Applications to Register Freeholds in the Barony of Banagh, Co Donegal, 1829-31

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post

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In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster abolished the 40 shilling franchise. The qualification for the right to vote became the possession of property with a minimum annual valuation of £10

These applicants were known as “Ten Pound Freeholders”


Parishes contained within  the Barony are: Glencolumbkille, Inishkeel (part), Inver, Kilcar, Killaghtee, Killybegs Lower (part), Killybegs Upper & Killymard


Original phonetic spelling of townlands has been retained from the original text. Some locations and subdenominations no longer exist and possible official equivalents are offered

Published in various editions commencing Tuesday May 19 1829-Tuesday March 15 1831

Tues May 19 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held at Lifford, in the Division of Lifford,

the 3rd of June, 1829, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV, Chap. 8


Surname First Residence Freehold Townland
BASKIN John Mountcharles Mountcharles
BASKIN Oliver Mountcharles Mountcharles
BEATTY John Ardara Ardara
BLAKE James Mountcharles Mountcharles
BOYLE Francis Drimnahirk [Drumnahearke] Drimnahirk
BOYLE John Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
BOYLE Patrick Drimnaheck [Drumnahearke] Tullynagrane [Tullynagreane]
BRESLAND Daniel Ardara Ardara
BRESLIN Andrew Tullanaglack [Tullynaglack] Tullanaglack & Meenacrehan [Meentacreeghan]
BUSTARD John Belville Lisavaddy, &c.
CANNON Barney Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
CANNON Bryan Drimickacapple [Drummacachapple] Drimickacapple
CANNON James Mountcharles Mountcharles & Glencoe
CANNON James Mountcharles Mountcharles
CANNON Neil Drimbeigh [Drumbeagh] Drimbeigh
CASSIDY Andrew Coraduffy [Carraduffy] Coraduffy
CASSIDY George Coraduffy [Carraduffy] Coraduffy
CASSIDY Roger Drimbeigh [Drumbeagh] Drimbeigh
COLGAN John Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
COLVIN William Tullylagan [Tullinlagan] Tullylagan
COLVINE Henry Drimbeigh [Drumbeagh] Drimbeigh
CONAGHAN John Rooze [Roes] Rooze
CONYNGHAM Edward Drimduff [Drumduff] Drimduff
CONYNGHAM William Drimatumfir [Drumatumpher] Drimatumfir
CORSCADEN George, Sen. Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
CORSCADEN Thomas Gortward [Gortaward] Drimconnor [Drumconnor]
COULTER John Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
CRAWFORD Alexander Lackrum [Lacklum] Lackrum
CRUMLEY John Ardara Ardara
CULBERTSON Gabriel Friery [Friary] Friery
CUSCADDEN [CORSCADDEN] Robert, Sen. Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
CUSCADEN [CORSCADDEN] Robert, Jun. Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
CUSCADDEN [CORSCADDEN] Thomas, Jun. Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
DAVITT Dominick Letterfad Letterfad
DEAN William Darney Darney
DEERY Edward Drumlaghtafin Drumlaghtafin
DONNEL Michael Cambryan Cambryan
DORRIAN Patrick Drimfin [Drumfin] Drimfin
DORION Patrick Drimlaghtafin Drimlaghtafin
DOUGHERTY Hugh Stonepark Stone Park
DOUGHERTY John Castleogry Castleogry
ELLIOT James Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
ELLIOT Patrick Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
ELLIOT William Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
ELLIOTT Hugh Drimco [Drumcoe] Drimco
ELLIOTT John Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
FINLAY John Ardara Ardara
FLOOD Francis Heneys Heanies
FOSTER John Mountcharles Mountcharles
FREEL Bryan Castleogry Castleogry
FREEL James Creevan [Creevins?] Creevan
FREEL Owen Castleogry Castleogry
FRIEL James Drimnahirk [Drumnahearke] Drimnahirk
FRIEL Patrick Keylaughs [Keeloges] Keylaughs
GALLAGHER Anthony Letterbarrow [Letterbarra] Letterbarrow
GALLAGHER Charles Drimlaghtafin Drimlaghtafin
GALLAGHER Francis Castleogry Castleogry
GALLAGHER James Lettermore Lettermore & Meenagran
GALLAGHER Michael Castleogry Castleogry
GALLAGHER Michael Upper Keelogs Upper Keelogs
GALLAUGHER Hugh Creevan [Creevins?] Creevan
GALLAUGHER Hugh Drumlaghtafin Drumlaghtafin
GALLAUGHER James Cranny Cranny
GALLAUGHER Michael Lettertrain [Lettertreane] Lettertrain
GALLAUGHER Neal Manchan Manchan
GALLAUGHER William Upper Cranny  Upper Cranny
GLACKIN Denis Creevan [Creevins?] Creevan
GRAHAM Robert Raneel [Raneely] Raneel
GRAHAM William Mountcharles  Mountcharles
GRIFFITH Charles Drimborty [Drumboarty] Drimborty
GRIFFITH Michael Scrawhill Scrawhill & Tanydresky
HAMILTON Claudius Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
HAMMOND Alexander Grenans Grenans
HARAGHEY Charles Ballyhilaghan [Ballybrollaghan] Ballyhilaghan
HARLEY Hugh Drimard [Drumard] Drimard
HARLEY Patrick Crucager [Knockagor?] Crucager & Letternacaha [Letternacahy]
HARRAGHEY Denis Castleogry Castleogry
HARRAUGHEY Owen Ballymacahill Ballymacahill
HAUGHEY Conell Letterbarrow [Letterbarra] Letterbarrow
HEGARTY Cornelius Ednamuck [Edenamuck] Ednamuck
HEGARTY Pat. Kilcar Kilcar
HENDERSON Thomas Ardaghall Ardaghall & Maghryboy
HEWITT Andrew Glen Glen
HEWITT Ralph Glen Glen
KELLY Daniel Rooze [Roes] Rooze
KELLY Edward Rooze [Roes] Rooze
KELLY George Rooze [Roes] Rooze
KELLY James Lettermore Lettermore & Tieveahurly [Tievechorky]
KELLY John Ardban Ardban
KERRIGAN Maurice Drumagra [Drumagraa] Drumagra
KERRIGAN Patrick Mountcharles Mountcharles & Glencoe
KIRK Daniel Mullenboys [Mullanboys] Mullenboys
KIRK George Mountcharles Mountcharles
KIRK William Mullenboys Mullenboys
LEE Edward Corrin Lodge Corrin
LENIGHAN John Drimore [Dromore] Drimore
LOGAN Hugh Darney Darney
LOGAN John Darney Menawey [Meenamny]
LONG George Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
LONG Joseph Drimenary [Drumaneary] Drimenary
LOVE Thomas Craig Craig
LYON John Craig Craig
McBREARTY William Ballymacahill Ballymacahill
McCAHILL Charles Drimickacapple [Drummacachapple] Drimickacapple
McCAHILL Denis Killin Killin
McCAHILL Owen Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry] Drimnacarrow
McCAHILL Patrick Drimickacapple [Drummacachapple] Drimickacapple
McCAHILL Patrick Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry] Drimnacarrow
McCAHILL William Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry] Drimnacarrow & Coraduffy
McCAHILL William Killin Killin
McCARR James Ballycroly Ballycroly
McCLINTOCK Samuel Darney Pruckless [Bruckless]
McCLINTOCK Tom Darney Darney
McCLINTOCK William Darney Darney
McCLOSKEY Charles Drimfin [Drumfin] Drimfin
McCLOSKEY Henry Drimard [Drumard] Drimard
McCLURE Richard Tullylagan  Tullylagan
McCOLLUM Tom Drimco [Drumcoe] Drimco
McCREADY  James Drimfin [Drumfin] Drimfin
McCREADY Thomas Drimfin [Drumfin] Drimfin
McCUE Charles Ardara Ardara
McCUE Dudley Ardara Ardara
McDAID Patrick Letterfad Letterfad
McELHAR Tom Drimgorman [Drumgorman] Drimgorman
McELHAR Richard Ballycroly Ballycroly
McENTIRE Pat. Kilcar Kilcar
McGALLION Thomas Drimco [Drumcoe] Drimco
McGROARTY Bryan Keelogs Keelogs
McGROARTY Charles Keelogs Keelogs
McGROARTY James Sallas [Sallows] Sallas
McGROARTY James Cranny Cranny
McGROARTY John Castleogry Castleogry
McGROARTY John, Sen. Keelogs Keelogs
McGROARTY John , Jun. Keelogs Keelogs
McGROARTY Neal Keelogs Keelogs
McGROARTY William Keelogs Keelogs
McGUIRE Denis Drimlaughafin [Drumlaghtafin] Drimlaughafin
McGUIRE John Castleogry Castleogry
McJUNKIN James Drimickacullen [Drumnacacullen] Drimickacullen
McJUNKIN John Drimatumfir [Drumatumfir] Drimatumfir
McJUNKIN Robert Drimatumfir [Drumatumfir] Drimatumfir
McKEE Andrew Drimduff [Drumduff] Drimduff
McKEE Andrew Edenahanan Edenahanan
McNEELY George Ballyetherland [Ballyederland] Ballyetherland  & Calhame
McNEELY John Ballyetherland [Ballyederland] Ballyetherland & Callhame
McNEELY William Duncaneely [Dunkineely] Duncaneely
McNERRIN Daniel Castleogry Castleogry
McNERRIN Edward Keylaughs [Keeloges] Keylaughs
McSWINE Hugh Drimatinny Drimatinny & Drimickacullen
McSWINE Miles Shaskenatavy [Sheskinatawy] Shaskenatavy
MAGUIRE John Edenahadan Edenahanan & Granny
MAGUIRE John Drimduff [Drumduff] Drimduff
MANEELY John Ballyetherland [Ballyederland] Calhame & Dunkaneely Dunkineely
MANEELY George Ballyetherland [Ballyederland] Windmills, Ballyetherland, Calhame & Dunkaneely [Dunkineely]
MANEELY John Ballyetherland [Ballyederland] Windmills, Ballyetherland Calhame
MEGHAN Andrew Letterfad Letterfad
MEGHAN Brian Lettertrain [Lettertreane] Lettertrain
MEGHAN George Point Point
MEGHAN James Letterfad Letterfad
MEGHAN John Tullyvoose Tullyvoose
MEGHAN Patrick Letterfad Letterfad
MEGHAN Thomas Letterfad Letterfad
MEIGHAN Barclay Drimalost [Drumalost] Drimalost
MEIGHAN James Drimalost [Drumalost] Drimalost
MICKEY John Drimore [Dromore] Drimore
MICKEY John Mountcharles Mountcharles
MILLAR Hugh Drimco [Drumcoe] Drimco
MILLAR Mathew Drimgormand [Drumgorman] Drimgormand
MILLAR Patrick Drimco [Drumcoe] Drimco
MILLAR Patrick Letternacaghy Letternacaghy
MILLER Hugh Mountcharles Mountcharles & Glencough [Glencoe]
MOGHAN Charles Gargram [Gargrim] Gargram
MOGHAN Owen Ballybrilaghan [Ballybrollaghan] Ballybrilaghan
MOGHAN Patrick Gargram [Gargrim] Gargram & Drimard [Drumard]
MONAGHAN Henry Letterbarrow [Letterbarra] Letterbarrow
MONAGHAN Patrick Mountcharles Glevis & Rooze [Roes]
MONAGHAN Patrick Mountcharles Mountcharles & the Rooze 
MOORE Rev. George B. Ardara Drumbarron [Drumbaran]
MULKERRAN James Castleogry Castleogry
MULREANY Hugh Mountcharles Mountcharles & Donegal
MULREANY James Mountcharles Mullenboys & Keelogs
MULREANY Michael Mountcharles Mountcharles
MURRAY Daniel Tullynaha Tullynaha
MURRAY Edward Tullynaha Tullynaha & Tullynagrana [Tullynagreane]
MURRAY George Milltown Milltown of Oiley
MURRAY John Darney Darney
MYLES George Darney Darney
NESBITT Andrew Carricknagore Carricknagore
O’BOYLE Rev. Con. Ardara Ardara
O’DONNEL James Brenter Duncaneely & Mullenboys
O’DONNELL  Owen Ardara Ardara
PERRY Thomas Haugh Haugh
REENY William Lettertrain [Lettertreane] Lettertrain
ROGERS James Brenter Lisavaddy
ROGERS John Kill begs Keelogs
ROGERS John Keelogs Keelogs
ROGERS Robert Brenter Drimareny
ROGERS Robert Kill begs Drumbaraghty [Drumbarrity]
SCANLON Patrick Coolshangan Coolshangan
SCOTT George Mountcharles Mountcharles
SCOTT Hugh Mountcharles Mountcharles
SCOTT John Lackrum [Lackcrom] Lackrum
SCOTT Nathaniel Drimconnor [Drumconnor] Drimconnor
SCOTT Nathaniel Mullanboys Mullenboys
SCOTT Samuel Drimore [Dromore] Drimore
SHEERIN Thomas Ardara Ardara
STEVENSON Hugh Tullylagan [Tullinlagan?] Tullylagan
STEWART James Buncronan Buncronan and Dromore
STEWART James Buncronan Buncronan & Port Wald
STEWART Thomas Buncronan Buncronan
STEWART William Buncronan Buncronan
SWEANY Connel Tullanyglack [Tullynaglack] Tullanyglack & Meentacrehan [Meentacreeghan]
SWEANY Owen Letterfad Letterfad
SWEENY Dominick Drimkeelan [Drumkella] Drimkeelan
THOMPSON Hugh Largysallagh Largysallagh
VANCE Alexander Drimgoran [Drumgorman] Drimgoran
VANCE George Drimgorman [Drumgorman] Drimgorman
VANCE Hugh Gortward [Gortaward] Gortward
VANCE James Gortward [Gortaward] Gortward
VANCE Patrick Drimgoran [Drumgorman] Drimgoran
WARK Alexander Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
WARK John Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
WARK Joseph Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
WARK Stephen Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
WARK Thomas Oarbeg [Ogherbeg] Oarbeg
WATSON James, Sen. Largysallagh Largysallagh
WATSON James Jun. Largysallagh Largysallagh
WAUGH Thomas Lettermore Lettermore & Meenagran
WEISS  William Hollybrook Ballyboe (Bruckless) & Oiley
WILLIAMS Charles Mountcharles Mountcharles
WOODWARD Andrew Driminenagh Driminenagh [Drumenenagh]
YOUNG Thomas Lough Eske Drimmenagh [Drumenenagh], Smarsgat & Thrush-bank, &c.

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