Convoy Presbyterian Congregation March 1822

  A list of the families belonging to Convoy Presbyterian congregation taken March, 1822, by the Rev. John Wray, when first visiting

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Charles and Mrs. Taylor (Extinct)

Widow Cowan, nee Crawford, Children: James, Elizabeth (Extinct)

Samuel McClure, wife nee McClure. Children: Nancy aged 16, Elizabeth, Jane, Samuel, David



William and Mrs Greer. Children: John 13, James, Elizabeth , William 

Widow Margaret Collwell. Children: William Jane, Samuel Agnus, David.

Thos. Jamieson, wife nee Margaret (extinct)

Samuel Ewin, wife nee Blackburn. Children: Elizabeth (10) Isabella, James, Samuel, Robert, John, Henry, William, Mary, Thomas



John Henderson, wife nee Jane Smyth. Children: William (20) Robert, Mary

James & Mrs Coulter (Extinct)

David Lee, wife nee Catherine Coulter, Children: Sarah (aged 14) Mary, David (extinct)

Thomas Brown, wife nee Jane Parks, Children: David (2) William, (Scotland)

William Brown, wife Sarah Burk. Children: Jane (4) Nancy.


Thomas Fairman, wife nee Elizabeth Crawford. Children: Jane  (9),Catherine, John, Thomas, Elizabeth

Frederick Robison, wife nee Catherine Fairman. Children: Robert (21) Elinor, James, Frederick

Charles McClure, wife nee Margaret Crawford. (Extinct)

James Duncan. widower, Child: Mary Ann (25)

John Black, wife nee Catherine McGihen. Children: James (3), Eliza (Extinct)

John Hamilton, wife nee Judith Fairman. Children: Thomas (18) Sarah, John, William, Judith, Mary.

Richard McClure, wife nee Mary Russell. Children: Richard (9) Francis, James, William, Agnus



Catherine Black, Jannet Black (Extinct) Orphans: William (17) James, Henry, (All away)

Widow Mary Hume, nee McClure. Child:Andrew (12) (Extinct)

James McConnell, wife nee Jane Black. Children: Jane (3), William (Emigrated)

Widow Margaret Black, nee McClure. Children: Elizabeth (26), James, Richard, John.

Charles Cowan, wife nee Elizabeth Cowan, Children: James (30), Catherine, John, Elizabeth, Mary (18)

James Osborne, wife nee Jane Cowan. Child: Susanne () (away)

William Cowan, wife nee Mary Cowan. Children: Catherine (23) Elizabeth, Jane, Susan, James, Jacob.         

William Laird, wife nee Mary Taylor, Children: Agnus (6) William (away)

John McClure, wife nee Catherine McElhenny. Children: Margaret (6) Sarah, James, John.

Oliver Blackburn, wife nee Easter Stewart. Children: John (11), Samuel, Betty, Oliver, Easter

Samuel Cowan, wife nee Margaret Wilson, Children: John (16), Charles, Eliza, Robert, James, Samuel.


--- Wiley, wife nee Margaret Corscaden.

Robert Fairman, wife nee Agnus Ash. Children: John (21), Elizabeth, Robert, Jane,  Judith, (Extinct)



James Blair, wife nee Matty Boyd. Step-children: Mary (14) James, David, Sarah,  William (America)

John Ash, wife nee Nancy Campbell. Child: Matty (8 mths)

John Watson, wife nee Mary Smiley. Child: Aaron Watson married Nancy Greer.



Alex. Jamison, wife nee Mary Hamilton. Children: Nancy (3), John, James, Mary, Rebecca, Jane, Eliza, John Jamison, (Extinct)

John Black, second wife nee Betty Greer. First wife's children: James (21), Eliza, Betty, Isabella, Nancy.  2nd wife's child: John (Extinct)

James Black and his mother.

Alex. Black, wife nee Sarah Black. Children: Eliza (6), James, Sarah, Alex.



Widow Jane Wray, nee Finlay. Child:  James

Thomas Wray, wife nee Lily Wray. Children: Stephen (26), William (15), Eliza (14), James (10), July (6), (Extinct)



Widow Bell Jamison nee Ewin

William Jamison, wife nee Matty Moore, Children (5) Samuel, John (Emigrated)



James Roulston (widower) Children: James (21) Mary

David Roulston, his wife and one child



Kearnes Henderson (widower)

James Ewen, wife nee Margaret Keys. Children: Eliza (3), Elenor.

David McClure, wife nee Jane Campbell. Children: James (19), Mary, John, Sarah, Eliza.



John Black, wife nee Jane Woods. Children: Sarah Jane ( 9 months)

Alex Black, wife nee Jane Cairnes. Child: Sarah (6 months)

Widow Jane Wray, nee McClure. Children:Thos (32) William.



William (or James) Ewen, wife nee Catherine Daisley Children: Henry (6), William, Catherine.

Natt. McClure, wife nee Kitty Noble, Children: Joseph (10), John (went to America)

Andrew McFarland, wife nee Jane Tate. Children: Archibald (16), Margaret, William, Catherine Eliza, Andrew, Samuel.

James Logan, wife nee Margaret McDougall. Child: Matty Ann (3), also Mary (sister of James Logan) (went to North America)


John Hutchison, wife nee Catherine Porter (Away)

John Porter, wife nee Jane Hay, Children: Samuel (6) Andrew.

Jacob Hutchison (Extinct)

David Laird, wife nee Agnus Noble (Extinct)

George Boyd, second wife nee Margaret Laird. Children: Jane (3), Nancy; also John (10) child of first wife.



Widow Mary Dougherty nee Brown, Children: William, Susan (Extinct)

Samuel Cuthbertson, wife nee Rebecca McConnell. Children: James (19) Alex., John

John Fletcher, wife nee Evaugh Dougherty. Children: Mary (19), James, John, Robert, Evaugh, and Grandchild Nancy.

James McClean, wife nee Frances (      ) Children: Robert (30), Jane (Extinct), William, James, Thomas, Nancy, Matthew Moore (Emigrated)

William Paterson (widower) Children: John (22) Mary, William

Robert Paterson, Widower. Child: Samuel (Extinct)



Samuel Black (Extinct)

Widow Martha Conwell, nee Ewen. Children: Jane (19), John.



Robert Gray, wife nee Jane Laird. Children: Mary (14), John, Thomas

Widow Jane Boyd, nee Wiley.

William Flanagan, wife nee Sarah Boyd. Children: Jane (6), Sally, Mary (away)

Mary Gray, nee Watson (husband in America) Children: Elinor (22), Samuel, James (Extinct)

William Chambers, Children: Robert (21), James, Mary, John (Extinct)

Andrew Boyd, wife nee Jane Baxter, Children: John (9), Robert, Jane, Matthew.

Alex. Ewen, wife nee Mary Ewen. Children: Mary (5), William, James.

William Ewen, wife nee Rebecca Wiley, Children: Martha (28) Alex., Kitty, John, William.

Robert Gregg (widower  - childless)

Robert Gregg, wife nee Jane Ewen, (Extinct)

William Fairman, wife nee Peggy Brown. Children: Nancy (5), Jane, Margaret (away)

John Boyd (widower)  Child: David

James Cook, wife nee Letty McAdoo, Children: Thos. (25), Letty, David.

Moses Wilson, wife nee Mary Scot

John Hamilton, wife nee Jane Wilson. Children: James (3), John.

John Wilson, wife nee Mary Sweeney. Children: Joseph (9), Mary, Jane.               



John Lee, wife nee Bell Grame's. Children: John (19), James, Nancy, Mary, Ann Jane, William; also Eliza & Nancy, sisters and their mother.



Andrew Grame's, wife nee Jane McClure. Children: Samuel (28), Jane.



James and Mrs. McDonald, Children: Christian (12), James, Eliza.

Widow Ash nee Fairman, Children: Thos (21) Eliza, Sally, Judith, Richard, Jane.

Edward Burke, wife nee Agnus Forrister, Children: John (18), Agnus, Joseph, Robert, Jane, Eliza, Edward.

Catherine Buchanan nee Finley, Children: William (27), Mary.



Samuel Pollock, wife nee Hanna Greer, Children: Jane (22), Mary, Eliza, Margaret, Sarah, Samuel

Gabriel and Mrs Pollock, Children: Mary (8), William, Rebecca, Robert.

James Parker, wife nee Margaret Smyth, Children: William (13), Samuel, Rebecca, Joseph (Extinct)

William Stinson, second wife nee Mary Speer (also twice Married). Children: Margaret (13), Rebecca, Mary; also Children: William (21), James, Sarah, (almost all emigrated to America)

Samuel Smyth (widower) Children: Margaret (16), Rebecca, William, Jane, Joseph, Mary.

Ben Clayton, wife nee Rebecca Lyttle, Children: James, (6) Jane, Nancy, (Went to Scotland 1823)

William McClintock, wife nee Mary Smyth, Children: Margaret (15), Elenor, Samuel, Mary, (America)



John Williamson, wife nee Easter Cowan, Children: Nancy (20), Matthew, Rebecca, Eliza, Robert

Widow Margaret Neilson, Children: John (8), Mary.

Widow Martha Fletcher. Child: Rebecca.



Henry Johnston, wife nee Susan Temple. Child: Adam ()

Widow Johnston, Robert (16) John, Henry, Susan.

Thos. Johnston (widower) Children: William (18), Robert, James, John, Eliza; also John Wray, wife nee Jane Johnston.

Thos. McCinley, wife nee Hanna McIntire. Children: John (8), Robert, Thomas, (Scotland)



John Gray, wife nee Martha Gray, Children: Joseph (18), Margaret (extinct)

William McKey, wife nee Ann Smolin, Children: Robert(18), William, John, Martha.

Charles Rankin, wife nee Betty Frizel. Children: Easter (18), James, Eliza, Peggy, Charles.

Thomas Ogilvie, wife nee Margaret McClean. Children: Fanny (22), William, Jane, John, Margaret (Extinct)



William Gregg, niece Margaret, and Richard (Extinct)



John Ferguson and sister Matty Ferguson (Extinct)



David Gray, sisters Margaret Gray and Widow Ewen (Extinct)

James Donnell, wife nee Eliza Wray. Children: Samuel, (        )



Robert Fleming, wife nee Margart Russel. Children: Mary (5), William, Robert; also sister Ledia.

John Colhoun, wife nee Rose Glen. Children: Sally (9), Matty.



Samuel Smyley, wife nee Jane Nesbit, Children: Sally (40), Peggy (Extinct)

Widow Jane McAdoo, nee Johnston. Children: Mary (32), Thos, William, George (Extinct).

Thos Glen, wife nee Nancy McClure. Child: Isabella

Thos. Glen, wife nee Fanny Russel, Children: Samuel (4), William (Extinct)

John Black.



Widow Boal, nee Johnston, Children: Robert (20), Elenor, 

Alex Dumbar, wife nee Margaret Fleming (Extinct)

Thos McClure, wife nee Margaret Elliott. Children: Nancy (8), Francis, John, Mary, Thomas.

Twigg and Ash with 2 children (Extinct)

Gregg and Smiley with 10 children (Extinct)

Mills and Lata with 2 children (Extinct)

William Boal, wife nee Martha Cowan, and a cousin Nancy Cowan (Extinct)

Matthew McElwee, wife nee Catherine Stinston, and his father aged 99 (Extinct)



Widow McNaught nee Lee, Children: Alex (22), Sally, Kitty, Johnston (Extinct)

Matt. Scott, wife nee Margaret Mills. Children: Robert (22), William, Catherine, Mary, Eliza, Margaret, Samuel, James, Hamilton. (All emigrated to Ohio, America, except     William, (minister)



James Holmes, wife nee Jane Smyth. Children: Eliza (22), Jane, William.



Alex Holmes, wife nee Betty Mortland, Children: Leah, John, Mary, Samuel, James.

Robert Davis and sisters, Margaret and Jane.

James Davis, wife nee Mary Nesbit. Children: Jane, Robert, Sally.

Mrs Hamilton and children

John Holmes, second wife nee Hannah Leeper. Children: Andy, George, Rebecca, Robert; also first wife's children: James (16), William, Jane

Widow Laird (Extinct)

William Johnston and his sisters, Elenor and Jane (Extinct)

Gabriel Johnston, wife nee Hanna Black, Children: Robert, Hanna (married), Eliza, John.


William Scott, wife nee Nancy Montgomery. Children: James (12), Susanna (10), William (8), Mary Ann (6), Elizabeth (6), Matt; also William Scott's mother (Australia)

John Black, wife nee Molly Cunningham, Child: Sally (12) extinct.

James Ewen, wife nee Matty Morrow. Children: James (18), Bess, Robert, Jane, Margaret, Martha.



William Jenkins (widower) Children: Thos, Andy (Extinct)

Widow Thompson, nee McClure. Children: Richard, Andy

John Thompson, wife nee Ellen Allen.

Widow Allen. Children: Samuel (24), Robert, John (Extinct)

Richard Allison, wife nee Elizabeth Bane. Children: Richard (8), Rebecca (6) (Extinct)

John Toppins, wife nee Mary Fairman, Children: John (23), William (20), Robert (18)

James Dogherty, wife nee Mary Roulston (Extinct)

Thos and Mrs Warrill. Children: David (16), George (Extinct)

Robert Pinkerton, wife nee Catharine Toppins. Children: John (6), William (Extinct)

Alex. Finley, second wife nee Margaret McAter. Child: William; also first wife's children: James (8), Rebecca (Scotland)

Widow McAter, Child: Nancy.

Saml. Flanagan, wife nee Sarah McAneary. Children: Samuel (26) James, Richard, Mary, Charles, Sarah, Alex (Extinct)

James Warrell, wife nee Sarah Wilson. Children: Thos, Rebecca, Rachel, Charles, (Emigrated to America)

John Nesbitt, wife nee Jane McClure (Extinct)

Robert Allison, wife nee Mary Fairman. Children: John (9), Robert, Mary, Margaret, Rosanna.

Widow Shiels (Extinct)

William Fairman,wife nee Margaret Doak. Child: Eliza (Extinct)

Hugh Pinkerton, wife nee Matty Fairman. Children: William (6), Sally, Margaret.

William Laird, wife nee Margaret Fleming. Children: John, James, William, Jane, Rosanna, Margaret, (Extinct)

William Brown, wife nee Margaret Holmes. Child: Thos-John; also Mrs Montgomery (widow) (America)



John Gregg, wife nee Margaret McClure, Children: David (15), William, Richard, Rebecca, Eliza, Nancy, Margaret, (America)

John Neily, wife nee Mary Douds, Children: James (17), Martha, Catherine, John, Adam; also sister Martha and son Samuel (10)

Samuel Rabb (Extinct)

Widow McClure. Children: Andy (21), Mary, Rebecca (Melbourne)

James and Mrs Virtue and son (America)



Charles McCue (bachelor). 

James McCue, wife nee Kitty Paterson. Children: Charles (16), Isabella, Matilda.

Edward Gillispie, wife nee Mary McCue. Children: Margaret (22), Martha, Edward, Charles (America)

John White (widower)


Andrew Alexander.



Robert Watson, wife nee Jane Wilson. Children: Jane (15), James, David, Andy, Mary-Ann (Extinct)

Widow Taylor, Children: Robert (23) James, Samuel, William, Sarah (Extinct)

Robert and Mrs Taylor, Children: Agnus (6), George

Robert Wilson, (widower) Child. John 2. (Extinct)



William Jenkins (widower) Children: William (26), Andy, and half-brother Samuel, 10

Robert Jenkins, wife Nancy.

Robert Crawford, wife nee Becky McClure, Children: John (20) James, Becky, William, Margaret, Matty, Robert, Eliza, Andy, Charles (2)

John McCormick, wife nee Sarah Armstrong. Children: James (16) William, Noble, John, Robert.

James Ramsay, wife nee Mary Wray (Extinct)

Matt Williamson, wife nee Jane Rankin. Children: Eliza (22), Matt.



John Allen, his sister Mrs Boal and brother (Extinct)

William Lyttle, wife nee Mary Neily. Child: Robert (2) (America)

Widow Allen. Children: Jane Ledia, Moore, Margaret.

Robert Lyttle.

Adam Neily, wife Jane Laird. Children: Catherine (14), Andy, Mary.

John Allen, (Widower) Children: Susan, John, Francis, Rebecca; also nephews John and Francis (Extinct)

Ledia and Kitty Moore (Extinct)



William Holmes. wife nee Margaret Orr. Children: James (14), John, Mary-Ann, Rebecca, Margaret.



Robert Allen (widower) Children: Mary (32), Nancy, Robert.



William and Mrs McAter (America)



James Elliott, wife nee Jane McCarter, Children: Fanny (19), Margaret, Matty, Jane, Mary, Ann (Extinct)



Robert Ash, wife nee Mary Ash.



Wid. Barclay. Children: Francis (25) William, Sarah, George.


Widow Speer, nee Jenny Mulrine. Children: Robert, Betty, William (Extinct)

James Russel, wife nee Mary (       ) Child: Richard 



John & Mrs Hill, Children: Mary (17) Martha (14)

Richard Walker, wife nee Mary Shaw. Children: Mary (18), Susan (15), Peggy (11), Eliza (8), Robert (5)  (America)



Kearns Hendeson, wife nee Agnus Johnston, Children: Samuel (10), Hannah, Robert, Jenny (Extinct)



John Black (Extinct)



Martin Laird, wife nee Nancy Thompson



Mr and Mrs Knox. Children: Eliza, Mary, Matty, Jane, Ann, John Joseph.

Mr and Mrs Hillard. Children: John, James, Catherine, Nancy, Robert.



Adam Brown, wife nee Martha Barr. Children: David, James, Adam, Catharine, Mary, Rebecca, William, Francis.



Widow Cochrane, nee Speer. Children: James, Mary, (Extinct)



William and Mrs Ewin. (Extinct)



John Orr, wife nee Holmes and a large family



Matthew McConehey and family



Joseph Wray and family

James Buchanan and family (no townland given)



William Jack and family



Robert Galbraith, wife nee Sally Gillies  (Scotland)



Robert Ross, wife nee Margaret Leckey.



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