Bedlam is a little speck on the map of Tullaghobegly parish, Co Donegal, not far from Gortahork - its indicated only by the words Bedlam and Bedlam Bridge, and won't be found in any list of Irish townlands. This is a common problem in Donegal - an example of townlands found in Templecrone, but not in the townland list for that parish, can be found by following this link


From this tiny area at least three people emigrated to Australia, and most likely, some to America too. Its because of the ones who emigrated to Australia that I have put this page online.

So, where is Bedlam? The earliest reference I have to it is on an 1835 Ordnance Survey Map - it does not appear in the 1831 Tithe Applotment book as a separate entity. Bedlam is at the junction of four townlands - Keeldrum Lower, Ardsmore, Gortahork and Cashel. On the map (below) the word Bedlam lies within the top right of Keeldrum Lower townland, while the words Bedlam Bridge lie within Gortahork. Click on the map to view a larger version -


1835 Ordnance Survey Map


The map has been marked with the names of the heads of the households in 1857, according to the Griffith's Valuation. Although the earlier Tithe Applotment Book does not have a separate entry for Bedlam, the following table map be useful, as it has all the heads of the households in 1831 in the four townlands mentioned above -


1831 Tithe Applotment Book


BONER, Charles, Killdrim Lower GALLAGHER John, Ardsmore
BOYLE Edward, Killdrim Middle HARKIN, Sheli - Widow Killdrim Middle
CANNON Hugh, Killdrim Lower HARKIN, Th***(Illegible) Killdrim Upper
CANNON Hugh, Killdrim Rockstown MCCARROL Bryan, Killdrim Upper
CANNON James, Junior Killdrim Rockstown MCCUE, Daniel, Killdrim Upper
CANNON Manus, Killdrim Rockstown MCCUE John, Killdrim Middle
CANNON Michael, Killdrim Rockstown MCCUE John, Killdrim Upper
COLL, Daniel, Killdrim Lower MCCUE Unity, Killdrim Upper
COLL, Dennis, Ardsmore MCELROY,  Hugh, Killdrim Upper
CORRAN, Bryan, Killdrim Lower MCFADDIN Manus, Killdrim Lower
CORRAN Cahill, Killdrim Middle MCGEADY Dennis, Killdrim Upper
CORRAN Edward, Killdrim Upper MCGEADY John, Killdrim Upper
CORRAN Nail, Killdrim Middle MCGEE, Bryan, Ardsmore
CORRERAN Edward, Killdrim Middle MCGEE, William, Ardsmore
COYLE, Brine, Gortahork West MCGEE, William, Ardsmore
DOOGAN, Patrick, Gortahork West MCGIEVER John, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN, Bryan, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY Cornelius, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Catharine - Widow Killdrim Lower MCGINLEY Cornelius, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Charles, Killdrim Lower MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Charles, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Collumb, Killdrim Lower MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Collumb, Killdrim Rockstown MCGINLEY Dennis, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Elinor, Killdrim Rockstown MCGINLEY Hugh, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Henry, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY James, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Hugh, Killdrim Middle MCGINLEY James, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Hugh, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY John, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN John, Killdrim Middle MCGINLEY John, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Manus, Killdrim Rockstown MCGINLEY Michael, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN, Margaret - Widow Killdrim Lower MCGINLEY Phiilip, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Matthew, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY Charles, Ardsmore
DOUGAN Michael, Killdrim Rockstown MCGINLEY Daniel, Gortahork West
DOUGAN Michael, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY Dennis, Ardsmore
DOUGAN Nail, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY Grace (Widow) Ardsmore
DOUGAN Owen, Killdrim Lower MCGINLEY Hugh, Gortahork West
DOUGAN Owen, Killdrim Upper MCGINLEY John, Ardsmore
DOUGAN Patrick, Killdrim Middle MCGINLEY Manus, Ardsmore
DOUGAN Patrick, Killdrim Rockstown MCGINLEY Miles, Ardsmore
DOUGAN, Edward, Ardsmore MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Middle
DOUGHAN Daniel, Killdrim Rockstown MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGHAN Henry, Ardsmore MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGHAN James, Ardsmore MCGOWAN James, Killdrim Lower
DOUGHAN John, Ardsmore MCGOWAN Michael, Senior Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGHAN Manus, Ardsmore MCILWAIN Patrick, Ardsmore
DOUGHERTY Bryan, Killdrim Rockstown MCLEAH, Nail, Killdrim Upper
FERRY Collumb, Killdrim Upper MCLEAH Shaun, Killdrim Middle
FERRY Cornelius, Killdrim Upper MOONEY Edward, Killdrim Lower
FERRY Hugh, Killdrim Upper MULHERAN Elinor, Gortahork West
FERRY James, Killdrim Upper MULHERAN Michael, Gortahork West
FERRY, Darby, Ardsmore MULHERAN Miles, Gortahork West
FERRY, John, Ardsmore MULHERAN Owen, Gortahork West
FERRY, Neil, Ardsmore MULHERAN Patrick, Gortahork West
GALLAGHER, Bryan, Killdrim Upper O'DONNELL, John, Ardsmore
GALLAGHER, Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown O'DONNELL, Shaun, Ardsmore
GALLAGHER, Elinor - Spinster Killdrim Middle SWEENEY, Daniel, Killdrim Lower
GALLAGHER, Elinor - Widow Killdrim Middle SWEENEY, Daniel, Killdrim Middle
GALLAGHER, James, Killdrim Lower SWEENEY, Manus, Killdrim Rockstown
GALLAGHER, John, Killdrim Middle SWEENEY, William, Killdrim Rockstown
GALLAGHER, John, Killdrim Rockstown SWEENEY, Hanna, Widow Gortahork Sweeney
GALLAGHER Edward, Meennagoppock SWEENEY, Shaun, Gortahork Sweeney
GALLAGHER Francis, Ardsmore WARD, William, Killdrim Lower
GALLAGHER James, Ardsmore WHORISKY Patrick, Killdrim Upper
GALLAGHER James, Gortahork Burns  


Then there's the Gortahork baptisms and burials to look at - only one noted to be in Bedlam though!


Pre-1864 Baptisms and Burials


Baptisms Gortahork          
17 August 1851 Mary Bonar Charles Penelope Dugan Keeldrum Lower John Doohan, Catherine Coyle
15 June 1851 Dennis Canon Hugh Winifred McGinley Keeldrum Lower John Cannon, Sara Coyle
2 December 1855 Bridget Curran Darby/Jeremia Margaret Doogan Middle Keeldrum John Cannon, Bridget Cannon
5 June 1850 John Curran Darby/Jeremia Margaret Dugan Lower Keeldrum James Sweeney, Mary Dugan
10 January 1850 Sara Curran Darby Catharine Ferry Keeldrum Eugene & Margaret Sweeney
7 June 1860 Bernard Doogan Bernard Bridget Doogan Middle Keeldrum James McFadden, Bridget Curran
17 February 1861 Sara Doogan Cornelius Cecelia McGowan Keeldrum Dennis McGowan, Margaret Coyle
11 December 1850 Bridget Doogan Dennis Mary Curran Keeldrum James Collum, Grace McGinley
27 July 1859 Michael Doogan John Hanorah McGowan Lower Keeldrum Michael Doogan, Catherine Magee
6 February 1859 George Doogan John Rosa Gallagher Lower Keeldrum Bernard Mulheron, Mary McGinley
19 May 1852 Mary Dugan John Mary Ward Middle Keeldrum Michael & Sara McGinley
27 February 1857 James Dugan Michael Anna Doohan Keeldrum Michael Dugan, Catherine McG (?) 
4 December 1851 John Dugan Michael Anna Doohan Keeldrum Lower Michael Dugan, Catherine McGee
23 January 1850 Daniel Dugan Philip Nabla O’Brien Keeldrum James and Catherine Ward
21 October 1854  Daniel Ferry Cornelius Sara McFadden Ballynacregga John Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
4 December 1850 Manus Ferry Cornelius Sarah McFadden Keeldrum Eugene Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
5 December 1852 Daniel Ferry Daniel Catherine Dugan Upper Keeldrum Nigellus Gallagher, Anna Ferry
25 April 1851 Eugene Ferry Hugh Sara McFadden Upper Keeldrum Patrick & Catherine Ferry
19 October 1851 Anna Foriskey Michael Margaret Curran Keeldrum Nigel & Bridget Curran
12 July 1857 James Forisky James Winifred McFadden Keeldrum Neil & Elenora Gallagher
28 January 1854 Cornelius Forisky Michael Margaret Curran    
4 July 1853 Bridget Gallagher Charles Cecilia Doohan Keeldrum Upper Francis Cannon, Margaret McAnulty
30 August 1859 Manus Gallagher Dennis Rosa McFadden Keeldrum Dennis Brogan, Susanna McFadden
21 January 1861 John Kelly Patrick Honora Kelly Keeldrum Patrick Crowley, Mary Byrnes
8 October 1856 John  McCauley Charles Mabia Cannon Keeldrum Bernard McGeady, Elenora McGeady 
6 June 1856 James McCue John Elenora Dugan Keeldrum Jon McElroy, Mabia Gallagher
27 February 1859 Thomas McFadden Charles Grace McCue Upper Keeldrum John & Sarah Gallagher
25 March 1859 Anna McFadden Hugh Sara McFadden Upper Keeldrum James Gallagher, Cecilia Ferry
10 March 1860 Michael  McFadden James Bridget Curran Lower Keeldrum Bernard & Bridget Doogan
9 July 1857 Daniel McFadden James Mary Ferry Keeldrum Michael & Sara Gallagher
5 October 1850 James McFadden James Mary Ferry Middle Keeldrum James & Sarah Gallagher
3 August 1851 Grace McFadden Michael Penelope Heratty Keeldrum Lower John Coyle, Anna Ward
16 June 1860 John McGeady John Anna Cunaghan Keeldrum John McGeady, Cecilia Ferry
2 October 1858 Honora McGeady John Annie Connaghan Upper Keeldrum Hugh Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
13 June 1855 Michael McGeady John Annie Connaghan Upper Keeldrum John Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
13 November 1850 Hanorah McGeady Michael Catharine McAnulty Upper Keeldrum James & Bridget McAnulty
5 December 1852 Sophia McGeady Michael Catherine McAnulty Upper Keeldrum James & Bridget McAnulty
17 February 1861 Sara McGeady Michael Catherine McNulty Keeldrum Bernard & Catherine Gallagher
8 February 1852 Michael McGee Thomas Margaret Ferry Keeldrum John Ferry, Anne McGinley
27 May 1854 Anna McGinley Eugene Mabia Doogan Lower Keeldrum Eugene Gallagher, Bridget McGinley
21 April 1852 Cecilia McGinley James Mary McGinley Keeldrum George Sheridan, Winifred Gallagher 
27 May 1854 Helen McGinley James Mary McGinley Middle Keeldrum George Sheridan, Finola Gallagher
22 November 1857 Hanorah McGinley John Catherine Dugan Keeldrum Michael McClean, Mary Curran
1 July 1860 Patrick McGinley John Mabia Doogan Lower Keeldrum John & Bridget McGinley
15 June 1851 Cecilia McGinley John Mabia Dugan Keeldrum Lower Henry O’Brien, Mary Ward
20 February 1859 Dennis McGowan Michael Catherine Dugan Keeldrum Daniel & Elenora Ferry
4 May 1851 Maeve McHugh Edward Grace Gallagher Upper Keeldrum Patrick Gallagher, Mary Gallagher 
18 May (June?) 1851 James Mooney Bartholomew Catharine Duhan Lower Keeldrum (out of order) Charles Gallagher, Cecilia Duhan
21 May 1857 Eugene Mooney Bartholomew Catherine Doohan Lower Keeldrum John McGinley, Penelope Coyle
24 June 1860 Mary Mooney Bartholomew Catherine Doohan Lower Keeldrum Charles Gallagher, Cecilia Doogan
10 February 1851 John  O’Donnell Daniel Winifred Dugan Bedlam Dan McGinley & Stephan Boyle & Mary McGinley & Catherine Boyle
21 September 1854 Mary Sweeney Daniel Catherine Coll Lower Keeldrum John McGeady, Mary McGeady
19 October 1851 John Sweeney Hugh Bridget Curran Keeldrum Bernard Coyle, Mary Curran
16 November 1852 Patrick Sweeney Hugh Bridget Curran Lower Keeldrum Andreas Brogan, Margaret Curran
15 Feb 1857   Hanah   Gallagher   Bedlam    
10 May 1860   James   Gallagher   Bedlam    
January 20, 1862   Anne   McFadden   Lower Kelldrum    
24 May 1863   Hugh   Sweeney   Bedlam    


After these, there are the civil birth registrations, where Bedlam is  noted alot more often.


Post 1864 Birth Registrations


Date Surname Child Father Mother Townland
15/01/1864 Gallagher Margaret Phillip Sarah Gallagher Bedlam
16/12/1865 Gallagher Charles Philip Sarah Gallagher Bedlam
19/10/1867 Gallagher Edward Philip Sarah Gallagher Keeldrum Lower
15/02/1870 Gallagher Phillip James Phillip Sarah Gallagher Bedlam
24/12/1864 McFadden Edward James Ann O'Donnell Bedlam
20/08/1866 McFadden John James Ann O'Donnell Bedlam
9/11/1879 McFadden male James Ann O'Donnell Ards More
13/12/1866 O'Donnell James Patrick Mary McIlwaine Ards More
10/08/1869 O'Donnell Dolty Patrick Mary McIlwaine Bedlam
13/10/1870 O'Donnell Unity Patrick Mary McIlwaine Bedlam


Locations and the Families


Those in the births and baptisms:


Daniel O'Donnell and Winifred Dugan, birth of John in Bedlam in 1851 - their townland appears to be Ardsmore

Philip Gallagher and Sarah Gallagher - Sarah appears in the 1901 census Keeldrum Lower

James McFadden and Anne O'Donnell - Anne appears in the 1901 census Ardsmore

Patrick O'Donnell and Mary McIlwaine - Mary appears in the 1901 census Ardsmore


Those who emigrated:


Kate McFadden, who emigrated on the Nile in 1861

Her parents were Michael McFadden and Penelope (Fanny) Heraghty and her place of birth (in Australian records) is given as Bedlam. The passenger list has Keeldrum as her place of origin.

In 1857 there were 3 Michael McFaddens in the Griffith's Valuation - one each in the townlands of Fawnaboy, Keeldrum Lower, and Magheraroarty. The Michael McFadden household in Keeldrum Lower appears to be this family

Researcher: Ella - Email


Charles O'Brien, who emigrated on the Sapphire in 1859

His parents were James (decd in 1859) and Peggy Green and his place of origin (on the passenger list) is given as Cloughaneely.

Charles emigrated with his brother Edward and both were to join their sister Bridget (who arrived on the Chrowinghee in 1855) somewhere near Sydney. Two months after their arrival, their sister Mary joined them, having emigrated on the Lady Elma Bruce.

In 1857 there were 2 James O'Brien households in the Griffith's Valuation - one each in Killult and Meenacladdy - the O'Brien family in the latter townland appears to be accounted for in the 1901 census, which leaves a possibility of Killult, a townland on the east side of Gortahork. Though, there was a James O'Brien, with wife Mary Harkin, having a child there in 1859! See Townland Notes for Killult

Charles married -

Anne Duggan, who emigrated on the Sapphire in 1859 also.

Her parents were Hugh (decd 1859) and Fanny and her place of origin (on the passenger list) is given as Cloughaneely. She arrived with her mother and her brother, Bartley.

In 1857 there were 2 Hugh Duggan households in the Griffith's Valuation in Cloughaneely - one each in Ardsbeg, on the north of Ardsmore and one in Ballynacraig, on the west of Keeldrum Lower.

Both Charles and Anne were from Bedlam.

Researcher: Bill - Email


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