1833 Tithe Applotment Book - Clondahorky Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Clondahorky, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



Surname First Townland
ALCORN [..?] Faugher Lower
ALCORN Andrew Hornhead
ALCORN Gus Hornhead
ALCORN James Hornhead
ALGOE Alexander Roshin
ALGOE George Dunfanaghy
ALGOE George Rockhill
ALGOE Robert Rockhill
ALGOE Samuel Rockhill
ALGOE Thomas Faugher Lower
BAIRD Adam Magherablad
BAIRD Alexander Magherablad
BAIRD James Magherablad
BAIRD James Magherablad
BAIRD John Magherablad
BAIRD William Magherablad
BALL Francis Rouskey
BARR Anthony Aughalatty
BARR Pat. Aughalatty
BARTLEY [..?] Esq Marblehill Demesne
BARTLEY Mr Parkmore
BAXTER George Roscad
BLAIR Henry Hornhead
BOYCE Fardy Magheryroarty
BOYLE [..?] Creenary
BOYLE Billy Brockagh
BOYLE Charles Killdoragh
BOYLE Charles Massaness
BOYLE Daniel Parkmore
BOYLE Denis (Bailiff) Greer’s Parks
BOYLE Hugh Brockagh
BOYLE James Drimlevellagh
BOYLE James Kilmacloo
BOYLE John Ards
BOYLE John Magherablad
BOYLE John Swillybrin
BOYLE Michael Cloone
BOYLE Michael Cloone
BOYLE Neal Doe
BOYLE Owen Glack
BOYLE Owen Swillybrin
BOYLE Patrick Breaghy
BOYLE Philemy Cashelmore
BOYLE Shawn Murrow
BOYLE William Drimlevellagh
BRADDIN Edward Swillybrin
BRADLEY James Ballyboe
BRANNAN John Creeslough
BRANNON Bryan Massaness 
BRANNON Daniel Kilsheshagh
BRANNON Edward Sen. Magherablad
BRANNON  Edward Jun. Magherablad
BRANNON Francis Doe
BREADON James Drumnakillew
BREADON John Drumnakillew
BRISLAND Charles Drumnacarry
BRISLAND John Drumnacarry
BRISLAND Michael Drumnacarry
BROGAN Daniel Carnamaddy
BROGAN Donaghy Breaghy
BROGAN Francis Swillybrin
BROGAN Hugh Carnamaddy
BROGAN Philip Knockinafaugher
BROGAN Roger Killdoragh
BROGAN Simeon Roshin
BROGAN Tague Murrow
BROUSTER Thomas Dunfanaghy
BROWN Pat. Magherablad
CAMPBELL John Creeslough
CAMPBELL John Killdoragh
CAMPBELL Moses Killcampbell
CAMPBELL Moses Killturner
CAMPBELL Moses Kilsheshagh
CAMPBELL Patrick Creeslough
CAMPBELL Robert Dunfanaghy
CAMPBELL Samuel Killcampbell
CAMPBELL William Killcampbell
CANNING Andrew Grogagh
CANNING Andrew Tyrlin
CANNON Pat. Drumnakillew
CARNEY [KEARNEY] Thomas Rouskey
CARROLL Pat. Derryreel
CLEERY Widow Rockhill
COLHOUN John Hornhead
COLHOUN Samuel Creeslough
COLL Andrew Drumnacarry
COLL Bryan Derryherve
COLL Charles Drumnaraw
COLL Daniel Creenary
COLL Dolty Breaghy
COLL Edward Cashelmore
COLL Edward  Cloonmore
COLL Francis Derryfad
COLL Hugh Drumnacarry
COLL James Umrafadd
COLL John Derryfad
COLL John Drumnacarry
COLL John The Poll
COLL Neil Magheryroarty
COLL T. Creenary
COLL William Creenary
COLLINS James Massaness
CONAGHAN Charles Rouskey
CONAGHAN Manus Cruckdoo
CONNAGHAN Dennis Rouskey
CONNER Pat. Roshin
CORRAGHAN Hugh Carnamaddy
CORRAHAN Hugh Carnamaddy
COYLE Andrew Gortnalake
COYLE Daniel Kilcoll
COYLE  Daniel Killturner
COYLE Hugh Gortnalake
COYLE Janes Gortnalake
COYLE Owen Gortnalake
COYLE Patrick Rouskey
COYLE Shawn Gortnalake
COYLE Widow Rouskey
CULLEN Frank Kilsheshagh
CURRAN Daniel Derryreel
DELAP Malcolm Rannyrose
DEVLIN Francis Doohashel
DINSMORE Henry Curcanive (Glebe)
DINSMORE Henry Upper Ballymore
DIRNING [DURNIN?] Denis Hornhead
DIVER Charles Massaness
DIVER Cormick Swillybrin
DIVER Dicky Breaghy
DIVER Edward Breaghy
DIVER Edward Cloone
DIVER James Roshin
DIVER John Cashelmore
DIVER John Kilcoll
DIVER John Swillybrin
DIVER Manus Cashelmore
DIVER Michael Faymore 
DIVER Neal Faymore
DIVER Nochar Umrafadd
DIVER Widow Magherablad
DIVER Widow Swillybrin
DIVER Widow Swillybrin
DIVER Owen Umrafadd
DOHERTY Richard Kilmacloo
DONNELL A. Kilcoll
DONNELL Charles Drumnacarry
DONNELL Hugh Creenary
DONNELL John Drumnacarry
DONNELL John Drumnacarry
DONNELL John Murrow
DOOGAN Conal Killdoragh
DOOGAN Cormack Lower Purt
DOOGAN James Massaness 
DOOGAN John Glack
DOOGAN Michael Fawnmore
DOOGAN Owen Cruckdoo
DOOGAN Patrick Cruckdoo
DOOHAN James Drumnaraw
DOOHAN James Fawnmore
DOOHAN John Derryreel
DOOHAN Neal Killmountain
DOOHAN Owen Breaghy
DOOHAN Roger Derryreel
DORIAN Francis Murrow
DOYLE John Umrafadd
DUDGEON James Kilmacloo
DUFFY Dennis Carnamaddy
DUFFY Hugh Faymore
DUFFY Hugh Kilmacloo
DUFFY James Roshin
DUFFY John Faymore
DUFFY John Killdoragh
DUFFY Michael Tyrlin
DUFFY Neal Derryherve
DUFFY Neal Roshin
DUFFY Pat. Sen. Killdoragh
DUFFY Pat. Jun. Killdoragh
DUFFY Patrick Faymore
DUNAN Charles Sen. Casey
DUNAN Michael Jun. Casey
DURNAN Charles Casey
DURNIAN Cor. Greenhill
DURNIN Pat. Hornhead
DURNIN Thomas & partners Hornhead
DURNIN Thomas Grogagh
DURNIN Tim. Hornhead
ELLISON Rev. John Dunfanaghy
FERRY Bryan Doohashel
FERRY Charles Roscad
FERRY Cornelius Fawnmore
FERRY Daniel Casey
FERRY Daniel Dunfanaghy
FERRY Daniel Glinsky Lough
FERRY Daniel Rinclevan
FERRY Denis Swillybrin
FERRY Dennis Carnamaddy
FERRY Darby Clonmass
FERRY Edward Ards
FERRY Harry Roshin
FERRY Hugh Fawnmore
FERRY Hugh Glinsky Lough
FERRY James (Drimroe) Rinclevan
FERRY James Ards
FERRY James Magherablad
FERRY John Gortnalake
FERRY John Killdoragh
FERRY John Magheryroarty
FERRY Laughlin Casey
FERRY Maurice Clonmass
FERRY Maurice Fawnmore
FERRY Michael Lower Purt
FERRY Neal Drumnaraw
FERRY Neal Murrow
FERRY Ned Carnamaddy
FERRY Pat. Drumnaraw
FERRY Pat. Derryreel
FERRY Patrick Dunfanaghy
FERRY Patrick Rouskey
FERRY Peter Killdoragh
FERRY Timothy Corcreggan
FERRY William Murrow
FORREST John Creenesmare
FOSTER Charles Murrow
FOSTER James Faugher Upper
FOSTER James Middle Faugher 
FOSTER Robert Murrow
FREEL Manus Sandhill
FREEL William Rinclevan
FRIEL Manus Killturner
FRIEL Patrick Murrow
FRIEL William Dunfanaghy
FULTON James Hornhead
GALLAGHER Charles Drumnacarry
GALLAGHER Daniel Greenhill
GALLAGHER Daniel Kilsheshagh
GALLAGHER Denis Massaness
GALLAGHER Hugh Kilmacloo
GALLAGHER Hugh Maugheramena
GALLAGHER John Grogagh
GALLAGHER John Roe Gortnalake
GALLAGHER John Rouskey
GALLAGHER Owen Carnamaddy
GALLAGHER Owen Derryherve
GALLAGHER Owen Gortnalake
GALLAGHER Owen Grogagh
GALLAGHER Owen Massaness
GALLAGHER Pat. Drumnaraw
GALLAGHER Patrick Gortnalake
GALLAGHER Thomas Brockagh
GALLAGHER Widow Cloughglass
GALLAGHER William Dunrudian
GALLAUGHER Daniel Derryfad
GALLAUGHER Edward Derryfad
GALLAUGHER John Corcreggan
GALLAUGHER John Maugheramena
GALLAUGHER Manus Maugheramena
GALLAUGHER Patrick Murrow
GALLAUGHER Samuel Upper Purt
GALLAUGHER William Greenhill
GILBREATH Samuel Upper Purt
GILLESPIE Daniel Umrafadd
GORDON Neal Carnamaddy
GORDON Widow Elizabeth Dunfanaghy
GRANT John Killdoragh
GREER Humphry Cashelmore
GRIER David Clonmass
GRIER James Cashelmore
GRIER John Cashelmore 
GRIER Widow Killturner
GRIER William Cashelmore
HANLEY George Murrow
HARAGHTY Michael Fawnmore
HARKIN Bryan Derryart
HARKIN Edward Derryart
HARKIN Edward Fawnmore
HARKIN Francis Derryart
HARKIN Owen B. Derryart
HARKIN Owen Derryreel
HARKIN P. Grogagh
HARKIN Patrick Massaness
HARPER Thomas Cashelmore
HARPER Thomas Cloonmore
HART Captain Castle Demesne, Doe
HART Captain Drumnakillew
HASTINGS Thomas Creeslough
HAY Daniel Creeslough
HAY Robert Hornhead
HAY Robert Hornhead
HAY Widow Magheryroarty
HAY William Hornhead
HAYS John Cloone
HEGNEY Dennis Carnamaddy
HEGNEY Patrick Carnamaddy
HEILY [HEALEY?] John Cashelmore
HERAUGHTY George Knockinafaugher
HIGNEY Daniel Drumnacarry
HIGNEY Denis Gortnalake
HIGNEY John Swillybrin
HIGNEY Neal Carnamaddy
HIGNEY Nocher Killdoragh
HIGNEY Nocher Swillybrin
HIGNEY William Casey
HIGNEY William Hornhead
HORESKY Hugh Creeslough
HORESKY Micky Creeslough
HORESKY N. Creeslough
HORESKY Patrick Creeslough
HORISKEY Edward Ballyboe
HORISKEY Hugh Ballyboe
HOROSKEY Nocher Killdoragh
IRWIN Henry, Esq. Drimlevellagh (Mountain)
IRWIN James Dunfanaghy
IRWIN James Rinclevan
IRWIN John Dunfanaghy
IRWIN Samuel Dunfanaghy
IRWIN Widow Catherine Rinclevan
IRWIN Widow Killcampbell
JACOB Edward Doohashel
JACOB William Clonmass
KEARNEY Richard Doohashel
KELLY Connell Massaness
KELLY Edward& partners Ards
KELLY Edward Killmountain
KELLY Grace Drumnacarry
KELLY Hugh Corcreggan
KELLY Patrick Gortnalake
KELLY Widow Elin Massaness
KELLY Widow Sarah Massaness
KERR Hugh Drumnacarry
KEYS Widow Grogagh
KILPATRICK Widow Ann Woodhill
KING Catherine Dunfanaghy
KING Christy (Old Town) Rinclevan
KITCHEN James Kildoragh Mountain
KITCHEN Robert Woodhill
LAFFERTY Billy Derryherve
LAFFERTY Brian Carnamaddy
LAFFERTY Cornelius Craig
LAFFERTY  Edward Middle Faugher
LAFFERTY Hugh Faugher Upper
LAFFERTY John Carnamaddy
LAFFERTY Michael Knockinafaugher
LAFFERTY Neal Middle Faugher
LAFFERTY Shan Cashelmore
LAFFERTY William Rockhill
LEFARTY Andrew Murrow
LOGUE Eneas Dunfanaghy
LOUGHEAD James Lower Purt
MAHAFFY William Murrow
MAHON Archibald Dunfanaghy
MAHON Widow Murrow
MAUGHAN James Lower Purt
McALEER William Derryart
McANULTY Denis Killmountain
McANULTY Hugh Killmountain
McANULTY Hugh Kilsheshagh
McATEER Charles Glinsky Lough
McATEER Duncan Parkmore
McATEER Hugh (Bailiff) Cashelmore
McATEER Hugh Cashelmore
McATEER James Carnamaddy
McATEER James Killdoragh
McATEER Stephen Dunrudian
McAWARD Bryan Glinsky Lough
McAWARD Hugh Gortnalake
McBAY Barney Ballymore Lower
McBRIDE [..?] Kilcoll
McBRIDE Charles Cloone
McBRIDE Daniel Faymore
MCBRIDE Dominick Massaness
McBRIDE Edward Parkmore
McBRIDE Francis Doe
McBRIDE J. Kilmacloo
McBRIDE James Brockagh
McBRIDE James Killfad
McBRIDE John Fawnmore
MCBRIDE John Glack
McBRIDE John Sandhill
McBRIDE John Upper Ballymore
McBRIDE Neal Faymore
McBRIDE Owen Breaghy
McBRIDE Pat. Doe
McBRIDE Patrick Rouskey
McBRIDE Roger Fawnmore
McBRIDE Stephen Sandhill
McBRIDE Thomas Doe
McBRIDE Thomas Parkmore
McBRIDE Widow Glinsky Lough
McCAFFERTY Donaghy Murrow
McCAFFERTY William Drumnaraw
McCAING [?] Denis Glinsky Lough
McCALLAGH Owen Carnamaddy
McCAREY James Rouskey
McCARROLL Shawn Drumnaraw
McCARRON Bryan Kilmacloo
McCARRY Charles Gortnalake
McCARRY James Carnamaddy
McCARRY James Killdoragh
McCARRY Neal Carnamaddy
McCARRY Neal Killdoragh
McCARRY Teague Roshin
McCASLAND Hugh Murrow
McCASLAND John Murrow
McCLAFFERTY John Derryreel
McCLAFFERTY Pat. Drumnakillew
McCLAFFERTY Shawn Derryreel
McCLEAN James Greenhill
McCLOSKEY Dennis Greenhill
McCOACH James Lower Purt
McCOACH William Hornhead
McCOLGAN Widow Sandhill
McCONNELL Alexander Carnamaddy
McCUE Andrew Creenesmare
McCUE Charles Carnamaddy
McCUE John Fawnmore
McCUE Paddy Fawnmore
McCULLAGH Bryan Fawnmore
McCULLAGH Daniel Fawnmore
McCULLAGH John Carnamaddy
McCURRIN Daniel Derryreel
McDOWEL Robert Cashelmore
McELAY Hugh Murrow
McELAY James Roscad
McELEY Hugh Greenhill
McELEY Patrick Maugheramena
McELHENNY [..?] Kilcoll
McELHENNY David Cloone
McELHENNY David Creeslough
McELHINNEY Alexander Rouskey
McELHINNEY Cors. Rouskey
McELHINNEY William Cloonmore
McELHINNY William Killturner
McELROOEY Hugh Kilmacloo
McFADDEN Anthony Swillybrin
McFADDEN Barney Roshin
McFADDEN Charles Drumnakillew
McFADDEN Charles Roshin
McFADDEN Charles Swillybrin
McFADDEN Cor. Derryreel
McFADDEN Cornelius Roshin
McFADDEN Daniel Magherablad
McFADDEN Denis Faymore
McFADDEN Dennis Killdoragh
McFADDEN Dennis Roshin
McFADDEN Dennis Roshin
McFADDEN Edward Glack
McFADDEN Edward Kilmacloo
McFADDEN Edward Roshin
McFADDEN Eneas Roshin
McFADDEN Faragh Carnamaddy
McFADDEN Ferigal Breaghy
McFADDEN Ferry Derryreel
McFADDEN Francis Carnamaddy
McFADDEN Francis Gortnalake
McFADDEN Frank Ballyboe
McFADDEN Hugh Ballyboe
McFADDEN Hugh Derryreel
McFADDEN Hugh Drumnakillew
McFADDEN Hugh Roshin
McFADDEN James Drumnaraw
McFADDEN John Cashelmore
McFADDEN John Fawnmore
McFADDEN John Gortnalake
McFADDEN John Roshin
McFADDEN John Tyrlin
McFADDEN Manus Killdoragh
McFADDEN Michael Derryreel
McFADDEN Michael Magheryroarty
McFADDEN Neal Drumnaraw
McFADDEN Neal Roshin
McFADDEN Nocher Roshin
McFADDEN Owen Ballyboe
McFADDEN Owen Carnamaddy
McFADDEN Owen Carnamaddy
McFADDEN Owen Glack
McFADDEN Owen Gortnalake
McFADDEN Pat. Ballyboe
McFADDEN Pat. Dunrudian
McFADDEN Pat. Roshin
McFADDEN Patrick Killdoragh
McFADDEN Samuel Umrafadd
McFADDEN Shawn Fawnmore
McFADDEN Simon Umrafadd
McFADDEN Teague Roshin
McFADDEN Thomas Gortnalake
McFADDEN Thomas Hornhead
McFADDEN Thomas Kilmacloo
McFADDEN Thomas Roshin
McFADDEN Widow Bridget Gortnalake
McFADEN Charles Derryfad
McFADEN Fergus Maugheramena
McFADEN Hugh Cashelmore
McFADEN James Corcreggan
McFADEN John Derryart
McFADEN Owen Knockinafaugher
McFADEN William Knockinafaugher
McFARLAND Robert Cashelmore
McGAHAN James Hornhead
McGALLAGH Owen Carnamaddy
McGARVEY Cormack Fawnmore
McGARVEY Darby Killdoragh
McGARVEY Shawn Derryreel
McGARVEY Widow Killdoragh
McGARVEY William Derryreel
McGEE [..?] Killdoragh
McGEE Bryan Derryreel
McGEE Bryan Derryreel
McGEE Cormick Kilmacloo
McGEE Daniel Maugheramena
McGEE Denis Faymore
McGEE Duncan Murrow
McGEE James Glack
McGEE James Maugheramena
McGEE John Derryherve
McGEE John Massaness
McGEE John Umrafadd
McGEE Manus Maugheramena
McGEE Manus Murrow
McGEE Owen Fawnmore
McGEE Pat. Fawnmore
McGEE Patrick Sen. Maugheramena
McGEE Patrick Roshin
McGEE Roger Derryherve
McGHEE Brine Carnamaddy
McGHEE John Carnamaddy
McGHEE Michael Carnamaddy
McGHEE Michael Carnamaddy
McGHEE Patrick Carnamaddy
McGHEE Peter Carnamaddy
McGINLEY [..?] Carnamaddy
McGINLEY [..?] Creenary
McGINLEY [..?] Kilcoll
McGINLEY A. Kilcoll
McGINLEY Brian Killdoragh
McGINLEY Bryan Kilmacloo
McGINLEY Bryan Massaness
McGINLEY Cornelius Rinclevan
McGINLEY Daniel Breaghy
McGINLEY Daniel Doohashel
McGINLEY Denis Massaness
McGINLEY Doalty Faymore
McGINLEY Edward Carnamaddy
McGINLEY Francis Dunfanaghy
McGINLEY Francis Gortnalake
McGINLEY Francis Rinclevan
McGINLEY Garraway Carnamaddy
McGINLEY Hugh Breaghy
McGINLEY Hugh Maugheramena
McGINLEY James Breaghy
McGINLEY James Derryherve
McGINLEY James Doohashel
McGINLEY James Hornhead
McGINLEY John Cashelmore
McGINLEY John Corcreggan
McGINLEY John Derryherve
McGINLEY John Glack
McGINLEY John Killdoragh
McGINLEY John Kilmacloo
McGINLEY M. Kilcoll
McGINLEY Manus Derryreel
McGINLEY Manus Derryreel
McGINLEY Michael Carnamaddy
McGINLEY Michael Cruckdoo
McGINLEY Michael Glack
McGINLEY Michael Gortnalake
McGINLEY Michael Killdoragh
McGINLEY Michael Magherablad
McGINLEY Neal Carnamaddy
McGINLEY Neal Killdoragh
McGINLEY Neal Kilsheshagh
McGINLEY Owen Upper Purt
McGINLEY Patrick Carnamaddy
McGINLEY Patrick Jun. Faymore
McGINLEY Patrick Sen. Faymore
McGINLEY Shawn Derryreel
McGINLEY Shawn Fawnmore
McGINLEY Teague Gortnalake
McGINLEY Teague Killdoragh
McGINLEY Thomas Kilmacloo
McGINLEY Widow Breaghy
McGINLEY Widow Frances Murrow
McGINLEY Widow Mary Corcreggan
McGINTY Daniel Kilmacloo
McHUGH Andrew Faymore
McHUGH James Drumnakillew
McHUGH Nocher Dunrudian
McILWAIN Darby Knockinafaugher
McILWAIN John Grogagh
McILWAIN William Glinsky Lough
McILWAINE Michael Massaness
McILWAINE Widow Grogagh
McKAY Widow Ballymore Lower
McKIM John Creeslough
McKINLA John Ards
McKINLAY James Hornhead
McKINLAY William Hornhead
McKINLEY Archibald Upper Purt
McKINLEY Thomas Corcreggan
McKINLEY Thomas Upper Purt
McKINLEY William Greenhill
McLAFFERTY Denis Drumnaraw
McLAFFERTY James Drumnaraw
McCAFFERTY James Faymore
McLAFFERTY Michael Drumnaraw
McLAFFERTY Neal Drumnaraw
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Creeslough
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Faymore
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Knockinafaugher
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Swillybrin
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Swillybrin
McLAUGHLIN Manus Magheryroarty
McLAUGHLIN Nocher Swillybrin
McMONIGAL William Umrafadd
McNULTY James Jun. Faymore
McNULTY James Sen. Faymore
McNULTY Widow Sarah Faymore
McNUTT Collin Little Figart
McSWINE Charles Rouskey
McSWINE Daniel Brockagh
McSWINE Daniel Casey
McSWINE Daniel Gortnalake
McSWINE Daniel Roshin
McSWINE Daniel The Poll
McSWINE Denis The Poll
McSWINE Edward Carnamaddy
McSWINE Edward Gortnalake
McSWINE Hugh Brockagh
McSWINE Hugh Carnamaddy
McSWINE Hugh Glack
McSWINE Hugh Killdoragh
McSWINE Hugh Swillybrin
McSWINE Hugh Swillybrin
McSWINE James Creenesmare
McSWINE James The Poll
McSWINE Miles Carnamaddy
McSWINE Owen Gortnalake
McSWINE Widow Greenhill
McTEAGUE Neal Gortnalake
McWARD Bryan Fawnmore
McWARD Cornelius Maugheramena
McWARD Pat. Fawnmore
McWARD Teague Killdoragh
MOFFIT Adam Clonmass
MOFFIT John Clonmass
MOFFITT Hugh Ballymore Lower
MOFFITT John Kilcoll
MOFFITT Joshua Ballymore Lower
MOFFITT Neal Killturner
MOFFITT Robert Ballymore Lower
MONTGOMERY Alexander Doohashel
MONTGOMERY Samuel Doohashel
MONTGOMERY Thomas, Esq. Dunfanaghy
MOORE Edward Magherablad
MOORE James Creenesmare
MOORE James Creenesmare
MOORE John Dunfanaghy
MOORE John Little Figart
MOORE John Rinclevan
MOORE Peter Doe
MOORE William Doe
MULHERON Daniel Glinsky Lough
MULHERON James Faymore
MULLIGAN Edward Drumnaraw
MULLIGAN John Fawnmore
MULLIN Pat. Hornhead
MURRY [..?] Creenaghan
MURRY Anthony Creenary
MURRY James Garvery
MURRY John Ards
MURRY Matt. Creenary
MURRY Widow Rose Gortnalake
NELIS Michael Drimlevellagh
NELIS William Drimlevellagh
NULTY Andy Rouskey
O’DONNELL A. Killturner
O’DONNELL Charles Faugher Lower
O’DONNELL Charles Little Figart
O’DONNELL Daniel Umrafadd
O’DONNELL Hugh Dunfanaghy
O’DONNELL Hugh Figart (Big)
O’DONNELL James Rinclevan
O’DONNELL James Dunfanaghy
O’DONNELL John Parkmore
O’DONNELL Manus Parkmore
OLPHERT Richard Glack
OLPHERT William Glack
PATTERSON Thomas Murrow
PEOPLES James Kilmacloo
PEOPLES James Rouskey
PEOPLES John Rouskey
PRICE [..?] Kilcoll
RAMSAY John Carnamaddy
RANKIN Dr. Thomas Dunfanaghy
REILY John Derryart
RICHARDSON William Cashelmore
RICHESON [RICHARDSON] Alexander Little Figart
ROARTY Richard Rouskey
ROBINSON Charles Greenhill
ROBINSON John Hornhead
ROBINSON William Dunfanaghy
RODDEN Patrick Derryfad
RODEN Bryan Cloonmore
RUSSEL Henry Rouskey
RUSSELL Edward Brockagh
RUSSELL Edward Brockagh
RUSSELL Nat. Brockagh
SAWYERS Alexander Doohashel
SAWYERS John Doohashel
SAYERS John Woodhill
SAYERS Robert Cashelmore
SHEILS Francis Gortnalake
SHERIDAN Charles Garvery
SHERIDAN Charles The Poll
SHERIDAN Daniel Ballyboe
SHERIDAN James Gortnalake
SHERIDAN John Garvery
SHERIDAN Manus Ballyboe
SHERIDAN Patrick Faymore
SHERIDAN Patrick Rouskey
SHERIDAN Widow Garvery
SHIEL Patrick Brockagh
SIMMS Robert Dunfanaghy
SIMPSON Henry Middle Faugher
SIMPSON Hugh Middle Faugher
STEWART A.R. Esq. Killdoragh (Mountain)
STEWART A.R. Esq. Ards
STEWART A.R. Esq. Aughalatty
STEWART A.R. Esq. Killdoragh
STEWART A.R. Esq. Rinclevan
STEWART A.R. Esq. Cashelmore
STEWART Alexander Cashelmore
STEWART Alexander Faugher Upper
STEWART Alexander R. Esq. Dunfanaghy
STEWART Alexander R. Esq. Figart (Big)
STEWART Andrew Roscad
STEWART Charles Breaghy
STEWART Charles Hornhead
STEWART Charles Rannyrose
STEWART  David Woodhill
STEWART George Ballymore Lower
STEWART George Little Figart
STEWART James Roe Upper Purt
STEWART James Upper Purt
STEWART John Brockagh
STEWART Mr. Hornhead
STEWART Richard Roscad