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Cluain Lao - Clonleigh


The parish, which is also called Clonleigh, comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 12,517 1/2 statute acres, of which 153 are in the tideway of the river Foyle, and 12,227 are applotted under the tithe act and valued at £8520 per annum. The principal seats are Clonleigh, the residence of the Rev. W. Knox; and Cavanacor, of B. Geale Humfrey, Esq. The river Foyle is navigable for vessels of 20 tons from Derry to this place. The living is a rectory, in the diocese of Derry, and in the patronage of the Bishop: the tithes amount to £840, and the glebe comprises 427 acres, of which 177 are uncultivated land. The church is a neat edifice of stone with a square tower, and contains a monument to Sir Richard Hansard and Dame Anne, his wife, enumerating his various benefactions to the town. In the R. C. divisions the parish forms the head of a union or district, comprising also the parish of Camus-juxta-Morne: the chapel, within a mile of the town, is a neat edifice. There is a place of worship for Presbyterians in connection with the Synod of Ulster, of the second class. About 450 children are taught in seven public schools, of which one is endowed by Sir Richard Hansard with £30 per ann. for a master and £20 for an usher, to be appointed by the Bishop of Derry, who is visiter; the parochial schools are partly supported by a bequest of the late Lord Erne and by the Rector, and another is supported by the Creighton family. There are also four private schools, in which are about 80 children, and a Sunday school. Mr. Blackburn, in 1806, bequeathed £200, the interest of which he appropriated to be annually distributed among poor householders, but the legacy has not yet been made available to the purpose. There are remains of three religious houses, at Ballibogan, Churchminster, and Clonleigh; the monastery of Cluanleodh, according to Archdall, was founded at a very early period by St. Columb, and St. Carnech was bishop and abbot of this establishment in 530. Lifford gives the titles of Baron and Viscount to the family of Hewitt.


(Extract from Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837)



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English Irish Area
Aghawee   124
Ardnaglass   264
Ardnasool   114
Backhill   13
Backland   25
Ballindrait   103
Ballindrait Town    
Ballybogan  Baile Uí Bhogáin 124
Ballylast  An Baile Loiscthe 7
Ballymonaster   143
Ballynabreen   245
Birdstown   126
Blackrock   9
Boyagh   243
Braade  An Bhráid 245
Calhame   90
Camus   35
Carricknaslate   90
Cavan  An Cabhán 126
Cavanacor  An Cabhán Corr 85
Churchtown  Baile an Teampaill 216
Cloghfin  An Chloch Fhionn 162
Coneyburrow   130
Coolatee   132
Corkan Isle   101
Croaghan   106
Curraghalane  Currach an Léim 152
Dooros   85
Dromore   134
Drumboy   143
Druminargal   97
Drumleene  Droim Lighean 337
Drumnaha   87
Edenmore   200
Glebe  An Glaidhb 38
Glencash   119
Glenfad   265
Glensmoil   213
Gort   2
Gortgranagh   69
Gortin North  An Goirtín Thuaidh 227
Gortinreagh  An Goirtín Theas 110
Gortins South   183
Gortnagole   165
Gortnavilly   76
Guystown   113
Haw   131
Hollands   109
Island Beg   5
Island More   149
Keeloges   109
Kilmonaster Lower   212
Kilmonaster Middle   257
Kilnpark   64
Leggandorragh   43
Legnabraid or Cunninghamstown   10
Legnaneale   80
Lifford  Leifear 148
Lifford Beg   54
Lifford Common   360
Lifford Town    
Liskey   139
Lurganshannagh   137
Mass Bet   126
Mass More   123
Masshill   91
Millsessiagh   54
Moneen   138
Mullaghanny   247
Mulnagung  Maol na gCung 277
Mulnaveagh  Maol na bhFiach 313
Murlough   185
Newrow   122
Porthall  Halla an Phoirt 470
Portinure  Port an Iúir 85
Rossgeir  Ros Géar 281
Roughan   66
Shannon Lower   185
Shannon Middle   197
Sheercloon   121
Sixty Acres   73
Springhill   100
Tamnawood  An Tamhnach 64
Tieveboy   133
Tirkeeran   92
Tironeill   179
Toberoneill   225
Town Parks   120
Tyleford   21
Unshinagh Lower  Uinseannach Íochtarach 94
Unshinagh Upper  Uinseannach Uachtarach 80
Wood   41
Wood Island   39



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