1833 Tithe Applotment Book - Desertegney Parish, Co Donegal

This complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Desertegney was transcribed by Len, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


ATCHESON James Cashel Aughaweal
ATCHESON John Aughaweal Aughaweal
BALDRICK John Linsforth Linsforth
BALDRICK Philip Linsforth Linsforth
BALDRICK Thomas Linsforth Linsforth
BLACK Jeremiah Cashel Aughaweal
BOYLE J. Linsforth Linsforth
BRADLEY John Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
BRADLEY Neal Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
BRADLEY Neal Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
BRADLEY Patrick Scotch Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
BRANNAN Neal The Mullens Aughaweal
BRANNAN Shane Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
CARLIN Anthony Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
CARLIN Hugh Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
CASSIDY Michael Scotch Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
CONNOR Henry English Gortleck Aughaweal
CONNOR James Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
CONNOR Peter Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
CONNOR Thomas Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
COOKE William Green Hill Aughaweal
DIVER James & partners Lederg Lederg
DIVER James Lederg Lederg
DIVER William Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY Anthony Carvagh Aughaweal
DOHERTY Bernard Ballyannon Aughaweal
DOHERTY Bernard Cashel Aughaweal
DOHERTY Brian Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
DOHERTY Charles Aughaweal Aughaweal
DOHERTY Charles Calhame Aughaweal
DOHERTY Charles Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Con. Green Hill Aughaweal
DOHERTY Daniel Aughaweal Aughaweal
DOHERTY Daniel Old Mountain Aughaweal
DOHERTY Daniel Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Dennis English Gortleck Aughaweal
DOHERTY Dennis Old Mountain Aughaweal
DOHERTY Edward Ballyannon Aughaweal
DOHERTY Edward Cashel Aughaweal
DOHERTY Edward Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Edward Old Mountain Aughaweal
DOHERTY George Carvagh Aughaweal
DOHERTY George Cumber Aughaweal
DOHERTY George Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY George Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
DOHERTY Henry Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
DOHERTY Hugh Ballyannon Aughaweal
DOHERTY Hugh Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY James Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY James Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY James Green Hill Aughaweal
DOHERTY James Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DOHERTY James Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY James Linsforth Linsforth
DOHERTY James Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY James, Jun. Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY James, Sen. Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY John & partners Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY John Aughaweal Aughaweal
DOHERTY John Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY John Green Hill Aughaweal
DOHERTY John Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY John Linsforth Linsforth
DOHERTY John Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY John Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY John Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Manus Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Mary Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
DOHERTY Michael Carvagh Aughaweal
DOHERTY Michael Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Michael Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY Neal English Gortleck Aughaweal
DOHERTY Neal Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
DOHERTY Neal Linsforth Linsforth
DOHERTY Owen Calhame Aughaweal
DOHERTY Owen Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Owen Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY Patrick Calhame Aughaweal
DOHERTY Patrick Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Patrick Green Hill Aughaweal
DOHERTY Patrick Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
DOHERTY Patrick Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY Patrick Linsforth Linsforth
DOHERTY Patrick Old Mountain Aughaweal
DOHERTY Patrick Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Philip Aughaweal Aughaweal
DOHERTY Philip Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Philip Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY Philip Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY Philip Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DOHERTY Richard Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Widow Ballyannon Aughaweal
DOHERTY Widow Elizabeth Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
DOHERTY Widow Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY Widow Lederg Lederg
DOHERTY Widow Linsforth Linsforth
DOHERTY Widow Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
DOHERTY Widow Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY Widow Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
DOHERTY William Aughaweal Aughaweal
DOHERTY William Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY William Magherabane Aughaweal
DOHERTY William Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DONAGHEY Michael Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DONAGHEY Patrick Lederg Lederg
DONAGHEY Shane Lederg Lederg
DUFFY Brian Scotch Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DUFFY John Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DUFFY Neal Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DUFFY Neal Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
DUFFY Patrick Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
DUFFY William Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
FRIEL Charles Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
FRIEL Edward Lederg Lederg
GALAGHER John Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
GALLAGHER Michael Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
GILLESPEY Edward Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
GILLESPEY Owen & partner Lederg Lederg
GILLESPEY Owen Lederg Lederg
GILLESPEY Thomas Lederg Lederg
HAGAN Bernard Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HAGAN Brian Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
HAGAN Charles Old Mountain Aughaweal
HAGAN John Green Hill Aughaweal
HAGAN Neal Old Mountain Aughaweal
HAGAN Owen Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
HAGAN Patrick Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
HAGAN Philip Old Mountain Aughaweal
HAGAN Widow Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HARKEN Daniel Green Hill Aughaweal
HARKEN Daniel Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HARKEN Michael The Mullens Aughaweal
HARKEN Patrick Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HARKEN Thomas Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HARKEN Thomas The Mullens Aughaweal
HARKEN William The Mullens Aughaweal
HAROLD Cormack Glackroe Aughaweal
HAROLD Daniel Lederg Lederg
HAROLD Daniel Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
HARVEY Rev. W.H. Linsforth Linsforth
HARVEY Rev. William H. Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
HARWARD Charles Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HARWARD James & partners Lederg Lederg
HEGARTY John Calhame Aughaweal
HEGARTY Peter Glackroe Aughaweal
HEGARTY Widow Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HOUTTEN Patrick Owenirk Aughaweal
HOUTTON Dennis Calhame Aughaweal
HUTTON Brian Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
HUTTON Henry Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
JACK George Owenirk Aughaweal
KELLY Hugh Aughaweal Aughaweal
KELLY James Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
KELLY James Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
KELLY Michael Aughaweal Aughaweal
KERR Dennis Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
KERR James Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
KNOX Rev. William The Park Aughaweal
LANIGAN Roger Linsforth Linsforth
LOGAN John Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
LOUGHEREY Hugh Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
LYNCH Charles English Gortleck Aughaweal
LYNCH Charles Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
LYNCH Dennis Ballyannon Aughaweal
LYNCH Michael Cashel Aughaweal
LYNCH Thomas English Gortleck Aughaweal
LYNCH Thomas Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
LYNCH Thomas Old Mountain Aughaweal
LYNCH Widow Ballyannon Aughaweal
LYNCH Widow English Gortleck Aughaweal
MAGINNIS Collum Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McALENEY? Neal Dunree Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McALISTER Charles Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McCOLGAN Mark Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McCRACKEN Andrew English Gortleck Aughaweal
McCRACKEN Patrick Cashel Aughaweal
McDAID Catherine Owenirk Aughaweal
McDAID Darby Owenirk Aughaweal
McDAID Owen Owenirk Aughaweal
McGLASHEN Widow Susan Old Mountain Aughaweal
McGROREY Brian Lederg Lederg
McGROREY Charles Green Hill Aughaweal
McGROREY Daniel Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Edward Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
McGROREY Hugh Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Michael Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Neal Aughaweal Aughaweal
McGROREY Owen Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
McGROREY Owen Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Patrick Lederg Lederg
McGROREY Patrick, Jun. Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Patrick, Sen. Magherabane Aughaweal
McGROREY Peter Lederg Lederg
McKENNA Owen Lederg Lederg
McKENNA Patrick Owenirk Aughaweal
McKINNEY Edward Owenirk Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Upper Tonduff Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Minalooban Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN George Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN George Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Hugh, Jun. Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Hugh, Sen. Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN James Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN James Glackroe Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Michael Calhame Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Neal Glackroe Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Owen English Gortleck Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Owen Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN Owen Lower Sharagore Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Owen Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Owen Upper Sharagore Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Calhame Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Carvagh Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Minalooban Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Upper Sharagore Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Peter Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Peter Upper Sharagore Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN Philip Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Philip Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN Shan Dunree Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
McLAUGHLIN Widow (or Mary Barr) Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN Widow (or Sally Hegarty) Irish Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
McLAUGHLIN William Calhame Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN William Carvagh Aughaweal
McLAUGHLIN William Lederg Lederg
McSWINE Hugh Calhame Aughaweal
MONAGLE Charles Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
MOORE Archibald Aughaweal Aughaweal
MORRIN William Minalooban Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
MURRIN Brian Upper Sharagore Aughaweal
O’BRIAN William Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
O’BRIEN Widow Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
O’DOHERTY Edward Linsforth Linsforth
O’DOHERTY George Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
O’DOHERTY John Ballyannon Aughaweal
O’DOHERTY John Cashel Aughaweal
O’DOHERTY Widow Dunree Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
O’DONNELL Daniel Magherabane Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Edward Aughaweal Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Edward Magherabane Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Irwine Dunree Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
O’DONNELL John Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Michael Magherabane Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Michael Magherabane Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Patrick Aughaweal Aughawea
O’DONNELL Patrick Lower Tonduff Aughaweal
O’DONNELL Widow Magherabane Aughaweal
PORTER Daniel Lederg Lederg
PORTER Edward Linsforth Linsforth
PORTER James Dunree Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
PORTER Philip Lederg Lederg
RANKIN Alexander Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
RANKIN James Irish Gortleck Aughaweal
RODGERS Widow Scotch Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
SHORTLY George Linsforth Linsforth
SWENEY James Munagh [Muineagh] Gortiagan [Gortyarrigan]
TAYLOR John Linsforth Linsforth
TOLAND Daniel Lederg Lederg
TOLAND Dennis Lederg Lederg
TOLAND James Ballyannon Aughaweal
TOLAND James Cashel Aughaweal
TOLAND James Leaphin [Liafin] Leaphin [Liafin]
TOLAND Patrick Lederg Lederg


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