The Devon Commission - A list of Witnesses who gave Evidence to the Devon Commission relating to Donegal.

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2002 Tim O'Sullivan

This list is taken from Evidence taken before the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the occupation of land in Ireland, British House of Commons Sessional Papers, v. XXII, 1845, p.385.

This commission was also known as the Devon Commission and the report it produced fills four volumes of the Sessional Papers for 1845 (XIX, XX, XXI and XXII).and comprises approximately 4,500 pages. Its main thrust was the state of agriculture in Ireland and it is a window into the state of pre-famine Ireland. As usual witnesses were called and this list is of those witnesses who gave evidence relating to Donegal. They may not have lived in Donegal but their evidence relate to the estates and lands of Donegal.

This list is Surname, Christian name, occupation, witness number and place of residence.

Alexander, Samuel, Flax Spinner, 167, Buncrana
Atkinson, Thomas, John Esq., Agent, 349, Cavan, Garden, Ballyshannon
Bateson, Thomas, Douglas, Esq, Agent, 173, Linsford House, Buncrana, Inishowen
Bradden, Patrick, Labourer and Farmer, 340, Poskera, Kilkerran
Briesland, Charles, Farmer, 1114, Glenfin, Co., Donegal
Cairnes, John, Farmer, 201, Calhame
Campbell, Rev., John, Catholic Curate, 200, Conwall, Letterkenny
Cochran, John, Agent, 204, Edenmoor
Colhoun, Isaac, Esq, Solicitor and Agent, 183, Londonderry
Crommer, John, Farmer, 343, Drumrusk, Killemar
Deane, Robert, Farmer, 160, Island of Inch
Doherty, James, Walker, Solicitors apprentice, 184, Londonderry, (his, father, lives, in, Inishowen)
Donleavy, James, Farmer, 339, Glenties
Dougherty, Thomas, Esq, Land proprietor, 169, Redcastle
Dougherty, Patrick, Agriculturist
Dugall, William, Farmer, 164, Portlough, near Castle Forward
Ewing, Samuel, Farmer, 159, Island of Inch
Graham, William, Farmer and Miller, 313, Milltown, Co. Donegal
Gray, Rev, Robert, Presbyterian Minister, 158, Burt, Co. Donegal
Haggerty, Charles, Farmer, 176, Shruve, Moville
Hamilton, Alexander, Esq, Land proprietor and Agent, 351, Coxtown, near Ballyshannon
Harvey, John, Land proprietor, 168, Malin Hall, Inishowen
Hill, Lord, George, Land proprietor, 1053
Johnston, James, Esq, Land proprietor, 203, Woodlands, Stranorlar
Kennedy, Charles, Horatio, Esq, Agent, 278, 279, Henrietta Street, Dublin
King, William, Farmer, 194, Trimmer, Letterkenny
Lepper, Robert, Farmer and agent, 175, Foyle View, Moville
Marshall, James, Farmer, 188, Sellybrook, Co. Donegal
McArthur, John, Land Surveyor, 174, Randalstown, Co. Antrim
McCunningham, James, Farmer, 341, Farrell MacBride, Glencolumbkill, Killybegs
McGinn, Rev., Edward, Parish, Priest, 166, Buncrana
McGowan, James, Merchant and farmer, 350, Ballyshannon
McHugh, John, Farmer, 196, Brockagh
McMenamin, Patrick, Farmer, 195, Binduff
Motherill, Samuel, Farmer, 161, Burt
O'Donnell, Jeremiah, Farmer, 192, 347, Ballynamore, Glenties, Innishkeal
O'Donnell, John, Farmer, 338, Letterhilly, Glenties
O'Donnell, Patrick, Farmer, 193, Glasaghmore
Quin, Connell, Farmer, 198, Boultefree
Ramsey, Samuel, Esq, Farmer, 191, Raphoe
Russell, Robert, Esq, Agent for Marquess of Conyngham, 346, Lackbeg, Dungloe
Speer, John, Farmer, 202, Knock-a-garrow, Near Stranolar
Stewart, John, Vandeleur, Esq, Land proprietor, Magistrate, 186, Rock Hill, Letterkenny
Stuart, Sir, James, Bart., Land proprietor, 181, Fort Stuart, Rathmelton
Swan, James, Esq, Surgeon, 344, Alt Cottage, Mount Charles
Sweeny, Miles, Farmer, 197, Strannabrad, Glenfin
Walker, James, Farmer, 342, Ballyloughan, Killaghtee
Wray, George, Cecil, Farmer, 348, Ardnamona, Co. Donegal

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