Applications to Register Freeholds in the Barony of Boylagh, Co Donegal, 1829-31

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post

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In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster abolished the 40 shilling franchise. The qualification for the right to vote became the possession of property with a minimum annual valuation of £10

These applicants were known as “Ten Pound Freeholders”


Parishes contained within  the Barony are: Inishkeel (part), Killybegs Lower (part), Lettermacaward & Templecrone


Original phonetic spelling of townlands has been retained from the original text. Some locations and subdenominations no longer exist and possible official equivalents are offered

Published in various editions commencing Tuesday May 19 1829-Tuesday March 15 1831

Tues May 19 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held at Lifford, in the Division of Lifford,

the 3rd of June, 1829, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV, Chap. 8


Surname First Residence Freehold Townland
BOYD Richard Carnbuoy Carnbuoy
BOYLE Bryan Maws [Maas] Maws
BOYLE Charles Dunglow Dunglow
BOYLE Ferigal Lackagh Lackagh & Ballyoran   
BOYLE Neal Narin [Naran] Narin
BOYLE Patrick Fermore Drimnasilla [Drumnasillagh]
BRENAN Andrew Shallaganmore Beaghmore & Shallaganmore
BROWNE John Ballyeriston [Ballyiriston] Ballyeriston
CANNON John Ballyoran Lackagh & Ballyoran
CLERKE John Tubberkeene [Toberkeen] Tubberkeene
COIGLAY [QUIGLEY?] Hugh Drimnasilla [Drumnasillagh] Drimnasilla
COIGLEY [QUIGLEY?] Patrick Drimnacross [Drumnacross] Drimnacross
CONAGHAN Denis Dunglow Dunglow
CONINGHAM John Tullyard Tullyard
CRAIG Manus Kilcloneymore [Kilcloney More] Kilcloneymore
CRAMPSAY Donald The Acres [Leckenagh] The Acres
DEVITT Charles Glenties Glenties ors. Drumnasilla
DEVITT Daniel Glenties Glenties, Gortnamuckla, and Drimnasilla
DEVITT James Glenties Glenties ors. Drumnasilla
DUNLEIVY Morty Mennahalla [Meenasillagh?] & Altenashalog Alenashalog & Menahalla
DYERMOT Bryan Lacklea Lacklea & Edinfinfa
DYERMOTT Bryan Lacklea Lacklea & Tangyvane
DYERMOTT Bryan Lacklea Lacklea & Edenfinfa
DYMERMOTT Conel Menagrubby Menagrubby
DYMERMOTT James Meenagrubby Meenagrubby, Mully, Cornagrilla
ELLIOTT Andrew Drimnacross Drumnacross
FORSTER Francis Lackbeg Mullaghduff
FORSTER Nassau Lackbeg Mullaghduff
GALLAGHER Anthony Glenties Glenties ors Drumnasilla
GALLAGHER Francis Meenagrubby Menagrubby
GALLAGHER James Mennahalla [Meenasillagh?] Mennahalla
GALLAGHER John Crocam Crocam & Dalroghanbeg
GALLAGHER Owen Derries Derries
GALLAGHER Owen Dunglow Dunglow
GALLAGHER Patrick Shalaganbeg [Shallogan Beg] Shalaganbeg
GALLAGHER Patrick Dunglow Dunglow
GALLAGHER Teague Dalraghanmore Dalraghanmore
GALLAGHER Teague Mennahalla [Menasillagh?] Meenahalla
GILDEA Charles Glenties Drumnasilla & Glenmakiniff
HAMILTON Galbraith Eden Lackaghmore
HAMILTON George Eden Eden, Dowris, Drumbohil & Maws
HAMILTON John Dauris [Dawros] Dauris
HARKIN Patrick Rosbeg Rosbeg
LAUGHLIN George Dunglow Dunglow
LONG Patrick Summy Summy & Drumbohil
McALOONE Patrick Maws [Maas] Maws
McLOONE Terence Glenties Glenties ors. Drumnasilla & Gortnamuckla
McCOY William Edinfinfagh [Edinfinfreagh] Edinfinfagh
McELWEE Andy Tullyard Tullyard
McFADIN Anthony Maws [Maas] Maws
McGLADDERY Charles Lackena [Leckenagh] Lackena
McNELUS Henry The Acres [Leckenagh] The Acres
MAHON George Mullaghderg Mullaghderg
MAHON John Mullaghderg Mullaghderg
MAHON Joseph Mullaghderg Mullaghderg
MANELIS James Menamalragh Drumnasilla [Drumnasillagh]& Meenamalagh 
MOORE Patrick Narin [Naran] Narin
MULLOY John Glenties Glenties & Drimnasilla
O’DONNELL Anthony Dunglow Dunglow
O’DONNELL Anthony Fallagowan Fallagowan & Innisfree
O’DONNELL Hugh Dunglow Dunglow
O’DONNELL Isaac Summy Magherymore, Summy & Dirk
O’DONNELL Roger Ballinamore [Bellanamore] Ballinamore
PENFOLD George Stewart Carrickfin Carrickfin
PORTER Alexander Ballyeristown [Ballyiriston] Ballyerristown
QUIN  Cormick Tangyvane [Tangaveane] Tangyvane
RODGERS Phil Dooey Coolvoy, Clogherchullion, Derrylohan, Drimnasilla, Classy, Clingort, Mulnaminmore
ROSS Michael Dunglow Dunglow
STEWART George Carrickfin Carrickfin
SWEENEY Daniel Meenmore Meenmore
TIMONY James Meenatawry [Meenatawry] Meenatawry
TOLAND James Banganboy Banganboy & Graffy
WEIR Thomas Ballyconnell Mullaghderg

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