Murlog Graveyard, Lifford, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Bernie)

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In Remembrance of the

Allen Family

And The

McCay Family


(Same grave)

In Remembrance of

Mary McCay


Died 25 Jul 1997





Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Willie Arthur

Inisfail House, Lifford

Who Died 16 Oct 1972 Aged 75 Years

Bridget Arthur

Who Died 23 Sep 1972 Aged 72 Years

Mary Ann Arthur

Who Died 16 Oct 1932 Aged 64 Years

(Interred in Courock, Scotland)






In Loving Memory of

Hugh Breslin

Murlog Road, Lifford

Died 2 Jul 1965 Aged 70 Years

Also Jack Breslin

Died 27 Mar 1967

And Mary Sharkey

Died 31 Jan 1970






In Loving Memory of

John Buchanan


Died 23 Oct 1973 Aged 65 Years

His Wife Margaret

Died 23 Sep 1990 Aged 78 Years

Their Son Sean

Died 16 May 1986 Aged 48 Years


Erected by his Loving Wife & Family





Martin Coyne

24 Jan 1914 - 5 Jul 2002

Fond Memories Of A Beloved

Husband, Father, Grandfather

And Family Doctor To The People

Of This Area For 44 Years

May He Rest In Peace

Laborare Est Orare




In Loving Memory of

Catherine Devine

And Bernard J Devine

(In same grave)

Edward Devine


Original grave, with photograph tied to headstone

Photograph, enlarged & retouched



Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

John Doherty


Died 14 Dec 1911

Wife Ellen Doherty

Died 16? Oct 1943

Their Sons

Charles H Doherty Died 16 May 19?

Peter F Doherty Died 1 ? 1918

William Doherty Died 16? Mar 195/31?

Interred in Clonleigh

Joseph Doherty, C?

Died 25 Jun 1950

Interred in Dungiven

Leo G Doherty

Interred in Murlog

John Doherty

Died 1? Sep 1961

Bernard Doherty

Died 23 ?n 1967

Thomas? Doherty Died 27 Sep 1975




My Jesus Mercy

In Loving Remembrance of

Annie J Dooher

Died 3 Jun 1865?

David C Dooher Cran?

Died 16 Jul 1965

Charles Dooher

Died 23 Oct 1966

Mary B Dooher, ?

Died 12 Jan 19?7

Interred in California

Patrick M Dooher, C?

Died 6 Aug 19?0, Age 27

Rest in peace



In Loving Memory of

Hugh Evans

Died May 1946

Also His Sisters

Mary Evans

Died 10 Jan 1970 Aged 75 Years

Sarah Evans

Died 9 Apr 1978 Aged 79 Years

Agnes Evans

Died 30 May 1979 Aged 71 Years

And Brother John

Died 21 Sep 1983 Aged 74 Years





Children of Hugh Evans and Isabella Sweeney (Stramore, Gartan)

Also see 1901 census Ballyboe, Taughboyne

Researcher: Lindel - Email




Jesus, Mary & Joseph

In Loving Memory of

Joseph Fields

Died 14 Apr 1931 Aged 39 Years

Ceceila Fields

Died 10 Jan 1965 Aged 69 Years

Nancy Fields

Died 8 Mar 1980 Aged 56 Years

Edward Fields

Died 25 Oct 1989 Aged 68 Years






In Loving Memory of

Hannah French

Died 8? Jul 19?0

Eileen French

Died 16 Jun 2002



In Loving Memory of

Andrew Gallagher

Died 26 Sep 1962

Mary Catherine Gallagher

Died 27 Jul 1965

Hugh Gallagher, Town Park, Lifford

Died 25 Mar 1975

Annie J Gallagher

Townparks, Lifford

Died 30 Apr 1982






In Loving Memory of

Patrick Gallagher


Who Died 13? Sep 1969

His Wife Ellen

Who Died 25 Dec 1969



In Loving Memory

Mary Gamble Age 10 yrs

William Gamble Age 73 yrs

Hannah Gamble 85 yrs

Charlie Gamble 49 yrs




In Loving Memory of

Edward Harkin


Died 13 Jul 1960

Aged 75 Years

His Wife Ellen

Died 22 Jun 1975

Aged 76 Years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann Wilton Leuria

Died 16 Jul 1959

Erected by her Loving Husband

Marks Wilton Leuria

Died 11 Feb 1961

Son William Barry

Died 27 Apr 1983 Aged 77 Years

Son-in-law John McKenna

Died 13 Nov 1984 Aged 79? Years




May be related to this family in the 1911 Vincinage Park, Antrim




In Loving Memory of

May Lynch


Died 16 Jun 1967

Her Husband George

Died 6 May 1972

And His Sister Kate Lynch

Died 29 Feb 1980?

Our Lady of Knock

Pray For Them




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy On The

Soul Of

William McCallion


Died 7 Jan 1962 Aged 75 Years

Also His Sister Sara

Died 8 Apr 1976 Aged 83 Years




In Loving Memory of

Richard T McCarthy

Galtymore, Lifford

Died Feb 24 1977 Aged 51 Years

His Wife Rita

Died Nov 17 2003 Aged 77 Years

God IS Very Good And Not At All

Sparing In What He Does

On His Soul Sweet Jesus Have Mercy



In Loving Memory of

Hugh McGinley

Died 26 Nov 1968 Aged 100 Years

John Sweneey

Died 16 Jun 1988 Aged 69 Years

Mary Sweeey

Died 15 Aug 1994




In Loving Memory of

Mary A McGrory

Died 3 Aug 1958

Aged 89 Years

Patrick McGrory

Died 15 Apr 1976

Aged 72 Years

Susan McGrory

Died 21 Apr 1996

Aged 91 Years





In Loving Memory of

Samuel J Peoples


Died 30 Aug 1972

Also His Sister

Mary Ann Peoples, Springhill

Died 12 Feb 1961

Mary Catherine (May) Peoples

The Common, Lifford

Died 30 Dec 1988

Also Her Husband John

Died 29 Nov 1991





In Loving Memory of

Margaret Porter


Died 20 Feb 1963

Robert Porter

Died 5 Nov 1966




In Loving Memory of

James Thompson

The Haw, Lifford

Died 30 Nov 1967 Aged 65 Years

His Wife Mary

Died 30 May 1969 Aged 64 Years

Their Son James Died 31 Dec? 1991

Elizabeth Thompson

Died 11 Oct 2000 Aged 82 Years

Teresa Thompson

Died 24? Dec 2004





In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann Thompson

(Nee Boland)

Formerly Tober, Ballindrait

Died 5 Jul 1967

Aged 60 Years

Rest In Peace

Erected by her Sister Rose Catterson




Pray for the Soul of

Annie Tourish

Curraghalane, Lifford

Died 3 Aug 1962

Aged 52 Years

James Tourish

Died 3 Jan 1972 Aged 62 Years






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