1901 Census Meenadoan, Inishkeel, Co. Donegal

(Includes Meenlackdoo / Meenlackdubh)


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Barony of Boylagh, Parish of Inishkeel, Fintown Electoral Division LDS #824877


John's mothers paternal grandparents were Francis and Ellen Herron

Francis was born and raised in Glenaboghill. His mother's mother was Mary Hanlon from Cloghbolie, parish of Templecrone

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the 1911 Census for Meenadoan



No Surname Given Age Relationship Read/Write Spoken Language Occupation
Neil McGill and Bridget Doherty Household      
1 McGill Neil 50 head      
McGill Bridget 47 wife      
McGill Connell 17 son      
McGill John 13 son      
McGill Anne 11 daughter      
McGill Mary 9 daughter      
McGill Ellen 7 daughter      
McGill Neil 4 son      
McGill Columba 3        
Doherty Nellie 90 mother-in-law      
Gill Kate 4 mos. Niece      


Mary emigrated to America on May 1, 1910 at the age of 18, where she settled in Philadelphia, marrying Henry White

She had a family of three children: Rita, Harry and William "Mike", all deceased

Her 7 grandchildren live mostly in the Philadelphia area, but also in California and Virginia

Mary died in February 1974

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Hugh McCauley and Catherine Langan Household      
2 McAuley Hugh 47 head      
McAuley Catherine 40 wife      
McAuley John 10 son      
McAuley Bridget 9 daughter      
McAuley Rose 8 daughter      
McAuley Bernard 6 son      
McAuley Mary 5 daughter      
McAuley Denis 3 son      
McAuley Francis 1 son      
Langan Bridget 65 mother-in-law     visitor


Hugh McCauly, son of Shane/John McCauly, married Catherine Langan, Stranawar (Meenagolan), dau of Bernard Langan, 11 Feb 1890 in Glenties.

Witnesses John McGlynn, Meengilcarry and Bridget Hughes, Crohonagh. See Marriage Register entry

Hugh son of Shane/John McCauley and Rose McGeehin

- Shane/John d 6 Jul 1880 aged 55 years, informant, James McCauley

- Rose d 13 Jul 1888 aged 58 years, informant, son in law, John Quinn

Children of Shane and Rose :

Hugh m Catherine Langan

Mary m John Quinn - see 1901 census Kingarrow

Denis d 24 Aug 1890 aged 23 years

James d 30 Mar 1887 aged 25 years, informant, brother, Hugh McCauley

Family of Shane/John :

Father possibly Denis - he was the only McCauley in the 1833 Tithe Applotment book for Meenadoan

Possible brother, Daniel McCauley, married to Mary ?, with a son Patrick

Daniel McCauley, Meenadoan, d 4 Jan 1876 aged 60 years, informant, Mary McCauley

Mary McCauley, Meenadoan, d 9 Dec 1885 aged 55 years, informant, son, Patrick McCauley

Catherine dau of Bernard Langan and Bridget Hughes, Meenagolan

Children of Bernard and Bridget :

Bernard m Bridget Quinn - see 1901 census Meenagolan

Catherine m Hugh McCauley

- Catherine d 24 May 1905 aged 43 years

Francis m Ellen Boyce, Stranawar, 7 Aug 1913, witnesses Michael McDevitt and Maggie Boyce

Grace b 8 Jan 1865 m John McDevitt, Cumirk, 9 Feb 1882, witnesses William McMonagle and James Hughes?

Hugh b 23 Aug 1868

Patrick b 15 Oct 1869

Andy b 4 May 1871

Jane b 8 Jan 1873

Ellen b 11 May 1874

Children of Hugh and Catherine :









Margaret Jane



Hugh Quinn and Barbara McGeehan Household      
3 Quinn Hugh 55 head      
Quinn Barbara 60 wife      
Quinn Bridget 20 daughter      
Note : Son ? Daniel d 8 Jul 1864, aged 7 days, of convulsions, present at death, mother, Biddy Quinn
Francis Herron and Ellen Timony Household      
4 Herron Francis 51 head yes/yes Irish & English farmer & tailor
Herron Ellen 40 wife yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Annie 11 daughter yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Ellen 10 daughter yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Bridget 9 daughter yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Connell 8 son yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Michael 7 son yes/yes Irish & English  
Herron Peter 4 son yes/no Irish & English  
Herron Francis 1 son      


Francis Herron, son of Connell Herron, married Ellen Timony, Meenasrone, dau of Michael Timony, 24 Oct 1888 in Glenties.

Witnesses Patrick and Bridget Quinn, Fintown. See Marriage Register entry

Researcher: John - Email

Hugh McGlynn and Anne Quinn Household      
5 McGlynn Hugh 56 head      
McGlynn Michael 19 son      
McGlynn Hugh 17 son      
Patrick McLoone and Mary McDevitt Household      
6 McCloone Patrick 55 head yes/yes Irish & English farmer
McCloone Patrick 21 son yes/yes Irish & English  
McCloone Mary 19 daughter yes/yes Irish & English  
McCloone Michael 16 son yes/yes Irish & English  
McCloone Ann 14 daughter yes/yes Irish & English  
McCloone Peter 12 son yes/yes Irish & English  

Notes :

Patrick McLoone, Meenadoan, son of John, married Mary McDevitt, Cummrick (Meenatinny, Conwal), dau of John, 6 Oct 1874. Witnesses Peter

McGeehan and Susan Brennan

Children of Patrick and Mary :

Mary b 25 Dec 1879

Michael b 3 May 1884

James McGeehan and Mary McDermott Household      
7 McGeehan James 65 head      
McGeehan Mary 65 wife      
McGeehan Grace 19 daughter      


Dau Bridget married Patrick McGlynn, Meengilcarry on 12 Jul 1894 in Glenties. See 1901 Meengilcarry census

Dau Mary married Patrick McGlynn, Meenatinny on 9 Feb 1900 in Fintown. See 1901 Meenatinny census 

James Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin Household  
8 Gallagher James 62 head no/no Irish & English farmer





Irish & English



Bridget was a daughter of Michael MacManaman and Bridget Dougherty of Meenadoan

James Gallagher died Sep 1903.

After his death, Bridget sold the farm for 200 to James McGeehan of Meenadoan and his son,  who came back from Queensland (Australia?)

Bridget then went to live with Peter McMenamin in Kingarrow, Inishkeel

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James McGeehan and Annie McDevitt Household      
9 McGeehan James 40 head      
McGeehan Anne 30 wife      
McGeehan John 10 son      
McGeehan Neil 9 son      
McGeehan Mary 4 daughter      
McGeehan James 2 son      
McGeehan Catherine 40 sister      


James McGeehan, Meenadoan, son of John McGeehan, married Anne McDevitt, Loughnambradden, dau of Neal McDevitt, 20 Sep 1889

in Glenties. Witnesses John McGeehan, Meen? and Mary Gallagher, Loughnambradden

Anne's sister Bridget married John Brennan, Beaghmore, son of Daniel Brennan, 1 Feb 1890 in Glenties. Witnesses James McGeehan,

Meenadoan, and Bridget McGeehan, Meen? See 1901 census Beaghmore

Patrick b 26 Jun 1909

George Carbery and Mary McDevitt Household      
10 Carberry George 35 head      
Carberry Mary 34 wife      
Carberry Mary 10 daughter      
Carberry James 9 son      
Carberry Bridget 7 daughter      
Carberry John 5 son      
Carberry Anne 10mos. daughter      
Patrick Coll and Rose McLoone Household      
11 Coll Patrick 75 head no/no Irish & English Farmer
Coll James 30 son no/no Irish & English Farmer's son
Coll Ellen 28 dau-in-law no/no Irish & English Knitter
Coll Mary 6mos. Gdau no/no    


1851 Census :

Ardachrin, Gartan parish -

    Patrick Coll, head

    Rose Coll (nee McLoone), wife, married 1848

    Daniel, son, 1 yr

Rose d 10 Mar 1899 aged 70 years, of influenza, duration 1 week

Patrick d 5 Nov 1906 aged 84 years, of debility, duration 6 months

Children of Patrick and Rose :

Biddy b 1858 d Meenadoan 1 Jul 1865 aged 7 years, present at death, Patrick 'Cool'

James married Ellen Boyle, Banganboy, dau of John Boyle, 7 Jan 1898. Witnesses Margaret Kerr and Margaret Boyle, Fintown.

    4th degree consanguinity (3rd cousins). See Marriage Register entry

    Children of James and Ellen

    - Patrick John b 26 Oct 1898, Fintown, baptised 27 Oct, Godparents James and Mary Boyle. Married Ellen Quinn

    - Mary b 26 Feb 1900, baptised 27 Feb. Sponsors Hugh Kerr, CC, and Margaret Kerr

    - Daniel b 1 Dec 1901, baptised 2 Dec. Sponsors Patrick Coll and Catherine Boyle

Patrick married Catherine Boyle, Banganboy, dau of John Boyle, 17 May 1900. Witnesses Daniel McLoone, Meenmore and Mary Boyle,

    Stracashel.  4th degree consanguinity (3rd cousins). See Marriage Register entry. Also, see 1901 census Meenmore East

Teague married Mary McGlynn, Meengilcarry, dau of Daniel (decd) in Kilteevoge 29 Jun 1889. Witnesses John Kelly, Leterhillew and

    Mary Wright, Altnapaste. 4th degree consanguinity (3rd cousins). See Mariage Register entry. Also see Stramore census

Anne married Hugh Carr, 23, Glendowan, son of Hugh at Glenties on 20 Feb 1878. See Glendowanbeg census

Researcher: Connie - Email

12 McHugh John 70 head      
McHugh Bridget 68 wife      
13 McHugh James 68 head      
McHugh Margaret 62 wife      
McHugh James 19 son      

Townland Notes




Cormac Quinn, Fintown, son of Patrick, married Rose Carbery, Meenadoan, dau of Patrick, 13 Feb 1900 at Fintown. 3 and 4 degree consanguinity. Witnesses James Quinn and Bridget Quinn, Loughmuck. See 1901 census Fintown

Patrick Carberry (Peter, decd. Meenadoan) married Bridget Doherty (Neil, decd. Shallogans) on Feb 3 1864 in Glenties - see 1901 census Meenmore East

Neil Herron, son of Connell, married Mary McGeehan, dau of James, Meenatinny in Jan 1867 in Letterkenny District


Number of Dwellings: 11

Inhabited Dwellings: 11

Inhabitants: 65

Roman Catholics: 65

Outbuildings: 19 cow houses


Summary of Households


1.     Neil McGill

2.     Hugh McAuley

3.     Hugh Quinn

4.     Francis Herron

5.     Hugh McGlynn

6.     Patrick McCloone

7.     James McGeehan

8.     James Gallagher

9.     James McGeehan

10.   James McHugh

11.   John McHugh

12.   Patrick Carberry

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