Marriages in the Dunfanaghy Registrar's District 1864 to 1880

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Year Qtr Vol. Page Date Last Name First Name MaleAge MaleCondition MaleProfession Male Residence MaleFather MaleFatherProfession FemaleLastName FemaleFirstName FemaleAge FemaleCondition FemaleProfession FemaleResidence FemaleFather FemaleFatherProfession WitnessA WitnessB Church
1869   2 67 1/7/1869 Alcorn George Full Widower Farmer Horn Head James Alcorn Farmer McKinley Fanny Full Spinster   Port Upper Archibald McKinley Farmer Alexander Stewart Mary Anne Stewart Ballymore Church
1864 2 2 71 2/2/1864 Alcorn James Full Bachelor Labourer Ray Robert Alcorn Farmer Boyd Margret Full Spinster Servant Bunbeg John Boyd Boatman John Alcorn Jane Alcorn Ardau…. Chapel
1864 2 2 63 2/18/1864 Algeo James Full Bachelor Farmer Faugher Thomas Algeo Farmer Miliken Eliza 20 Spinster   Ballymore John Miliken Farmer Henry Algeo Adam Moffitt Ballymore Church
1865   17 69 12/21/1865 Algeo William Full Bachelor Farmer Faugher Thomas ? Algeo Farmer Campbell Isabella Full Spinster   Kill Samuel Campbell Farmer Charles Campbell Charles Algeo Ballymore Church
1870   2 87 2/15/1870 Baird Alexander Full Age Bachelor Farmer Magerhablad Alexander Baird Farmer Stewart Mary Anne Full Age Spinster   Faugher Thomas Stewart Farmer James Wilson Adam Baird Ballymore Church
1864 2 2 65 2/23/1864 Barnett Robert 20 Bachelor Labourer Dunmore Robert Barnett Farmer Greer Eliza 21 Spinster   Dunmore George Greer Farmer William Gibson Robert McNulty? Myragh Church?
1868   2 59 4/23/1868 Beaty John 40 Bachelor Miner Ballyconnell George Beaty Farmer Dunlevy Mary 24 Spinster   Ballyconnell Christopher Dunlevy Labourer John Mitchell Richard Benson Myragh Church
1865   17 75 11/19/1865 Boyle Andrew 33 Bachelor Farmer Magheraroarty Neal Boyle Farmer McFadden Susan 26 Spinster Servant Magheraroarty Manus McFadden Farmer Thomas Darnig Charlie McGlaghlin Clondahorkey Chapel
1864   17 66 12/22/1864 Boyle Charles 23 Bachelor Farmer Magheraclogher Paddy Boyle Farmer Boyle Grace 18 Spinster   Crolly Daniel Boyle Farmer Owen Boyle
Mary Boyle
1867   2 100 3/3/1867 Boyle Charles Full Bachelor Farmer Derrybeg Owen Boyle Farmer Gallagher Anna Full Spinster   Stranacorcragh Daniel Gallagher Farmer James McBride Norah Coll Gweedore Chapel
1868   2 89 2/17/1868 Boyle Dan Full Bachelor Farmer Dore Manus Boyle Farmer McBride Margaret Full Spinster   Magheralosk Thos McBride Farmer Edward McBride x Margaret Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1865   2 79 2/3/1865 Boyle Daniel 20 Bachelor Farmer Magheraclogher Patrick Boyle Farmer Doherty Sarah 19 Spinster   Magheraclogher John Doherty Farmer James McBride Mary McBride Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 77 2/4/1869 Boyle Daniel 22 Bachelor Farmer Moyra Bryan Boyle Farmer McGinley Fanny 22 Spinster   Magheraroarty Edward McGinley Farmer Patrick McGinley Sara McFadden Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 89 2/8/1866 Boyle Edward 24 Bachelor Farmer Glack William Boyle Farmer Sheils Mary 20 Spinster   Brockagh ? Sheils Farmer Daniel Boyle Hugh Boyle Clondahorky Chapel
1867   2 98 2/27/1867 Boyle Hugh Full Bachelor Farmer Stranacorcragh James Boyle (deceased) Farmer Boyle Bridget Full Spinster   Derrybeg ? McCole Farmer Patrick McCloskey Mary Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 80 2/9/1869 Boyle James 30 Bachelor Farmer Killult Charles Boyle Farmer (McNulty) Doogan Catherine 30 Widow   Clonbara Paddy McNulty Farmer Hugh Brogan Margaret Mulheran Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 82 1/26/1869 Boyle James Full Bachelor Farmer Meenderrygamph Bryan Boyle Farmer Gallagher Rose Full Spinster   Glentornin Charles Gallagher Farmer Owen Coyle Patrick Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1868   2 87 1/13/1868 Boyle James Full Bachelor Farmer Middletown Cornelius Boyle (deceased) Farmer McConough Ellen Full Spinster   Dore Mick McConough (deceased) Farmer x Mary O'Donnell Patrick Dugan Gweedore Chapel
1865   2 93 2/27/1865 Boyle James 28 Bachelor Farmer Drumleavalliagh Edward Boyle Farmer O'Donnell Hannah 24 Spinster   Drumnacarry Charles O'Donnell Farmer Patrick Coll Michael Breslin Clondahorkey Chapel
1868   2 80 2/6/1868 Boyle John 21 Bachelor Farmer Meenderry James Boyle Farmer Gallagher Nora 18 Spinster   Meenderry Patrick Gallagher   Denis Gallagher Mary McGee Gortahork Chapel
1867   2 100 3/3/1867 Boyle John Full Bachelor Farmer Dore Charles Boyle Farmer Gallagher Rose Full Spinster   Dore Anthony Gallagher (deceased) Farmer Peter Boyle Mary Boyle Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 82 2/11/1866 Boyle Michael Full Widower Farmer ? John Boyle (deceased) Farmer Boyle Sally   Spinster   Dore Hugh Boyle (deceased) Farmer John O'Donnell Mary Boyle Gweedore Chapel
1865   2 78 2/2/1865 Boyle Neal 28 Bachelor Farmer Knockastoller Edward Boyle Farmer Gallagher Nancy 20 Spinster   Meenaduff Charles Gallagher Farmer James O'Donnell Sarah O'Donnell Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 75 1/28/1866 Boyle Neal 30 Bachelor Farmer Ray Denis Boyle Farmer Harley Mary 21 Spinster   Fawnaboy Bryan Harley Farmer James McGee Denis Boyle Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 89 2/181868 Boyle Peter Full Bachelor Farmer Ballindrait Edward Boyle Farmer McBride Kate Full Spinster   Magheraclogher Jas McBride (dead) Farmer John Kearney Patrick Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1865   12 56 8/31/1865 Breen Robert Full Bachelor Constabulary Dunlewy Barrick Edward Breen Farmer Williamson Edith 20 Spinster   Dunlewy John Williamson House Carpenter John Williamson Alex Beattie Dunlewy Church
1870 2 2 103 3/1/1870 Brennan Timothy Full Age Bachelor Farmer Tyrlin Bryan Brennan Farmer Doohan Catherine Full Age Spinster   Derryreel Patrick Doohan Farmer Patrick McFadden John McFadden Clondahorky Chapel
1867   12 59 9/19/1867 Brewster Andrew Full Bachelor Farmer ? Drumnatinney George Brewster Farmer Campbell Fanny ? Full Spinster   Falcarragh Andrew Campbell Farmer ? Olphert ? John Moffitt ? Parish Church
1870 2 2 100 1/27/1870 Brogan Charles Full Age Bachelor Farmer Swillybrin John Brogan Farmer McGinley Elizabeth Full Age Spinster Farmer's Daughter Swillybrin Bernard McGinley Farmer John McFadden Ellen McGinley Clondahorky Chapel
1868   2 82 2/17/1868 Brogan Daniel 22 Bachelor Farmer Meenderry Hugh Brogan Farmer McClafferty Kate 19 Spinster   ? Patrick McClafferty   John McNulty Denis Cannon Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 82 2/17/1868 Brogan John 22 Bachelor Farmer Meenderry John Brogan Farmer Gallagher Margaret 19 Spinster   Meenderry Shane Gallagher   Brine McNulty Kate McGarvey Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 87 1/7/1866 Brogan John 25 Bachelor Farmer Carrownamaddy Hugh Brogan Farmer McGhee Mary 20 Spinster   Carrownamaddy Paddy McGhee Farmer Owen Brogan Mary McGhee Clondahorky Chapel
1864   2 77 2/9/1864 Brogan John Full Bachelor Farmer Glack James Brogan   Toner Mary Full Spinster   Glack James Toner Farmer Cornelius Sheil John Clondahorky Chapel
1864   2 77 2/11/1864 Brogan Michael Full Bachelor Labourer Dunbarton Andrew Brogan   McClafferty Margaret Full Spinster Servant Dunfanaghy Denis McClafferty Farmer Alexander McGinley ? Manus Friel Clondahorky Chapel
1866   2 76 1/30/1866 Brogan Owen 27 Bachelor Farmer Dunmore Owen Brogan Farmer Gallagher Grace 19 Spinster   Dunmore Owen Gallagher Cooper Teague McConaghy Ann McNulty Gortahork Chapel
1870 2 2 101 2/15/1870 Brogan Patrick Full Age Bachelor Farmer Kildarragh Patrick Brogan Farmer McFadden Ellen Full Age Spinster   Kildarragh Patrick McFadden Farmer Bryan Sweeney Patrick Campbell Clondahorky Chapel
1866   2 91 2/21/1866 Brogan Philip 36 Bachelor Farmer Murroe Francis Brogan Farmer McGinley (McFadden) Mary 26 Widow   Magheramenagh Cornelius McGinley Farmer Philip Brogan Mary McGinley Clondahorky Chapel
1865   2 79 2/9/1865 Brown Daniel 22 Single Labourer Glenawilly Paddy Brown Farmer Whoriskey Ann 19 Spinster   Killult Ned Whoriskey Farmer John Sweeney Mary Ferry Gortahork Chapel
1867   12 59 8/29/1867 Brown James Full Bachelor Policeman Dunfanaghy Leonard ? Brown Farmer McDonald Charlotte Full Spinster   Magheraroarty Malcolm McDonald Teacher Thomas Brown John ? Parish Church
1870 2 2 99 1/23/1870 Callig Bernard Full Age Bachelor Farmer Fanmore Bernard Callig Farmer O'Donnell Grace Full Age Spinster   Magheraroarty James O'Donnell Farmer Bernard Rodan Catherine Kelly by Francis Gallagher Clondahorky Chapel
1870   17 57 10/20/1870 Campbell Charles Full Bachelor Farmer Muntermellan Samuel Campbell Farmer Hay Fanny Full Spinster Farmer Muntermellan Thomas Hay Farmer x James Hay John McBride Ballymore Church
1866   2 78 2/6/1866 Campbell John Full Bachelor Farmer Meencorwick ? James Campbell Farmer Boyle Sarah   Spinster   Dore Upper Owen Boyle Farmer Owen O'Donnell Mary Boyle Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 72 2/22/1866 Campbell Moses Full Bachelor Farmer Kill Saul ? Campbell Farmer Stewart Mary Jane Full Spinster   Kill Thos. Stewart Farmer ? Peter Moore Ballymore Church
1869   2 82 1/28/1869 Campbell Pat Full Bachelor Farmer Sheskinbeg Conal Campbell (deceased) Farmer Gallagher Margaret Full Spinster   Dore Mick Gallagher Farmer Mary Campbell Patrick Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1870 2 2 102 2/24/1870 Campbell Patrick Full Age Bachelor Farmer Kildarragh Andrew Campbell Farmer McBride Mary Full Age Spinster   Milford Dominick McBride Farmer Patrick Doohan Manus Brennan Clondahorky Chapel
1869   17 62 12/31/1869 Cannon Denis Full Bachelor Farmer Clonbara Denis Cannon Farmer McNulty Nelly Full Spinster   Dunmore John McNulty Farmer Hugh McFadden John Sweeney Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 71 11/27/1868 Cannon Edward 25 Bachelor Farmer Clonbara John Cannon Farmer Ferry Anne 25 Spinster   Gatetown Patrick Ferry Farmer Denis Cannon Sophia McGeady Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 72 1/10/1869 Cannon Michael 27 Bachelor Farmer Moyra Michael Cannon Farmer McFadden Mary 21 Spinster   Moyra Owen McFadden Farmer John Cannon Sara McFadden Gortahork Chapel
1869   17 61 11/2/1869 Cannon Neal Full Bachelor Farmer Baltany Michael Cannon Farmer Sweeney Sally Full Spinster   Gortahork John Sweeney Farmer John Sweeney Margaret Ferry Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 89 2/9/1869 Carr Denis Full Widower Farmer Ummerafad Charles Carr Farmer Boyle Isabella Full Spinster   Muntermellan John Boyle Carpenter Richard Durning John Boyle Clondahorkey Chapel
1864   17 66 12/20/1864 Carroll James 24 Bachelor Farmer Middletown Andy Carroll Farmer Doherty Mary 23 Spinster   Magheralosk William Doherty Farmer Fergal Duggan Bridget Doherty Gweedore Chapel
1865   7 55 6/29/1865 Cavingstone William Full Bachelor Mounted Policeman Dungloe David Cavingstone Farmer Curran Julia Sarah Full Spinster   Dungloe Thomas Curran Shopkeeper John Williams James Foster Ardangliggor Chapel
1865   2 93 2/26/1865 Clarke Peter 28 Bachelor Teacher Temple Duglas Peter Clarke Farmer O'Donnell Roseanne 22 Spinster   Dunfanaghy Hugh O'Donnell Inn Keeper John Kain James Hewston Clondahorkey Chapel
1865   2 93 2/26/1865 Coll Bernard 28 Bachelor Farmer Creenary Donald Coll Farmer Boyle Bridget 20 Spinster   Creenary John Boyle Farmer Michael Bradley Charles Rodden Clondahorkey Chapel
1865   2 92 2/16/1865 Coll Bernard 30 Bachelor Farmer Drumnacarry Anthony ? Coll Farmer McGinley Catherine 21 Spinster   Kilmackilloo Hugh McGinley Farmer Patrick Coll Patrick McGinley Clondahorkey Chapel
1867   2 93 2/8/1867 Coll Charles Full Bachelor Farmer Ressiafearta Peter Coll Farmer Gallagher Grace Full Spinster   Middletown Hugh Gallagher Farmer James Sharkey Pat Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1864   2 84 2/9/1864 Coll Denis 30 Bachelor Farmer Meenderryamph John Coll Farmer Green Nora 24 Spinster   Rinafased Francis Green Farmer Edward Ferry Grace Coll Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 74 1/20/1866 Coll Denis 26 Widower Farmer Meenderrygamph Owen Coll Farmer Sweeney Grace 20 Spinster   Meenabeg Miles Sweeney Farmer Francis Coll Ellen Coll Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 82 1/28/1869 Coll Francis Full Bachelor Mason Rinefassal Denis Coll Farmer McGee Anne Full Spinster   Meenanillar William McGee (dead) Farmer Catherine McCole Patrick Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1868   2 80 2/11/1868 Coll Hugh 35 Widower Farmer Inishbofin Hugh Coll Farmer Cannon Mary 25 Spinster   Keeldrum Hugh Cannon Farmer James Coll Sarah Mulhern Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 73 1/7/1866 Coll John Full Bachelor Farmer ? Hugh Coll (deceased) Farmer McFadden Una Full Spinster   Cor… James McFadden Farmer Francis Coll Sophia Gallagher Derrybeg Chapel
1864   2 77 2/9/1864 Coll Neal Full Bachelor Fialer ? Drumnacarry Thomas Coll Farmer Ferry Catherine Full Spinster   Drumnaraw James Ferry   James Bresland John Coll Clondahorky Chapel
1865   2 82 2/16/1865 Coll Thomas 24 Bachelor Farmer Stramartin Hugh Coll Farmer Gallagher Sally 19 Spinster   Stranacorcragh Daniel Gallagher Farmer Francis Coll Ellen Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 76 1/29/1866 Conaghan Hugh Full Bachelor Farmer Keeldrum Middle Owen Conaghan (dead) Farmer McBride Hannah   Spinster   Meenderrygamph Charles McBride Farmer Patrick Whoriskey Magey Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1870   17 66 10/25/1870 Conaghan Hugh Full Bachelor Farmer Archeen Jas Conaghan Farmer Mulligan Bridget Full Spinster   Tor John Mulligan Farmer Hannah McFadden x Patrick McGinley Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 85 2/9/1869 Coyle Dan Full Widower Farmer Crolly Pat Coyle Farmer Boyle Grace Full Widow   Crolly Dan Boyle (deceased) Farmer Edward Gallagher Bernard Coyle Gweedore Chapel
1864   2 80 1/21/1864 Coyle Daniel 25 Bachelor Farmer Cashel Michael Coyle Farmer Coyle Nora 24 Spinster   Bloodyforeland Owen Coyle Farmer Michael Coyle Ellen Boyle Gortahork Chapel
1865   2 84 2/27/1865 Coyle Daniel 24 Bachelor Farmer Crolly Paddy Coyle Farmer McFadden Sophia 20 Spinster   Glentornan Hugh McFadden Farmer Peter O'Donnell Rose Gallagher Gortahork Chapel
1865   12 60 4/10/1865 Coyle Edward Full Bachelor Farmer Drumnatinny Patrick Coyle Farmer Sweeney Nora Full Spinster   Killult Denis Sweeney Farmer Manus Sweeney Patrick Sweeney Gortahork Chapel
1865   7 59 4/10/1865 Coyle Edward Full Bachelor Farmer Drumnatinny Patrick Coyle Farmer Sweeney Nora Full Spinster   Killult Denis Sweeney Farmer Manus Sweeney Patrick Sweeney Clondahorkey Chapel
1870   2 91 2/20/1870 Coyle Hugh Full Age Bachelor Farmer Dore Edward Coyle Farmer McFadden Bridget Full Age Spinster   Knockastoller Tague McFadden Farmer Owen Coyle Patrick Mulligan Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 84 2/4/11869 Coyle John Full Bachelor Farmer Crolly Pat Coyle Farmer McFadden Margaret Full Spinster   Glentornan Hugh McFadden Farmer Edward Coyle Mary O'Donnell Gweedore Chapel
1865   2 83 2/21/1865 Coyle Mansfield Full Bachelor Farmer Ballyboes Paddy Coyle Farmer Doogan Peggy Full Spinster   Clonbara Willy Doogan Farmer Paddy McGee Biddy McFadden Gortahork Chapel
1866   12 53 5/14/1866 Coyle Maurice 36 Bachelor Farmer Ballyboe Cormack Coyle Farmer McFadden Hannah 22 Spinster   Ray John McFaddent Farmer John McBride Catherine McFadden Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 82 2/20/1868 Coyle Michael 35 Bachelor Servant Beltany Patrick Coyle Farmer Collum Sophia 25 Spinster   Sruhanreah James Collum Farmer Charles Sheils Mary Sheils Gortahork Chapel
1865   2 87 2/26/1865 Coyle Patrick Full Bachelor Farmer Baltany Manus Coyle Farmer Doogan Cecilia 18 Spinster   Kildrum Edward Doogan   Charles Gallagher Patrick Mc? Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 90 2/8/1866 Coyle Patrick 28 Bachelor Farmer ? Hugh Coyle Farmer McBride Mary 28 Spinster   ? William McBride Farmer William Logue James McFadden Clondahorky Chapel
1869   2 73 1/7/1869 Coyle Shane 20 Bachelor Farmer Ards Shane Coyle Farmer Olphert Mary 20 Spinster   Ards William Olphert ----- John Gallagher Fanny Olphert Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 84 2/25/1868 Coyle Teague 37 Widower Farmer Bloody Foreland Patrick Coyle Farmer Gallagher Margaret 27 Spinster   Cashel Hill James Gallagher Farmer x William Gallagher x Catherine McHugh Gortahork Chapel
1870   2 96 2/28/1870 Coyle Will Full Age Bachelor Farmer Glassagh John Coyle Farmer Gallagher Rose Full Age Spinster   Glassagh Daniel Gallagher Farmer Daniel McGinley Madge Ferry Gweedore Chapel
1865   12 61 8/13/1865 Cropin Patrick 28 Bachelor Farmer ? Daniel Cropin Farmer Brennan Mary 22 Spinster   Creeslough John Brennan Farmer & Merchant Hugh Devine ? Ellen Boyle Clondahorkey Chapel
1868   2 84 2/23/1868 Curran Bernard 20 Bachelor Farmer Keeldrum Bernard Curran Farmer Heraghty Catherine 22 Spinster   Tullaghobegly Patrick Heraghty Farmer x Edward Curran x William Middial Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 72 10/12/1868 Curran Bernard 28 Bachelor Farmer Keeldrum Jeramiah Curran Farmer McLain Sally 24 Spinster   Keeldrum Owen McLain Farmer Charles Gallagher Hugh Curran Gortahork Chapel
1864   2 79 1/7/1864 Curran Edward 20 Single Farmer Meenawee Francis Curran Farmer Cannon Rose 20 Spinster   Meenawee Michael Cannon Farmer James Gallagher Miles Curran Gortahork Chapel
1864   2 81 2/1/1864 Curran Edward 27 Bachelor Farmer Meenaclady Edward Curran Farmer Doohan Mary 24 Spinster   Meenaclady Shan Doohan Tailor Patrick McCloskey Mary Gallagher Gortahork Chapel
1865   2 81 2/13/1865 Curran Eugene Full Bachelor Farmer Point Daniel Curran Farmer Gallagher Mary Full Spinster   Meenagoppoge Edward Gallagher Farmer Condy Gallagher Daniel Boyle Gortahork Chapel
1864   17 65 10/18/1864 Curran Jack 27 Single Servant Meencaricagha Edward Curran Farmer Doohan Nelly 22     Meencaricagha Denis Doohan Farmer John Sweeney John Sweeney Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 85 2/13/1866 Curran James Full Bachelor Farmer Curran Port Edward Curran (deceased) Farmer Coyle Ellen   Spinster   Glasagh ? Coyle Farmer Hugh Curran Peggy Coyle Gweedore Chapel
1870   17 66 11/24/1870 Curran James Full Bachelor Farmer Tory Island Bryan Curran Farmer Doohan Anne Full Spinster   Tory Island James Doohan Farmer x Mary McFadden x Nancy McFadden Gortahork Chapel
1867   2 98 2/21/1867 Curran John Full Widower Farmer Stranabrooey Pat Curran Farmer Gallagher Magy Full Widow   Carrick Pat Gallagher (deceased) Farmer Norah Cole Fanny Curran Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 71 12/15/1868 Curran John 28 Bachelor Farmer Meencorwick Edward Curran Farmer McGeady Biddy 22 Spinster   Derryconnor Edward McGeady Farmer John McGeady Mary Sweeney Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 85 3/15/1868 Curran John 26 Bachelor Farmer Derryconor Manus Curran Farmer McGee Biddy 29 Widow   Magheraroarty Rory McGee Farmer x Manus McGinley x Kate Rogers ? Gortahork Chapel
1869   2 77 2/2/1869 Curran Manus 30 Bachelor Farmer Derryconnor Manus Curran Farmer McGowan Anne 27 Spinster   Derryconnor John McGowan Farmer John Curran Anne Mulheran Gortahork Chapel
1866   2 78 2/6/1866 Curran Patrick Full Widower Farmer Carrick Francis Curran (deceased) Farmer Coll Mary   Spinster   Lunniagh James Colle Farmer Owen McGee Magy McGee Gweedore Chapel
1864   2 83 2/9/1864 Dinsmore Patt 22 Single Farmer Dunmore Denis Dinsmore Farmer McNulty Cate 2? Spinster   Dunmore Hugh McNulty   Charles Dinsmore Rose McClafferty Gweedore Chapel
1866   2 74 1/21/1866 Diver Dominick Full Bachelor Farmer Lunniagh Edward Diver Farmer Ferry Peggy Full Spinster   Lunniagh Danial Ferry Farmer Hugh Gallagher Kate Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1869   2 86 2/9/1869 Diver Paddy Full Bachelor Farmer Inishmeane Teague Diver Farmer Gallagher Sarah Full Spinster   Derrybeg Teague Gallagher Farmer Patrick McCloskey Patrick Mulligan Gweedore Chapel
1870   17 65 3/1/1870 Diver Peter Full Bachelor Farmer Magheralosk Neil Diver Farmer O'Donnell Anabella Full Spinster   Inishmeane Mick O'Donnell Farmer x Hugh Boyle x Ann O'Donell Gweedore Chapel
1869   12 59 9/28/1869 Dobson John Full Widower Constible Carrickart Andrew Dobson Farmer Irvine Sarah Anne Full Spinster ? Dunfanaghy James Irvine Farmer John Irvine James Orr Raymunterdoney Parish Church
1867   2 107 1/8/1867 Doherty Anthony 20 Bachelor Shoemaker Dunfanaghy Samuel Doherty Rag Man Boyle Elizabeth 24 Spinster Servant Dunfanaghy James Boyle Labourer Anthony Brogan Margaret McClafferty Clondahorky Chapel
1868   2 93 2/201868 Doherty Daniel Full age Bachelor Farmer Kilmackilloo John Doherty Farmer Ferry Hannah Full age Spinster   Casey James Ferry Farmer x Francis McCarry Margaret McCloskey ClondahorkyChapel
1870   17 63 2/10/1870 Doherty Denis Full Bachelor Farmer Magheraclogher John Doherty Farmer Coyle Bridget Full Spinster   Carrick William Coyle Farmer Patrick McCloskey x Magy Gallagher Gweedore Chapel
1867   7   5/19/1867 Doherty Hugh Full Bachelor Sadler Letterkenny Patrick Doherty Farmer Brennan Mary Full Spinster   ? Edward Brennan Farmer William Gallagher Edward Brennan Clondahorky Chapel
1870   2 91 2/17/1870 Doherty James Full Age Bachelor Farmer Magheraclogher John Doherty Farmer Brogan Bridget Full Age Spinster   Lunniagh Shane Brogan Farmer Hugh McGee Patrick Mulligan Gortahork Chapel
1868   2 90 2/251868 Doherty John Full Widower Farmer Magheraclogher John Doherty (dead) Farmer Gallaghe Sarah Full Spinster   Dore John ? Gallagher (dead) Farmer Patrick Mulligan x Mary Mulligan Gweedore Chapel