Birth Notices, AllSaints Parish, Co Donegal

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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June 26 1830  

At Bogay House, on the 23rd inst., MRS EDWARD BOWEN, of a son


March 21 1835

On the 15th inst., at Bogay House, near Derry, MRS EDWARD BOWEN, of a son


September 26 1835

At Monglass, on the 15th inst., MRS CALDWELL MOTHERWELL, of a son


July 9 1836

 At Bogay House, on Friday, the 8th inst., MRS E. BOWEN, of a son


January 10 1837

At Bogay House, on Monday, the 5th inst., MRS EDWARD BOWEN, of a daughter


August 14 1841

On the 11th inst., the lady of T.J. DIMSDALE, ESQ., Castleforward, of a daughter


May 19 1842

At Gortlee, on Saturday morning, 12th inst., the LADY GEORGE HILL, of a daughter


January 28 1843

At Bogay House, on Monday, the 23rd inst., the lady of JOHN FERGUSON, ESQ., of a daughter


May 11 1844

At Mason Lodge, near Newtowncunningham, on the 1st inst., the lady of THOMAS PAGE PATTERSON, ESQ., of a daughter, stillborn


September 27 1845

At Letterkenny, on the 18th inst., the lady of DR LONG, Heathill, Newtowncunningham, of a daughter


February 21 1846

On the 2nd inst., at All Saints Glebe, the lady of the REV J.B. BALL, of a daughter


July 1 1848  

 On the 25th ult., MRS MOTHERWELL, of Monglass, of a daughter


April 1 1853 

On 12th March, at All Saints Glebe, near Newtoncunningham, the lady of the REV HUGH NORMAN, of her fifth son


May 31 1861

 May 17, at Ruskey, Newtowncunningham, the wife of J. GALLAGHER, ESQ., of a daughter


December 19 1865  

December 7, at Moyle, Newtowncunningham, the wife of MR SAMUEL J. HOOD, of a son


January 2 1866

December 26, at Newtowncunningham, the wife of CONSTABLE N. LITTLE, of a daughter


March 16 1866

March 12, at Mason Lodge, Newtowncunningham, the wife of WILLIAM McCORMICK, JUN, ESQ., of a son


July 5 1867

June 29, at Newtowncunningham Constabulary Barrack, county Donegal, the wife of CONSTABLE NASON LITTLE, of a son


August 27 1867 

August 24, at Gortree, the wife of MR DAVID CRAIG, of a son


August 4 1868

July 26, the wife of JAMES BOAK, ESQ., Kildrum, of a son


August 17 1869  

August 7, at Kildrum, the wife of JAMES BOAK, ESQ., of a daughter

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