1826 Tithe Applotment Book - Clonleigh Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Clonleigh, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Surname,  Given Name  &  Townland Address


Aiken,  Irvine,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow

Akins,  W.,  Lifford Common

Alexander,  Samuel,  Mullinagung

Allen,  Mrs,  Lifford Parks

Anderson,  Michael,  Braid

Anderson,  Patrick,  Porthall

Anderson,  Robert,  Ardnaglas

Anderson,  William,  Porthall,  Carricknaslate,  Ardnaglas

Arnold,  J.H.,  Cunnyburrow

Ball,  James,  Shannon Backland,  Middle Shannon,  Lower Shannon

Banagan,  James,  Lifford Parks

Banagan,  Thomas,  Rohan

Barclay,  William,  Sheercloon

Barnhill,  Robert,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Barnhill,  Thomas,  Islandmore

Blackburn,  Samuel,  Mullaghany

Blair,  Adam,  Keelogs,  Ardnaglas

Blair,  John,  Murlog

Blair,  Robert,  Liskey

Blair,  Widow,  Ballendrate,  Birdstown,  Calhame

Blair,  William,  Calhame,  Keelogs

Bogan,  Widow Catherine,  Ballynabrien

Bogle,  Thomas,  Tironeal

Bonner,  James,  Churchtown,  Ballybogan

Bonner,  Manus,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Bonner,  Thomas,  Churchtown

Bonner,  William,  Churchtown

Boyd,  Samuel,  Murlog

Boyle,  Bryan,  Toberoneal

Boyle,  Daniel,  Gortinreagh,  Toovebuoy

Boyle,  James,  Toovebuoy

Boyle,  Michael,  Millsessagh,  Birdstown,  Ballynabrien

Bradley,  James,  Murlog

Bradley,  Pat,  Tamnywood

Brady,  Hugh,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow

Brannon,  Michael,  Millsessagh

Brearty,  Patrick,  (bailiff) Boyagh

Bresland,  Owen,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Brison,  John,  Lifford Parks,  The Haw,  Glensmoyle

Brogan,  Edward,  Ballendrate

Buchanan,  George,  Lurganshanagh

Buchanan,  Matthew,  Lurganshanagh

Buchanan,  Robert,  Gortinreagh

Buchanan,  William,  Gortinreagh

Burgoyne,  Sir John,  Drumbwee

Burns,  James,  Cloghfin,  Ballyminister

Cairns,  John,  Lifford Parks

Caldwell,  Miss Anne,  Middle Shannon

Caldwell,  Isaac,  Lifford Parks,  Legandaragh,  Curraghalane

Caldwell,  William,  Sen.,  Churchtown

Caldwell,  William,  Jun.,  Churchtown

Calhoun,  Robert,  Boyagh (of Tironeal)

Calhoun,  Robert,  Boyagh (of Bullock House)

Calhoun,  Robert,  Sen.,  Tironeal

Calhoun,  Robert,  Jun.,  Tironeal

Campbell,  Henry,  Lifford Parks

Caldwell,  Robert,  Millsessagh

Campbell,  John,  Mullanaveigh

Cannon,  Bryan,  Lurganshanagh

Carden,  John,  Lifford Parks

Carlan,  Widow Rose,  Masshill

Carland,  Bryan,  Drumleene,  (Newtown Division)

Carland,  James,  Mullanaveigh

Carland,  John,  Glenfad

Carland,  Michael,  Porthall

Carland,  Michael,  Glenfad

Carland,  Neil,  Drumleene (Newtown Division)

Carland,  Philip,  Islandmore

Carland,  Robert,  Sen.,  Glencosh (South Division)

Carland,  Robert,  jun.,  Glencosh (South Division)

Carland,  William,  Mullanaveigh

Carson,  John,  Gortnagole

Cather,  William,  Lifford Common,  Carricknaslate

Chambers,  Richard,  Esq.,  Carricknaslate

Chambers,  William,  Esq.,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Cheatley,  Samuel,  Lifford Parks

Clarke,  Andrew,  Porthall,  Glensmoyle, 

Clarke,  Dr Andrew,  Carricknaslate

Clarke,  William,  Lifford Parks

Clarke,  Rev Mr,  Lifford Parks

Clements,  Andrew,  Lifford Parks

Cochran,  Robert,  Lurganshanagh

Colhoun,  Joseph,  Rossgeer

Colhoun,  William,  Curraghalane

Coll,  Denis,  Curraghalane

Conaghan,  Widow,  Cloghfin

Connolly,  Owen,  Ardnasool,  Cloghfin

Connor,  Robert,  New Row

Connor,  William,  New Row

Conynghan [Cunningham],  James,  Islandmore

Connor,  Charles,  Mullanaveigh

Cook,  Michael,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks,  Rohan

Corkerain,  Bartholomew,  Lifford Parks

Cowan,  Smith,  Lifford Parks

Coyle,  Bernard,  Lifford Common

Coyle,  John,  Glensmoyle

Coyle,  Patrick,  Lifford Parks,  Glensmoyle

Coyle,  William,  Glensmoyle

Crenor,  John,  Sixty Acres,  Gortgranagh

Crockett,  Andrew,  Edenmore

Crockett,  William,  Edenmore

Crossan,  James,  Braid

Crossan,  Neal,  Drumleen (Red Brae Division)

Crossan,  Patrick,  Lifford Parks,  Rohan

Crossan,  Thomas,  Sen.,  Rohan

Crossan,  Thomas,  Jun,  Rohan

Cummins,  James,  Tironeal

Cummins,  John,  Lifford Parks

Cummins,  Joseph,  Tironeal

Cunnea,  Michael,  Ballendrate

Cunningham James,  Blackrock,  Braid

Cunningham,  Mackey,  Blackrock,  Braid

Davis,  James,  Lifford Common

Davis,  John,  Lifford Parks

Davis,  Thomas,  Lifford Parks

Davis,  Widow Susana,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Davis,  William,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Denny,  Mrs,  Ballendrate,  Ballynabrien

Denny,  William,  Sheercloon

Devenny,  Patrick,  Boyagh

Divin,  Daniel,  Cloghfin

Divin,  Hugh,  New Row

Donaghy,  Bryan,  Islandmore

Donnell,  Daniel,  Lifford Common

Donnell,  Ezekiel,  Islandmore

Donnell,  John,  Lifford Parks

Donnell,  Widow Rachel,  Boyagh

Doogan,  Andrew,  Lifford Common

Dougan,  John,  Porthall,  Curraghalane

Dougherty,  Daniel,  Glenfad,  Masshill,  Braid

Dougherty,  Edward,  Lifford Common

Dougherty,  Francis,  Braid

Dougherty,  James,  Cloghfin

Dougherty,  Hugh,  Porthall,  New Row

Dougherty,  James,  Porthall. New Row,  Braid,  Gortin

Dougherty,  James,  Birdstown,  Lifford Common

Dougherty,  John,  Mullanaveigh,  Gortin,  Lifford Common

Dougherty,  Neal,  Lifford Common

Dougherty,  Robert,  Mullanaveigh

Dougherty,  Roger,  Boyagh

Dougherty,  William. Glenfad,  Gortgranagh,  Braid

Dougherty,  William (of Drinlanaw),  Sixty Acres

Dougherty,  William,  Birdstown

Dudgeon,  James,  Ballynabrien

Earl of Erne,  Drumleene (Oldtown & Newtown Divisions),  Mullanaveigh,  Millsessagh

Ellison,  William,  Ardnasool

Fenton,.....[?],  Lifford Parks

Fletcher,  William,  Mullinagung

Friel,  Michael,  Lifford Parks

Galbraith,  Andrew,  Drumleen (Red Brae Division)

Galbraith,  Hugh,  Millsessagh,  Ballynabrien

Galbraith,  James,  Edenmore,  Millsessagh

Galbraith,  Robert,  Glencosh (South Division)

Gallagher,  Charles,  Lifford Parks

Gallagher,  Duddy [?],  Lifford Parks

Gallagher,  Francis,  Carricknaslate

Gallagher,  Hugh,  Gortin,  Ballendrate,  Lifford Common,  Carricknaslate

Gallagher,  James,  Portanure

Gallagher,  John,  Murlog,  Lifford Parks

Gallagher,  Peter,  Sen.,  Ballynabrien

Gallagher,  Peter,  Jun.,  Ballynabrien

Gallagher,  Toal,  Ballendrate,  Millsessagh

Gallagher,  Widow Mary,  Cunnyborough

Gallagher,  William,  Boyagh

Gardener,  Samuel,  Gortnavilly

Gardiner,  John,  Doorus

Gardiner,  Samuel,  Doorus,  Middle Shannon

Gardiner,  William,  Keelogs,  Gortnagole

Gilfillan,  Charles,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Gilfillan,  Oliver,  Glencosh (North Division)

Gilfillen,  Thomas,  Dromore

Gilfillen,  William,  Dromore

Gillespey,  Dr.,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Glenn,  Robert,  Rossgeer,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Gormley,  Patrick,  Murlog

Gourley,  Andrew,  Toberoneal

Gourley,  John,  Mullinagung,  Dromore

Gray,  John,  Millsessagh

Gwynne,  William,  Lifford Parks

Hair,  Stephen,  Millsessagh

Hall,  Samuel,  Drumbwee

Hamilton,  James Babbington,  Glenfad

Hamilton,  James,  Millsessagh

Hands,  John,  Gortgranagh

Haradan,  John,  Boyagh

Harkin,  James,  Ballynabrien

Harron,  Charles,  Kiln Park

Harrigan,  Edward,  Gortgranagh

Hart,  Captain,  Porthall

Hegarty,  Patrick,  Cloghfin

Henderson,  David,  Birdstown

Henderson,  James,  Tamnywood,  Ballendrate,  Drimnahaw,  Birdstown,  Middle Shannon,  Murlog

Henderson,  Thomas,  Tamnywood,  Ballendrate,  Birdstown

Hendrick,  Dr.,  Lifford Parks

Hoan [?],  Thomas,  Lurganshanagh

Hodgecase,  Thomas,  Lifford Common

Holt,  Henry,  Glenfad

Houston,  Rev James,  Gortin

Humphrey,  Benjamin,  Esq.,  Cavanacor

Humphrys,  Captain,  Lifford Parks

Hunter,  Andrew,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Irvine,  William,  Ballybogan

Jack,  Henry,  The Haw

Jack,  Samuel,  The Haw,  Glensmoyle

Jack,  Widow Rosanna,  The Haw,  Glensmoyle

Jamieson,  Samuel,  Lifford Parks

Johnston,  Arthur,  Mullaghany

Johnston,  James,  Ardnaglas

Kearnaghan,  Rev Thomas,  Rossgear

Kearney,  James,  Lifford Parks,  Ballybogan,  Camus,  Aghawee

Kearney,  Robert,  Aghawee

Kearney,  Widow Elizabeth,  Ballybogan,  Camus

Kelly,  John,  New Row,  Curraghalane

Kelly,  Oliver,  Lifford Parks

Kelly,  Patrick,  Lifford Common

Kelly,  Robert,  New Row

Kelly,  William,  New Row

Kelly,  Widow Catherine,  Cunnyburrow

Kennedy,  Roger,  Millsessagh

Kerrigan,  William,  Lifford Parks

Kevlaghan,  Thomas,  Calhame

Kevlaghan,  Widow Anne,  Calhame

Keys,  George,  Glenfad,  Cavan

Keys,  John,  Glenfad,  Mullinagung,  Cavan

Keys,  Nathaniel,  Boyagh

Keys,  Tasker,  Mullinagung,  Mullanaveigh

Keys,  Thomas,  Glenfad

Kilpatrick,  George,  Millsessagh

Kilpatrick,  James,  Ballendrate

Kilpatrick,  Widow,  (Mill Farm),  Ballyminister

King,  Moses,  Glensmoyle

King,  William,  Glensmoyle

Kivlaghan,  Thomas,  Millsessagh

Knox,  George,  Lifford Common,  Cunnyburrow

Knox,  Robert,  Esq.,  Murlog

Knox,  Rev William,  Clonleigh Demesne,  Blackrock (schoolhouse ground)

Laughlin,  Charles,  Millsessagh

Leonard,  James,  Braid

Leonard,  William,  Braid,  Coolatee

Leviston,  Alexander,  Millsessagh,  Keelogs,  Ardnaglas

Liddle,  Davis,  Ardnaglas

Little,  John,  Gortin,  Lifford Parks,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow

Loague,  Patrick,  Millsessagh,  Lifford Parks

Logan,  Robert,  Lifford Parks

Logue,  Charles,  Millsessagh

Long,  Robert,  Glensmoyle

Loughry,  John,  Lifford Common,  Carricknaslate

Loughry,  William,  Lifford Parks,  Carricknaslate

Lungan,  John,  New Row

Lungan,  Michael,  Porthall

Lynch,  Neal,  Glencosh (South Division)

McAleer,  William,  Lifford Parks

McAuley,  John,  Boyagh

McBeth,  Alexander,  Drumbwee

McBeth,  James,  Lifford Parks

McBeth,  John,  Monien,  Monien (Hollands Division)

McBeth,  Joseph,  Drumbwee

McBeth,  Robert,  Millsessagh,  Murlog, 

McBeth,  Robert,  Sen.,  Drumbwee

McBeth,  Robert,  Jun.,  Drumbwee

McBeth,  Robert,  Lifford Parks

McBeth,  William,  (blacksmith) Drumbwee

McBeth,  William,  Drumbwee

McBride,  Widow,  Lifford Parks

McCallion,  Catherine,  Ballynabrien

McCallion,  John,  Tironeal,  Mullanaveigh

McCasker,  Charles,  Lifford Parks

McCasker,  Patrick,  Lifford Parks

McCaughel,  James,  Murlog

McColgan,  John,  Kiln Park

McColgan,  Owen,  Coolatee

McClintock,  John,  Millsessagh

McClintock,  John,  Millsessagh

McClintock,  Hugh,  Glenfad

McClintock,  Josiah,  Porthall

McClintock,  Robert,  Birdstown

McCloskey,  Widow,  Legandoragh

McConnell,  Andrew,  Gortnagole

McConnell,  John,  Millsessagh

McConnell,  [John?],  Millsessagh

McCorkle,  Gustavus,  Portanure

McCorkle,  Peter,  Curraghalane

McCormick,  Edward,  Lifford Parks

McCort,  Hugh,  Sixty Acres,  Gortgranagh

McCrea,  Andrew,  Toovebuoy,  Liskey

McCrea,  Archibald,  Liskey

McCrea,  James,  Liskey

McCrea,  James,  Kiln Park

McCrea,  Mrs Mary,  Mullaghany

McCrea,  Samuel,  Kiln Park

McCreedy,  John,  Ballynabrien

McCrossan,  Widow Margaret,  Drumleen,  Newtown Division

McDermott,  Bryan,  Millsessagh,  Ballynabrien

McDermott,  Edward,  Springhill (or Galgranagh),  Murlog

McDermott,  Henry,  Birdstown

McDermott,  John,  Rossgeer,  Drumleen (Red Brae Division)

McDermott,  Owen,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

McDougal,  Charles,  (of Strabane)Murlog

McFadian,  Daniel,  Ardnasool,  Cloghfin

McFadian,  Patrick,  Ardnasool

McGettigan,  Hugh,  Tironeal

McGettigan,  Patrick,  Kiln Park

McGettigan,  Robert,  Calhame

McGettigan,  Widow,  Lifford Parks

McGheehan,  Michael,  Ballendrate

McGinley,  John,  Glensmoyle

McGowan,  Hugh,  Sen.,  New Row

McGowan,  Hugh,  Jun.,  New Row

McGranaghan,  Patrick,  Ballendrate

McGrath,  John,  Boyagh,  New Row

McGurk,  Michael,  Murlog

McHugh,  Rev Arthur,  Lifford Common

McHugh,  James,  Sixty Acres

McIntosh,  William,  Lifford Parks,  The Haw

McIntosh,  William (Nassau Farm),  Croaghan (or Killendarragh Wood)

McKeammy,  James,  Mossbeg

McKinney,  George,  Mullanaveigh

McLaughlin,  Charles,  Portanure

McLaughlin,  Daniel,  (Pegmount),  Lifford Common

McLaughlin,  James,  Sixty Acres< Gortgranagh

McLaughlin,  Widow,  Gortinreagh

McLeod,  Captain,  Lifford Parks

McMenamin,  Daniel,  Murlog,  Lifford Parks,  Rohan

McMenamin,  John,  Lifford Parks

McMenamin,  Hugh (Post Office),  Lifford Common

McMenamin,  Patrick,  Tironeal,  Lifford Parks

McMonagle,  Hugh,  Boyagh,  New Row

McMullen,  Daniel,  Lifford Parks

McNamee,  Michael,  Tironeal,  Drumleene (Newtown Division)

McNamee,  Peter,  Millsessagh

McShane,  Daniel,  Rossgeer,  Ballynabrien,  Lifford Common

McShane,  Michael,  Cunnyburrow,  Carricknaslate

McShane,  Patrick,  Cunnyburrow

McSwine,  Daniel,  Porthall

Mackey,  Andrew,  Coolatee,  Wood Island

Mackey,  John,  Cloghfin

Mackey,  William,  Coolatee,  Wood Island

Macoart,  Hugh,  Gortgranagh

Magill,  James,  Gortnavilly

Mahaffy,  James,  Sen.,  Masshill

Mahaffy,  James,  Sixty Acres

Mahaffy,  John,  Tironeal,  Drumleene (Newtown Division),  Monien (Hollands Division)

Mahaffy,  John Sen.,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Mahaffy,  John,  jun.,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division),  Dromore

Marshall,  James,  Birdstown

Martin,  Robert,  Tironeal

Meara,  James,  Murlog

Mellan,  John,  Lifford Parks

Mellon,  James,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Mellon,  Nicholas,  Lifford Parks

Mellon,  Patrick,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Middleton,  Samuel,  Glensmoyle

Miles,  Widow,  Lifford Parks

Miller,  Samuel,  Birdstown

Mitchell,  Thomas,  Braid

Montgomery,  Gabriel,  Lifford Parks

Moody,  J.,  Lifford Commons

Moore,  Andrew,  Ballendrate

Moore,  Robert,  Glencosh (North Division)

Morrison,  William,  Porthall

Morton,  John,  Lifford Parks,  Legandoragh

Morton,  Samuel,  Drimnahaw

Moyle,  Joseph,  Ballynabrien

Moyne,  William,  Murlog

Mullen,  Edward,  Ballybogan

Mullin,  Thomas,  Tamnywood

Mulrine,  Christopher,  Lifford Common

Mulrine,  Widow,  Ballendrate,  Drimnahaw,  Springhill (or Galgranagh),  Birdstown,  Lifford Common

Mulrine,  William Lifford Common

Munday,  Neal. Lifford Parks

Nealis,  James,  Rohan

Nealis,  Owen,  Portanure

O’Brearty,  Anthony,  Boyagh

O’Brannon,  Michael,  Ballendrate

O’Brien,  Charles,  Gortnagole

Ormond,  George W.,  Lifford Parks

Orr,  James,  Ballynabrien

Orr,  Robert,  Gortnagole

Patterson,  Cairns,  Cloghfin

Patterson,  George,  Toberoneal

Patterson,  James,  Gortnagole

Patterson,  James,  Sen.,  Churchtown

Patterson,  James,  Jun.,  Churchtown

Patterson,  John,  Ballybogan

Patterson,  R.,  Ardnaglas

Patton,  Cornelius,  Lifford Common

Patton,  Hugh,  Lifford Parks

Porter,  James,  Guystown,  Mossbeg

Porter,  Miss,  Tamnywood,  Ballendrate

Prior,  Miss,  Ballendrate

Quenton,  Moses,  Ballynabrien,  Murlog

Quenton,  William,  Ballynabrien

Quin,  Denis,  Glencosh (South Division)

Quin,  Duncan,  Drumleene (Oldtown Division)

Quin,  John,  Drumleen (Red Brae Division)

Quin,  Thomas,  Porthall

Quin,  Widow Sarah,  Drumleen (Red Brae Division)

Risk,  James,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow

Robinson,  William,  Lifford Parks

Ross,  William,  Gortin

Roulston,  Jeremiah,  Ardnaglas

Roulston,  Robert,  Ardnaglas

Scanlan,  Daniel,  Lifford Parks,  Rohan

Scanlan,  Patrick,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow,  Rohan

Scott,  James,  Mullanaveigh,  Mossmore

Semple,  James,  Boyagh

Sharkey,  Joseph,  Sen.,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Sharkey,  Joseph,  Jun.,  Lifford Parks

Sharp,  James,  Millsessagh

Sheeran,  Hugh,  Carricknaslate

Sheeran,  James,  Carricknaslate

Sigerson [?],  Lifford Parks

Sinclair,  James,  Esq.,  Cloghfin,  Ballyminister

Smith,  Widow Rachel,  Porthall

Smyth,  Arthur,  Toberoneal

Smyth,  James,  Springhill (or Galgranagh)

Smyth,  John,  Gortgranagh

Smyth,  Joseph,  Springhill (or Galgranagh),  Toberoneal

Smyth,  Marshall,  Glensmoyle

Smyth,  Oliver,  Porthall

Smyth,  Robert,  Porthall

Smyth,  Robert,  Porthall

Smyth,  Robert,  Boyagh

Smyth,  Samuel,  Mullinagung

Smyth,  Widow,  Glensmoyle

Smyth,  William,  Corkan Island,  Islandmore,  Ballybogan

Sorahan,  Daniel,  Lifford Parks

Sorahan,  Denis,  Lifford Parks

Spence,  William,  Cunnyburrow

Spence,  Mrs,  Lifford Parks,  Cunnyburrow

Sproule ....[?],  Carricknaslate

Sproull,  William,  Mullaghany

Starratt,  Thomas,  Lifford Common,  Lifford Parks

Stephenson,  Elizabeth,  Toberoneal

Stephenson,  James,  Sen.,  Toberoneal

Stephenson,  James,  Jun.,  Toberoneal

Stephenson,  Jane,  Toberoneal

Stephenson,  Robert,  Mullinagung

Stephenson,  Robert,  Mullinagung,  Cavan

Stephenson,  Widow Jane,  Mullinaveigh,  Lifford Parks

Stilley,  Andrew,  Gortin,  Tamnywood

Thompson,  Edward,  Carricknaslate

Thompson,  George,  Glensmoyle

Thompson,  Gustavus,  Lifford Parks

Thompson,  John,  Lifford Parks

Thompson,  Thomas,  Millsessiagh

Throne,  William,  Portanure

Tinny,  James,  Ballendrate

Toppins,  George,  Millsessagh

Vance,  John,  Lifford Parks

Walker,  John,  Birdstown

Walker,  Widow Betty,  Lifford Parks

Walley,  Shadrach,  Porthall

Ward,  Hugh,  Lifford Common,  Carricknaslate

Watson,  Robert,  Gortin,  Ballendrate,  Millsessagh,  Ballynabrien

Weir,  Alexander,  Mullinagung,  Cavan,  Monien (Hollands Division),  Mullanaveigh,  Gortin

Weir,  James,  Monien,  Tamnywood

Weir,  John,  Rossgeer,  Monien,  (Hollands Division)

Welsh,  Alexander,  Braid

Welsh,  John,  Braid

Welsh,  W.,  Ballendrate

White,  John,  Lifford Parks

Wilkey,  James,  Ardnaglas

Wilkey,  Robert,  Aghawee,  Doorus

Wilkey,  Widow,  Kerrs Croaghan

Wilson,  David,  Tierkeeran

Wilson,  George,  Tamnywood

Wilson,  John,  Murlog,  Lifford Common

Wilson,  Oliver,  Lifford Parks

Wilson,  Thomas,  Tierkeeran

Witheral,  John,  Ballendrate,  Birdstown

Young,  Mrs,  Lifford Parks

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