Frosses Graveyard, Inver, Co Donegal

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Additional inscriptions & photographs, Lindel July 2010




Lord Have Mercy On

Catherine Bergin, 1889 1977

Daughter of

Mary And Hugh Maguire (Jun)

Her Husband

John James Bergin, 1889 - 1983



Peter Bonner

Lower Keeldrum

Died August 1957 Aged 76

James Bonner

Died 9th August 1975 Aged 8



In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann Friel


Died 1 Jan 1937

Her Husband James

Died 23 Mar 1942

Their Son Joseph

Died 17 Mar 194?

Maggie Ellen Friel

Died ? May 197?

Her Huband James

Died 14 Oct 19?





In Memory of

Charles Gallagher


& His Wife Bridget




In Loving Memory of

James Gallagher Drumdomer

Died 30th Sept 1954 Aged 43 yrs

His Wife Annie Gallagher

Died 11Sept 1996 Aged 82 yrs

His Brother Charles Gallagher

Died 21st June 1981 Aged 68 yrs

& His Brother in law Andy Gallagher

Died 3rd April 1992 Aged 76 yrs



Pray for the Souls of

Mary Ellen Gallagher


Died 10 Mar 1951

Also her Son Vincent

Died 4 Jul 1958

And her Husband

Patrick J Gallagher

Died 9 Dec 1961




In Loving Memory of

William J Hegarty


Died 17th Aug 1954

His Wife Rose

Died 30th Jan 1965

And His Brother Neilis

Died 28th Nov 1948



In Loving Memory of

May Keeney


Who died 21 Jan 1951

Also her Parents

Jane died 4 Jan 1969

Patrick died 23 Jul 1974

Michael died 11 May 1989

Aged 66 years




In Loving Memory of

Sarah Kennedy


Died 28 Sep 1950

Her Husband Peter

Died 13 Dec 1982

Their Daughter

Mary Brennan

31 May 1926 - 2 Apr 2008

Always Remembered by

Her Loving Daughter

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Margaret Ellen and

Patrick McColliog

of Druminicullion, Inver

Who died in Apr & May 1956

And their Sons

Patrick Hugh died May 1979

Francis died Dec 1999



See household 8 1901 census Drummacacullen



In Loving Memory


Michael Hugh McDaid


Died 26th August 1963

Aged 70 Years

His Wife Mary Ellen

Died 22nd January 1984

Aged 88 Years


Erected By His Loving Wife & Family




In Loving Memory of

William McGinty


Died 8 Mar 1955

His Loving Wife

Mary E (Mollie)

Died 12 Mar 1988




Sacred to the Memory of

Edward McGlinchey

Who Died 27 Apr 1870

Aged 55 Years

George Waugh

Died Sep 1940

Aged 75 Years

And His Wife Mary

Died Apr 1942

Aged 75 Years

Vincent A Waugh

Born 28 Apr 18?

Died 2 Jun 197?

His Wife Mary Kate, Nee Foley

Swinford, Co Mayo

Died Jun 200?




Thy Will Be Done

Sweet Jesus Have Mercy

On the Soul of

Of William McGroarty

Who Died 1st Dec  1952

His Wife Ellen

Died 5th Aug 1982

Their Daughter

Anna Marie

Died 20th Feb 1969




In Loving Memory


The Maguire Family






Erected by

Patrick McGuire, Cloghervaddy

In Memory of his wife

Bridget McGuire

Who Died 17th May 1932, Aged 59 Years

Also the Above Patrick McGuire

Died 14th Oct 1945

Aged 68 Years.

Their son Patrick J

Died 21st Jan 1979

Aged 73 years

Hid Wife Bridget

Died 26th May 1995

Aged 94 years




In loving Memory

Of Bridget McGuire


Died 18th May 1952 Aged 57 Years

Bernard McGuire

Died 1sr Dec 1971 Aged 82 Years


Margaret McGuire

Died 16th May 1977 Aged 67 Years

And her Husband John

Died 6th Sept 1998 Aged 72 yrs


Erected by Their Loving Family





Loving Memory


Catherine McGuire


Who Died 11th May





For The Souls


Rev Denis Maguire CC

Kilcar, Deceased - 1876

Catherine Maguire - 1886

Cassie Maguire - 1886

Hugh Maguire, Born 1812

Deceased - 1898

Preathe A Passing Prayer





Pray for the Souls of

Hugh Maguire (Junior)

1846 1922

His Wife Mary 1851 1920

Their Son

Rev. Hugh Maguire CC Milford

1876 1913

And their Daughters

Ellen 1890 1933

Mary 1873 1943

Elizabeth 1882 1963

Catherine Bergin Kate

Born 18 11- 1889 Died 7 8 -1977



James Maguire




To The Memory of

John McGuire

Who Died 16th March 1887

Aged 62 Years

Also His Beloved Wife

Anne McGuire

Who Died 28th January 1898

Aged 60

Also Charles Monaghan

Who Died 18th Feb 1913

And His Wife

Margaret Monaghan

Who Died 3rd May 1933

May Their Souls

Rest In Peace Amen



John Maguire


Died 5th March 1955

His Wife Isabella

Died 11th Feb 1935

Their Daughter Elizabeth

Died 5th Feb 1996

Aged 77 Years

Their son Patrick

Died 29th Nov 2005

Aged 89 Years


Erected By The Maguire Family



In Loving Memory

John Francis McGuire


Died 4th Jan 1958 Aged 55 Yrs

His Wife Mary Ann

Died 16th May 1980 Aged 77 Yrs

Their Son Paddy

Died 17th Dec 2008 Aged 76 Yrs

Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory Of

Mary Anne Maguire


Died 13th January 1995

Aged 94 Years

Her Sister Agnes Boyle

Died 9th October 1998

Aged 92 Years

Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory


Maura McGuire McGroarty


Died 1st January 2000, Aged 61 Years




In Loving Memory Of

Patrick J Maguire


Died 23rd May 1978 Aged 87 Yrs

His Connell

Died 4th Aug 1975 Aged 47 Yrs

His Parents

Condy, Died 30th April 1941

Mary A Died 27th Oct 1944

His wife

Mary Maguire (Nee Gillespie)

Died 15th Feb 1988

Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory


Patrick, Bridget

& Joseph Maguire


Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord

And Let Perpetual Light

Shine Upon Them

May They Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory Of

Peggy Maguire


Died 9th Dec1981

Aged 38 Years




In Loving Memory


Mary T Meehan Salthill

Who Died Mary T Meehan

And Her Brother Patrick Joseph

Who Died 6th Nov 1962

Their Father EDDIE

Who Died 9th April 1985

Aged 80 Years

His Wife Isabell

Who Died 7th March 1989

Aged 84 Years





In Loving Memory of

Rose Meehan


Also Her Daughter


Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory of

James Monaghan NT

Carcrim, Frosses

Died 27 Apr 1956 aged 83 years

His Son Joseph

Died 1 Sep 1962 aged 41 years

His Wife Rose

Died 15 Feb 1970 aged 82 years

Daughter Bridie Monaghan

Died 3 Jan 2002 aged 76 years




See 1911 census Naran, Inishkeel



Shirley Ann Rodgers

Born 29th December 1936

Died July 2006

Her Husband Edwards (John)

Born 25th July 1931

Died April 2007

(partial headstone)




My Jesus Mercy

In Loving Memory of

Hugh Sweeney


Died 2 Jan 1958

His Wife Sarah

Died 8 Apr 1982



Michael Thomas


Born 12/7/1919   Died 12/1/1995



In Loving Memory of

John Ward

Inver Village

Died 5 Nov 1949 aged 80 years

His Wife Ann

Died 13 Feb 1961 aged 80 years

Rest in Peace

Erected by their Grandchildren 2005




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