Birth, Marriage & Death Notices, Inver, Co Donegal, 1824 to 1856

Transcribed from the Strabane Morning Post, Londonderry Standard & the Londonderry Sentinel 1824-69

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Births - Marriages - Deaths



April 14 1838

At Mountcharles, the lady of the REV. J. OVENS, of a daughter


February 24 1849

At Wood Lodge, Mountcharles, Donegal, on the 18th inst., the lady of JOHN FLEMING, ESQ., of a daughter


October 3 1856

September 26, at Mountcharles, the wife of THOMAS J. CANTRELL, ESQ., of a son


April 3 1857

On the 24th ult., at Mountcharles, county Donegal, the wife of the REV. A. DELAP, of a son


November 6 1857

On the 31st ult., at Mountcharles, the wife of THOMAS T. CANTRELL, ESQ., of a daughter


October 22 1858

On the 13th inst., at Mountcharles, the wife of the REV. A. DELAP, of a son


March 2 1860

February 25, at Wood Lodge, Mountcharles, county Donegal, the wife of REV. A. DELAP, of a daughter


November 29 1861

On the 22nd November, at 5, Mountcharles, MRS. DANIEL FREDERICK SPILLER, of a son


June 6 1862

May 31, at Mountcharles, county of Donegal, the wife of O'DONNELL GRIMSHAW, ESQ., of a son




September 21 1824

On the 8th instant, at Inver Church, by the Rev. Mr. Montgomery "Montgomery" , MR. CHARLES UNDERWOOD to MISS ELIZA NESBITT "Nesbitt" , third daughter of ROBERT NESBITT, ESQ, Mountcharles, Donegal


September 13 1834

At Lifford, on Wednesday, the 3rd inst., MR. THOMAS WATSON, of Strabane [Co Tyrone], to ELIZA, eldest daughter of the late MR. JAMES MONAGHAN, of Mountcharles


September24 1836

On the 21st inst., by the Rev. John Montgomery, JAMES WAUGH, ESQ., of Inver House, county Donegal, to the highly accomplished MARGARET MARSHALL, youngest daughter of WILLIAM MARSHALL, ESQ., Sheep Lodge, county Antrim. This is the fourth lady the bridegroom had led to the hymeneal altar. He is in the 60th year of his age, the bride in her 20th


March 10 1838

On the 26th of February, in the parish Church of Clondahorkey, by the Rev. Alexander Montgomery, Rector of the parish of Inver, LEONARD CORNWALL, ESQ., of Salt Hill, in the county of Donegal, eldest son to JOHN CORNWALL, ESQ., of Rutland Square, Dublin, to ELIZABETH, third daughter of WILLIAM STEWART, ESQ., of Horn Head, county Donegal


February 16 1839

On the 3rd ult., in the Parish Church, of Killaghtee, by the Rev. Joseph Walsh, MR. THOMAS SPENCER, Master of the Endowed School at Mountcharles, to ANNE, youngest daughter of the late EBENEZER RADFORD, ESQ., of Roseville, county Wexford


April 20 1839

On Tuesday last, at Mountcharles, MR. EDWARD MCGLINCHEY, of this City [Londonderry], to ANNE, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAMS, Mountcharles


August 10 1839

At Inver Church, on Thursday 1st August, by the Rev. Alexander Montgomery, DOCTOR HAMILTON, of Newtownstewart [Co Tyrone], to PATRICIA, youngest daughter of MURRAY BABINGTON, ESQ., Bonny Glen


July 11 1840

In Donegal Church, on the 16th ult., by the Rev. W. Ewing, MR. JOHN JOHNSTON, of Altcor, parish of Inver, to MISS ELIZABETH WELCH, sister to MISS FANNY WELCH, and daughter of the late MR. ROBERT WELCH, of Donegal


December 19 1846

On the 15th inst., at Inver Church, MR. JAMES NEILL, of Londonderry, to CATHERINE ANNE, second daughter of ROBERT LARMOUR, ESQ., Bonny Glen, Donegal


March 1 1850

On the 28th February, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. W.A. Russell, MR. JOHN KIRK, of Mountcharles, to MARY ANNE, youngest daughter of MR. ANDREW BLAIR, of Strabane


August 8 1851

July 17th, by the Most Rev. Dr. McGettigan, DANIEL QUINN, ESQ., merchant, Longford, to MADGE, youngest daughter of the late HUGH MULREANY, ESQ., Mountcharles, Donegal


May 21 1852

May 1, at Stoke Church, the REV. C.B. FENWICK, Mountcharles, county Donegal, to SOPHIA ANNE, third daughter of PHILIP M. LITTLE, ESQ., St. Michael's Terrace, Stoke, Devonport


October 29 1852

In Inver Church, JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., of Dountinny, county Donegal, only surviving son of the late B. HAMILTON, ESQ., of Font Hill, county Carlow, to ALICIA SPENSER, fourth daughter of A. MCMUNN, ESQ., of Inver, county Donegal


August 24 1855

On the 16th inst., at Inver Church, Donegal, by the Rev. M. Delap, MR. JOHN W. MOON, Lurgan [Co Armagh], to MARIA, second daughter of MR. JAMES HONE, deputy surveyor, Mountcharles


June 13 1856

On the 4th inst., at the Parish Church of St. Pancras, London, by the Rev. Lawford Dale, the REV. ALEXANDER DELAP, of Mountcharles, county Donegal, eldest son of the late WILLIAM DELAP, ESQ., of Ray, county Donegal, to ANNA JANE, only daughter of the late LIEUTENANT JOSEPH

GOSLETT, 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion


June 20 1856

On the 17th inst., at Rossory Church, Enniskillen, by the REV. H. CARRE, Rector of Inver, father of the bridegroom, THOMAS CARRE, Lieutenant, P.W.O., Donegal Militia, to EMMA, eldest daughter of F. OLIVER, ESQ., bandmaster P.W.O., Donegal Militia


February 11 1859

In the Roman Catholic Chapel of Inver, county Donegal, on Sunday, the 6th Inst., by the Rev. Mr. Feely, EDWARD MCHUGH, ESQ., woollen draper, Killybegs, to SUSAN, youngest daughter of JAMES CANNON, ESQ., merchant, Mountcharles


December 6 1861

November 28, in Second Donegal Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. Niblock, MR. JOHNFREEL, Inver, to ROSEANN, daughter of MR. JOHN JAMISON, Portstewart, county Derry


May 12 1865

May 10, in the Wesleyan Church, Donegal, by the Rev. Edward Johnston, MR. JAMES GALLAGHER, to MISS LUCY CORR, both of Mountcharles


February 9 1866

February 1st, at Killaghtee Roman Catholic Church, county Donegal, by the Rev. Peter Kelly, C.C., MR.PATRICK BOYLE, Crimhe [Crumlin?], parish of Inver, to MARY, eldest daughter of MR. PATRICK O'BRENNAN, Croagh, Dunkineely


February 12 1867

February 7, in the Methodist Church, Donegal, by the Rev. Edward Johnston, MR. GEORGE MORROW, Donegal, to SARAH ANN, eldest daughter of MR. GEORGE CORSCADEN, Old Road, Mountcharles, and niece of RICHARD CORSCADEN, ESQ., merchant, Donegal


February 26 1867

February 17, at Killaghtee Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. Peter Kelly, C.C., MR. THOMAS FREEL, Keelogs, Inver, to MARGARET, second daughter of MR. THOMAS GILLESPIE, Croagh, near Dunkineely


March 8 1867

February 28, by the Very Rev. Dean Feely, of Inver, MR. JOHN MCGUIRE, Cranny, Inver, to MISS BESSIE MCGROARTY, Keelogs, Inver, Mountcharles


November 15 1867

November 7, at Inver Church, by the Rev. F. Carr, MR. RICHARD WILSON, Glenties, to MISS CATHERINE EDWARDS, Brownhill


August 6 1869

August 3, in the Parish Church, Mountcharles, by the Rev. S.G. Cochrane, Incumbent, DAVID ALEXANDER, youngest son of GEORGE BUCHANAN, ESQ., Postmaster, Glencolumbkille, to ELLEN, eldest daughter of ALEXANDER BUCHANAN, ESQ., merchant, Mountcharles




December 20 1825

At Inver, on Friday night, to the inexpressible grief of her husband, relations, and a numerous acquaintance, MRS. MONTGOMERY, wife of the REV. A. MONTGOMERY, Rector of the parishes of Inver and Templecrone, in the county of Donegal. Steady and sincere in her friendship - of a disposition humane and charitable, her worth and her many amiable and excellent qualities of mind, will long live in the memory of those who knew her


July 11 1835

At Inver, on the 7th inst., the REV. GEORGE STEWART, J.P., of Killybegs


January 2 1841

Of typhus fever, on Sunday, the 20th ult., at his residence in Mountcharles, DR. KERRIGAN, in his 48th year


March 27 1841

On Thursday last, after a protracted illness, MARY, wife of MR. C. WILLIAMS, of Mountcharles


December 24 1842

On board the ship 'John Cooper', of Greenock, of wounds, received during the engagement of the British squadron, at the taking of Chin-Keang-Foo, in China, on the 21st July last, DANIEL MCGONIGAL, seaman, a native of Mountcharles, county Donegal


January 25 1850

On Friday the 11th inst., aged 20 months, ANNIE, second daughter of MR. EDWARD McGLINCHEY, Mountcharles


November 21 1851

On the 11th inst., at his residence, in Mountcharles, county Donegal, after a short illness, Michael FITZGERALD DORNIN, ESQ., late of the Excise Department, aged 70 years



 At his residence, Mountcharles, on the 30th ult., MR. GEORGE KIRK, aged 88 years


January 7 1853

On Sunday, the 19th ult., at Inver Glebe, JANE, relict of the late REV. NATHANIEL INCH, aged 78 years


September 14 1855

August 24th, MR. JOHN KIRK, of Mountcharles, county Donegal


July 17 1857

On Thursday week, as result of a drowning accident at Salt Hill pier whilst fishing, ALEXANDER ROBERT RUSSELL, aged 8 years, the only son of ROBERT RUSSELL, ESQ., of Salt Hill, Mountcharles. The deceased, together with MR. PORTER FRIZELLE and a cousin of his own age, whilst casting a fishing line into the water overreached himself and fell in. Mr. Frizelle jumped into the water and in an attempt to save the boy was himself drowned. The funeral took place to Inver Church graveyard on the 11th inst


November 15 1861

On the 7th November, at Mountcharles, aged 7 years, ANNA LAVINIA, youngest daughter of MR. EDWARD McGLINCHEY, merchant, formerly of this City


April 25 1862

April 12, at Roxboro, the residence of the Rev. E. Labatt, in whose family she was for many years the faithful housekeeper, CATHERINE, daughter of the late MR. NATHANIEL SCOTT, of Drumbigh, Mountcharles, aged 60 years.


January 20 1865

On the 18th January at the residence of her brother, MR. EDWARD McGLINCHEY, Mountcharles, county Donegal, CATHERINE McGLINCHEY, aged 44 years


August 2 1867

July 31, at Wood Lodge, the REV. BENJAMIN DARCUS, Incumbent of Mountcharles, county Donegal. His remains will arrive at the Derry Terminus of the Irish North Western Railway on Monday evening, the 5th of August, at a quarter past two o'clock, and be conveyed from thence to the Cemetery for interment


November 26 1867

November 13, at Curraghafehan, near Killybegs, MRS. BOYLE, mother of the REV. JOSEPH BOYLE, C.C., Inver


January 24 1868

 January 17, at Mountcharles, ANNE, the beloved wife of MR.JOHN WELSH, butter merchant


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