1826 Tithe Applotment Book - Donaghmore Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Donaghmore, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Surname, Given Name & Townland Address


Alexander, Widow Marr’n., Stranamuck

Allen, James, Cooleydawson

Allen, Robert, Magherareagh, Tamnacrum

Allen, Widow Elizabeth, Ballybun

Allen, William, Ballybun

Anderson, Andrew, Middle Lisnamulligan

Anderson, David, Ballybun

Anderson, James, Dreenan, Sessaghoneil

Anderson, Michael, Sessaghoneil

Anderson, Patrick, Sessaghoneil

Anderson, Thomas, Dreenan

Arbuckle, William, Mounthall

Armstrong, Andrew, Carrickmagrath

Armstrong, James, Sen., Carrickmagrath

Armstrong, James, Jun., Carrickmagrath

Armstrong, James, Crohonagh, Lower Goland, Meenbogue

Baird, Andrew, Knockrawer, Magherashanvally, Castlefin, Carnone, Blairstown, Demesne

Baird, Robert, Ballinacor

Bampton, Charles (schoolmaster), Magherashanvally

Barclay, Andrew, Carnone

Barclay, William, Carnone

Barr, Adam, Mullenbwee

Barr, Alexander, Castlefin

Barr, James, Castlefin

Barr, John, Ternagossogue, (alias Bickelstown)

Barr, Robert, Garrison

Barr, Thomas, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown), Mullenbwee, Demesne, Garrison, Ballinacor

Barr, William, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown), Mullenbwee

Barren, Brian, Magherashanvally

Barrett, Andrew, Lower Cavan

Barrett, John, Lower Cavan

Barrett, Widow Martha

Barrett, William, Lower Cavan

Bates, Charles, Castlefin

Bates, Robert, Drumavish

Beatty, Samuel, Ballyarrel, Drumfergus, Drumcannon, Rusheyhill, Owengadry, Ballyarrel Mountain

Beats (Bates), James, Dromore, Garrison, Carrickmagrath

Beats (Bates), Matthew, Carrickmagrath

Bickel, David, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown)

Bickel, Michael, Sen., Corcullien, Castlefin, Knockrawer

Bickel, Michael, Jun., Castlefin

Birn (Byrne), Brian, Trusk

Birn (Byrne), Dominick, Carrickmagrath, Trusk

Birn (Byrne), Hugh, Trusk

Birn (Byrne), Michael, Carrickmagrath

Birn (Byrne), Owen, Carrickmagrath, Trusk

Birn (Byrne), Patrick, Carrickmagrath, Tievecloghog, Corgarry

Birn (Byrne), Peter, Carrickmagrath, Trusk

Birn (Byrne), Widow Hannah, Trusk

Birney, George, Cloonarrel

Black, Hugh, Magherashanvally

Black, Ralph, Aveltygort

Black, Robert, Magherashanvally

Black, Widow Rebecca, Aveltygort

Blackburn, John, Upper Gortnamuck

Blackburn, Joseph, Laught

Blackburn, Samuel, Lower Raws

Blackburn, Widow Mary, Lower Raws

Blair, James, Carnone

Blair, John, Killtown

Blair, William. Carnone

Boal, Robert, Drumcannon

Bogan, James, Middle Lisnamulligan

Bogan, John, Castlefin

Bogan, Michael, Laught

Bogan, Thomas, Lower Cavan

Bogan, Widow Elizabeth, Lower Cavan

Boland, Daniel, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Boland, John, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Bonner, Christopher, Killtown

Bonner, Edward, Ballinacor

Bonner James, Killygordon

Bonner, Patrick, Carnone

Bonner, Widow Margaret

Bovaird, Andrew, Lower Lisnamulligan

Bovaird, James, Trusk

Bovaird, Matthew, Lisnamulligan

Bonner, Robert, Killygordon

Bonner, William, Carnone

Boyle, Charles, Stranamuck, Correfrin

Boyle, Denis, Carnone

Boyle, Edward, Ballybun, Navany

Boyle, Hugh, Knock

Boyle, James, Lismullyduff, Corgarry

Boyle, Hugh, Castlefin, Corcaam

Boyle, Michael, Kinletter

Boyle, Patrick, Magherareagh, Bealalt. Correfrin, Tievecloghog

Boyle, Philemy, Magherareagh

Boyle, Teague, Correfrin

Boyle, Widow Margaret, Carrick

Boyle, Widow Mary, Meenbogue, Tievecloghog

Boyle, William, Carricknamana, Edenmore, Meenalaght

Bradley, Edward, Edenmore

Bradley, James, Carrickmagrath, Coracreagh

Bradley, John, Gleneely

Bradley, Patrick, Sallywood, Kinletter

Brady, John, Ballygunnegan

Brady, Henry, Aveltygort

Brady, Widow Margaret

Brandon, James. Navany, Whitehill, Knock

Brandon, William, Navany, Whitehill, Knock

Brawley, John, Magherashanvally

Breslan, Patrick, Edenmore

Brien, Miles, Tievecloghog

Brison, Charles, Mounthall

Brison, James, Gortachar

Brison, Peter, Gortachar

Brown, Daniel, Gleneely

Brown, John, Gleneely

Brown, Owen, Gleneely

Bryan, John, Crohonagh

Bryan, Patrick, White Hill

Buchanan, Alexander, Carnone

Buchanan, James, Calhame, Carricknamana

Buchanan, John, Carricknamana

Buchanan, Widow Margaret, Carnone

Buchanan, William, Calhame, Halftown, Killygordon, Baughanbuoy

Burden, Margaret, Meenlogher

Burke, James, Blairstown, Killygordon, Demesne

Burke, John, Killygordon, Demesne

Burns, William, Killygordon

Bustard, John, Cashelin

Cairns, James, Calhame

Cairns, Robert, Carrick

Caldwell, Charles, Cloonarrel

Caldwell, Henry, Baughanbuoy

Calhoun, Robert, Castlefin

Callaghan, Henry, Meenashamer

Callaghan, James, Corlea, Cronalaghy

Callaghan, John, Corlea

Callaghan, Patrick, Cronalaghy

Callaughan, Hugh, Trusk

Callan, James, Carnone

Callin, Thomas, Drumcannon

Campbell, Archibald, Magherashanvally

Campbell, Patrick, Upper Cavan

Campbell, William, Magherashanvally

Caraban (Carolan), Brian Sen., Sessaghoneil

Caraban (Carolan), Brian, Jun., Sessaghoneil

Caraban (Carolan), Darby, Sessaghoneil

Caraban (Carolan), James, Corgarry

Carlan, Charles, Middle Carron

Carlan, John, Castlefin, Carrickmagrath

Carlan, Michael, Kinletter

Carlan, Patrick, Corgarry

Carlan, William. Kinletter

Carland, Charles, Killygordon

Carland, Daniel, Monellan

Carland, James, Killygordon, Monellan

Carland, John, Monellan, Meenahenas, Lismullyduff

Carland, Owen, Baywood

Carland, Patrick, Monellan

Carland, Peter, Baywood, Lismullyduff

Carland, Thomas, Ballygunnegan, Monellan

Carland, Widow Frank, Lismullyduff

Carlin, Daniel, Lower Mullaghanery

Carlin, James, Gleneely, Lower Mullaghanery

Carlin, Patrick, Carnabroag, Lower Mullaghanery

Carney, Brian, Middle Lisnamulligan

Carney, Hugh, Cronalaghy

Carney, Ned, Lismullyduff

Carroll, John, Correfrin

Carson, Francis, Carricknamana

Carson, Robert, Carricknamana

Caterson, James, Ballybun

Caterson, John, Ballybun

Caterson, Michael, Ballybun

Caterson, Robert, Magherashanvally

Caterson, Thomas, Ballybun

Cather, Bernard, Dromore

Cather, David, Dromore

Cather, Widow Mary. Dromore

Cather, Widow Susanna, Dungorman

Cavanagh, John, Aveltygort

Clarke, Lieut. Marshal, Lower Cavan

Clarke, Samuel, Lower Cavan

Clarke, William, Killygordon

Cochrane, John, Esq., Edenmore

Colhoun, Charles, Carnone

Colhoun, Edward, Carnone

Colhoun, James, Stranamuck

Colhoun, Joseph, Carnone

Colhoun, Robert, Carnone

Coll, Michael, Terenisk

Coll, Patrick, Terenisk

Collins, Michael, Magherashanvally

Conahan, John, Drumcannon

Connolly, John, Killygordon

Connor, John, Magherashanvally

Connor, Widow Mary, Lower Goland

Cooper, Hugh, Lower Raws

Cooper, James, Upper Gortnamuck

Coventry, Gerrard, Magherashanvally

Coventry, James, Magherashanvally

Coventry, Moses, Magherashanvally

Coventry, Robert, Carnone

Coventry, Widow Ruth, Magherashanvally

Cowden, James, Castlefin

Cowden, Robert, Knockrawer, Castletown

Cowper, John, Dromore

Craig, James, Upper Lisnamulligan

Craig, John, Killygordon, Upper Cavan, Upper Lisnamulligan

Craig, Thomas, Upper Lisnamulligan

Craig, William, Upper Lisnamulligan

Cramsey, Edward, Ballygunnegan

Crampsey, James, Upper Carron

Crampsey, John, Upper Carron

Crawford, George, Carricknamana, Ballyarrel

Crawford, James, Magherashanvally, Cloonarrel

Crawford, John, Magherashanvally

Crawford, Thomas, Magherashanvally

Crawford, Widow Susan, Carrickshandrum

Crowe, George, Cloonarrell

Crowe, George (long), Lower Raws

Crowe, James, Cloonarrel

Crowe, Thomas, Cloonarrel

Crowe, William (big), Lower Raws

Crowe, William (little), Lower Raws

Crowe, William, Jun., Lower Raws

Cunne, Michael, Ballinacore (Purden’s Park)

Cunningham, Dr, Castlefin, Mullenbwee

Cunningham, Hugh, Cashelin

Curnien, Dominick, Lower Carron

Curnien, John, Lower Carron

Daly, Daniel, Trusk

Daly, James, Meenreagh

Daly, John, Meenreagh

Daly, Neal, Trusk

Davis, George, Carricknamana, Upper Cavan

Davis, Thomas, Carricknamana

Davis, William, Gortnamuck Newtown

Deazly, Widow Anne. Killygordon

Delap, Samuel, Esq., Mounthall, Monellan

Denniston, James, Ballinacor

Devenny, Charles, Cloonarrel

Devenny, Daniel, Bealalt

Devenny, Edward, Middle Goland

Devenny, Francis, Trusk

Devenny, Hugh, Kinletter

Devenny, James, Bealalt

Dickey, Rev William, Carnone

Diven, James, Magherareagh

Diver, Widow Frances, Upper Mullaghanery

Divin, Martin, Cooleydawson

Divin, William, Magherareagh, Killygordon, Dromore

Doherty, Andrew, Tievecloghog

Doherty, Brian, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Doherty, Cornelius, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Doherty, Daniel, Magherashanvally

Doherty, Francis, Middle Carron

Doherty, George, Tievecloghog

Doherty, John, Carnone, Meenreagh, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Doherty, Hugh, Magherashanvally

Doherty, James, Sen., Carrickmagrath

Doherty, James, Jun., Carrickmagrath

Doherty, James, Corgarry

Doherty, Martin, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbuoy)

Doherty, Michael, Sen., Tievecloghog

Doherty, Michael, Jun., Tieveccloghog

Doherty, Neal, Castlefin, Magherashanvally

Doherty, Owen, Corlea, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Doherty, Patrick Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Doherty, Roger, Magherashanvally, Corlea

Doherty, Widow Anne, Cooleydawson

Doherty, Widow Catherine, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Doherty, William, Castlefin

Donaghey, Robert, Calhame

Donaghy, James, Calhame

Donnel, John, Castlefin, Corcaam

Donnel, Thomas, Demesne

Donnel, William, Magherashanvally

Donnell, John, Carnone, Blairstown, Carricknahane

Donnell, Thomas, Magherashanvally

Donnell, William, Carricknamana

Dorrien, John, Cooleydawson

Dorrien, Michael, Cooleydawson

Doogan, Francis, Meenreagh

Dooey, Hugh, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbuoy)

Dougherty, Anthony, Killygordon

Dougherty, Charles, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, Daniel, Carrickcoalman, Carrickmagrath

Dougherty, Dennis, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, Edward, Owengradry

Dougherty, Hugh, Dromore

Dougherty, James, Killygordon, Monellan

Dougherty, John, Carrickmagrath, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, John, Castlefin, Killygordon, Garrison, Gortachar, Carrickmagrath, Trusk

Dougherty, Neal, Middle Goland, Trusk

Dougherty, Patrick, Carrickmagrath, Dreenan, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, Robert, Killygordon, Demesne

Dougherty, Roger, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, Widow Catherine, Trusk

Dougherty, Widow Ellen, Tievecloghog

Dougherty, William, Mounthall, Trusk

Drummond, James, Dreenan

Dunien, Edward, Carricknahane

Dunien, James, Carrick

Dunien, Patrick, Upper Carron

Dunien, Peter, Correfrin

Dunien, Widow Bridget, Coracreagh

Dunn, Andrew, Baughanbuoy

Ebbage, Andrew, Magherashanvally

Edmiston, Widow Margaret, Carnone

Edwards, James, Carrickcoalman

Edwards, Thomas, Carrickcoalman

Elliott, Daniel, Drummurphy

Elliott, John, Ballybun

Elliott, Arthur, Lower Gortfad

Elliott, James, Ballyarrel

Elliott, George, Drummurphy

Elliott, Robert, Sen., Drummurphy

Elliott, Robert, Jun., (next to River Finn), Drummurphy

Elliott, Thomas, Castlefin, Carnadore

Elliott, William, Cashelin, Monellan, Ballynaman, Ballynaman

Ellison, James, Magherashanvally

Ewing, Andrew, Magherashanvally

Ewing, Henry, Magherashanvally

Ewing, James, Lower Cavan

Ewing, John, Magherabuoy, Upper Cavan, Terenisk

Ewing, Oliver, Terenisk

Ewing, Robert, Upper Cavan, Edenoghel

Ewing, Thomas, Magherashanvally, Lower Cavan

Ewing, Widow Elizabeth, Carnone

Ewing, William, Lower Cavan, Upper Cavan

Fair, Edward, Ballybun

Farren, John, Whitehill, Knock

Farron, William, Meenahoney

Faulkner, David, Killtown

Ferguson, Hugh, Ballyarrel

Ferguson, Sir Robert, Bart., Dungorman, Drummurphy, Carnadore

Finlay, James, Carnone

Flanagan, Bernard, Castlefin

Flanagan, Charles, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Fleming, Joseph, Lower Raws

Fleming, Matthew, Ballybun

Floyd, James, Sen., Lismullyduff

Floyd, James, Jun., Lismullyduff

Floyd, Patrick, Sen., Cronalaghy

Floyd, Patrick, Jun., Cronalaghy

Floyd, Patrick, Lismullyduff

Floyd, Thomas, Cronalaghy

Floyd, Widow Ned, Lismullyduff

Floyd, Widow Patrick, Lismullyduff

Foster, Dr Robert, Whitehill

Freame, James, Corcullien

Freame, John, Corcullien

Freel, Charles, Castlefin

Freen, James, Stranamuck

Friel, James, Magherashanvally

Friel, William, Knockrawer

Fye, Widow Rose, Dreenan

Gallagher, Cornelius, Trusk

Gallagher, Daniel, Lismullyduff, Meenagolan

Gallagher, Edward, Kinletter

Gallagher, H., Ballinacor

Gallagher, Hugh, Carrick, Liscooley, Carricknahane, Ballybun, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Gallagher, James, Cooleydawson, Meenlougher, Meenahenas, Lismullyduff

Gallagher, John, Castlefin

Gallagher, Margaret, Meenlougher

Gallagher, Michael, Owengrady, Ballyarrel Mountain

Gallagher, N., Gleneely

Gallagher, Owen, Ballyarrel Mountain

Gallagher, P., Cloonarrel

Gallagher, Patrick, Killygordon, Meenlougher, Lismullyduff, Meenagolan, Meenbogue, Carrickmagrath,

Gallagher, Peter, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

Gallagher, Thomas, Drumavish, Trusk

Gallagher, Widow Ann, Terenisk

Gallagher, Widow, Monellan

Gallagher, Widow Eliza, Corcullien, Knockrawer

Gallaugher, Hugh, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Gallaugher, Patrick, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Gallaugher, Richard, Woodland of Gortnamuck

Gallon, Andrew, Sen., Meenreagh

Gallon, Bryan, Baywood

Gallon, Charles, Coracreagh

Gallon, Daniel, Gortachar, Lismullyduff, Cronalaghy, Meenluskeybane

Gallon, Denis, Cashelin, Cronalaghy

Gallon, Edward, Meenreagh

Gallon, Henry, Meenreagh

Gallon, Hugh, Meenahenas, Lower Mullaghanery

Gallon, James, Carnabroag, Gortachar

Gallon, John, Carnabroag, Meenreagh

Gallon, John, Jun., Meenreagh

Gallon, Matthew, Meenreagh

Gallon, Maurice, Meenreagh

Gallon, Michael, Cronalaghy, Meenreagh

Gallon, Murtagh, Meenreagh

Gallon, Owen, Cronalaghy

Gallon, Patrick, Sen., Meenreagh

Gallon, Patrick (in Tyrone), Cronalaghy

Gallon, Patrick, Cronalaghy, Meenluskeybane, Meenreagh

Gallon, Thomas, Gortachar

Gallon, Widow, Lismullyduff

Gallon, Widow Anne, Meenluskeybane, Meenreagh

Garry, John, Meenlogher

Garry, Patrick, Killygordon, Bealalt, Meenlogher

Garry, William, Meenlogher

Gibbons, Michael, Corgarry

Gibson, James, Sen., Dreenan

Gibson, James, Jun., Dreenan

Gibson, John, Dreenan

Gibson, Robert, Dreenan

Gillespie, Andrew, Castlefin

Gillespie, Luke, Ballynaman

Gillespy, Hamilton, Mounthall, Monellan

Gillies, Aaron, Lower Raws

Gilven (Galvin?), John, Lower Cavan

Glackin, Lower Goland

Glackin, William, Sessaghoneil

Glenn, Moses, Killygordon

Goaban (Gibbons?) Charles, Kinletter

Goaban (Gibbons?), Neal, Kinletter

Goan, Widow, Ballinacor

Gorman, Patrick, Lower Cavan

Gorman, Thomas, White Hill

Gorman, Widow Jane, Cooleydawson

Gorrell, William, Ballygunnegan

Goudy, Charles, Mullenbwee, Demesne

Goudy, James, Mullenbwee, Demesne

Goudy, Joseph, Mullenbwee, Demesne

Goudy, William, Mullenbwee, Demesne

Gray, James, Middle Carron

Gray, Robert, Middle Carron

Gray, Samuel, Castlefin

Greene, Hugh, Carrickmagrath

Greer, Miss Jane, Ballinacor

Gregory, George, Carnone, Killygordon, Demesne

Gregory, John George, Killygordon

Gregory, Widow Mary, Meenlogher

Griffith, John, Corgarry

Griffith, Michael, Glencovit

Griffith, Peter, Corgarry

Hall, John, Laught

Hamilton, James, Castlefin, Magherashanvally

Hamilton, Miss, Castlefin

Hanagan, Eleanor, Castlefin

Hanagan, James, Castlefin

Hanagan, Naugher, Mounthall

Hanagan, Widow Susan, Sessaghoneil

Harkin, Bernard, Demesne

Harley, William, Twenty Acres

Harper, James, Killygordon

Harper, John, Carnone

Harper, Joseph, Magherabuoy, Killtown

Harper, Samuel, Lower Raws

Harpur, Alexander, Ballinacor

Harpur, Blythe, Cloonarrel

Harpur, Hugh, Cloonarrel

Harpur, Stephen, Cloonarrel

Hart, James, Magherashanvally

Hart, Samuel, Magherashanvally

Hart, Thomas, Corcullien

Hastings, Robert, Magherabuoy

Hawkes, Widow, Lower Cavan

Hebourn [Hepburn], Andrew, Magherashanvally

Hegarty, Hugh, Glencovit

Hegarty, James, Ballynaman

Hegarty, John, Killygordon

Hegarty, Patrick, Dromore, Ballinacor

Hegarty, Philip, Castlefin

Hegarty, William, Corcullien, Magherashanvally, Dromore

Henderson, Moses, Laught

Henderson, Richard, Laught, Greenlea

Henderson, Thomas, Laught, Greenlea, Blairstown, Edenoghel

Henderson, Widow, Upper Cavan

Henderson, William, Greenlea, Carricknamana

Heney, Neal, Lower Cavan

Hepburn, Charles, Killygordon, Demesne

Hepburn, Hugh, Cloonarrel

Hepburn, James, Drummurphy

Hepburn, William, Gibbstown

Higgins, Anne, Castlefin

Higgins, John, Castlefin

Higgins, Patrick, Lower Raws

Hill, John, Carnone

Hill, Thomas, Half Town

Hillard, George, Edenmore

Hillard, James, Edenmore

Hirl, George, Ballinacor

Holland, Arthur, Carrickmagrath, Lower Goland

Holmes, Benjamin, Carnone, Meenahoney

Holmes, George, Carnone

Holmes, James, Middle Carron, Ballinacor, Ballynaman

Holmes, John, Carnone, Baughanbuoy

Holmes, Robert, Killygordon, Baughanbuoy, Navany

Holmes, Robert, Jun., Baughanbuoy, Ballinacor

Holmes, Thomas, Meenahoney

Holmes, Widow Jane, Meenahoney

Holmes, Widow Mary, Blairstown

Holmes, William, Ballinacor, Dreenan, Glencovit

Hone, Bridget, Gleneely

Hone, Dennis, Rusheyhill

Hone, James, Gortnamuck Newtown, Correfrin

Hone, Thomas, Ballygunnegan, Gleneely

Hone, Widow Catherine, Gortnamuck Newtown

Hone, William, Ballyarrel

Houston, Allen, Laught

Hughes, Dennis, Meenashamer

Hughes, James, Ballynaman, Meenashamer

Hughes, Martin, Meenashamer

Hughes, Patrick, Meenashamer

Hunter, John, Carnone

Hunter, Walter, Carnone

Irvine, Charles, Carrickcoalman

Irvine, Matthew, Drumavish

Irvine, Samuel, Drumcannon

Irwine, John, Glencovit

Jameson, Hugh, Corcullien

Janes, William, Monellan

Jange, Samuel, Lower Cavan, Cooleydawson

Jange, Thomas, Lower Cavan

Jenkins, Andrew, Navany, Whitehill

Jenkins, Evans, Navany

Jenkins, John, Navany

Johnston, Charles, Carnadore

Johnston, Francis, Carnadore

Johnston, James, Esq., Drumavish, Corgarry, Drumfergus, Corgarry, Navany, Whitehill, Knock

Johnston, John, Esq., Dreenan, Glencovit, Navany

Johnston, Widow Ann, Carnadore

Keady, Andrew, Ballinacor

Keady, William, Knock

Kean, Daniel, Corcaam

Kean, John, Meenahoney

Kean, William, Corcaam

Kee, George, Drumavish

Kee, Thomas, Knock

Kelly, Bernard, Ballyarrel, Ardnaganna

Kelly, Brian, Edenoghel, Upper Mullaghanery, Lower Mullaghanery

Kelly Charles, Sen., Mullingar, Demesne

Kelly, Charles, Jun., Mullingar, White Hill, Killygordon

Kelly, Charles, Magherashanvally, Carnone, Calhame, Mounthall, Dromore, Meenahenas

Kelly, Cornelius, Meenalaght

Kelly, Daniel, Ballyarrel, Meenahenas, Lower Mullaghanery, Gortincoagh

Kelly, Darby, Baughanbuoy, Teebrack

Kelly, Dennis, Teebrack, Mounthall

Kelly, Dominick, Lismullyduff, Meenagolan

Kelly, Edward, Mullingar, Teebrack, Gortincoagh, Ballyarrel Mountain, Sessaghoneil

Kelly, Francis, Drumcannon, Lower Mullaghanery, Corlea

Kelly, James, Gortachar, Meenalaght

Kelly, Hugh, Ballybun, Gleneely, Edenoghel, Lismullyduff

Kelly, James, Teebrack, Mounthall, Edenoghel, Meenahenas, Lower Mullaghanery, Meenalaght, Dreenan

Kelly, John, Edenoghel

Kelly, Laughlin, Ballybun

Kelly, Laurence, Lismullyduff

Kelly, Matthew, Teebrack

Kelly, Oliver, Mullaghanery

Kelly, Owen, Mounthall, Upper Mullaghanery, Lismullyduff, Kinletter

Kelly, Patrick, Lower Cavan, Drumcannon Edenoghel, Sallywood, Meenahenas, Upper Mullaghanery, Lower Mullaghanery, Gortincoagh, Lismullyduff, Meenagolan, Meenalaght, Upper Goland

Kelly, Paul, Lismullyduff

Kelly, Thomas, Lower Mullaghanery, Gortincoagh

Kelly, Widow, Lismullyduff

Kelly, Widow Catherine, Teebrack

Kelly, Widow Margaret, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown)

Kelly, William, Monellan, Dreenan

Kemps, James, Castlefin

Kemps, Joseph, Gortnamuck

Kemps, Jane, Castlefin

Kemps, Joseph, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown)

Kennedy, James, Upper Mullaghanery, Carrickmagrath

Kennedy, Patrick, Carrickmagrath

Kennedy, Robert, Upper Mullaghanery

Kenny, Owen, Corgarry

Kergan, Neal, Demesne

Kerr, Charles, Corcullien

Kerr, John, Corcullien

Kerr, Robert, Gortnamuck Newtown

Kerr, Thomas, Corcullien

Kerr, William, Magherashanvally

Key, James, Ballinacor

Killen, Samuel, Carnone

Kilpatrick, James, Castlefin, Magherashanvally, Calhame, Carricknamana

Kilpatrick, John, Magherashanvally, Castlefin

Kilpatrick, Joseph, Killygordon, Half Town

Kilpatrick, Robert, Cloghcorr

Kirkwood, John, Ardnaganna

Lafferty, Manus, Bealalt

Lafferty, Michael, Corcullien

Laird, Moses, Laught

Laird, Thomas, Carnone

Laughlin, James, Cooleydawson

Laughlin, William, Lower Raws, Lismullyduff

Lawn, Hugh, Magherashanvally

Lawn, James, Magherashanvally, Edenmore, Dreenan

Lawn, Michael, Magherashanvally

Lawn, William, Magherashanvally

Lawson, Matthew, Corgarry

Lawson, Samuel, Blairstown

Lecky, James, Gortnamuck Newtown

Lecky, Hugh, Gortnamuck

Lecky, Robert, Sen., Gortnamuck, Gortnamuck Newtown

Lecky, Robert, Jun., Gortnamuck, Woodland of Gortnamuck, Gortnamuck Newtown

Lecky, William, Gortnamuck Newtown

Leeper, William, Blairstown

Leney, Andrew Ballyarrel

Lesley, Samuel, Cooleydawson

Linchigan, Cornelius, Magherashanvally

Lindsay, Thomas, Castlefin

Little, Patrick, Mullingar

Loague, Charles, Killygordon, Kinletter

Loague, Daniel, Gleneely

Loague, Neal, Upper Cavan

Loague, Patrick, Correfrin

Long, Alexander, Carricknamana

Long, Andrew, Carricknamana

Long, David, Magherashanvally

Long, James, Killygordon, Lower Cavan

Long, John, Carricknamana, Carrickmagrath

Long, Robert, Carricknamana

Long, William, Drummurphy/ Magherabwee

Lord, Matthew, Carricknamana

Loughry, James, Laught

Loughry, John, Killygordon

Lowry, James, Carnone

Lungan, James, Rusheyhill

Lynch, David, Ballybun

Lynch, James, Lower Lisnamulligan

McAbregan, Hugh Rusheyhill

McAdam, John, Magherashanvally

McAleer, Andrew, Castlefin

McAleer, James, Magherashanvally

McAnair, Thomas, Ballinacor

McAnulty, Cahar, Sessaghoneil

McAnulty, Charles, Glencovit

McAnulty, Cornelius, Middle Goland

McAnulty, Henry, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

McAnulty, Hugh, Lower Goland

McAnulty, James, Killygordon

McAnulty, Widow Anne, Dromore

McAveagh, Owen, Aveltygort

McAveagh, Patrick, Carnone, Meenbogue

McBrearty, Patrick, Magherabuoy

McBride, John, Corgarry

McBride, Patrick, Tievecloghog

McCafferty, Hugh, Trusk

McCafferty, Owen, Trusk

McCafferty, Rev William, Killtown, Killygordon

McCaffrey, Edward, White Hill

McCaffrey, James, White Hill

McCahill, Charles, Gleneely

McCan, John, Tamnacrum

McCan, Michael, Magherareagh, Tamnacrum

McCann, Hugh, Sessaghoneil

McCann, Michael, Stranamuck

McCanna, Charles, Killygordon

McCarron, Anthony, Dreenan

McCarron, William, Dreenan

McCaul, John, Magherashanvally

McClintock, Charles, Edenmore

McClintock, George, Calhame

McClintock, John, Ternassogue (alias Bickelstown), Meenlogher, Ballinacor

McClintock, Miss, Carnone

McClintock, William, Sessaghoneil

McClure, John, Greenlea

McClure, Moses, Baughanbuoy, Upper Cavan

McClure, Thomas, Gibbstown

McClure, William, Killygordon

McConnell, John, Ballinacor

McConnellogue, Owen, Lismullyduff

McCool, Francis, Magherabuoy

McCool, Patrick, Middle Carron

McCool, Redmond, Lower Carron

McCool, Thomas, (miller) Meenlogher

McCorkell, Patrick, Ballygunnegan

McCormac, Charles, Owengadry

McCormac, Owen, Owengadry

McCormac, Patrick, Owengadry

McCormac, Thomas, Owengadry

McCormick, Brian, Gleneely

McCormick, Catherine, Lower Cavan

McCormick, Charles, Drumfergus

McCormick, Daniel, Carrickmagrath Teebrack

McCormick, H.W., Drumfergus

McCormick, Hugh, Carnabroag

McCormick, James, Owengadry

McCormick, John, Lower Cavan

McCormick, Patrick, Coracreagh

McCormick, Samuel, Dreenan

McCormick, Thomas, Gleneely

McCormick, Widow Bridget, Carrickmagrath

McCormick, William, Lower Mullaghanery

McCoy, James, Lismullyduff

McCoy, Patrick, Lismullyduff

McCoy, William, Dromore

McCrea, Robert, Mullenbwee

McCreery, John, Drummurphy/ Magherabwee, Ballinacor

McCreery, Joseph, Drummurphy/ Magherabwee

McCreery, William, Drummurphy/ Magherbwee

McCullagh, Joseph, Sessaghoneil

McCullaugh, John, Ballinacor

McCullaugh, Robert, Ballinacor

McCullaugh, Thomas, Ballinacor

McCurdy, Dr, Stranamuck, Magherashanvalley, Castlefin

McCurdy, James, Middle Lisnamulligan

McCurdy, John, Middle Lisnamulligan, Cashelin, Dungorman

McDavit, Brian, Aveltygort

McDavit, Charles, Laught

McDavit, John, Meenbogue

McDavit, Patrick, Laught, Sessaghoneil

McDavit, William, Laught

McDead, Dominic, Lower Goland

McDead, Hugh, Lower Goland

McDead, James, Carrick

McDead, John, Carrick, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

McDead, Patrick, Lower Goland

McDead, Widow Mary, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

McDermot, John, Carrickmagrath

McDermot, William, Dromore, Garrison

McDougal, James, Castlefin

McElhinny, Bryan, Laught

McFaddin, Charles, Ballinacor

McFerson, John, Magherashanvally

McFerson, Widow Susan, Magherashanvally

McFoggy, Miles, Ballynaman

McFoggy, Owen, Ballynaman

McGhee, Charles, Lower Cavan

McGhee, Widow Margaret, Killygordon

McGhee, Widow Rebecca, Lower Cavan

McGhee, William, Tievecloghog

McGill, Daniel, Carrick

McGinley, James, Kinletter

McGinley, Michael, Kinletter

McGinty, Michael, Dreenan

McGirr, Samuel, Cashelin

McGlinchy, Owen, Corgarry

McGlinchy, Patrick, Carrickmagrath

McGolrick, Charles, Whitehill

McGolrick, James, Whitehill

McGolrick, Edward, Meenahenas

McGolrick, Patrick, Meenahenas, Lower Goland

McGolrick, Philip, Lower Goland

McGolrick, Thomas, Sen., Gortachar

McGolrick, Widow Anne, Gortachar

McGolrick, Maurice, Cronalaghy

McGolrick, Peter, Gortincoagh

McGolrick, Thomas, Gortincoagh

McGolrick, William, Corgarry

McGowan, Charles, Killygordon

McGowan, Denis, Carnone

McGowan, Dominick, Correfrin

McGowan, John, Lower Goland

McGowan, Maurice, Correfrin

McGowan, Michael, Lower Goland, Kinletter

McGowan, Neal, Correfrin

McGowan, Patrick, Rusheyhill, Gortincoagh, Correfrin

McGowan, Patrick, Sen., Correfrin

McGowan, Patrick, Jun., Correfrin

McGrenahan, William, Magherashanvally

McGrorty, Widow Margaret, Killygordon, Demesne

McGwyre, Daniel, Killygordon

McHugh, John, Dromore

McHugh, Laughlin, Kinletter

McIlchar, Patrick, Trusk

McIlwee, Bryan, Lower Gortfad,

McIntire, Thomas, Knockrawer

McIver, Hugh, Castlefin

McIver, John, Castlefin

McKean, Matthew, Carrickmagrath

McKelvey, Denis, Tievebuoy (Part of Meenbogue)

McKelvey, James, Rusheyhill

McKelvey, John (black), Rusheyhill

McKelvey, John, Sen., Rusheyhill

McKelvey, John, Jun., Rusheyhill

McKelvey, Neal, Carnone

McKelvey, Patrick, Rusheyhill

McKelvey, Philip, Rusheyhill

McKelvey, Widow Penelope, Rusheyhill

McKenna, John, Carnone

McKenna, Patrick, Carnone

McKinley, Andrew, Calhame

McKinley, Charles, Calhame

McKinley, John, Calhame

McKinley, Ralph, Calhame

McKinley, Thomas, Magherashanvally

McKinney, Samuel, Demesne

McKinny, John, Demesne

McLaughlin, Charles, Lower Cavan

McLaughlin, Denis, White Hill

McLaughlin, Francis, Blairstown, Carrickcoalman, Crohonagh

McLaughlin, Hugh, Lismullyduff

McLaughlin, James, Cashelin, Teebrack, Monellan, Upper Golan

McLaughlin, John, White Hill

McLaughlin, Patrick, Crohonagh

McLaughlin, Widow, Bridget

McLaughlin, William, Corcullien, Knockrawer, Castlefin, Magherashanvalley, Blairstown

McLinchy, Anthony, Cronalaghy

McLinchy, Charles, Gortachar

McLinchy, Daniel, Meenagolan

McLinchy, Dolly, Cronalaghy

McLinchy, Duncan, Trusk

McLinchy, Edward, Meenbogue

McLinchy, Henry, Baywood

McLinchy, John, Coracreagh, Trusk

McLinchy, Michael, Kinletter

McLinchy, Owen, Meenabogue, Kinletter, Trusk

McLinchy, Patrick, Upper Mullaghanery, Meenbogue,

McLinchy, Thomas, Teebrack

McManus, John, Magherashanvally

McMenamin, Charles, Glencovit, Kinletter

McMenamin, Daniel, Mullingar, Aveltygort

McMenamin, Darby, Baywood

McMenamin, Hugh, Sen., Egglybaan, Bealalt

McMenamin, Hugh, Jun. Egglybaan, Bealalt

McMenamin, Hugh, Correfrin

McMenamin, James, Terenisk, Ballinacor, Glencovit, Whitehill

McMenamin, John, Laught, Lower Raws, Bealalt, Baywood, Monellan, Glencovit, Correfrin

McMenamin, Manus, Bealalt

McMenamin, Michael, Rusheyhill, Whitehill

McMenamin, Neal, Sallywood

McMenamin, Owen, Sen., Bealalt

McMenamin, Owen, Jun., Bealalt

McMenamin, Owen, Correfrin

McMenamin, Patrick, Egglybaan, Ballybun, Bealalt, Drumfergus

McMenamin, Widow, Ballinacor

McMenamin, Widow Margaret, Aveltygort

McMenamin, Widow Sarah, Bealalt

McMonagle, Dominick, Correfrin

McMonagle, James, Sallywood

McMonagle, Owen, Corgarry

McMonagle, William, Corgarry

McMun, Dr., R.A., Killygordon

McNair, Thomas, Garrison

McNamee, Francis, Ballinacor

McNamee, James, Magherashanvally

McNamee, John, Killygordon

McNamee, Matthew, Magherashanvally

McNaught, James, Castlefin, Ballinacor

McNaught, John, Castlefin

McNaught, Matthew, Stranamuck

McNaught, Robert, Edenmore

McNelly, Henry, Carrickmagrath

McNelly, John, Carrickmagrath

McNight, James, Middle Carron

McNight, William, Middle Carron

McPike, James, Monellan

McPike, John, Monellan

McReady, Owen, Bealalt

McRudden, Daniel, Upper Carron

McRudden, James, Whitehill

McRudden, Patrick, Carrickmagrath

McShane, James, Kinletter

McSwine, Charles, Lower Cavan

McSwine, Cornelius, Whitehill

McSwine, Daniel, Aveltygort, Ballynaman

McSwine, Edward, Aveltygort

McSwine, George, Lower Cavan

McSwine, John, Whitehill

McSwine, Michael, Lower Cavan

McSwine, Miles, Lower Cavan, Aveltygort, Ballynaman

McTeague, James, Sessaghoneil

Magee, Hugh, Carrickmagrath

Magee, Toal, Carrickmagrath

Magher, Michael, Killygordon

Magir, William, Lower Raws

Maguire, Denis, Meenahenis

Maguire, James, Lower Raws, Meenahenas

Maguire, Patrick, Meenahenas

Maguire, Peter, Lismullyduff

Maguire, Widow, Gortachar

Mansfield, Francis, Esq., Knockrawer, Castlefin, Magherashanvally, Killygordon

Mansfield, Johnston, Esq., Killtown, Killygordon, Mullingar, White Hill

Mansfield, Mrs, Castlefin

Mansfield, Ralph, Esq., Dromore

Marley, James, Ballinacor (Purden’s Park)

Marley, Owen, Upper Carron

Marley, Patrick, Trusk

Marley, Thomas, Corgarry

Marley, Widow Catherine, Ballinacor (Purden’s Park)

Marley, William, Dromore, Ballinacor (Purden’s Park)

Marshall, John, Gibbstown, Cloghcorr

Martin, Daniel, Meenahenas

Martin, Guy, Carnone

Martin, John, Edenmore

Martin, Peter, Edenmore

Martin, Widow Margery, Meenahenas

Maxwell, James, Carricknamana

Maxwell, John, Cooleydawson

Maxwell, Robert, Sen., Carricknamana

Maxwell, Robert, Jun., Carricknamana

Maxwell, Thomas, Killygordon

Meaghan, Francis, Demesne

Meaghan, Hugh, Blairstown, Carrickcoalman

Meaghan, James, Middle Gortfad, Castlefin

Meaghan, James, Sen., Carrickcoalman

Meaghan, James, Jun., Carrickcoalman

Meaghan, John, Carricknahane, Middle Goland

Meaghan, Neal, Lower Cavan, Lower Goland

Meaghan, Thomas, Blairstown, Carrickcoalman

Meaghan, Widow Jane, Carricknahane, Liscooley

Meaghan, William, Correfrin

Meaklin, Widow Barbara, Carrickshandrum

Meaney, Arthur, Laught

Meeken, George, Carrickmagrath

Meeken, James, Carrickmagrath

Mehaffy, Ninian, Carrick

Mehaffy, Samuel, Carricknahane

Mitchell, Alexander, Drumavish

Mitchell, John, Lower Cavan

Monaghan, Widow Jane, Magherashanvally

Mongan, Edward, Carrickmagrath

Monteith, Robert, Terenisk

Moore, Alexander, Carrickmagrath

Moore, Ferguson, Ballygunnegan

Moore, John, Lower Gortfad

Moore, William, Carrickmagrath

Moorhead, Robert, Ballybun

Morris, Edward, Meenreagh

Morrow, Thomas, Carrickcoalman, Carrickmagrath

Muldoon, Widow Bridget, Meenreagh

Mulhern, James, Carnone

Mullen, James, Carrickmagrath

Mulrine, Christopher, Magherashanvally

Mulrine, Patrick, Corgarry

Murray, Daniel, Bealalt, Kinletter

Murray, John, Dungorman, Garrison

Murray, Michael, Dungorman, Kinletter

Murray, Owen, Ballinacor

Murray, Patrick, Kinletter

Murray Phillip, Teebrack

Murray, William, Kinletter

Murtagh, Patrick, Killygordon

Murtland, John, Carnone, Drummurphy, Ballygunnegan

Murtland, Samuel, Drumfergus, Meenagolan

Murtland, Thomas, Drummurphy

Murtland, William, Carnone

Neely, Robert, Lower Carron

Neely, Samuel, Ballinacor (Purden’s Park)

Neilis, Archibald, Castlefin

Neilly, Samuel, Carrickshandrum

Neilly, Simon, Carrickshandrum

Nelson, Francis, Meenbogue

Nelson, Isabella, Ballyarrel

Nelson, James, Sen., Gleneely

Nelson, James, Jun., Gleneely

Nelson, James, Stranamuck, Castlefin

Nelson, John, Killygordon

Nelson, Matthew, Magherabuoy, Ballinacor

Nelson, Robert, Tamnacrum, Ballyarrel, Ballinacor

Nelson, Widow, Drumcannon

Nelson, Widow Isabella, Carnadore

Nixon, George, Carricknamana

Noble, Thomas, Lower Carron

O’Brien, Brian, Meenalaght

O’Brien, George, Castlefin

O’Brien, James, Mullingar

O’Brien, John, Killygordon

O’Brien, Patrick, Killygordon

O’Brien, William, Killygordon

O’Donnell, Bernard, Gortnamuck Newtown

O’Donnell, Dominick, Castlefin, Mullingar, Teebrack

O’Donnell, John, Magherashanvally

O’Donnell, Hugh, Laught, Teebrack, Lower Goland

O’Donnell, Jeremiah [?], Laught

O’Donnell, John, White Hill

O’Donnell, Neal, Gortnamuck Newtown, Sessaghoneil

O’Donnell, Thomas, Castlefin

O’Donnell, Widow Mary, Laught

O’Donnell, William, Kinletter

O’Neill, John, Dromore

Oliver, James, Dreenan

Orr, Andrew, Magherashanvally

Orr, John, Castlefin

Patten, Daniel, Mounthall, Ballinacor

Patten, John, Castlefin, Knock

Patten, Neal, Ballinacor

Patten, Patrick, Ballynaman

Patten, Thomas (Heirs of), Castlefin

Patten, Unity, Ballinacor

Patten, William. Monellan

Patterson, Nathaniel, Drumavish

Patterson, Samuel, Ardnaganna

Patterson, Stephen, Ballinacor

Patterson, William, Killtown

Patton, James, Sessaghoneil

Pinkerton, John, Magherashanvally

Porter, Charles, Baughanbuoy, Lower Cavan. Carrickshandrum

Porter, Francis, Baughanbuoy

Porter James, Lower Cavan

Porter, Robert, Killygordon

Porter, William, Carricknamana

Porterfield, John, Blairstown

Quigley, John, Carrickmagrath

Quin, Charles, Meenbogue, Sessaghoneil

Quin, Dennis, Drumcannon

Quin, Felix, Castlefin, Terenisk, Whitehill

Quin, Francis, Correfrin

Quin, Hugh, Meenbogue, Upper Goland

Quin, James, Sen., Bealalt

Quin, James, Jun., Bealalt

Quin, James, Teebrack

Quin, John, Killygordon, Bealalt, Meenlogher, Cloonarrel, Carrickshandrum, Corgarry

Quin, Matthew, Cashelin

Quin, Michael, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown), Middle Carron, Middle Goland

Quin, Neal, Cronalaghy

Quin, Patrick, Castlefin, Teebrack, Meenbogue, Middle Goland, Upper Goland, Correfrin, Sessaghoneil

Quin, Peter, Middle Goland, Upper Goland

Quin, Redmond, Drumcannon

Quin, Teague, Middle Goland

Quin, Thomas, Drumcannon, Middle Goland

Quin, Widow Grace, Upper Goland

Quin, Widow Margery, Whitehill

Quin, William, Ballygunnegan, Meenlogher

Ramsay, Alexander, Corgarry

Ramsay, Conyngham, Carnone

Ramsay, John, Corgarry

Ramsay, Widow Eleanor, Carnone

Reed, John, Carrickmagrath

Reed, Widow Margaret, Dreenan

Reid, Eliza, Sessaghoneil

Reid, Margaret, Sessaghoneil

Reid, William, Sessaghoneil

Reilly, Hugh, Bealalt

Rice, James, Cooleydawson, Drumavish

Rice, Robert, Ballinacor

Richey, John, Castlefin

Rippey, Matthew, Lower Raws

Robinson, James, Carrick

Robinson, Joseph, Castlefin

Robinson, Thomas, Castlefin

Rogan, Dr., Castlefin

Rogan, James, Corcullien

Rogan, Phillip, Castlefin, Magherashanvally, Mullenbwee

Rogan, Ralph, Killygordon

Rogers, Andrew, Carricknamana

Rogers, John, Carnone

Rogers, Nathaniel, Terenisk

Rogers, Thomas, Magherashanvally

Rollston, David, Carricknamana

Rollston, George, Carricknamana

Rollston, Joseph, Sen., Carricknamana

Rollston, Robert, Carricknamana, Ballinacor

Rollston, Widow Elizabeth, Carricknamana

Ross, Andrew, Upper Gortfad, Middle Gortfad, Tamnacrum

Ross, John, Upper Gortfad

Ross, Robert, Magherashanvally

Roulston, Charles, Dungorman

Roulston, James, Corcullien, Lower Raws

Roulston, Mervin, Killygordon

Roulston, Oliver, Calhame

Roulston, Widow Eliza, Lower Raws, Dungorman

Roulston, William, Calhame

Rule, George, Gleneely

Rule, William, Gleneely

Rush, Owen, Gortnamuck Newtown

Russel, William Lower Cavan

Russell, Andrew, Upper Cavan, Ardnaganna, Dromore

Russell, R., Killygordon

Russell, Richard, Cloghcorr

Russell, Samuel, Dromore

Russell, Widow Eliza, Mounthall

Sayers, Alex, Magherashanvally

Scanlan, Charles, Bealalt

Scanlan, John, Bealalt, Ballinacor, Meenahenas

Scott, Joseph, Killygordon

Scott, Thomas, Dromore

Scott, William, Carnone, Cashelin, Dungorman

Seaton, Gerrard, Ballinacor

Seaton, Wardlaw, Dreenan

Seaton, William, Dreenan

Seymour, James, Magherashanvally, Lismullyduff

Shanklin, Widow Anne, Carrickmagrath

Sharkey, Daniel, Meenahenis, Corlea

Sharkey, James, Middle Lisnamulligan, Corlea

Sharkey, Michael, Jun., Meenahenas

Sharkey, William, Middle Lisnamulligan

Shaw, Alexander, Drummurphy, Carnadore

Shaw, Archibald, Ballygunnegan

Shaw, David, Ballygunnegan

Shaw, James, Drummurphy

Shaw, Robert, Magherareagh

Shaw, William, Cashelin, Drummurphy

Sheil, Daniel, Teebrack

Sheil, George, Aveltygort

Sheil, Samuel, Carnone

Sheils, Charles, Aveltygort

Sheils, Owen, Kinletter

Sheils, Patrick, Aveltygort

Sheils, Peter, Kinletter

Sheskeran (Sheskin) Edward, Laught

Sheskeran (Sheskin), James, Laught

Sheskeran (Sheskin), John, Laught

Sheskeran (Sheskin), Michael, Laught

Sims, Gabriel, Tamnacrum

Sims, Temple, Tamnacrum

Simms, James, Castlefin

Simms, William, Castlefin

Slane, William, Ballyarrel Mountain

Slevin, Daniel, Lower Mullaghanery, Gortachar

Slevin, Denis, Meenahenis

Slevin, Edward, Dromore, Lower Mullaghanery

Slevin, Francis, Ballinacor

Slevin, James, Sallywood

Slevin, Lawrence, Monellan

Slevin, Widow Mary, Meenahenas

Smyth, James, Upper Cavan, Garrison

Smyth, Robert, Upper Cavan

Snodgrass, Margaret, Ballygunnegan

Snodgrass, Robert, Carnone, Ballygunnegan

Snodgrass, Widow Rebecca, Ballygunnegan

Spence, Mr, Castlefin

Sproule, Widow Catherine, Gibbstown

Sproule, Widow Jane, Laught

Stanhope, Captain, Teebrack

Starrat, James, Sessaghoneil

Steele, Patrick, Castlefin

Steele, Robert, Killygordon

Steele, William, Killygordon

Stevenson, Andrew, Carnone, Blairstown

Stevenson, James, Carnone

Stevenson, John, Upper Mullaghanery

Stevenson, Thomas, Killygordon, Upper Mullaghanery

Stewart, Widow Margaret, Magherashanvally

Stewart, William, Carnone

Stinson, Joseph, Cloghcorr

Stinson, William, Magherashanvally, Cloghcorr

Sweeney, Widow Mary, Lower Cavan

Tate, William, Ballinacor

Taylor, James, Calhame,

Taylor, James, Sen., Carrickshandrum

Taylor, James, Jun., Carrickshandrum

Taylor, John, Sen., Carrickshandrum

Taylor, John, Jun., Carrickshandrum

Taylor, John, Magherareagh, Magherashanvalley

Taylor, Robert, Carrickshandrum

Taylor, Samuel, Lower Carron, Middle Carron, Drumavish

Taylor, William, Whitehill

Teadly, Edward, Magherashanvally

Temple, James, Killygordon, Half Town, Baughanbouy

Temple, John, Half Town, Lower Cavan

Temple, Joseph, Upper Cavan

Temple, Patrick, Upper Cavan

Temple, Robert, Carricknamana

Temple, William, Lower Cavan, Corcaam

Thomson, James, Castlefin, Magherashanvally

Thomson, John, Carnone, Baughanbuoy

Thomson, Robert, Ardganna

Thomson, William, Carnone, Ardnaganna, Drumfergus

Tinny, Daniel, Sallywood

Tinny, Edward, Sallywood

Tinny, Hugh, Lismullyduff

Tinny, Patrick, Sallywood

Tonner, John, Whitehill

Torrens, Isaac, Carricknamana

Torrens, John, Sen., Laught

Torrens, John, Jun., Laught

Vance, William, Ballinacor (Purden’s Park)

Virtue, James, Magherashanvally

Walker, Matthew, Laught

Walker, Widow Mary

Walker, William, Ballygunnegan, Kilcadden

Wallace, John, Castlefin, Magherashanvally

Wallace, Oliver, Magherashanvally

Walls, John, Magherabuoy

Ward, Cormac, Meenbogue

Ward, Gerry, Meenahenas

Wardlaw, Hugh, Castlefin

Wardlaw, James, Castlefin

Watson, John, Castlefin

Wauchop, Andrew, Lower Gortfad, Castlefin, Trusk

Wauchob, William, Lower Lisnamulligan

Weir, John, Ballinacor

Welsh, Thomas, Whitehill

Wilson, David, Meenagolan

Wilson, Gabriel, Cashelin

Wilson, James, Gortnamuck, Demesne, Garrison

Wilson, John, Magherashanvally, Upper Cavan, Ternagossogue (alias Bickelstown), Cloghard, Cloonarrel

Wilson, John Sen., Meenlogher, Cloonarrel

Wilson, John Jun., Meenlogher, Cloonarrel

Wilson, Matthew, Cashelin

Wilson, Oliver, Cooleydawson, Lower Goland, Sessaghoneil

Wilson, Robert, Jun., Cashelin

Wilson, Thomas, Meenlogher

Wilson, Widow Anne, Cloonarrel

Wilson, William, Cashelin

Wisely, William, Ballinacor

Woods, Henry, Ballinacor

Wray, James, Carnone, Carricknamana

Wray, John, Magherashanvally, Carnone, Carricknamana

Wray, Lodk., Carnone

Wray, Miss Mary, Carnone

Wray, Samuel, Carricknamana

Wray, Stephen, Carnone

Wray, William, Carnone, Mullingar, Killygordon, Carricknamana

Wylley, John, Magherashanvally

Wylley, Thomas, Magherashanvally

Young, James, Monellan

Young, Thomas, Esq., Aveltygort, Mounthall, Coradooey, Dromore

Young, William, Lower Raws

Young, William, Tamnacrum, Castlefin

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