rd, L9

O'Donnell, James, Roshin, C69

O'Donnell, James, Sheskinarone, C68

O'Donnell, James, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, James, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, James, Tully, E41

O'Donnell, James Neilly, Dungloe, J20

O'Donnell, James Rev., Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Jeannie, Toberkeen, K10

O'Donnell, Jim, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Jim, Termon, E9

O'Donnell, Jimmy, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Jimmy, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Joe, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Joe Big, Marameelan, H7

O'Donnell, John, Augullies, F123

O'Donnell, John, Brockagh, G28

O'Donnell, John, Brockagh, H19

O'Donnell, John, Burtonport, E35

O'Donnell, John, Chapel Rd, F37

O'Donnell, John, Cleenderry, J12

O'Donnell, John, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, John, Croaghnamaddy, I60

O'Donnell, John, Cullian, I67

O'Donnell, John, Diamond, I43

O'Donnell, John, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, John, Falmore, G17

O'Donnell, John, Inishboo, C70

O'Donnell, John, Innishfree, I59

O'Donnell, John, Loughsalt, D16

O'Donnell, John, Maghery, C24

O'Donnell, John, Marameelan, B9 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, John, Marameelan, K18

O'Donnell, John, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, John, Milltown, I37

O'Donnell, John, Roshin, G7

O'Donnell, John, Saltpans, C46

O'Donnell, John, Saltpans, E39

O'Donnell, John, Sheskinarone, J8

O'Donnell, John, St. Crone's T, K6

O'Donnell, John, Whitehouse, B76

O'Donnell, John, , B39

O'Donnell, John, , I20

O'Donnell, John J., Cullian, H9

O'Donnell, John Rev., , G35

O'Donnell, Johnny, Termon, E9

O'Donnell, Kate, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Kate, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Kate, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Katherine D., Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Kathleen, Diamond, I64

O'Donnell, Kathleen, Dungloe, I49 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Kathleen, Meenacross, E18 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Kathleen, Quay Rd, F14

O'Donnell, Kitty, Crohyboyle, G38

O'Donnell, Kitty, Termon, E64

O'Donnell, Leo, Dungloe, I22 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Lizzie, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Louis, Oughtmeen, C63

O'Donnell, Madge, Bunawack, J24

O'Donnell, Madge, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Madge, Maghery, C24

O'Donnell, Madge, Milltown, L22

O'Donnell, Maggie, Roshin, C69

O'Donnell, Maire, Meenacross, E18 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Mairead, Crocknageeragh, G23

O'Donnell, Manus, Caravan Rd, I23

O'Donnell, Manus, Chapel Rd, F37

O'Donnell, Manus, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Manus, Crocknageeragh, G23

O'Donnell, Manus, Doochary, D25

O'Donnell, Manus, Falchorrib, I16

O'Donnell, Manus, , B39

O'Donnell, Margaret, Brockagh, A26

O'Donnell, Margaret, Brockagh, A26

O'Donnell, Margaret, Dungloe, I72

O'Donnell, Margaret, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Margaret Ann, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, Maria, Cleenderry, J12

O'Donnell, Mary, Brockagh, A26

O'Donnell, Mary, Brockagh, B74

O'Donnell, Mary, Burtonport, E35

O'Donnell, Mary, Caravan, C83

O'Donnell, Mary, Caravan Rd, F33

O'Donnell, Mary, Croaghnamaddy, H42

O'Donnell, Mary, Croaghnashallog, B33

O'Donnell, Mary, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Mary, Crovehy, H48

O'Donnell, Mary, Derrydruel, I64

O'Donnell, Mary, Diamond, I43

O'Donnell, Mary, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Mary, Falmore, G17

O'Donnell, Mary, Gweedore Rd, E52

O'Donnell, Mary, Innishfree, C62

O'Donnell, Mary, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Mary, Lettercaugh, F114

O'Donnell, Mary, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Mary, Marameelan, K18

O'Donnell, Mary, Meenlecknalore, L24

O'Donnell, Mary, Rampart, C76

O'Donnell, Mary, Saltpans, E39

O'Donnell, Mary, Stranacorcragh, A23

O'Donnell, Mary, Termon, G17

O'Donnell, Mary, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, Mary, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Mary, , I20

O'Donnell, Mary, , K13

O'Donnell, Mary Ann, Doochary, G15

O'Donnell, Mary Big, Marameelan, H7

O'Donnell, Mary Jos., Tir Conail Bar, I6

O'Donnell, Mary There., Meenmore, A7

O'Donnell, Mary-Ellen, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Maureen, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Maurice, , G35

O'Donnell, Mgt, Falchorrib, B12

O'Donnell, Miah, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Michael, Croaghnashallog, B33

O'Donnell, Michael, Dungloe, D2

O'Donnell, Michael, Rampart, C76

O'Donnell, Michael Ban, Crohyboyle, G38

O'Donnell, Micheal, Caravan Rd, I23

O'Donnell, Micheal, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Micheal, Inishal Island, I88

O'Donnell, Micheal, Meenlecknalore, L24

O'Donnell, Micheal's sis, Inishal Island, I88

O'Donnell, Mickey, Termon, E64

O'Donnell, Minnie, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Minnie, Tully, C54

O'Donnell, Monica, Mill Rd, L9

O'Donnell, Nancy, Cloghbolie, D7

O'Donnell, Nancy, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Nancy, Falchorrib, E28

O'Donnell, Nancy, Leckenagh, D1

O'Donnell, Nancy, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Nancy, Meenabollagan, C30

O'Donnell, Nancy, Milltown, I37

O'Donnell, Nancy, Sheskinarone, D15

O'Donnell, Nappy, Innishfree, C13

O'Donnell, Neal, Toberkeen, K10

O'Donnell, Neil, Augullies, F123

O'Donnell, Neil, Corby, B39

O'Donnell, Neil, Croaghnamaddy, I60

O'Donnell, Neil, Crohyboyle, I27

O'Donnell, Neil, Cruickaghmore (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Neil, Innishfree, F72

O'Donnell, Neil, Lettercaugh, H52

O'Donnell, Neil, Saltpans, E39

O'Donnell, Neil, Sheskinarone, D15

O'Donnell, Neil, Sheskinarone, D15

O'Donnell, Neil, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, Neil, , K13

O'Donnell, Nora, Saltpans, L18

O'Donnell, Nora, , G31

O'Donnell, Nora, , H22

O'Donnell, Owen, Brockagh, B74

O'Donnell, Owen, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Owen, Crohyboyle, L17

O'Donnell, Owen, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Packie, , G31

O'Donnell, Paddy, Bridge End, D38 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Paddy, Derrydruel, I64

O'Donnell, Paddy, Meenmore, C69

O'Donnell, Paddy, Saltpans, E39

O'Donnell, Pat, , G31

O'Donnell, Pat John Sally, Tir Conail Bar, I6

O'Donnell, Patrick, Brockagh, C43

O'Donnell, Patrick, Diamond, A29

O'Donnell, Patrick, Diamond, B63

O'Donnell, Patrick, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, Patrick, Falchorrib, E23

O'Donnell, Patrick, Falchorrib, I16 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Patrick, Innishfree, C13

O'Donnell, Patrick, Innishfree, C62

O'Donnell, Patrick, Innishfree, F72

O'Donnell, Patrick, Little Bridge, F88

O'Donnell, Patrick, Maghery, C57

O'Donnell, Patrick, Saltpans, B78

O'Donnell, Patrick, Sheskinarone, J8

O'Donnell, Patrick, Termon, A11

O'Donnell, Patrick, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Patrick (Seimin), Meenacross, F93 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Patsy, Tir Conail Bar, I6

O'Donnell, Paul, Dungloe, I72

O'Donnell, Peggy, Termon, E9

O'Donnell, Peter, Cloghbolie, F97

O'Donnell, Peter, Cullian, I67

O'Donnell, Peter, Saltpans, L18

O'Donnell, Phil, Brockagh, C3

O'Donnell, Phil, Brockagh, D28

O'Donnell, Phil, Maghery, C28

O'Donnell, Phil, quay Rd, I12

O'Donnell, Phil, Roshin, C69

O'Donnell, Phily, Cullian, I61

O'Donnell, Rodger, Diamond, I64

O'Donnell, Rose, Brockagh, B74

O'Donnell, Rose, Cloghbolie, E12

O'Donnell, Rose, Croaghnashallog, A14

O'Donnell, Rose, Innisheal, I62

O'Donnell, Rose, Loughsalt, H32

O'Donnell, Rose, Mill Rd, L9

O'Donnell, Rose, USA, E9

O'Donnell, Roseanne, Maghery, C28

O'Donnell, Sally, Cullian, H9

O'Donnell, Sally, Toberkeen, B37

O'Donnell, Sara, Dungloe, E56

O'Donnell, Sarah, Toberkeen, B52

O'Donnell, Sarah, Whitehouse, B76

O'Donnell, Sarah, , B39

O'Donnell, Sean, Brockagh, H19

O'Donnell, Shane, Marameelan, B9 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, Sheila, Cleenderry, J12

O'Donnell, Sheila, Cullian, I80

O'Donnell, Sophia, Roshin, G7

O'Donnell, Teady, Caravan Rd, F33

O'Donnell, Teresa, Innishfree, E15

O'Donnell, Theresa, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Tina, Leckenagh, A1 (headstone photo - 1901 census)

O'Donnell, Una, Meenacross, F93 (headstone photo)

O'Donnell, unknown, Roshin, G7

O'Donnell, William, Doochary, D24

O'Donnell, Winnie, Marameelan, B80

O'Donnell, , Marameelan, E68

O'Dowd, Mary, Dungloe, J10

O'Neill, Michael, , C9

O'Sullivan, Vera, Innishfree, J15

Quinn, Mary, Drumlaghdrid, K16

Roarty, Brigid, Lettercaugh, F78 (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Catherine (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Charles, Carnmore Rd, B45

Roarty, Charles, Lettercaugh, F78 (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Daniel, Thorr, A4

Roarty, Fannie, Quay Rd, F122

Roarty, James, Crohyboyle, C67

Roarty, Jimmy, Lettercaugh, F78 (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Joseph (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Mary, Carnmore Rd, B45

Roarty, Mary, Crohyboyle, J22

Roarty, Mary, Lettercaugh, F78 (headstone photo1 & headstone photo2)

Roarty, Mary, Maghery, E58

Roarty, Mary, Quay Rd, F122

Roarty, Michael, Crohyboyle, C67

Roarty, Mick, Quay Rd, F122

Roarty, Minnie, Quay Rd, F122

Roarty, Neil, Carnmore Rd, B45

Roarty, Patrick, Crohyboyle, J22

Roarty, Patrick, Maghary, F43

Roarty, Patrick, Quay Rd, F122

Roarty, Rose, Thorr, A4

Roarty, Susan, Crohyboyle, C67

Roarty, Thady, Carnmore Rd, B45

Roarty, Thomas *, Crohyboyle, J22

Rodgers, Ann, Lettercaugh, K11

Rodgers, Ann Rose, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, Annie, Crohyboyle, J7

Rodgers, Bridget, Lettercaugh, D4

Rodgers, Bridget, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, Charles, Diamond, C74

Rodgers, Charles, Oilean Treora, F4

Rodgers, Denis, Quay Rd, B41

Rodgers, Frances, Meendrain, L4

Rodgers, Frank, Meendrain, L4

Rodgers, granddaughter, Island Teora, I56

Rodgers, Hannah, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, James, Lettercaugh, D4

Rodgers, Jane, Oilean Treora, F4

Rodgers, Joe, Lettercaugh, D4

Rodgers, John, Lettercaugh, D4

Rodgers, John, Lettercaugh, K11

Rodgers, John, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, Kate, Crohyboyle, J7

Rodgers, Kate, Oilean Treora, F4

Rodgers, Manus, Oilean Treora, F4

Rodgers, Mary, Lettercaugh, D4

Rodgers, Mary, Oilean Treora, F4

Rodgers, Mary, Quay Rd, B41

Rodgers, Nan, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, Nora, Meenabollagan, L2

Rodgers, Patrick, Crohyboyle, J7

Rodgers, Patrick, Meenabollagan, L2

Rodgers, Patrick, , F85 (headstone photo)

Rodgers, Phil, Meenabollagan, L2

Rodgers, Robert, Island Teora, I56

Rodgers, Sally, Island Teora, I56

Scanlon, James P.P., , I7

Sharkey, Annie, Milton, C77

Sharkey, Annie, Sheskinarone, C21

Sharkey, Annie, , E60

Sharkey, Anthony, Sheskinarone, H38

Sharkey, Bridget, Toberkeen, B37

Sharkey, Bridget, , E60

Sharkey, Catherine, Sheskinarone, H38

Sharkey, Denis, Diamond, F50

Sharkey, Denis, Meenderrynasloe, F60

Sharkey, Denis, Meenderrynasloe, F60

Sharkey, Edward, , E60

Sharkey, Ellen, Sheskinarone, I75

Sharkey, Family, , I66

Sharkey, Francis, Sheskinarone, C21

Sharkey, Hugh, Milton, C77

Sharkey, Hugh, Stranarva, F68

Sharkey, James, Crohyboyle, C67

Sharkey, James, Sheskinarone, I75

Sharkey, James, , E60

Sharkey, John, Bunawack, J24

Sharkey, John, Mill Rd, A33

Sharkey, Mary, Crohyboyle, C67

Sharkey, Mary, Milton, C77

Sharkey, Mary, Stranarva, F68

Sharkey, Mary P., Mill Rd, A33

Sharkey, Neil, Diamond, F50

Sharkey, Peter, , E60

Sharkey, Sarah, Mill Rd, A33

Sharkey, Susan, Diamond, F50

Sharkey, Willie, Milton, C77

Slevan, Hugh, Dungloe, I70

Slevan, Unity, Dungloe - USA, I70

Solan, Anna, Derrydruel, F71

Solan, Charles, Derrydruel, F71

Solan, Margaret, Derrydruel, F71

Solan, Mary, Derrydruel, F71

Solan, Mary Helen, Derrydruel, F71

Solan, Sarah, Derrydruel, F71

Strain, Annie, Doochary, I79

Sweeney, Adrian, Meenabollagan, C56

Sweeney, Ann, Chapel Rd, F63

Sweeney, Ann Marie, Meenabollagan, C56

Sweeney, Anne, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Anne, Saltpans, C55

Sweeney, Anne, , G4

Sweeney, Annie, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Annie, Meendrain, L4

Sweeney, Annie C (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Anthony, Chapel Rd, D36

Sweeney, Anthony, Meenmore, B30

Sweeney, B Comdt (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Barney, Innishfree, E14

Sweeney, Bella, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Bella, Meenmore, J2

Sweeney, Bridget (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Bridget, Ardmeen, I5

Sweeney, Bridget, Chapel Rd, D36

Sweeney, Bridget, Meenabollagan, C56

Sweeney, Bridget, Meenatottan, H10

Sweeney, Bridget, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, Bridget Anne, , G4

Sweeney, Brigid, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Brien, Ardmeen, I5

Sweeney, Brigid, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Brigid, Thorr, A4

Sweeney, Bryan (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Catherine, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Catherine, Meenmore, I13

Sweeney, Catherine, , G4

Sweeney, Charles, Falchorrib, I9

Sweeney, Cissie, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney, Con Patrick, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Conal, Meenmore, J2

Sweeney, Condy, Meenabollagan, C56

Sweeney, DC Capt (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Dan, Sheskinarone, E72

Sweeney, David, Meenatottan, H10

Sweeney, Denis, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Denis, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Edward, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Edward, Saltpans, C55

Sweeney, Elizabeth F., , G4

Sweeney, Ellen, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Fannie, Falchorrib, I9

Sweeney, Grace, Meenabollagan, A31

Sweeney, Hannah, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Hugh, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, James, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, James, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, James, Chapel Rd, F63

Sweeney, James, Falchorrib, I9

Sweeney, James, Meenabollagan, A31

Sweeney, James, Meenatottan, H10

Sweeney, James, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, James, Thorr, A4

Sweeney, James, , G4

Sweeney, Jim (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Jim, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, John (headstone photo)

Sweeney, John (Hotel) (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, John, Ardmeen, I5

Sweeney, John, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, John, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney, John, Saltpans, C55

Sweeney, John, Sheskinarone, E72

Sweeney, John G, Meenabollagan, A31

Sweeney, John P., Meenmore, H32

Sweeney, Johnny, Saltpans, H43

Sweeney, Jos. Maj. Gen., , H22 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Jos A Maj Gen (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Joseph, Chapel Rd, D36

Sweeney, Joseph, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Joseph E., Meenmore, B30

Sweeney, Josie, Meenmore, E14

Sweeney, Kathleen, Meenabollagan, C56

Sweeney, Kitty, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, Madge, Meenmore, H32

Sweeney, Margaret (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Margaret, , G4

Sweeney, Marie, Falchorrib, F99 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Mary (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Mary, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Mary, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Mary, Chapel Rd, D36

Sweeney, Mary, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Mary, Innishfree, E14

Sweeney, Mary, Meenmore, B30

Sweeney, Mary, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, Mary, Meenmore, E14

Sweeney, Mary, Meenmore, L6

Sweeney, Mary, Saltpans, C55

Sweeney, Mary, Sheskinarone, E72

Sweeney, Mary, , G4

Sweeney, Micheal, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Micheal, Meenmore, H24

Sweeney, Murray (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Murray, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Neil, Ardmeen, C52

Sweeney, Neil, Meenmore, E14

Sweeney, Neil, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Niall, Meenmore, J2

Sweeney, Nora, Meendrain, E1

Sweeney, Norman, , H22

Sweeney, Owen, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Owen, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Owen, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Owen, Saltpans, C55

Sweeney, Patrick, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney, Patrick, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney, Patrick, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Patrick, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, Patrick, Meenmore, B48

Sweeney, Peggy, Ardmeen, I5

Sweeney, Peter, Saltpans, H43

Sweeney, Peter Anthony, , G4

Sweeney, Rose, Meenmore, B30

Sweeney, Sara (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Sarah, Caravan Rd, A21 (headstone photo & 1901 census)

Sweeney, Sheila, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney, Sibeal, Meenmore, J2

Sweeney, Susan, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Teresa Cath., , G4

Sweeney, Theresa, Croaghnashallog, F125 (headstone photo)

Sweeney, Thomas, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Winnie, Caravan Rd, E6

Sweeney, Winnie, Meenacross (headstone photo)

Sweeney ?, Brigid, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweeney ?, Edward, Croaghnashallog, A22

Sweney, Patrick, Caravan Rd, E6

Taggart, Annie, Omagh, B26 (headstone photo)

Thornton, Bob, Capt, I47 (headstone photo)

Tighe, Shane baby, , G37

Timoney, Donald, , G27

Town-Head, , , D10

Townley, George, Dundalk, D18

Tully, Margaret, Burtonport, F8 (headstone photo)

Wallace, Bridget, Crovehy, C18

Wallace, Edward, Crovehy, C18

Wallace, Marie, Crovehy, C18

Wallace, Mary, Crovehy, C18

Wallace, Mary N.T., Maghery, B59

Wallace, Owen, Crovehy, C18

Wallace, Sam, Crovehy, C18

Walsh, Annie, Ardmeen, G33

Walsh, Annie, Sheskinarone, E42

Walsh, Anthony, Ardmeen, J6

Walsh, Anthony, Sheskinarone, E13

Walsh, Breid, Ardmeen, F15

Walsh, Bridget, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, Cissie, Dungloe, F16

Walsh, Con, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, Dan, Owenamarrow, L14

Walsh, Daniel, , G36

Walsh, Ellen, Ardmeen, F51

Walsh, Ellen, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, family, Meenatottan, B1

Walsh, Grace, Ardmeen, G33

Walsh, Grace, , G36

Walsh, Hugh, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, Hugh, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, James, Diamond, H3

Walsh, James, Sheskinarone, E13

Walsh, John, Ardmeen, F51

Walsh, John, Dungloe, F16

Walsh, Joseph, Ardmeen, G33

Walsh, Kitty, Sheskinarone, E13

Walsh, Margaret, Ardmeen, F51

Walsh, Mary, Ardmeen, I4

Walsh, Mary, Ardmeen, J6

Walsh, Mary, Diamond, H3

Walsh, Mary, Owenamarrow, L14

Walsh, Maurice, Ardmeen, G33

Walsh, Nellie, Ardmeen, F15

Walsh, Paddy, Diamond, H3

Walsh, Patrick, Ardmeen, G33

Walsh, Patrick, Ardmeen, I4

Walsh, Patrick, Owenamarrow, L14

Walsh, Phil, Ardmeen, F15

Walsh, Rose, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, Sally, Sheskinarone, E13

Walsh, Thomas, Lettercaugh, H1

Walsh, William, Sheskinarone, E13

Ward, Annie, Meenmore, C68

Ward, Annie Teague, Chapel Rd, F12

Ward, Anthony, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Bartley, Meenmore, C68

Ward, Brian, Diamond, B75

Ward, Bridget, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, Cecily, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Charles, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, Charles, Toberkeen, I10

Ward, Daniel, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, Eddie, Sheskinarone, C68

Ward, Edward, Meenmore, C68

Ward, Florrie, Quay Rd, A8

Ward, Grace, Drumlaghdrid, C25

Ward, Hannah, Meenmore (headstone photo)

Ward, Hugh, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, James, Quay Rd, A8

Ward, Jane, , I45 (headstone photo)

Ward, Jimmy, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, John, Crohyboyle, K23

Ward, John, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, John, Main St., E56

Ward, John, Toberkeen (headstone photo)

Ward, Kate, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Maggie Biddy, Main St., E56

Ward, Manus, Drumlaghdrid, C25

Ward, Margaret, Quay Rd, A8

Ward, Mary, Crohyboyle, K23

Ward, Mary, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Mary, Diamond, B75

Ward, Mary, Toberkeen, I10

Ward, Mary Jane, Quay Rd, A8

Ward, Micheal, , I45 (headstone photo)

Ward, Michael, , I45 (headstone photo)

Ward, Neil, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Nellie, Derrydruel, F71

Ward, Paddy, Cruickaghmore, C48

Ward, Pat, St Crones Tce, Dungloe, I45 (headstone photo)

Ward, Patrick, Crohyboyle, K23

Ward, Patrick, Drumlaghdrid, C25

Ward, Patrick, Toberkeen, I10

Ward, Rose, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, Sheila, Drumlaghdrid, C25

Ward, Teague, Derrydruel, D22 (headstone photo)

Ward, Teague, Toberkeen (headstone photo)

Ward, Winnie, Toberkeen (headstone photo)

Williams, Joseph, Quay Rd, I48 (headstone photo)

Woods, Patrick, Co. Louth, I34

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