Hearth Money Rolls - 1665 - Kilteevoge Parish, Co Donegal

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A RETURN of the several HEARTHS fireing places and stoves within the county aforesaid by virtue of an Act of Parliament for establishing an additional revenue upon his Majesty his heirs and successors for ever for the better support of his and their honour and dignity to us and others his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in the said County directed.


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Barony of Raphoe
Surname First Townland
Craige Hugh Galwilly
Davett John Corlackey
m'Brehound Donell Sharoy
m'Cally Torlagh Sharoy
m'Callyn Teg Ballykerigan
m'Cleog Torlogh Ballykerigan
m'Connell Cahell (oige) Galwilly
m'Davett Donell Galwilly
m'Davett Edmund Corlackey
m'Dowell Donnagh Welshtown
m'Ganaghan Shan Welshtown
m'Gihan ..... Letterbrick
m'Gilwy Hugh Letterbrick
m'Ginelly ..... Letterkilly
m'Groery Pattrick Aghavey
m'Groery Torlagh Letterkilly
m'Hugh boy m'Brehound Donnell Sharoy
m'Ilmartein Shan Welshtown
m'Manumy Torlagh Galwilly
m'Mongill Manus Galwilly
m'Nulty Cormick Altapest
o'Boylan Phelomy Galwilly
o'Brislan Owen Sharoy
o'Cowan Bryan Altapest
o'Dermund Hugh Letterkilly
o'Donnell Conn Aghavey
o'Dougherty Donnell Corlackey
o'Doward ..... Letterbrick
o'Flaerty Shan Corlackey
o'Gallagher Torlogh Ballykerigan
o'Hanegan Connor Sharoy
o'Harkan Owen Welshtown
o'Harken Torlagh Galwilly
o'Hegarty Shan Ballykerigan
o'Kelly Dualtagh Sharoy
o'Kelly Neale Sharoy
o'Kerulan Torlagh Ballykerigan
o'Marley Shan Corlackey
o'Moyne Hugh Corlackey
o'Pattein Donnagh Welshtown
o'Quigley Edmund Sharoy
o'Quigley Shan Welshtown
o'Quigley Torlagh Altapest
o'Quin Torlagh Welshtown
o'Relly Owen Letterkilly
o'Sheale Donell Ballykerigan
10 8s for 104 Hearths    


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