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Early Census Data

1841 - 38 persons and 8 houses

1851 - 41 persons and 9 houses

1861 - 32 Persons (16 males & 16 females) and 10 houses


Population evicted by Landlord in April 1861 - Nil return in census 1871 - 1911



1851 Census Return


No Surname First Relationship Occupation Comment
1 Burke Anne Wife Spinning wool  
  Burke John Nephew Labourer  
  Burke Robert Head   Absent
2 Friel John Head Farmer  
  Friel Susan Wife Homekeeper  
  Friel Charles Son Herding  
  Friel Nancy Dau    
  Friel Charles Brother Revenue Police Absent
  Friel Hugh Father   Dead
  Friel Giles Mother   Dead
3 Friel Michael Head Weaver  
  Friel Grace Wife   Dead
  Friel Hugh Son   Absent travelling
  Friel James Son   Absent travelling
  Friel Michael Son   At School
4 Friel Maurice Head Farmer  
  Friel Bridget Wife    
  McCay Nellie Lodger    
  Friel Hugh Son Soldier  
  Friel James Son Servant  
  Friel Bridget Dau Servant  
  Friel Giles Dau   Dead
5 Friel John Head Farmer  
  Friel Lucy Wife Spinnng  
  Friel Hanna Dau Spinning  
  Friel Margaret Dau Spinning  
  Friel Fanny Dau    
  Friel John Son    
  Friel Nellie Dau    
  Friel Edward Lodger Labourer  
  Friel Ellen Lodger Cording wool  
  Friel Mary Dau Servant Absent
  Friel James Son Servant Absent
  Friel Catherine Dau Servant Absent
6 Coll Hugh Head Farmer  
  Coll Catty Wife Spinning  
  Coll Teague Son    
  Coll Biddy Dau    
  Coll Nabla Dau   Dead
7 Doherty John Head Farmer  
  Doherty Anne Wife   Dead
  Doherty Daniel Son Labourer  
  Doherty Mary Dau Sewing  
  Doherty Charles Son Labourer  
  Doherty William Son    
  McAward Margaret Visitor    
  Doherty Colm Son Dealing Absent
  Doherty John Son Dealing Absent
8 Doherty Bryan Head Farmer  
  Doherty Margaret Wife Spinning wool  
  Doherty Anne Dau Spinning wool  
  Doherty William Son Labourer  
  Doherty Bridget Dau Flowering  
  Friel Anne Sister-in-law Spinnig  
  Bradley Nabla Servant Herding  
  Bradley Mary Visitor    


Civil death registration - Bryan Doherty, 102, widower, Lacknacoo, d 18 Jan 1869. Informant

householder Bridget Gallagher. Possibly this Bryan Doherty?

9 Doherty Nellie Wife Spinning wool  
  Doherty John Son    
  Doherty James Son    
  Doherty Mary Anne Dau    
  Doherty Bryan Head Dealing Absent
  Doherty Grace Dau   Absent



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