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Early Census Data

1881 - 2 people and 1 house

1891 - 14 people (5 males & 9 females) and 1 house



Yr/No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born    
1 Nolan John Head RC RW 60 Farmer/Game Keeper Married Fermanagh    
  Nolan Mary Wife RC RW 61   Married Fermanagh    
  Nolan Thomas Son RC RW 27 Working at home Single Kerry    
  Nolan Katie Dau RC RW 24 Housekeeper Single Kerry    
  Nolan Annie Dau RC RW 22   Single Kerry    
  Nolan Jane? Dau RC RW 19 Dressmaker Single Kerry    
  McGrath Johnnie Visitor RC RW 24 Stonemason Single Fermanagh    
  Gallagher Brigid Servant RC RW 15 General svt Single Donegal    
2 Nolan Mary Head RC RW 73 Caretaker Widow Kerry    
  Nolan Kitty Dau RC RW 32   single Kerry    
  Nolan Jennie Dau RC RW 26   single Kerry    
3 Radcliffe Edward Head (refused) RW 42 AMICE Civil Engineer Single Meath    
  Gallagher John Servant RC RW 27 Coachman/Domestic svt Single Donegal    
4 Jacob Edward Head Pres RW 35 Bricklayer Married Canada    
5 McCloskey Michael Head RC RW 35 Plumber Married Derry City    
  McCloskey John Son RC RW 14 Plumber Single Derry City    
6 Cormacker Alexander Head FCScotland RW 30 Electrician Married Scotland    
7 Kelly Thomas Head RC RW 47 Heating Engineer Married Edinburgh    
  Cumming William Boarder Pres RW 24 Heating Engineer Single Antrim    
  McArdle Philip Boarder RC RW 14 Heating Engineer Single Cork    
8 Kidd George Head CofI RW 19 Gardener's Asst Single Wexford    
  Heely William Boarder CofI Can't read 24 General svt Single Donegal    
9 Foster Thomas Head CofI RW 35 Gardener Married Fermanagh    
  Foster Annie Wife CofI RW ?   Married Dublin    
10 McLean Hugh Head RC RW 36 Stonemason Married Donegal    
11 O'Doherty Daniel Head RC RW 38 Mason Married L.Derry    
12 Doherty Charley Head RC RW 49 Stone Mason Married Donegal    
13 Kerr Robert Head Wes RW 25 Carpenter Single Belfast    
14 Mahon John Head Pres RW 25 Farmer Single Donegal    
15 Wilkinson George Head CofI RW 24 Mason Single Donegal    
16 Doherty Con Head RC RW 40 Plasterer Married L.Derry    
17 Magee John Head Wes RW 28 Plasterer Married Portrush    
18 Porter Robert Head CofI RW 20 Carpenter Single L.Derry    
19 Forbes Samuel Head CofI Only reads 24 Carpenter Single L.Derry    
1911 only                      
20 McDonald Donald Head Pres RW 40 Estate Manager Single Scotland    
  McDaill? Alistair Boarder RC RW 26 Gamekeeper Single Scotland    
1911 only                      
21 Rainey John Head Pres RW 62 Gardener & Domestic svt Widower     Antrim
  Rainey Frances Dau Pres RW 26   Single     Antrim
  Rainey James John Son Pres RW 22 Ironmonger's Asst Single     Antrim
  Fleming Agnes Hannah Dau CofI RW 30   Married Married <1 no children Antrim
  Fleming Gilmour Son-in-lw CofI RW 34 Clerk married     Derry City
1911 only                      
22 Neely James Head Pres RW 28 Coachman & Domestic svt Single Donegal    
  Neely Robert Clark Boarder CofI RW 23 General labr Single Donegal    
  Gallagher James Boarder RC RW 18 General labr Single Donegal    


1. James son of John and Margaret Neeley - see Lacknacoo census

2. Robert Clark son of James and Jane Neeley - see Kilmore census

3. James possible son of Charles Gallagher and Anne McGill - see Stramore census



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