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This is not a complete listing - newer headstones have not been included




In Memory of

Susan Browne

Died 18th Nov 1872

Her husband Michael

Died 20th Feb 1880

Their son Patrick

Died 6th June 1913

Erected by their loving daughter Catherine







In Loving Memory of

A dear husband and father

Matthew Canavan

Died 6th Sept 1994 aged 66 years

(same grave as Alexander Sweeney, below)




Erected by Hugh Gallagher

In Memory of his Uncle

Daniel Gallagher

Who died 29th October 1899 aged 78? years

Nancy Gallagher

Died 28th October 1895 aged 77 years

Also the above

Hugh Gallagher

Died 27th February 1900 aged 50 years

William John Gallagher, Stralongford

Died 3rd November 1998 aged 79 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Gallagher, Stralongford

Died 26th October 1916 aged 92 years

Her son Dan

Died 20th March 1944 aged 72 years

Rest in Peace



In Memory of

Patrick Gallagher

Who died Septr 24th 1883? aged 77 years

His wife Ellen

Who died Jany 22nd 1892 aged 77 years

Also his brother Willliam

Who died Decr 15th 1887? aged 75 years


Dan Gallagher 1918

Mary Gallagher 1941

Cecelia Tinney 1950

Paddy Tinney 1997




In Loving Memory of

Patrick Gallagher, Lettershambo

Who died 28th April 1944 aged 78 years

Also his wife Catherine

Who died 1st October 1944 aged 69 years

And Madge Gallagher

Who died 22nd Feb 1957 aged 88 years

And Rose Gallagher

Who died 9th May 1993 aged 76 years

Edward Gallagher

Who died 16th June 1999 aged 86 years

Erected by their family



In Loving Memory of

William Gallagher

Died 2nd Nov 1923 aged 79 years

Katherine Gallagher

Died 28th Sept 1899 aged 58 years

Charles Gallagher

Died 20th July 1952 aged 82 years

Mary Gallagher

Died 18th Sept 1966 aged 75 years




In Loving Memory of

Johnny Garey, Drumkeen

Died 1937

His wife Ruby

Died 1977

And daughter Kathleen McCollum

Died 1993



In Loving Memory of

The Hamilton Family





In Loving Memory of

The Hamilton Family




In Loving Memory of

James Hamilton

Died 17th Jan 1944 aged 74 yrs

His wife Margaret

Died 8th Jan 1956 aged 83 years

Their daughter Mary McDermott

Died 29th Aug 1961 aged 51 yrs

Their son Claude

Died 17th April 1975 aged 72 yrs





In Memory of

James Herald

Husband of Mary Gallagher Herald

Died Feby 1893 aged 53 years

His grandson Charles Herald

Died 4 Nov 1994 aged 79 years




In Loving Memory of

The Martin Family

Stralongford, Drumkeen

Rest in Peace



Erected in Memory of

Jas McCarron

Who departed this life

21st Dec 1909 aged 90 years

Also his wife Mary McCarron

Who departed this life

31st Jan 1908 aged 83 years

Also Michael McCarron, N.T.

Who died 17th March ? aged 71 years



In Loving Memory of

Michael McCool, Stroangibbagh

Died 7th September 1938

His wife Mary

Died 20th March 1964

Their son John James

Died 5th April 2003 aged 79 years

(same grave as John McFadden, below)




In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann McDaid

Died 24th June 1925 aged 54 years

Paddy McDaid

Died 24th Sept 1951 aged 80 years

Mary McDaid

Died 11th Jan 1950 aged 5 months

Nellie McDaid

Died 10th May 1989 aged 78 years

Hugh McDaid

Died 8th March 2002 aged 96 years



(same grave as above)

In Loving Memory of

Margaret McDevitt

Died 26th Aug 1937 aged 54 years

Her husband Hugh McDevitt

Died 21st Feb 1952 aged 74 years

Harry McDevitt (Lost at Sea)

5th May 1971 aged 25 years

Margaret McDevitt

Died 2nd June 1977 aged 64 years

Her husband Henry McDevitt

Died 29th Nov 1997 aged 82 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pray for them



In Loving Memory of

John McFadden, Stroangibbagh

Died 28th May 1924 aged 78 yrs

Denis McFadden

Died 20th July 1915 aged 27 yrs

Agnes McFadden

Died 10th June 1927 aged 32 yrs

Hugh McGoldrick

Died 10th February 1904 aged 70 yrs

James McFadden

Died 8th February 1960/1980

(same grave as Michael McCool, above)



In Loving Memory of

John McGarrigle, Farragans, Drumkeen

Died 14 Aug 1934

Wife Ellen died 31 July 1961

Sons John died 9 Nov 1918

Jerry died 16 June 1962

Daughters Cecelia died 22 Sept 1930

Esther died 5 Dec 1958

Daughter in law

Catherine McGarrigle died 16 Feb 1965

Winnie McGarrigle died 4 June 1978

Ellen McGarrigle died 17 Sept 1984

Nellie McGarrigle died 29 Mar 2003




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Andrew McGinty, Lettershambo

Who died 1889

His wife Margaret

Who died 1923

Their son Hugh

Who died 1929

Their grand-daughter

Margaret Callaghan U.S.A.,

Who died at Letterkenny 1929?

Erected by ….nny Callaghan




See 1901 census Lettershanbo

Margaret (Margery/Madge nee Gallagher) and son Hugh are in the 1911 census Lettershambo

Andrew & Margaret's dau Bridget b 1865, marr Jeremiah McCool, Stroangibbah, son of Darby, 31 Jan 1901 in Convoy

They moved to Market Square not long afterwards, where Jeremiah was a Publican - see 1911 census Market Square



In Loving Memory of

Susan Monaghan, Meenavay

Died 26th March 1925

Bernard Rutherford

Died 25th September 1948

Also his wife Cassie

Died 6th September 2002




In Loving Memory of

Peter Mulheron, Cark

Died 22nd June 1930

Bernard Mulheron

Died 21st Dec 1942

Neil Mulheron

Died 17th June 1964




O’Donnell, Callen




In Memory of

Edward O’Donnell, Tangue (Teangue)

Who died November 1875 aged 82 years

His wife Bridget O’Donnell

Who died June 1884 aged 84 years

And their children

John O’Donnell who died January 1879

Bridget O’Donnell

Who died August 1889

And Hannah McBride

Who died May 1898

Anne O’Donnell

Who died May 1902

Bernard O’Donnell

Who died Nov 1902

Philip O’Donnell

Who died 8th? April 1909? Aged 73 years

Charles O’Donnell

Who died 8th Nov 1911 aged 80 years

John Rutherford

Who died 28th ? 1958 Aged 73 years

Grace O’Donnell died 1952

May they Rest in Peace




Pray for the

Patton Family

Rest in Peace


In Loving Memory of

Paddy Patton

Died 6th November 1947 aged 52 years

His wife Ellen

Died 8th November 1986 aged 81 years

St. Anthony, Pray for Them



In Loving Memory of

Neil Peoples, Trentaboy

Died 10th July 1940

His wife Bridget

Died 5th July 1963

Their son Neil

Died 1st January 1973

St. Bridget, Pray for Them



In Loving Memory of

John Quinn

Died 29-10-1933 aged 59

His wife Mary Ann

Died 24-6-1955 aged 77

Their sons Hugh

Died 1-6-1929 aged 26

And Daniel

Died 7-5-1978 aged 68

Also Daniel’s son John J

Died 14-9-1972 aged 27



(same grave as above)

In Loving Memory of

Our dear parents

Susan Quinn died 4th Nov 1954

And her husband James

Died 27th Aug 1961

Their son James

Died 17-3-88


Erected by their family



Reid, Legland

In Loving Memory of

John Reid

Died 25th July 1980 aged 91 yrs

His wife Mary Bridget Reid

Died 11th March 1983 aged 79 yrs

Son John Reid

Died 1st September 1991 aged 51 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Patrick Reid, Lettermore

Died 15th July 1930 aged 84 years

His wife Ellen Reid

Died 31st Jan 1945 aged 94 years

Their son Charles Reid

Died 5th June 1937 aged 42 years

Also Neil Reid

Died 19th June 1957 aged 72 years

And his wife Mary Bridget

Died 1st Jan 1964 aged 60 years

Their grandson Jim Reid

Died 3rd Feb 2003 aged 83 years




In Loving Memory of

Alexander Sweeney, Stralongford

Died 22nd May 1959 aged 70 years

His wife Sarah

Died 1st June 1973 aged 84 years

Their son-in-law Jim Boyle

Died 22nd Sept 1991 aged 64 years

Their daughter Sadie Boyle

Died 30th May 1999 aged 77 years




Erected by Patrick Tinney

In Memory of his father

Hugh Tinney

Who departed this life

3rd August 1857 aged 50 years

Also his aunt

Catherine O’Donnell

Who departed this life

19th October 1880 aged 76 years



Sacred Hearty of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

James Ward, Rahan

Died 28th August 1959 aged 75 years

His wife Mary Ellen

Died 29th May 1968 aged 82 yrs

Their son John Ward

Died 17th Nov 1990 aged 63 yrs

Their son Charlie Ward

Died 10th Jan 2005 aged 85 yrs






In Loving Memory of

John Ward, Lettershambo

Died 23rd Sept 1897 aged 60 years

Erected by his wife & family



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