Edrim Church of Ireland Graveyard, Killymard, Co Donegal

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Here lyes the body of

William Andrew

Who departed this life

12? Dec 1750 aged 72 years

Erected by his Son

William Andrew



In Loving Memory of

William Arnold

Who died 15 Jul 1900

Aged 56 years

Also his Son William

Sergeant, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Killed in Action 13 Nov 1916

Aged 31 years

And his Daughter Lily

Who died 10 May 1894

Aged 12 years

Thy Will Be Done



In Loving Memory of

William John Barrett

Died 29 Jan 1942

Aged 83 years

His Wife Fanny Barrett

Died 22 Nov 1949

Aged 82 years

Their Daughter Ida Kilby





(difficult to read)

Names recorded -

Sarah Ann Bradshaw


Date 1813?



Erected by

Elizabeth Buchanan

In Memory of

Her Beloved Father

James Buchanan

Who died 19 Mar 1889

Aged 92 years

Also her Mother

Mary Buchanan

Who died 10 Feb 1890

Aged 86 years

Also her Sister Kate

Who died 24 Mar 1908

The Above

Elizabeth Buchanan

Died 22 Aug 1928

Aged 89 years



Erected by

Alexander Buchanan

in Affectionate Remembrance of

His Beloved Daughters

Who departed this life

Maggie on 22 Nov 1877

Aged 23 years

Sophia 28 Jan 1878

Aged 21 years


Sarah J Buchanan

Died 25 Nov 1906

Aged 46 years



Erected by

WJ Buchanan

In Memory of his Mother

Rebecca Buchanan

Who died 18 Jun 1905

Aged 55 years

Also his Father

WJ Buchanan

Who died 20 Oct 1905

Aged 69 years



William James Buchanan



James Bustard

Grenans Aged 56 years

Died 13 Mar 1871


Elizabeth Bustard

Aged 70 years

Died 24 Jan 1883

And Also

John Bustard

Aged 9 years

Died Apr 1853




In Loving Memory of

Edward Ellis died 28 Mar 1942

His Sons

Albert died 2 Apr 1964

David died 1 Feb 1974

Martha Emily Wife of Edward died 28 Jun 1974

Elizabeth Wife of David died 19 May 1991

The Memory of the Just is Blessed



Here lyes the Body of

Margret? Feely

B? Who departed this life





Sarah Graham of Milltown

Died Feb 1863

Aged 77 years

William Graham her Son

Died Feb 1868

Aged 38 years

Hugh Graham her Grandson

Died ? Sep 1862

Aged 12 years

James Graham

Died 20 Jun 1871

Aged (57) years




Sarah, wife of William Graham, married 1837

The family lived in Milltown, with William's widowed mother, Fanny, 74yrs, in 1851

Letters of Administration (de bonis non) of the personal estate of Sarah Graham late of Donegal Widow deceased who died 3 February 1863 at same place

 (left unadministered by James Graham the Administrator of the Son of said deceased) were granted at Londonderry to Sarah Breakey

(Wife of Andrew George Breakey) of Milltown in said County the Administratrix (de bonis non) of the Son of said deceased

The estate amounted to effects valued at under 300

Her husband William died 25 Oct 1858 - see copy of Will

Grandson Hugh, born 10 Apr and baptised 26 Apr 1842, was a son of James and Susan Graham

Hugh's sister Sarah, was born 12 Sep and baptised 3 Oct 1844, married Andrew George Breakey 13 Aug 1868 in Killymard - see 1901 census Shelfield, Antrim

Their father James died 1871

In the wills calendar is the following entry:

Letters of Administration de bonis non of the personal estate of James Graham late of Donegal Millowner deceased

who died 20 June 1871 at Milltown Donegal were granted at Londonderry to Sarah Breakey of Milltown aforesaid

(Wife of Andrew George Breakey) the Daughter of said deceased

The estate amounted to effects valued at under 1000


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To the Memory of

Thomas Hamilton

Resident Magistrate

Who died at his Residence

Salt Hill, Mount Charles

18 Jul 1896

Also his Wife Mary

Eldest Daughter of the Late

Robert Atkinson

Beaumont, Malone, Belfast

Who died at Beaumont

22 Jul 1916

We Shall Keep Them in Perfect Peace

Erected by his Devoted Family




In Fond Remembrance of

John died 7 Sep 1946 aged 77 years

Sarah Ann died 12 Sep 1950 aged 78 years

David died 11 Nov 1918 aged 24 years

Ellen died 6 Feb 1960 aged 59 years

James died 18 Feb 1975 aged 72 years

Blanche died 20 Aug 1994 aged 78 years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



In Loving Remembrance of

Ann RK Hepburn

Died 18 Jun 1905

Aged 57 years

Beloved Wife of

David Hepburn

Also their Daughter

Annie Hepburn

Died 8 Nov 1911

Aged 36 years

Peace Perfect Peace



In Loving Memory of

Charles Hewitt


Died 30 Mar 1931 aged 77 years

His wife Mary Ann

Died 26 Oct 1946 aged 69 years

And their Sons Jim

Died Aug 1926 aged 11 years


Died 1 Oct 1981 aged 80 years

Until the Day Break

And the Shadows Flee Away





William died 1932 aged 79 years

His Wife Isabella died 1955 aged 77 years

Sons William died 1936 aged 20 years

Samuel died 1981 aged 61 years

George died 1991 aged 76 years

Robert died 1993 aged 74 years

May the Winds of Love Blow Softly

And Whisper in Your Ear

Your Wife and Children Miss You

And Wish that You were Here



Erected by James Lipset

In Memory of

His Beloved Wife Jane

Who died 13 Jun 1880

Aged 60 years

And his Son Joseph

Died 24 Oct 1874 aged 21 years

Also his two Daughters

Kate & Lizzie

Both died 4 Nov 1879

Aged 22 & 17 years



Erected by

His Loving Wife & Children

To the Memory of

Andrew Love



Who Entered into the

Higher Life

29 Apr 1953

Aged 78 Years

Blessed are the Dead



Erected by

JW Maccormick

Cliff View

In Remembrance

Of Two Beloved Sons

Alexander Macormick

Died 26 Feb 1874

Aged 40 years

Whose Remains Lie Beneath

John Macormick MD

Assistant Surgeon

HMS Alert

Died at Panama

Aged 24 years

Job 1.21



To the Dear Memory of

James McDeivitte

Of Rossylongan

Died 27 Aug 1920

Also his Wife Annie G

Who died 29 Apr 1923

And their eldest Son

JJ Gould McDeivitte

Died 24 Dec 1919



In Loving Memory of

Robert Mercer

Who died 22 Mar 1894

Aged 61? years

And his Wife Ruth

Who died 15 Dec 1914

Aged 78 years

Also their Son James

Who died 11 Sep 1893

Aged 7 years

Erected by their Son George



Sacred to the Memmorys of

Colen Methven

Died 26 November

Aged 11 mounths

John Methven

Died 15 December

Aged 6 years

Mary Methven

Died 24 December

Aged 2 years




Children of Colin Methven and Isabella Jack

Children of Colin & Isabella :

John b abt 1863

Agnes b 26 May 1865

Mary b 1 Mar 1867

Colin b 3 Dec 1868

Thomas b 2 Apr 1870



Erected in Memory of

Isabella O'Donnell

Who died 30 Jun 1904

Aged 79 years

Also her Son

Isaac O'Donnell

Who died 1 Jul 1917

Aged 67 years



In Loving Memory of

Francis Perry

Who died 16 Oct 1902

Aged 67 years

And his Wife Margaret

Who died 8 Jun 1922

Aged 88 years

Also their Daughter

Jane Leitch

Died 7 Nov 1904

Aged 24 years

Also their Son

James Perry

Who died 16 Oct 1944

Aged 78 years

Also Eliza Perry

Aged 78 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Peter Robinson

Who departed this life 23 Dec 1868?

Aged 4? years



In Loving Memory of

Catherine Scott, Altlow

Died 28 Jan 1933 aged 72 years

Her Son Archibald

Died 16 Dec 1954 aged 58 years

Her Daughter

Rachel Morrow

Died 2 Jan 1975 aged 80 years

Abide With Me



In Loving Memory of

John Simms, Glencoagh

Died 10 Jun 1908

Aged 55 years

And his Wife

Jane Bustard

Died 10 Feb 1909

Aged 55 years

Also their Son Robert

Died 25 Jan 1965

Aged 75 years

Erected by their Son James




In Memory of

Robert Ball Steele

Who died 18 Nov 1872 aged 77


Jane West Steele, His Wife

Who died 16 Feb 1875 aged 69



Beneath this ?

Lyes the Remains of

William Stephens, ?

Who departed this life 20 Aug 1800

Aged 3?4 years

Also the body of ? Stephens

Who departed this life ?



In Loving Memory of

William Simms

Who died 2 Oct 1907

Aged 77 years


His Wife Elizabeth

Who died 7 Aug 1912

Aged 70 years



In Memory of

Samuel Stewart

Died 21 May 1886 aged 86 years

Jane Stewart, his Wife

Died 11 Mar 1891 aged 89 years

Elizabeth A Stewart

Died 23 May 1908 aged 28 years

Samuel G Stewart

Killed in Action in France

28 Oct 1918 aged 32 years

Isabella Stewart

Died 13 Aug 1921 aged 78 years

George Stewart

Died 25 Nov 1927 aged 85 years

Elizabeth Wilson

Died 20 Dec 1926 aged 99 years

William G Stewart

Died 18 Jul 1949 aged 73 years

Sarah Jane Stewart

Died 6 Oct 1960 aged 83?

Mary Ellen Stewart

Died 4 Nov 1962 aged 79 years

Gertrude Stewart nee Scott?

Died 28 Feb 1958? Aged ?3 years

Blessed are the Dead Which Died in the Lord



Erected by Mrs Vance

In Memory of her

Beloved Husband


Who died 26 Feb 1888

Aged 70 years


James Vance

Died 12 Sep 1897

Aged 30 years

Margaret Vance

Died 26 Apr 1935

Aged 78 years



Erected to the Memory of

John Walsh?

Who departed this life...........




Deo Gratias

Memento Mori

Here lies the body of

Eleanor Williamson

Who departed this life8 May 1835

Aged 60 years

Also the remains of

Ann Crumley alias McGlaughlin

Who departed this life

5 May 1855

Aged 27 years



In Loving Memory of

Jacob Willis

Born 1841 died 1926

Also His Wife


Born 1840 died 1869



Jacob Willis & Anne Rothwell







Erected in Loving Memory of

Joseph Wray

Who died 25 Oct 1904

Aged 22 years



Erected by Andrew Wray

In Memory of his Beloved Wife

Mary Elizabeth

Who departed this life 25 Apr 1924

Andrew Wray

Died 3 Jul 1947



Erected in Loving Memory of

Robert Wray NT

Who departed this life

7 Feb 1902

Aged 27 years

And of his Father

William Wray

Died 19 Aug 1908

Aged 84 years

And of his Mother

Jane Wray

Died 30 Sep 1919

Aged 85 years

Also his Brother

David Wray

Died 8 Apr 1925

Aged 61 years



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