1911 Census Meenadoan, Inishkeel Parish, Co. Donegal

(Barony of Boylagh, Parish of Inishkeel, Fintown Electoral Division LDS # 2081199)

This Census Extraction was submitted by John Bernhardt and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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John's mothers paternal grandparents were Francis and Ellen Herron

Francis was born and raised in Glenaboghill. His mother's mother was Mary Hanlon from Cloghbolie, parish of Templecrone

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No Name Age Relationship Read/Write Years Married Children Born/Living Occupation
1 Frank Herron 65 head yes/yes     farmer/tailor
  Ellen Herron 52 wife yes/yes 22 10/10  
  Bridget Herron 18 daughter yes/yes      
  Michael Herron 16 son yes/yes     scholar
  Peter Herron 14 son yes/yes     scholar
  Francis Herron 12 son yes/yes     scholar
  Patrick Herron 9 son yes/yes     scholar
  Rose Herron 7 daughter yes/yes     scholar
  Grace Herron 4 daughter yes/yes      
  Researcher: John - Email
2 Hugh McCauley 58 head (widower) yes/yes     farmer
  Rose McCauley 18 daughter yes/yes     lace worker
  Francis McCauley 11 son yes/yes     Scholar
  Maggie Jane McCauley 9 daughter yes/yes     Scholar
  James McCauley 7 son yes/yes     Scholar
  Kate McCauley 6 daughter yes/yes      
  Neil McGill and Bridget Doherty Household      
3 Neil Gill 60 head no/no     farmer
  Bridget Gill 60 wife no/no 31 9-Sep  
  Patrick Gill 29 son yes/yes      
  Connell Gill 28 son yes/yes      
  Ellen Gill 17 daughter yes/yes     lace knitter
4 Margaret McHugh 72 head (widow) no/no     farmer
  James McHugh 29 son no/no     farmerís son
  James Coll and Ellen Boyle Household      
5 James Coll 50 head no/no      
  Ellen Coll 39 wife no/no 12 7-May  
  Patrick Coll 12 son        
  Mary Coll 11 daughter        
  Rose Coll 6 daughter        
  John Coll 3 son        
  James Coll 1 son        
  Researcher: Connie - Email
6 Patrick Quinn 51 head yes/yes     cottier
  Agnes Quinn 40 wife yes/yes 16 9-Aug  
  Rose Quinn 11 daughter yes/yes      
  John Quinn 9 son yes/yes      
  Condy Quinn 7 son yes/yes      
  Bridget Quinn 5 daughter yes/no      
  Patrick Quinn 1 son        
7 George Carberry 57 head        
  Maire Carberry 50 wife   23 5-May  
  Seamus Carberry 20 son        
  Sean Carberry 16 son        
  Anna Carberry 11 daughter        
  James McGeehan and Annie McDevitt Household      
8 James McGeehan 50 head        
  Anna McGeehan 41 wife   23 10-Oct  
  Niall McGeehan 19 son        
  Seamus McGeehan 13 son        
  Eiblin McGeehan 10 daughter        
  Peadar McGeehan 8 son        
  Bridget McGeehan 6 daughter        
  Mairead McGeehan 4 daughter        
  Patrick McGeehan 2 daughter        
9 Peadar McGeehan 49 head        
  Seamus McGeehan 79 father        
  Maire McGeehan 76 mother        
  ?  McGeehan 14 ?        
  Patrick McLoone and Mary McDevitt Household      
10 Patrick McLoone 69 head        
  ?  McLoone 24 son        
11 Hugh McGlynn 72 head        
  Hugh McGlynn 38 son        
  Michael McGlynn 32 son        
12 Patrick Boner 71 head       cottier
  Anne Boner 65 wife   19 0/0  

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